Discussion on WP Online Contract

Discussion on WP Online Contract

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Thanks Matt.

The actual problem I’m having is the general signature from me is just displayed as [signed by].

I can see that if I edit contract there is a ‘Shortcode for Your Representative’ and you can ‘Select a shortcode to pass who from your company will sign this contract (displayed on the main page)’

But how do you set that up to display your signature? I don’t get it?

We are moving support from Envato to our site. The requests are coming in and getting lost in other comments. Please use our Plugin Help form to submit help requests. We are working on a better system, but for now, this will help us keep our support in order better:

With this plugin can i add auto-fill fields to templates. e.g. name, amount, product item, date

Not auto fill, but you can add a front end form that allows for a client to initiate a contract and add the value themselves. However, it would create a “Draft” contract so you would still need to Publish the contract for it to be signed.

Hi there,

I’m interested in this however the demo isn’t very useful. I tried to send myself a contract to sign by creating a new contract, adding myself as the client and sent but nothing comes through. Can you tell me what the problem is? Thanks.

That is strange, it is working for me. Please check your spam or give it a minute as it took roughly 2-3 minutes to get to me.

Tried a few times but nothing in the inbox or spam folder still (waited 15 mins both times). Can you list the basic fields that needs to be filled?

Take a look at the test contract as this is the one I used. Set yours up exactly like that one. Also, keep in mind that we have a job that clears out the database, so in a few minutes the contract you created may not be there.

Super great support! thanks a lot for the good work. By the way about update 3.1, I can not update it by WP Admin. Should I wait or should I do it manually. And if I should do it manually how should I do it without losing any data? Thanks,

It should be line on CodeCanyon now. You need to manually do it this time and then the auto updates will start again.

It should not effect any of your data (unless you are upgrading from version 2 to version 3 since version 3 has custom shortcodes and the default shortcodes are no longer being used.

The only other thing to keep in mind is that if you modified the code in anyway, those changes will be lost.

If you are using 3.0, then it should not effect any data entered.

Thanks for such a fast reply!

Would it be possible to get some WooCommerce integration in future updates?

It would be neat to be able to assign a contract to a WooCommerce order and then have it appear in the My Accounts page alongside the client View/Pay links (i.e View/Pay/ View Contract).


Maybe once things settle down we can look at integration of other plugins.We will give it a look then.

Hi, great plugin. I am receiving the error below when I view the contract. Any idea what this is?? Thanks. Tristan

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’/’ in /home/content/72/10456372/html/wp-content/plugins/onlinecontract/includes/functions.php(551) : runtime-created function on line 1

Fatal error: Function name must be a string in /home/content/72/10456372/html/wp-content/plugins/onlinecontract/includes/functions.php on line 553

done. look forward to hearing back from you.

Hi, still trying to get this fix. Can someone please assist. I have been email support, but no fix as yet.

I just responded in email, please check your email so that we can resolve your issue.

Suggestion: When a new contract is added and admin selects a specific contract our of the many contracts they have, you should only let the fields that are in that contract show in the admin area instead of showing all the custom fields created.

for ex. if i use a contract that has 10 fields i should only see 10 sections to input information when creating this contract. and if i use a contract with 5 fields i should only see 5 fields.

Issues I’m currently having with version 3.1 when I create a text area I have to put (break) tags to go to a new line. instead of just hitting enter. can this be fixed?

This is a suggestion more than a bug fix. We are aware of your suggestion and once we fix any outstanding bugs, we will take a look at implementing new suggestions.

it is on our radar, but I do not have an ETA on it.

I wasnt referring to the suggestion part. I sent an email explaining the 2 things that I need fixed 1. I am not able to put a line break without putting the tag. I should easily be able to go to the next line by simply hitting enter..

2. when i create a new contract and the email is suppose to be sent to client the email is not sent. it used to work in ver 2. but it stopped working all together in ver.3

We pushed out version 3.2 that should have resolved the email issues we found. Make sure you are using that. If you are please send me a temp login via PM so I can take a look around.

just bought the plugin. the purchase code as of today seems to be invalid. help please.

Can you pm me a temp login and your purchase code?

whats your email

Go to our profile by clicking our name, should be a form on the bottom right.

Thanks for the good work but since the latest update some days ago I have two problems: 1- the first link which is showing all contracts is gone. 2- while creating a PDF file I get this error: TCPDF ERROR: Some data has already been output, can’t send PDF file

Can you open a ticket here and send me a temp login:

Sure. Thanks

Hello, is there a way to send the contract directly to a customer once they buy something? Thanks, Mat

The only way I can think of is to use something to redirect them from the purchase page to the contract, other than that, no, our plugin does not do that.

As far as I know, we are caught up on the support requests for version 3.0-3.2. If you have not received a response, please email us and let us know as your support request may have been lost when we moved to our our support system from CodeCanyon. Also, please make sure that you are using 3.2 as this version addresses most if not all issues we have found.

Thanks for the support and suggestions for our newest version. We appreciate all of the feedback and look forward to making our plugin the best.

How does your plugin compare with Approve Me

It seems yours does much of what theirs does (if you purchase all their plugins) but at a fraction of the cost. I would be interested if you looked at their plugins and said which features you have that match theirs.

Also, they make a big deal about the importance of their documents being ESIGN & UETA compliant. Can you say the same about documents created and signed with your plugin. This seems to be of great legal importance.

I look forward to your answers and to hopefully purchasing your plugin.

Also you may want to look at something else we are working on:

It is going to be everything our plugin is and more. This is still months in development, but it is something we are excited about since our first release of this plugin.

Wow. Thank you so much! Yes, having studied there site for a half hour now, I would definitely say that YOUR PLUGIN is a WAY BETTER VALUE. You have to pay them $197 to match your features and then $100 per year for updates vs a one-time $18 fee that you charge. No comparison.

They don’t have a payment module or payment gateways. They don’t have mathematical functions They don’t have client initiated contracts They don’t have password protection, but do have encryption

They do allow for unlimited signers. Is that something your plugin can do?

They allow for different sender roles / privileges – is that something yours does?

Yours is multisite compatible – I don’t believe theres is

They allow you to add a graphic of your actual signature – I wish this was something that yours did. Something about using a handwriting font that seems less than optimal.

Ours does not allow for unlimited signers, for now. It is a request we are looking into, but currently, once the contract is signed, the signing part is closed.

Our roles are setup by WordPress. Admin can modify things, subscribers (or lower level users) can only view their own. It is not independent like theirs is…it is either all the way or none.

You do not have to use the signature font if you do not want to. I believe that this has been asked before, but if I am not mistaken you can just add a signature image where you want the graphic to be. Like I said, it is just a post, so anything you can add to a WP post you can add to the contract.

So, I would upload an image, and link to it in the contract template or create a select box shortcode with the image url as the options and add that shortcode to the contract template img src so you can have multiple users that have the ability to have their signatures added to a contract. Just my two cents.

OK – since purchasing the plugin 4 hours ago – I still cant get it to work…. Ridiculous The Tutorial Video is nothing like the actual plugin

This needs to get sorted.

I really need to get a refund – I cant afford the time, could probably write my own plugin in this time.

NOT a happy client.

There is nowhere to add contract prices or terms of payment or the reps signature dont come out All the shortcodes dont produce fields

We are working on a new video. The video that is linked was for our version 2.xx.

What issues are you having? We can generally help you sort out setting it up correctly.

Pre-Purchase – Is there a way to do date calculation using the Shortcode Function? Like for example: ([depositdate]+14) will calculate a date of 1/1/2015 and add 14 days to it making it 1/14/2015. I tried but couldn’t get tit to work if it is supposed to. Did not know if it was only for numbers at the moment.


It only does standard mathematical functions. Sorry. This is something we could consider for a future version, but at this moment, it does not.

Hello. As I you promised a few months ago in version 3.1 you said that will include custom fields… now I bought your plugin and how to use them? How to create? because I need a lot of custom fields.

Waiting for your replay. thank you!

Have you taken a look at the documentation?

If you have, you can take a look at our demo and add the fields how we have them to get a better understanding. It is basically a simple input.

Yes I found, thank you, sorry… Can explain please in short codes how to use “Shortcode Data Type” – Select

found, thank you

I need help. I have a a few big problems: 1. can’t view created contract – receive page error 2. Do not receive email notification. only admin receives and is empty no subject no content… (the email template is standart).... what to do?, need your help!

I sent you an email, that link is not opening.

Try it now. Apparently our server became popular today. We are looking into a permanent solution for our server, but for now it should be working.

Thanks to some idiot hacker that nulled our plugin but failed to removed the API call for validation our servers are coming to a screeching halt because various downloads are hitting our servers trying to validate but without any data. We are working on a solution to prevent this.

Hi I am pre purchase. How binding are the signatures and what effects are in place to make them legally binding.

Thanks in advance

When a user signs a contract, they are made aware that the signature is a legally binding electronic signature. Also, we store their IP address and a time stamp.

Do you plan to add such future – when client sing to upload to contract picture ID? is it possible.

This could be a possibility, but it is not on the table at the moment. I will talk with the other developers and see if it can be added to a new version in the future.

Two Questions.

Is it possible to add a <title> to the page that is generated? Maybe via shortcode in the contract.

Also, is it possible to require users to type their name as well as signing it to add extra identification?


Unfortunately, no to both. We are looking at ways to incorporate a signature input into the front end, but have not added anything yet.