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With the new update y receive this error in my page: wp-content/plugins/onlinecontract/includes/frontend.php on line 28”

What does the error say?


Clayed Purchased

How i can translate this -> “Please sign using a stylus….” in German? Nothing to find about that in your full documentation and anywhere else.

Currently, it can only be done through the language file and we do not have a German language file….but good news, we are beta testing version 4.1 that will indeed allow you to update the text that is displayed there without relying on the language file. You just type what you want and it adds it. We are hoping to push this new version out on Monday.


Clayed Purchased

which language is standard? which file i have to edit?

English is standard. onlinecontract/includes/single-contract.php should have a place where you can edit it for now. Once the new version is live you should be able to edit it from the settings.

With the latest update I am as well getting the same error as oswarnieves it says “Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /wp-content/plugins/onlinecontract/includes/frontend.php on line 28”. If I enable the plugin my whole site does not work and shows that error.


See if that helps. We are gearing up to push out a new update that will fix this issue. In the mean time, it just needs you to add shortcodes.

I just got a chance to try it and it seems to be working now, thanks!


freejl Purchased

Hy! I have got a pre-buy question. Are these contracts legally binding?

Thank you for your help.


freejl Purchased

Thank you.

Also is there a way to add a tick box for terms and conditions or to integrate that in the contract?


freejl Purchased

I just installed and activated the plugin and it shows me this error message:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /.../.../.../wp-content/plugins/onlinecontract/includes/frontend.php on line 28


sphynxma Purchased

I have been using this plugin for over a year now and I love it. It took a while for a new update to become released, but I was glad to see it. I am a little disappointed that the ability for users to upload files to a contract was not added. Is this something that you plan to add any time soon? I have a staffing agency and I would like for applicants to upload certain documents when they sign a contract. Currently I have to use a separate plugin to do so and it can be confusing for applicants.

Thanks in advance.

Hmmm…that is an interesting concept. I think it is feasible and can talk with our team to see what we can do about it.

can user sign the contract live?

I don’t understand the question. They can sign the contract when it is published and they can sign a one to many contract if need them to but again, I don’t understand the question.

Is their a way to set a specify for the client to sign, Such as in 2 different spots?

No. This is something we are interested in adding, but the plugin only allows for one signature per contract.

Is there a way to designate the signing spot or is it a fixed location?

For instance can i have them sign in the middle of the document instead at the bottom?

It is a fixed location at the bottom of the contract.

Hello, love the plugin. Question… Is there a way to change the name of the sender title from what it has when I send it to clients? RIght now it comes up as “Wordpress”

Dont know if I am clear… I mean where my email is. Instead of showing my name or email as the sender “From:” it has “Wordpress”

Currently, no…however that is an easy change. We are working on publishing 4.1 to fix some 4.0 issues and will include this in the update. We will make it say the business name as the sender.

Hi. 1) Where to translate “Please sign using a stylus, your mouse, or your finger below to authorize this contract. By electronically signing this document, you agree to the terms established above. After the document is signed, you can proceed to print it or save it as a PDF.” (We need it translated to danish and I see you have no option for this, so presume we need to add it to php ourselves.

2) The sign box – how to make this more narrow. It does not react to our css changes.

1.We have added this to 4.1 and are beta testing that now. Once we push it out you should be able to edit that section in the settings.

2.It should respond to your CSS. The style for the signature window is hard coded using JS, so make sure you use !important on your style. Class is .jSignature

Hi guys, please pay attention to the tickets in the support system.

https://futuredesigngroup.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/879 https://futuredesigngroup.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/880

The tickets are closed without any notification, but the problem still persists. This is becoming an urgency and I need your attention.

Thanks, Alex.

The tickets were merged so we can keep track of them. There is a note in the ticket saying it was merged in both tickets. We are still working on the problem so we have not updated the merged ticket.

Hi futuredesigngrp, thanks for your reply.

Unfortuantely the support response is quite bulk and not useful at all – it states that we have some security issues that prevent your plugin to work properly.

However, we don’t have security plugins, security measures or any other security-related code on our webiste. Thus, it can’t be an issue. Could you please take another look on the website? We’ve provided you the access.


Printing contracts does not work as well.

Hello, I’d like to know if I can use my own contracts.

You can add text to a contract as you would with a WP post or page. So, yes, you can add your own contract templates.

Hi, awesome plugin, thank you.

Is there a way to make the box around the signature field darker, it doesn’t display well on devices and people keep signing over the edge which results in their signature being cut of.

You can modify the style of the box in “Other Templates”. Just make sure to use !important since the style of that box is hard coded into the JS.


I want to know, you can be sure that users enter their data? name – last name etc?

and then sign?

thank you

They can start a contract, but it would have to be approved via the admin. So, they enter the data, you approve, they sign. You cannot skip the approval process.

When will you make it so that ONLY shortcodes the apply directly to a contract are displayed to be filled in. For example if I make a new contract using template “x” ... I am forced to somehow remember all the shortcodes being used in that contract (which I cannot),,, because ALL shortcode fields for all contract types are being displayed. It’s ridiculous. It takes so long to figure out which fields I need to fill in that the entire idea of shortcodes is defeated.

We are working on this modification for a future version. I cannot give you an ETA but it is something we are working on. We think it would be very cool as well since we have multiple uses for something like this as well. We are just trying to figure out the best way to do it without potentially breaking how people with simple contracts use the plugin.

My I suggest that you have a simple list (just like you do now) that contains ONLY those shortcodes that are contained within that contract. Then simply have a divider where the remaining unused shortcodes can be listed (assuming you want them there for some reason). Hey as long as we’re talking about needed changes… please allow us to modify contracts without having to create a brand new template. It’s so much more work than it needs to be. My contracts are 95% the same every time (so I want to use templates), BUT they usually need just a sentence or two changed each time (which requires me to create a whole new template just to make the contract). Please just let us change use templates as a way to fill out the contract, but then let us decide if we want to make tweaks to it,, it’s our contract, we should be able to do as we please.

I see nowhere in your documentation to guide us on how to use the “multiple signatures” feature. Where can I learn to use this?