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Hi there,

I like the sound of this plugin, but just two questions first.

1 – how many templates are included, and how customisable are they, AND can you just have a blank template and include your own HTML?

2 – Is it possible to trigger pop ups via link / short code or even menu item?


Hi Kate,

1. Currently, we’ve included 6 pre-made Popup templates (with 5 different backgrounds on each templates) and they all support HTML.

Our Popup customization is very easy and flexible. Here are some of the things that you can customize: - You can choose from 5 different pre-made background on each template - You can change Popup title,subtitle (font, size, color) - You can add image - You can change buttons, button text - You can replace optin form with facebook connect

For more info, please visit the link below: http://wppopuprevolution.com/

Btw, You can’t add blank template at the moment. (We will be adding more templates in the future updates.)

2. Sorry, currently Popup can’t be triggered by any of the actions that you’ve mentioned. But we will keep it in our feature list.

If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know.

Thank you and Happy New Year in advance :)

Interesting plugin and surprised others have not bought it. Does it integrate into a mail server like MailChimp?

Hi Justinwide,

Yup, it integrates with MailChimp and all major autoresponders on the market (Aweber, Infusionsoft, constant contact, icontact, getresponse etc…)

well, I purchased because it says it works with constant contact, but I can not figure how how to get past the “add the optin form code from your Email Marketing Services”

Hi Texasnetwork,

Sorry for delay response. Happy New Year 2014 :)

Could you please contact us through our profile page here: http://codecanyon.net/user/wppluginsandscripts

Thank you.

I just bought your plugin. But not sure how to use it. I am trying to use it for mailchimp newsletter pop-up. Can you please guide me how to do it.

I just have the email setup and when I subscribe it takes me to error page your information is wrong…

so i just tried doing email. It kicks me off from the site and take me to mailchimp email sign-uP.

Hi honey,

If you are having difficulty integrating signup form even after following the documentation, please contact us via our profile page from the link below and we will be glad to assist you:

Also, could you please send us the screenshot of mailchimp email signup that you’re taken to after signing up.

Thank you.

I cant seem to get the popup to show up on our site despite all our best efforts. Weve tried multiple computers that arent logged in to the backend of our wordpress site, but it isnt visible. It is recording impressions though on the stats.

Hi torres,

Thanks for the purchase.

Could you please contact us via our profile page from the link below and we will be glad to assist you:

Also, could you please send us your website URL where you’ve enabled our plugin?

Thank you.

Is it posible to coonect this plugin with mailpoet.com? (Wysija WP plugin)

Hi Martin,

Currently, you can’t integrate wysija with wp popup revolution. We have added this feature on our future update lists though.

Beside that, you can integrate with all major autoresponders on the market (aweber, icontact, infusionsoft, mailchimp etc.)

Thank you.

Hello i just bought your plugin, but i have a question : Once people have signed up to the newsletter via the pop up, how do you see the name and email address given by the user. In the application, it does not appear that the number of people who subscribe to the newsletter but there is no more information. I want to know how to see the name and email address.

thank you

Hi Gaspara, Thank you for the purchase.

To see the name and email address of the users who have subscribed on your email list, you have to check your autoresponder.

WP Popup Revolution entices user to subscribe in your email list and autoresponder (such as Aweber, Mailchimp, icontact etc.) helps you to manage it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know.

Bought the theme, set it all up. When you fill out the popup it just redirects you to a mailchimp sign up form? So basically you are entering your details twice?

How can I set it so they just have to enter the info into the popup, click subscribe, and thats it?

Hi drbilal,

Thanks for the purchase. Could you please contact us via our profile page here: http://codecanyon.net/user/wppluginsandscripts

...and send us the mailchimp code that you’re using.


Sent you the code via profile page yesterday. Please let me know when you get a chance so I can sort out this issue. Thanks

Hi drbilal,

I’ve replied you with the solution. Please check your email.

Thank you.

I am trying to add a code of am img to display on top of the paragraph content. Seems to be not working. I even uploaded the image on the media. Can you help me how I can do this: ___.com/gt/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/THREAD.jpg” />

I dont want to share the link…MAYBE ON THE SUPPORT.

Hi honey,

Could you please contact us via our profile page: http://codecanyon.net/user/wppluginsandscripts

Thank you

Hi the plugin seems to be not working when I transffered it to it main location of the website. But it seems to be working on the dummy location.

I’ve sent you msg on your inbox. plz check it.

Hi i’d like to know if the size can be customised.

Hi seyle,

At the moment, you can’t customize the size of the popup.

We designed all our Popup size based on the current trend.

Thank you.

Hi, this is a prepurchase question, can i have a pop up only on an specific post and anotherone on a diferent post, and on one of this post can i take the x icon away so that people must subscribe to reade that specifi post? thanks Guillermo

Hi guller,

Yes, you can control where you want your popup to display. – On specific posts, pages etc.

About taking out the x icon, you can’t do it from within the plugin page.

Here’s my quick suggestion: Instead of forcing users to subscribe by removing (x) from popup, it will be better to entice them to subscribe by giving them value and providing quality content.

Thank you.


Is it capable with wordpress 3.9?


I would like a refund this plugin is very limited and does not allow customization as promised via the description. Please kindly advise on how to move forward.

Hi there,

Could you please elaborate what sort of customization are you talking about?


Although there are preset themes the customization of those themes limit you to upload pictures rather than changing colors, font size and etc. I hope this helps.



There is an “insert image” option in most of the themes. You just have to check box it and then upload the picture.

I would be glad to help you add ActiveCampaign to this tool. I just moved to that service from Aweber.

Hi, is it possible to add the popup on a link click i.e. Subscribe now, and the pop up comes up? Or can I have it pop up when the user scrolls to a certain part of my website? Or on a Time after 10 seconds on page ie.?

Thanks a lot.

Can your plugin fulfill following functionality , or you can refer some other plugin for that ?
  • 1. Custom Subscription form designing by admin panel.
  • 2. Multiple options to display – pop-up, inside form , fly, button,
  • 3. Giving user option to opt-for multiple categories .
  • 4. Setting email frequency at the time of subscribing or at later time.
  • 5. Confirmation of email.
  • 6. Opting out the categories or editing subscription options.
  • 7. Manual Email trigger – sending email to category subscribers on different actions such as new content on a category posts, sending fresh email of certain or all posts of the category(s) they subscribed.
  • 8. Design Newsletter
  • 9. Manual Subscription.

Is this plugin still being updated and supported? The last update is listed as the creation date: 26 December 13

I dont want to use an external autoresponder service. I want the plugin receives the message and autorespond with my custom message, and after that stores the lead. This plugin can do that? If yes… How many custom answers can I use? Regards…