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Great product. Keep the updates coming!

Thanks, we really appreciate good feedback.

Where can I change the color of save button? Thank

You can edit the stylesheet in the “Other Templates” section.

Can you give me the file name or file path, I cant find “Other Templates” Thanks

The “Other Templates” is a link in the admin. It should be under your contract templates within the WP Online Contract plugin admin.

Does it have subscription payment?

No it does not. It is not setup as an invoicing solution. You can receive payments, but it is typically used for a deposit fee when signing the contract.

The plugin has too many bugs.

- The SAVE button does not work (So you can’t create your own templates). - The signature does not display once it’s been signed. - The Print option does not work.

This plugin is simply unusable.

I’ve tried to get help, but i have been waiting for 5 days to get a reply on my support ticket.

Typical poor after sales support, once they’ve took your money.

We do not work weekends, so you are on your 3rd business day. We get to the tickets as they come in and yours is in line for troubleshooting today. I have updated your ticket, please respond so that we can continue.

can you make a paypal addon like authorized.net ?

Paypal is included in the plugin for free. There should be a PayPal link where you can set it up.

Hi Guys, I am using the new release 4.1 and getting the following error when trying to Create PDF:

Warning: imagecreatefrompng(http://hbsaul.info/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/logotype-retina-300x70.png): failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found in /home/xxxxxxxx/public_html/hbsaul/wp-content/plugins/onlinecontract/includes/pdf/tcpdf.php on line 7020 TCPDF ERROR: [Image] Unable to get the size of the image: http://hbsaul.info/wp-content/uploads/onlinecontract/signatures/5540_2-18-2017%2011:45_74-73-13-180.png I thought that was fixed with new version but as to now with 4.1, the error still remains. How can that be fixed?

Please put in a ticket so that we can check it out if you have not already. If you have, please provide me with the ticket number so I can investigate.

my ticket is #946

947 and #946 is still waiting for answers

946 and #947, and yet waiting for answers

Is there an option for a Decline button? Currently there is Clear and Save. If a decline button could be added that would be recorded in admin area we could see what contracts were declined by users. This would be a welcomed feature.

Currently no. However, this will be added to our feature requests.

My ‘save pdf’ button is no longer working in any browser. It opens the page with what looks like the right link but then ‘fails to load pdf’. It’s a recent thing so I’ve tried deactivating any new plugins but I’m wondering if it’s to do with my SSL certificate? Any ideas you might have I’m willing to try as it’s annoying. Thanks!

We use SSL on our site so that should not be the issue. However, can you open a ticket so that we can take a look?: https://futuredesigngroup.freshdesk.com/support/login

Please add a temp admin login so we can take a look.

Dude! This is so epic. I’ve had this for a long time and it was great but the update, just wow!

If I choose this option “Can This Contract Be Signed Repeatedly?” How do I know who is signing the contracts? Is there a way for them to type their own name?

No, but this is another hot request that we are looking into. I am glad you like the new version. Please leave us a review to show potential customers what you think.

We are looking into implementing some type of name textbox for the contracts but there is no ETA.

Done! Thanks so much!


bommelme Purchased

“Is there a way for them to type their own name?” How far is this point?

It is not possible but is a hot request. We are looking into a modification for this. However, this is a large change so it will take some time.

Hey, quick question : on url redirects after form is signed, is the url fixed or can it be url.com/redirect?email={email} with {email} being a custom field within the contract for example ?

We do not send that information with our plugin, but you can add it manually to the permalink you setup for the redirect. It currently does not do this automatically.


newidol Purchased

Hi, i have a question for you. I need to transfer my website at another url. Is there a way to export all signed contracts ? when i export theme via wordpress, all contracts are export but WITHOUT signature :( I’d like to export all informations (client signature, ip adress, date of signature ect…) not only the contract. May be i could export this with a sql requet directly… but which one ? thank you :)

PS: i’m VERY HAPPY with this plugin, if you need contract for your clients, this plugin is the best ! Believe me !

This should be contained within the image itself. Just copy the onlineccontracts folder from inside of your wp-content/uploads/ folder. The images and the contracts should line up. This folder should contain not only the signatures but the contract template files.

Hope this helps.


tlemmy Purchased

I have 3 different contracts I need every user on the site to sign. Lets say i want to add a section to every users profile page with 3 links one to each of the contracts. As they click the links to sign the contracts is it possible to change that to say the contract is completed and maybe even a new link that lets them view the completed contract?

Also does this have any issues working with mobile? Does the contract stay big enough to read? Will the signature piece work with an iPhone?

1. You can set up a contract as a multi-sign contract by checking a box when creating the contract. This will allow multiple people to sign and essentially create their own version of the contract with their signature. If you add links to that type of contract from inside of their profile page, they should be able to sign it and view the completed contract. I don’t think it will change to say the contract has been signed because your link will not work directly with our plugin…it will just reference the contract that needs to be signed. Currently, this is not possible.

You can create the one to many contracts and allow them to see the end result…but there will be no indication on their profile page that it has been signed.

2. The contract template is mobile responsive and should allow your customers to sign using an iPhone or Andriod phone. It will shrink down on mobile but still maintain it’s readability.

Hope that helps.


tlemmy Purchased

Is there a way with a shortcode or something to pull a list of the contracts a user has signed and display it in wordpress at least? Think of this like a portal for a user. They have multiple agreements they need to sign and have on record. I can set up the multi sign contract like you said and direct them where to go to sign a contract when its required. I need to be able to display in their portal the list of contracts they have agreed to and even better would be the date they agreed.

Please refer to this link as it address something we do that is similar with your issue: http://onlinecontract.futuredesigngroup.com/documentation/#shortcodes-for-front-end-emaillist

The functionality of this is tied to an email address. For the multi-sign part, it does not record an email address so this would be a manual step for you, but we are looking into making an editable field on the contract for this type of purchase.


does WP Online Contract work with PHP 7.1? I got a fatal error: ” [] operator Not supported for strings in … ” in the settings section.

I guess, this is a known WP conflict when updating to the recent PHP version.

A quick response would be great. Thanks.

I do not think that it has been tested with PHP 7 yet. We can spin up a machine that has PHP 7 on it to see what may not work, but I don’t know if a quick fix will be available since we assume most of our users are on PHP 5.6.x. We would have to test on both machines to ensure that the code works for everyone.

We noticed a few issues with WP Online Contract version 4.1 because we assumed everyone would have migrated from PHP 5.2.x and PHP 5.3.x since they are extremely insecure but apparently, a few had not done the upgrade on their server yet so we had to walk them through updating their PHP version otherwise they hit an issue with a function routine we were using on the updated code.

So, safely assuming EVERYONE except for a select few are now on a version less than PHP 7+ we would have to push out new code to match the majority.

I know that is not the best for your project, but we cannot safely push out code that matches PHP 7+ until we assume everyone is updated or we will cause a lot of issues with other users that either cannot or have not updated yet.

Sorry that this does not help you, but maybe there is a server instance you can run that has PHP 5.6.x on it until we are at a place on a worldwide level where the majority are using PHP 7+.

Thanks for your detailed response. The plugin works like a charm with PHP 5.6 and I will be waiting with the server update until WP online contract supports PHP 7.

Thanks for your detailed response. The plugin works like a charm with PHP 5.6 and I will be waiting with the server update until WP online contract supports PHP 7.

Edit: sorry, double post.

Hi there,

I like the potential of your plugin.

I have some presale questions:

-Will WP online contract support php 7 soon?

-Is it possible to replace signing with a simple checkbox?

-For security, can a random link be generated? ( to prevent the wrong people stumbling on a contract and signing it? By changing a number… )

We will begin to support PHP7 when it has more widespread usage. Currently, about 97% of our users use 5.6+ so we have it developed for that version.

You cannot replace the signature window with a checkbox, but you can remove it and make it something they have to print out to sign.

The contract URL is controlled via WordPress permalink editor so you can create a random link URL and add it manually. We do not have this functionality built into the plugin…however it is a good idea to look into.

Thanks for you response,

-i Guess i could use a SEO plugin to do this, but it would be nice if Noindex was added to meta to prevent pages beïng indexed by Google.

-Sadly i’m one of the 3% using php7. Performance is much better. I guess i have to wait until you support php7.


AKS336 Purchased

Being Processed since 5 days 21 hours #987 default shortcodes I am still waiting for my issue to be resolved

I apologize, we have been at a conference all week. I will have your ticket answered by tomorrow night when we get back in town.


diazites Purchased

Hello I had write twice about Purchase Code not working…..

We are looking at the tickets now. We have been at a conference all week and will be responding to your ticket asap.