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Why should I purchase this item?

  1. The best wp video plugin on the market.
  2. Tons of working hours just to make it perfect for you.
  3. We have added almost every feature our customers have asked for.
  4. One of the best customers support.

Are videos automatically updated on site as they are added on my account?

Yes, videos are updated in real time, channels, playlists and favs. Just local lists are manually.

Will you ever support Vimeo?

Yes, we do plan on supporting Vimeo and some other video sites in version 1.5.0.

About jQuery pagination

Relax, this is already done but we delayed the update cause of youtube v3 api, forgive us for now and please be patient, we dont want to disappoint you!

My channel is not working…

Please note that youtube is not supporting legacy channels anymore, now channels are long IDs like the playlists and same user ID to show favorites. You must use your channel ID and not your channel username to display your videos.

Does plugin supports multiple shortcodes in the same page?

Yes and no… each shortcode has its own player and its own pagination, so it is almost impossible to set each shortcode to work individually, plus, on top of that, there will be to much videos when loading page. What you can do is to set videos to play in “only thumbnails” option (colorbox popup) and limit the videos to a max not bigger than the videos per page you assigned in the options. That way you can have various playlists in a single page. ;)

Shortcode doesn’t work! What should I do?

If you copy/pasted the shortcode directly from CC, for some reason, first quote is shifted. Just redo the quotes and fixed. Can be single or double quotes.

Plugin is not working… What should i do?

First of all to make sure is not a plugin error, please disable all other plugins you have, erase browser cache and re-check, then you must activate each plugin 1by1 and check if our plugin and everything still works. If plugin works but stops working cause you found a conflict with another plugin, let us know, so we can check if its our plugin the one that is causing that bug. If plugin doesn’t work with all other plugins disabled, please contact us immediately!

Grrrr I keep getting errors! and skype support shows as offline

Please email us ASAP at plugins@hexcoderz.net, please allow up to 48 hours of response time. Don’t worry we are online nearly 24/7 so don’t be surprised if we answer within the next few minutes.

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