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Hi, pre-sale with an intention of buying. One thing I’m not seeing is the ability to edit the text of existing unsigned contracts. Does that exist? Im not sure how to create a contract within this demo. Thank you!

Contract list and new contract in the admin user profile page. Is it posible to place the short codes in the user profile in the admin page and have the admin iniciate the contract for that user? Thanks

the contract is not going automatically to the customer’s email, what to do?

is not the fields appearing red, what’s the problem? https://imgur.com/a/GqiTN42

I need support, will not you help me?

The text sent in the email is created by you. It does not use the plugin to translate it. If you are needing to change this, please go to other templates and add the text you need. Again, this is in our documentation.

Also, again, I am not trying to give you problems, but we have videos and documentation that tell you how to do this. Please refer to those first before creating a ticket or a message here. We do not often check this site for support updates but I have been here all day responding to your inquiries.


damaceno Purchased

the documentation does not teach to translate these emails, and you are not here all day helping me!


damaceno Purchased

the only translation for emails that I found was here, but it does not work! https://imgur.com/a/kgMkV4i

i need Germany TRANSLATIONS :(

If you look in the languages folder, you can see a onlinecontract.pot. With this, you can create a German translation. I do not think we have added one, but you can add your own.


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Hi Author, can I integrate a woocomerse order, like to direct someone to a my checkout after signing? I don’t mean paypal or other payments but directly to a woocom order?

No. Our plugin is not suppose to used like this for the time being. We are working on something that may help in the future, but this is not a part of the current version.


EPWebDev Purchased

Could you please add a custom button? Allow users to add a custom button and custom link to show when the contract is signed?


EPWebDev Purchased

IE for custom payment link.


damaceno Purchased

I want to put the translation to pt_BR just tell me how it’s made


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Hello! I created a invoice, but it didn’t email to the customer, and when i click the link,, it says that that page does not exists.

Can you send me a screenshot of the contract so I can take a look at the setup?

PM would be fine instead of on here.


rickpro2 Purchased

Just PM you!


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Hello, we have been waiting for the update for months.

1. What is the status of you releasing the new improved update that has the improved code you mentioned prior?

2. When is the next update going to be released?


My time for the project was derailed due to client projects but I am going to try to it down over the next few weeks and devote an entire day to finishing it.

1. We are about 80% complete. I just need to be able to sit down and finish it. 2. I am still hopeful within the next month. Again, this is a side project for me so my client project take precedence but it is coming…hopefully by the end of this month or mid next month.

hello I have a wordpress in 4.9 version, your addons is compatible ? thank you so much


Hello, I have the need to make a contract at the time a purchase is made with Woocomerce. My question is: Can I generate an automatic contract with your plugin where the fields that I need are filled with the data that the client has put in when he made the purchase (Billing Information)?


is it possible to have users to complete their name, address online before signing a contract?

Any update on PHP7 support? Last you told me it will be available in couple of week and that was 3 months before.

Hi there,

this is an important presales question. According to the European GDPR Law that will be in place on May 25th I need to offer a spcific contract to all of my clients.

Is it possible to handle such contract with your plugin?

This means I provide a contract template and the client can add his contact- and some additional data, sign the contract and generate a PDF. The contract will be saved in my WP backend as a unique contract.

Is that possible?

Thanks Michael

Already answered it to myself ;-)


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Will I be able to translate all the client facing screen and the contract itself to be in Brazilian Portuguese ( PT-BR ) ? I am famliar with .pot files. Just need to be sure I will be able to translate all strings that Users will see.

I there a way to rename a contract that has not been used yet? I created one and realized that I want to change the direction so now I want to rename it, but I’m not allowed to because it may affect contracts that have already been created from it. This contract however has no contracts created from it yet.


Than please use this system as you prefer. Open ticket since forever…

Is this plugin still receiving updates? If I buy it, can I hire extra personalization services? Of course, with extra cost.