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Thanks, we have had many people ask for this integration.

Hello futuredesigngrp,

here a few questions I have on this great add-on to WP Online Contract>

  • Is it possible to have partial payments? If so, will the admin record if multiple payments are issued?
  • After a contract is paid, will it record how the contract was paid in the admin area (e.g. PayPal or Stripe) and/or on the contract itself?
  • When the contract is viewed again, it seems the contract can be paid again; is that because it is in test mode? And will a notification be sent when a payment is received to both receiver and sender?

Thank You in advance!

Please keep mind this this is not an invoicing system. The addon plugins only adds a button that allows payment, it does not track payment. We will think about adding some sort of paid/unpaid status to the contract, but keep in mind this is only a payment addon not an invoicing system for the contract.

For the time being, this is merely a gateway to help you get paid quickly, all tracking should be done via your invoice system and all notifications should be done through your payment processor (such as Stripe in this case).

We will considering adding some sort of notification whether it is paid / unpaid in the admin or an email, but for the time being, this is just a payment outlet. We will keep you updated.

Hello futuredesigngrp,

I absolutely understand; just needed the clarification, and appreciate your time in answering my questions!

Is it possible to allow users to sign an NDA and thus give access automatically to member only pages?

This does not include any type of member only functionality and probably will not since it is for contracts only.

However, you can setup the contract like an NDA and have them sign it and once it is signed you can give them access using another plugin that is designed for that type of thing.

This is not an all-in-one everything type plugin, but it does cover all the bases (or at least most of them) in regards of contracts and contract signing.

Hope this helps.

yes. THank you very much :)

Exellent work my friend!!! Wish you happy sales :)

Thanks. We worked hard with our contract plugin and this was one of the most requested additions. Thanks for taking a look.

After some quick testing, when i put in the optional payment ($1.00) in, i can pay with Paypal $1 and with Stripe $3.50.

Not sure where the $3.50 with Stripe is coming from…

In the stripe options you can charge a fee for using Stripe. Currently, in the demo, it is set at $2.50. If you do not want to charge a fee to use Stripe, just remove the amount in the “Charge A Fee?” option under Contracts > Stripe Payment.

Hey everyone. Just popping in to say thanks for downloading our plugin and it would greatly help us if you would rate it so other people can see what our users think of it. A little bit can go a long way for us.

Does the site requires a SSL for the Stripe add-on to work?

Shouldn’t the stripe plugin require a webhook to be set in Stripe account admin?

Signature box display issue on Chrome only. other browsers,the pen image doesn’t show up as expected (not loading unsecured content.)

I will look into this and let you know what I find.

Presale question on the process.

Is this the exact process?

We enter client payment info then send contract over to client. Once contract is signed payment is processed?

This is our ideal, please advise.

Thank you


I understand that 100%. I have purchased both plugins.

I am looking for functionality that will allow us to input and store cc info. I don’t want my clients inputting and selecting payment options.

If I left it up to them my sales people would be waiting to close deals. We just want them to sign it.

I may just use the contract plugin and not the stripe addon if this is the case. I just need the signature but I thought it would be a great feature to keep sales people from running credit cards without the authorization signed first.

Maybe something for you to consider as this is a much needed feature for sales teams.

Thanks again


Unfortunately, I don’t think this is something we will implement for the masses here. I may not understand CC processing much but I think that it is against most TOS to store CC data in cases like this. Most CC processors allow you to store return codes and transaction IDs, but the actual CC is not stored on your system. That is how we handle it but we don’t actually store anything, everything is handled offsite.

I could be wrong with my understanding of how CCs are stored online but we have a few online stores we run and none store CC information, just return and transaction codes. Even with SSL.

That being said, I do not think a change like this would tailor to the masses.

I’m applying a 2.9% stripe fee and it’s doing that thing where it’s passing invalid integers, I didn’t think this was an issue with the stripe plugin, I remember it happening with paypal before. I did a test contract with a payment of $1 with the 2.9% fee and it says $1.02 on the button but then says invalid integer 102.9 if I try to pay it. Test contract located here

I think I have resolved the issue. Please update your online contract plugin. Also, I pushed out a new version of all of the payment addons to include custom text for the button. You can update the main contract plugin through WordPress, but for all addons, you will have to manually download it from CodeCanyon. I am currently waiting on the plugins to be uploaded here, so you may have to wait a while to get the newest versions of the payment addons. This process usually takes a few hours but sometimes it can take days.

I hope you like it.

YAY! Thank you!!

No problem. Glad I could help. Check out the change log, I made a few more changes.

Just FYI the settings using the free stripe.js plugin for woocommerce also apply to stripe transactions on your plugin, or it prevents charges from fully completing, I suspect the former though. I had installed the stripe.js plugin previously but wasn’t using it, and I just had a customer’s charge via contract approve, but not complete. In other words it authorized instead of captured. I suspect the stripe.js setting was to authorize instead of capture, and it intercepted my contract payment. Just FYI.

Stripe uses certain form items to present the data. I assume that the JS you have for woocommerce is adding the same values or overwriting the values within the form dynamically. I will take a look at it to see what I can do.

I have update my STRIPE API to the latest version in the settings area and am getting errors saying I am not using the correct one. I have had no problem with other services using that API for stripe.

Seems to be an error with the code.

Can you message me with the error you are receiving so I can take a look?

Quick question. After the client signs the contract and pays with the Stripe addon, can we then somehow login to our Stripe account, and actually create the “customer” will their remaining details (customer name, address etc) then setup a recurring billing inside Stripe for future payments? We are an SEO company, and we love the fact that our clients can pay after signing their contract online, but were looking for a way to somehow setup recurring billing afterwards.

We do not have control of what they put in the Stripe billing. If I remember correctly, it asks for the information you need when they go to pay so you should be able to use it. However, our plugin does not interact with Stripe beyond the payment module. If you need recurring billing, you will most likely have to do this within Stripe. I will look into the API usage to see if there is a way to improve our plugin, but as of now, it is only used to send the payments.

Thanks for the reply. We will probably run a live transaction to see what happens inside Stripe. Basically, we’re hoping for is that it creates the account with the credit card details somewhere inside Stripe, so we can go back in and create a recurring subscription. We just dont want to have our clients pay at the contract sign, then have too also have them signup for the recurring payments. Just trying to think of a way to simplify the on-boarding process.

How do you add the strip pay button to the contract its not appearing for us?

Hi! I

I seek an alternative to this plugin

Your plugin could meet my needs?

Thanks, David.

Not for Woocommerce, but it will allow you to take payments with our contract plugin.

It says that your plugin is compatible with WooCommerce so I thought it worked together.

It works with Woocommerce installed, but does not work as a payment processor for Woocommerce. It works as a payment processor for our contract plugin. It is an addon for our main plugin not a stand alone plugin.

is this plugin maintained any longer? no updates since 2014

We know it has been a long time since we pushed out an update and we do apologize about it taking so long. We were having to focus on other larger projects internally. However, next week, we are planning on pushing a beta version of 4.0 to some of our customers to test for us before a full scale production push. Version 4.0 will have a major overhaul of some key items and introduce new features such as:

Shortcode reordering (a much requested feature)

Contract Categorization (a much requested feature)

Updated code for CMB2 (was previously using V1)

Contract embedding on website pages (a much requested feature)

Integration with the newest WP code (function calls, etc)

Additional languages

..and we are looking into pushing out newer features in a later version such as:

one to many contracts (you create one contract that can be signed by multiple people over time instead of having to create a new contract for each client)

auto emailed PDF of the contract sent once the contract is signed

We are going to get started working on version 4.1 as soon as 4.0 goes out to try and get some of these new features in our customer’s hands as soon as possible rather than waiting so long in between pushes. This project has become a top priority for us again since we have been able to move some of the other projects off our table.

I hope this helps address your initial issue.

@anyone else that read this response. If you have a copy of version 3.6 and would like to beta test our newest version, please message us through our profile so we can send over the beta code.

We once had the best contract plugin on the market, we have slipped from that spot but are ready to take back the throne and we have been listening to our customer’s feature requests. Big things to come in the neat future. Hang in there with us.

Does this support once off + reoccuring billing on checkout

No. It is not an invoicing system. This is an addon to a contract system that allows for single (one-time) deposits. This addon only works with our contract plugin.

Does this plugin actually manage contracts and esigning? Or is it just an addon for another plugin? It’s unclear with a lack of demo or screenshots.

This is a payment addon of for our contract plugin. Do this one only is to allow for Stripe payments. Our contract signing plugin is located here:

Hi. Does the plugin support the direct debit procedure from stripe?

Thanks for your feedback. What do you mean with “CC entry in real time”?

It supports entering a credit card number, not a bank account.

Ah ok, thanks.

Hi, is the add-on support “user can enter what amount they want to pay”? for example donation…

This plugin only works with our WP Online Contract plugin so I do not think it would work as you need it to.


Will you update plugin for SCA?


Hi, do you have any update regarding the SCA update?

Also, regarding payments:

1 – is there a way to generate different payments in the contract? I mean having client to pay a percentage when he acepts the contract and the final amount in a different date?

2 – is it possible to have different clients associated to the same contract and each client pays a percentage of the total value?


Do you usually thake so much time to answer?

I apologize for the delay, but I do not check the message board very often as we have a support portal that we answer tickets and requests in directly.

However, I can answer your questions here:

I do not have an update for SCA. Can you send me over a link with specific information regarding this for Stripe? I need to make sure I am looking at the right updates since I am not familiar with it.

1. There is not a way to generate payments like as the plugin is only used for the initial payment. You can reopen the contract and change the value to have them pay another amount, but it would require them to resign the contract. I do not think this would be the most convenient way.

2. Our plugin does not allow multiple signatures on one contract. Each contract is one-to-one.