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Hi, a presale question: can this be somehow be integrated into woocommerce emails? With a shortcode or something?

Not in WooCommerce emails. The only way it ties into WooCommerce is by utilizing a redirect after they sign. You can redirect them to a product or a shopping portal, but the contract is essentially stand alone outside of essential WordPress functions.

Good night. There is a way to add the html ‘required’ status to inputs in the [clientadd] form?

Oh, that´s a pity. This is a mandatory option for my client. =/

On a sidenote, I started to translate it to pt_BR. When I finish, to where I send my contribution?

Hi, i wrote you in your forum, but as you don’t answer, i’m trying here. The plugin is loading for ever when someone wants to sign it. I tried on a fresh installation to be sure is wasn’t a plugin… and still the same problem. Can you help please ? Thanks :)

Yesterday was Thanksgiving for us so we were out of the office. At the time of starting the holiday, we did not have any open tickets. Typically this issue is caused by a security plugin causing a 500 error on the update. If you have a security plugin installed, try to exclude our plugin from it. Also, if you have a caching plugin, you may want to exclude it from there as well.

Could you please add a feature to send an email expiration reminder(s) per contract basis?

I will note this for our next release.

This is a bug you know about per tab switching instructions in Admin. Won’t save new contract entry from editor. Switched editor back and forth from Text to Visual and nothing happens on Save. A page refresh and a fresh entry attempting first to post in Text mode ignores clicking tabs. Clicking on either tabs before adding content in editor ignores me altogether. Was going to open a support ticket and found I must create yet another account. I have one too many accounts to keep up with. Please fix the Save bug. Thanks.

Typically, this type of issue is because of a security plugin you have installed on your site blocking or script from updating. If you look at the console, you should see it is causing either a 500 error or a 404 error. If switching back and forth on the tabs does not do the trick, then I would look at your security. Opening a ticket does help and gives us time to look at your issue so it may be worth looking into opening a ticket so we can track the progress on this issue with you.

hi 1, your demo site is not working. 2. when someone signs, what is the legal satus, how can i prove that he really sined and not me? 3. do you have rtl support?

1. We are working on some DNS issues, so the demo will come back up shortly. 2. We are not lawyers so you may need to consult one but when a user signs, it records their IP address, a timestamp and closes the contract so you cannot make changes to their contract. 3. No, at the moment RTF does not work well. We have seen some people get it to work but it took some modifying to make it work, something we do not currently offer.

Hi, quick presale question. Is it possible to let the client fill in the data on the front-end instead of in the backend? Thanks.

You can make shortcodes public and add [clientadd] to a front facing page. This will give the users a form they can fill out to initiate a contract. Once they save it, you will have to approve before they can sign.

i like to buy this product before i want to know that. can you do this thing. 1st send mail to customer then complete the payment then document sign

Just a head’s up: when adding default plugins, a 403 error is produced. The plugin is attempting to access /wp-content/plugins//onlinecontract/includes/ instead of /wp-content/plugins/onlinecontract/includes/.

I will look into this. That would save us a lot of troubleshooting if that is the root cause of that particular issue.

I found the issue. It was my server config. When I switched from FastCGI PHP 7.1.12 to FPM-Nginx PHP 7.1.12 all the issues were resolved. Thanks

Now I can create contracts and shortcodes, but viewing them results in a 500 error. White screen of death. Is this a known issue?

It is probably due to your PHP & setup. Our plugin is not compatible with PHP 7 yet, but we are working on a solution that will work with the newest version of PHP. It is something we need to do, but at the moment, we have 90% of our customer based is still on 5.6. We are looking into ways to roll out something that does not effect everyone.

I downgraded to php 5.6 and tested on a clean install and still get the white screen.

Have you created a ticket? If so, what is the number of that ticket?

Hi, I’ve just download your plugin but demo and documentation link don’t work anymore… Where can I find documentation?

Thanks for your answer


Pre sale question. I’m looking at building my own proposals on a sub domain. I will be using Elementor page builder to design my proposal template. Can your plugin work in such a scenario? Or do we have to build the contract using your tools.

Basically I’m looking at adding a signature on a page. Good to go? Or is there a workaround? Your input is greatly appreciated.


You have to build it using WordPress’ Editor or upload HTML.

So, if I’m using a theme and a page builder such as Elementor (or even Visual Composer), there is no way of doing this?

If not, it might be a good idea to be able to somehow insert this info on a page using a shortcode…

We will look into this but at the moment, we recommend using with a HTML template built in a text file or using WordPress’s default editor.

This is not working. I contacted the support and never heard from them. Not happy with it.

Your refund has been processed. What was your ticket number so I can see what went wrong? We were out for the holidays and are now back in the office.

Can one use this contract to draw up a sales agreement that is automated? like once someone purchases something they’ll receive a copy of the agreement along with their product…

No, our plugin does not do automation like this unfortunately.


I was on your demo page and noticed, that in IE11 I can not sign a document via touchscreen, while in Chrome without problem?

Your answer would be welcome because your plugin would make things easier for me.

Regards, Zazi

We have never noticed an issue with browsers. I will look into it but IE11 is not on our continued support list because the EOL just passed with Microsoft. I would recommend using a more modern browser in the mean time.

I’m getting a blank page while viewing a contract and in the dev console i can see a 500 error. from some of the comments im assuming its coz of php7. Is there a work around other than going down to php5.x? my servers are already live with several websites and can’t go down on the php version.

Currently, no. We are working on a version for 7+ but the majority of our users are still in 5.6. We are planning on releasing a new “version” of the plugin that will be a separate download and will start our EOL for 5.6 and below. We don’t want 1000s of customers emailing us because we are forcing them to update their servers. We think that it would just be better to roll out a new version for 7+ only.

I can’t install the plugin. I keep getting this error “The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.” Can you help?

That is a limitation with your server. Either have your server admin increase the max file size in the php.ini file or manually add the plugin via FTP. Your server admin should be able to help with either.

i’ve already tried FTP. Didn’t work. How can i get to the php..ini file? Is it through the wp-admin file?

No, it is a server file. If you cannot access it via FTP, you should contact your hosting provider. There is not a way that I know of to modify it. You may be able to add one but it depends on your host whether it is read or not.

Take a look at this: https://atlantisthemes.com/fix-upload_max_filesize/

I don’t see why FTP wouldn’t allow it to be uploaded since your ini restrictions should bleed over to your FTP from the server, but again it may just be how your server is configured.


lapja Purchased

Hi I have an error displayed when I activate and use this plugin:

Notice: Trying to get property 'ID' of non-object in /wp-content/plugins/onlinecontract/includes/functions.php on line 272

The line 272 in functions.php says:

if( get_post_meta( $post->ID, '_onlinecontract_contractshowsignature', true ) != 'on' ) {

Any idea how to fix this ?

Have you added shortcodes? If not, try to add them and let me know if that fixes the issue.

I see above that you wrote “We are planning on releasing a new “version” of the plugin that will be a separate download and will start our EOL for 5.6 and below. We don’t want 1000s of customers emailing us because we are forcing them to update their servers. We think that it would just be better to roll out a new version for 7+ only.”

Will this require a separate purpose?

Once we publish it, no we can give you the new files. However, this is still out in the future and if the plugin is not working for you, I would recommend getting a refund then buying the new version when we do publish it. I do not have an ETA on the 7+ version.