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Dear Author

I am new buyer and I have create a ticket due to difficulty on dating system

my ticket # is #1067

would you please response at your first convenient

All tickets have been responded to. Please check your email.

No woocommerce support?

We do not integrate Woocommerce directly, but you can redirect to a product or another page if needed. They do not conflict with each other.


newidol Purchased

HI guy’s I LOVE YOUR PLUGIN ! FOR REAL ! it is so easy to have contract, so easy to send to client, so easy to print it ! I REALLY love your plugin and i recommand it to everybody, this is one of the best plugin i had.

I have a little bug, right now may be you could help ? when client want to sign, they can’t. When they click on the save button, after signing, it’s loading for ever and nothing happened… I have the last version (4.2) and all my wordpress plugins, themes and wordpress are update to last.

Thank you for your help, and for everybody who is reading us, believe me, buy this plugin, you will not regret it ! It’s awesome !

Thank you guy’s :)

Glad that you like it. Thanks for the validation. As for your issue, can you open a ticket so we can take a look? https://futuredesigngroup.freshdesk.com/support/login

I see that this plugin is not integrated with woo commerce. . . I am wondering about the possibility to integrate this with checkout. . . where people have to sign as a part of the checkout process. . . Would this be possible?

The only thing I can think you could do is to create a contract, set it to be multi-sign (generated, not multiple signatures) and add it to the cart template. that would give you a way to have them sign a contract that is standardized like a TOS while in their cart. Other than that, it does not directly interact with wooCommerce.

PRE-SALE: hello, does the system support: (1) partial payments or (2) down payment + final payment? Thank you :)

and by the way is it compatible with Wordpress multisite? Thank you! :)

and WPML? Thank you ;)

The plugin supports down payments only. It is not supposed to be as an invoicing solution.

We have not tested in our multisite, so I am unsure. I would think not because it is a per license plugin. You can install it on the individual sites, but it will require multiple licenses

We use our own internationalization code. It may work with WPML, but I am not familiar with the plugin. I know it internationalizes a website, but I have never used it to test against.

I apologize for the indirect answers but we have not tested against your specific questions.

Hi, Just bought your plugin and already having issues. As i seen from many comments here i’m not the only one being unable to save a contract. changing from visual to text doesn’t work. It is really disappointing and shame i have to spend time waiting for you to try resolve it.

I would suggest you to write a solution here to prevent so many customers creating accounts in your website to submit a ticket and wait for response.

Ill send you a ticket but probably will ask for a refund.

Hi, work with wp 4.8.x?

Is there a view audit trail? Basically when the user you send the contract link to views it, the contract will log timestamp/ip of the person who just viewed it. This should be in addition to the signed timestamp


100angles Purchased

Why no woocommerce integration?