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Before Purchase, few questions here:

1. Can we set one effect transition instead of random?

2. Can we set when out and in with Double Horizontal door overlay open and close effect? (one line in center 1st when open)

3. Do you will create more effect in future?

Thank You.

Pre-sale question – can this plugin be used for transitions when scrolling down a one-page website from one section to the next?

No, the transitions can only be used between “real” pages

Goodmorning! This plugin works also on mobile touch device? With finger swipe I active the transitions between page? Thanks in advanced. best regards. Giacomo.

Another question: it’s possibile set the transiction for one links?

Hi, it should work on mobile but only on a real page change, so it wont work if you use a theme that does some sort of ajax loading or on a one page theme. It is possible to set the transition for one link only but this will require some code, you need to add the no transition class to all other links

Hey, i ran into a problem and couldn’t solve it yet. When i activated the plugin, console says: Uncaught TypeError: t.indexOf is not a function.

I already tried with different version of jquery, but that didn’t help. Any idea why? Thanks.


Is it possible to refund the money?


Hi, any idea if the plugin works with Superfly Menu?

No i am sorry, i don’t know the superfly menu

Jankey, incredibly long page load times. Doesn’t work on certain Wordpress Themes or handheld devices. Be wary when purchasing. Nothing at all like the Demo site.