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dalbeck Purchased

I noticed the map cluster feature doesn’t work with Firefox but does with Chrome and Safari. I tried to open support on the website, but doesn’t seem to work.

Thank you for giving us the heads-up. We’ll do some research and see why the cluster functionality doesn’t work with Firefox.


dalbeck Purchased

No problem. One other question. Is there a way to add a map position reset button? Example being if you have a cluster of 8 points lets say, it zooms in to that, the only way to get back to how the map appeared on the initial load is to open an info bubble and close out of it. Was looking to add a reset button on the map that a user could click at any time. Thank you!

This is a great idea, we’ll see if we can add a reset option or button. Thank you!

Hello! Thank you for sending us a message. You can get pretty close to what you’re looking for. The closest example we have is the “LOCATIONS MAP – MAP ON RIGHT” section that can be found on the Examples page. The templates used for the locations can be modified or new ones created. We don’t currently have a sticky option to stick the map in one location while scrolling, although it would be a really nice option. The hover option is a nice touch too, which I think could be added without too much trouble.

If you have any further questions, please let us know.

I have installed the plugin in a staging site, I have custom post types with longitude/latitude, when I add the marker to the shortcake it recognises it properly, the CPT show up in the list but the map doesn’t display at all, neither the markers, When I add a custom marker then the map shows with the marker. I added the API

I have tried many different options, sometimes the map would show, with one set of markers for one custom post type, but if I add another marker set nothing shows at all. wppm_map height=”600px” zoom=”10” is_draggable=”1” map_color=”silver”/wppm_map_marker/wppm_map_marker [/wppm_map] Can I send you a login to the stage site?

the error I am getting in the console: ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: Map1155999841

You can certainly send us a message with login information.. Go to our profile page and send a message, or go to our support page and add a support ticket.

With the copied shortcode, it’s hard to tell where the issue may be. With the reference error, there may be an issue in the shortcode. Once we can get in to look at the site, we’ll know better.


I have a custom post type “Practitioner” created using cpt ui. I have added multiple fields to it using acf pro. One of the fields is a repeater field with location (map) as a sub field. Will it be possible to your plugin to search the practitioners based on their location considering that there can be multiple locations (repeater sub field) per practitioner.

If No, is there any workaround that you can suggest which will allow me to add multiple locations per practitioner and use the same with your plugin.

Hello, thank you for the question.

Right now, there is no way to use a repeater field per post to setup the locations. We’ll think on this some to see if we can come up with a solution to include in the plugin.

After thinking about this some and talking over it with my business partner, we think the best workaround to complete this would be to create a new shortcode. The new shortcode would build the entire map shortcode(s) by looping over the sub fields to create the WP Post Map shortcodes.

If you need help, let us know.


cmoser13 Purchased

Is there anyway to change the color of the cluster icon?


Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. Right now, we have not added the ability to change the cluster icon. The cluster icons being used are the default ones provided by Google. We’ll do some research and see if we can find a way to allow the color to be changed.

Pre-purchase question – hello is this plugin still updated ? there is no update since july 2018 indicated on the page

Hello! Thank you for your question. Yes, we are still updating and maintaining WP Post Map. For the most part, the plugin is stable. If you have any improvements you would like to see, send them our way and we will try to incorporate them. Let us know if you have any more questions.

Any plan to make it compatible with ?

We will look more into Leafletjs and see what it’ll take to incorporate Leafletjs looks like a really great tool. We will evaluate it and see what all functionality will work and what will need to be changed. It may take us a little while to incorporate. We sincerely appreciate you sending us the link, hopefully we can include it.

I am interested in using this plugin without the redux framework…the question is: will this work? Is there a way that I can test this?

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to send us a message.

Redux Framework is built into the WP Post Map plugin, because it is used for the admin options (Google Maps API key, default color options, extra CSS, and other options). In order for the plugin to work, it has to be used with Redux Framework.