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do you have a screenshot of what the actual responses look like in the admin? i see the admin shot with the response listed, but does it show any kind of analytics or report detailing all the responses?

I am interested in purchasing the plugin but I need to know if the popup can occur when a button is clicked, for example the “would you watch a movie to win…” button on the home page at this url

also the question needs to be answered and upon being answered the user needs to be redirected to a specific page. I just noticed that viewers can choose not to participate, can we override this? and is it possible to redirect to a specific page after clicking the button?

and I need to change the colours, which I did upon initial opening of plugin but need to change them and can’t find where to do that?

Thanks for the purchase. Please send me a message through my profile and I will start the modification. regards

Hi is it possible to reward visitor with discount coupon for complete survey? Coupon have to be generated by plugin in woocommerce

Hi :) I need some help. I want the “Wp Popup Survey” to popup on another page than the home page.

Homepage: Where the popup should be:

I hope you can help Best regards – Jakob

Hi, Sorry for the delay. Send me a message through my profile and I will email you a modification. Regards.

Hi – is there any way of asking for a star-rating using this plugin (i.e. a “rate this site” type of question)?

I see that there’s 5 different types of questions but star rating doesn’t appear to be one of them (although I imagine that there’d be a lot of people who’d want that feature)?

Thanks in advance Martin

Hi, I will need to do an update to add the star rating. Hopefully in the next week or so. Robert

Excellent – thanks Robert, look forward to seeing the update!

Thanks Martin

Hi could you help cos after adding survey the survey show at bottom of the homepage. How do I center it ot bring it to the top of page?

Thanks I’ve sent you a ticket. It will be good if you also, add options to show survey only on home page and able to change Survey title color.

Hi I am still waiting for the support

Hi Display on all page is working Button Activated not working Target Url its not working.

how do i get it to show on a specific url? not the homepage. It does not matter what i select under the options – it’s still shows up on homepage?

Would be perfect if we could ask the email at the end of survey & send it to mailchimp for exemple. Also is the survey appears only for new visitors ?

It is a modification I can make for you… Yes when a user ha answered or asked not to be shown again, it won’t show. Regards, Robert

how do we create that class button with wp_popup_survey_open

It will need to be done through your theme or another plugin that adds html or through adding html to the text of a page’s content.

Yes I know that but what exactly is the html code?????

Please open a ticket here , send me a link to your site, with the login to the admin and a description of where you would like the button to go. I will try to walk you through it.

Hey! Great plugin, set it up in minutes. Just wondering if you have any pre-built option to have someone select a state in a drop down. ? Let me know as soon as you are able! ? ?Cheers, ?KB

Also not receiving an email when the form is submitted, I would like to share the URL in private

Hi! Need to purchase this plugin, however is there a way to set the popup to appear after the user is on the site for an amount of time, like 2 minutes?

Yes it is possible to delay the popup. Thanks

Hello, I would buy the plugin but I have a question. Is the Plugin function when the page under construction plugin is enabled? Thanks

Yes for the time being it does. I will update it to change this. Thanks

I’d like to know if it’s possible to configure an exit pop ?

For the time being it is only possible to delay. Thanks


Pre-purchase question:

From the backend can i set the number of times the survey pop-ups per visitor? I don’t want it to be intrusive.

Can i also set the time the survey pop-up once visitors land on the site?

can i export users responses into an excel file?


Hello, I need a popup survey to work like this site: Can yours do the popup with the next question appearing after a click on a question? After the results can I capture the email at the end and send to another personalized page according to the responses?

At the moment it does not have the redirect at the end. I could modify it for you at a fee if you are interested. You can send me an email through my profile. Thanks

Hi. This is a pre-sale question. I saw all your information, but unfortunately I still cannot be sure whether this plugin will suit my needs. So here they are:

1. I need a poll with multiple questions with, say 10 possible answers in each question.

2. Questions should be displayed one per “page” with a “NEXT” button

3. Each answer must have its own PICTURE and text (not only text or radio buttons or checkboxes!).

4. The voters SHOULD NOT be allowed to see the results of the poll, but only their own submission. Only administrators should be allowed to see overall results.

5. In order to participate to the poll, the voters should be REQUIRED to input their details (Name, e-mail …)

5. At the end we need to have the poll results (votes for each question) and a list with the participants data (names, e-mails etc.)

Is this achievable with your plugin as is? If no, could this be achieved with reasonably small customisation work? Thanks in advance for your help

Hi there, I’m interested in buying this however I wanted to know if you’re able to make the form a bit more interactive/dynamic e.g. if it was male/female and upon selection it will provide different question/answers for male and or female?

I’ve a unicode font problem with this plugin, can anyone help ?

Can you remove the “would you like to participate” and just have the pop up appear?

Hi. Thanks for the purchase. It is possible. Send me a message through the item support tab on the item page and it might take a few days. Robert