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Hello, pre-sale question here. I can see that the last update to your plugin was in March 2017. Are you still developing and supporting this plugin?

We are actively working on the newest version. It is about 80% percent complete. This version was a long time coming and has a lot of the features that people have asked for. We are hopeful to have it released within the next few weeks.

Hi, i’m interesting to buy this plugin, but i need to know if its’ possible to create a contract with fillable fields and repeatable times, i see demo but i don’t see any contracts that use this function thanks

hi, i bought this plugin and i install it in my test site, but form demo page i received an error wp-content/plugins/onlinecontract/includes/functions.php(645 how can i resolve it??


Have you opened a ticket? We do not check these forums as much as we check our tickets. If you give us a screenshot of the error there we can resolve it quicker than we could here.

I opened a ticket for other problem, ok it’s not a problem for my contract, it doesn’t apeared in mine, ok i need to change te text on buttons, how can i do


Awesome plugin! Cant wait to see the new updates :)
Can you please tell me if you will add the possibility to use it on checkout/cart? or for that matter any woocommerce official support.

We do not have plans for Woocommerce integration with the next release but are open to suggestions. What would you like it to do?

Hi Guys any update on setting a field for a witness or can I create a text box for the witness to input their name that will be captured by the PDF?

Hello again, seems I can’t do what I need with this version so really interested to hear about the next one, will it have multiple signature fields for the same contract and will it allow an editable text field for some info to be put by client in the contract?

It should have fields that a client can enter in, but they will be hardcoded (not a shortcode) so they will be limited. As for the multiple signatures, we are working on something but do not have a 100% solution yet.

If it still does not sound like it is something you need you can ask for a refund and we will give you your money back.

Hi, presale question here: Is it possible to have variables? We have customers that we want to use this plugin to create service contracts for. The method i’m thinking is in the backend our sales team will input the customer details to be signed, their product model number and serial number and this is merged onto the contract that is to be signed with your plugin. Is this possible?

Hello Dear , I have bought and installed the plugin . BUt I can create my own template Contract because when i tried to save my model, nothing happen. I switch between the visual from text but nothing happen when i m clicking on Save change . Thanks for your help

this is my website : www.blackfashionbeauty.ca

Have you created a ticket in our system? We do not come to these forums often. If you have, please give me the ticket ID so I can check on it.

When I try to download chrome blocks the download saying its dangerous. Any idea why?

Firefox also says it contains a virus.

If you are downloading it from here, then I would contact CodeCanyon. We do not know of any issues with our download as it is the same one we have had for a while now.

I purchased your plugin 5 days and run into a few issues and still not had any help from support.

1. Cannot save contract template. I’ve followed the help guide but it’s still not working. I can see a XHR call when you click ‘Save changes’ but it results in a 500 error. 2. When I signed the contract which worked great and saved. The image of the signature is not showing, it comes up a 404. 3. Create PDF results in an error as well.

See demo – http://www.evergreenstudio.co.uk/contract/jennifer/#processed

Your ticket has been responded to, Please see the ticket.


tgg1061 Purchased

Hello, been waiting a long time for the new update.

1. When will it b released by?(ex. in days,weeks,or months away).

2. Are you still working on a new plugin release? We believe you mentioned this last year? If yes, please explain it and when will it be released by.


Hi. We are still working on it. It is taking a while since it is a complete overhaul with a new way to do 99% of how to plugin currently works.

1. We are hoping within the next 3 months. 2. Yes. We have made quite a few changes to our codebase since our last update here as we are trying to incorporate the outstanding bug fixes and most requested features. Here is some of what we have done or are doing:

Done a. complete backend overhaul b. better shortcode and template creation c. signatures are now saved as hashes in the database rather than images d. you can now have your client sign the contract and print their name e. JS calls via WP instead of direct (should help with plugin conflicts) f. incorporated directly into your theme g. removed PDF view and made improvements to print (PDF caused to many issues and most modern browsers handle PDF printing directly) h. plugin setup i. better code repo for quicker updates and rollbacks

In Progress a. editable fields for contracts (you create a form the user is required to fill out before they can sign a contract) b. true multi-signature contracts allowing for more than one person to sign a contract (this is the process that is taking the longest for us to do, but is the most requested) c. better currency and language support d. more editable items to truly customize the plugin e. faster codebase that gives us more flexibility with updating f. better mail handling

Version 5 will be worth the wait and will allow us to put to rest some of the most predominant issues we have resolved over and over again due to other plugins and server setups. It is taking a while, but we want to get it out there in the best possible condition so we can stop troubleshooting old code as much and make improvements or add new features more often.


tgg1061 Purchased

Good to hear. The new features seem like they will be a great addition. We must say you do owe your customers a complete overhaul. We have not been able to effectively use this plugin since we bought it. Too many bugs. Clients cannot sign the contract for it just keeps spinning. We removed any security plugins, etc. and still does not work. Just keeps spinning. What is the fix to this and are you releasing a bug fix for this anytime this week? thanks

We are not releasing any bug fixes for the current code. The current code uses PHP5 and we are migrating to PHP7 with backward compatibility. We are putting all of our attention to the new version so bug fixes for the existing code are not on our schedule.

Issues like the one you are seeing are mostly related to how we are calling the update scripts. In the new version, they are more integrated with WP to prevent that type of issue as it attributes to more of our open tickets than we would like. It is a serious bug we have tried to fix many times with updates, but it always pops back up regardless of our changes. This issue specifically was the reason we overhauled the entire project.

So, I am sorry you are receiving this issue. If you would like a refund until we push out the newest version then we are more than happy to oblige.

Hello, I have a pre sales question

My customers enter their info and go through the payment processor. When done, the payent processor sends all data to a URL of my choosing with postback data.

Can I use this postback data and prefill the form fields with name, address, etc.?

Then they only need to fill in one field and put a e-signature on the form and click save.

Then the data must be put into a PDF document and sent to them and me.

Can I create a template for the construction of the PDF file and determine where the fileds (and that includes the prefilled datalik ename, address, etc appears in the PDF?

Unfortunately no. Our plugin cannot do this and we do not have an implementation of this set for future releases.


damaceno Purchased

the plugin has virus, I need to solve this https://imgur.com/a/aBhea

I assure you our plugin does not have a virus. The file you have linked in your screenshot only has 5 lines of code including the opening and closing PHP script. It is used to only unlink the image.

I would say a more likely culprit would be your website had a virus and it attached itself to our plugin (and probably other files in your site as well).

The code that is uploaded to CodeCanyon is looked at before it is made public not only by our team but by the code reviewers from CodeCanyon…it would not have been made public if a virus was attached.

So, my recommendation would be to look in more detail at your website or server for viruses. Look at the file yourself, it only has an unlink code for the image removal….nothing more, nothing hidden, nothing malicious. If it has more, then I would look at your server and see how the additional code was injected.

Pre-Sales question: Can I attach shortcodes that take in information from other plugins?

Hi guys, quick presales question: I am looking to pull dynamic values into the contract from a shortcode (and not one of your shortcodes where user enters details – another custom unrelated shortcode). If I do this will the shortcode content in a signed form be converted into raw text/html or will the dynamic shortcode still be visible and active in the signed document?

... And if the latter is true, is there a way I can render the document as static html upon signing?

Question before purchase.

I would like to propose a reusable standard contract. We make it available on one page and the customer can fill in the information and sign the contract.

There would be in the contract the address, name, first name and company registration number. Is it possible?

Is it possible to add an empty field allowing the customer to enter his company registration number?