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What Should I do? cannot activate this plugin and here is the msg:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare pagination() (previously declared in /home/techcyclo/public_html/alltopbestlists.com/wp-content/themes/splash/functions.php:424) in /home/techcyclo/public_html/alltopbestlists.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-post-break-pagination/wp-post-break-pagination.php on line 499

Hi, I just activate the plugin but not shown

Hi, Great Plugin.

Just want to know if it’s possible to inverse the post order.

For example

From 5 to 1 instead from1 to 5



Hi, I just activate the plugin but not shown and my page is totally messed up :(

Hi, I have just purchased your plugin and not working


PS15 Purchased

The plugin is not that “intelligent” I thought. It seems that it is not possible to show only the amount of pages which are present (for example 3 pages, beginning by 1). You’ve to select the maximum of shown pagenumbers (for example 5) and it will show you -1, 0, 1, 2, 3 (1,2,3 are the regular pages – the minus 1 and 0 are non existent pages, but you decided to show 5)!!! What is the logic of that?

hi, this work in page or only in post, i have any pages with large content , i need pagination this content, I dont know the reason but not work <—nextpage––> tag, this pagination its possible with this plugin…