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Can this plugin have checkbox instead of signing saying I agree to the license? So that i can purchase it?

We are looking into this, but it is not a feature of the plugin at the moment.

Is there a way I can convert templates that are currently in PDF format to have them sign

You can only add templates via the WP Editor. So, if it is a possibility with WP Editor, then it can…but I do not think so.


tlemmy Purchased

I have a ticket in support that’s on 4 days with no answer can you please help?

We do not work weekends so your response at 9pm on Friday night was not read until yesterday. It was put in a queue and is being worked on now. We should have a response to you today.


tlemmy Purchased

There was a response right after you wrote this but it didn’t make sense. I clarified my question more but it has been 3 days again with no answer. Support is really slow

can we create fields to let the party signing the contract to fill up on signing?

Not currently, but we are working on this for the future.

Hi. First, I want to say that I have been using this plugin for about 6 months now and my team loves it! Recently, I have built a client portal where my clients can view proposals, signed contracts, invoices, and project status reports. My issue is that I cannot find a way to display SIGNED contracts using the [emaillist] shortcode to users whose email address wasn’t included in the contract before it was signed. It seems that I would have to reopen the contract, erasing their signature, add the email, so that it will display on the new users page. I also have one client that changed his email address. There is a spot to add a category to each contract, but it doesn’t look like there is a way to display the contracts by category (which would make the most sense if I want to display certain content to a client/team as new users come aboard for their project). Is there something I am missing or is this in the works for a future version? Thank you again for a great plugin!

Hmmmm….once the contract is signed it closes out the edit so it would have to be reopened and resigned if a change is made. This is per the restrictions with signing a contract online. We are working on an inclusion of a text box or initial field so when they sign it, they can add their email address, but it is still in the works.

I will also look into adding a shortcode that will allow you to filter contracts using the categories so you can display only what you want to display. I will try to make this a part of the next release.

For now, you have great suggestions, but none of it is included in the plugin. I will make a note to add it, but adding a email or initial field during signing is a big change so it may take some time.

The Plugin keeps saying failed to install. please help. it says their is no package. and then it will say fold exists and wont install.

Did you extract the plugin from the zip folder? When you download it, it is a zip folder that contains the plugin and a document folder. Use the plugin folder in your upload, not the entire zip file you downloaded.

when i did that i get this message Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

Destination folder already exists. /var/www/volumes/xvdf4/vhosts/ffc.money/httpdocs/wp-content/plugins/onlinecontract/

Plugin install failed.

Return to Plugin Installer

Disregard it is now working Thank you

“We are working on an inclusion of a text box or initial field so when they sign it, they can add their email address, but it is still in the works.” – I would like to use this plugin for NDA’s. This feature would definitely make the difference!

Hello. I have been trying to use this extension since i purchased it a while back. I gave up on it until now. The error i keep receiving is after signing and then trying to save the document “Fatal error Cannot redeclare recurse_copy..(previously declare…”

could you please assist

This is because you are running an outdated version of PHP. You need to update your PHP version to a more modern version 5.4+ so that you can run the function. If you are seeing that message, your PHP is outdated and insecure. Please update your server PHP version.

Hi, I am intererstd in know if I can do the following your plugin:

1. Upload a pdf created by myself out of your plugin (I just have pdf contract created) 2. I your VIDEO (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=os75CCaP_L4&feature=youtu.be), after user sign in minute from 09:01 to 09:06, in minute 09:40 contract is now signed. Has user done simple click in SAVE BUTTON? (Maybe also it can done click in ENTER button in keyboard, and in video I can not apreciate it…? 3. When user does click in SAVE BUTTON (or maybe in ENTER button…), state of signature (in Dasboard) will convert automatically from UNSIGNED to SIGNED? 4. Can I delete the following button: “Pay with PayPal” and “Pay with Stripre”, and let only “Create PDF” and “Print this contract” buttons. 5. After SIGN, whay you do not have added a button for send PDF? For example, you can add in setting page a field where administrator can introduce one or more mails, so when user creates a pdf, it can also with a simple click send it to the administrator. 6. In your Support Area, (https://futuredesigngroup.freshdesk.com/support/), I tried to open a support ticket, but I can not create it because the field “Purchase Code (required for plugin support)” it also required even if I do not have request a plugin support… Maybe it is a BUG..

I hope your reply

1. It is not possible to update a PDF to be signed. It would have to recreated in WordPress.

2. The video seems to be a bit delayed, but yes, I clicked the save button and it refreshed the page.

3. Yes, it will convert to signed and remove edit ability on the contract unless the signature is removed.

4. Yes, you do not have to include any payment options. Just check a box to remove the payment options you have available. Only PayPal is included, all others are addons.

5. It sends an email to the admin, but not a copy of the PDF. It tells you the contract has been signed. If you want to download the PDF, just open the contract link and download it as a PDF.

6. We only offer support to people with the purchase code. This is by design. If you have pre-purchase questions, you can add them here or add N/A to the purchase code, but it will be put behind our customers with questions who have purchased the plugin.

I hope that answered your questions. If not, let me know. We do not check this but once every few weeks, so if you have a question….got to the support page and put N/A in the purchase code.

Hi, thanks for your reply. About question 1, for me rewrite the contracts is too complicated because in my contracts are tables and other more information… So, I ask you the follow: Can you add to your plugin two new features? Let me know price for these new features. 1. Upload existens pdf contracts 2. Bulk import with csv file. CSV file should have 2 columns (“username” column, and “pdf file name” column). So, administrator can upload pdf files to “upload wordpress folder”. And after adding csv file, administrator also can be able to relate each pdf file to correspondent user. Can you make these features for me. How much is it? Off course you can add these feature to the plugin and other users can have benefit for this news features. Let me know if you can make it, and price. Thanks for your support.

The signature done by us is showing as plain text.

Seems to be working again.

Glad it is working. Seems like a hiccup.


donleych Purchased

I see that when I embed the form, it is embedded within a frame. Therefore, when I redirect a user from the embedded shortcode, only the frame redirects. How can I get the shortcode to redirect the entire page and not just that frame?


Creed06 Purchased

Hello great plugin! installed and work as showed on video but i have an issue => generate PDF take over 1 minute!!! is it normal? or i missing something in install ?

thank you

hello,,I have a multivendor platform,,Would this plugin facilitate me as I want to use the plugin between renters and borrowers on my website, to have a contract b/w renters and borrowers