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Would like to see it as standalone script instead of a WP plugin. Anyways, glws.

Wait, will this let them browse your site when they are offline?? :O

Please read the following link, to find out more

Nice. But why is it categorized in “Wordpress” – “eCommerce”?

Wrong category, I will change it soon. Thanks.

fantastic work, very well done ! ;)


Sorry, what is for? Do you have any ideas, few examples how to use it?



I did try, It can not be. You just can create one page, then use js to show hide element. You can find out more about service worker here

Thanks for sharing a link.

In theory a “Mini offline website” should work. Linked offline pages should be cached the same method as first page.

Very cool concept. Do you have any programs that could run on the offline page (i.e. games, videos, tutorials)? It would be cool to have a game that visitors could play or something.


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Great plugin but i tried your demo on iPad, unfortuantely refreshing the page with a turned off wi-fi didn’t retrieve any contents. Just a Safari’s default no internet connection. Is it working? It seems that this is the only WP Offline first plugin on the market right now. What WP themes and plugins is this able to cover?


WP Offline First works in any browser that supports ServiceWorkers. Currently this means:

Chrome 40+

Opera 27+

Firefox 41+

Congratulations! Good luck with your sales


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Hi, When activating this plugin it caused a warning message to appear. Site is running on Enfold theme and WP 4.6.1

Warning: Illegal string offset 'language_code' in /wp-content/themes/enfold/config-wpml/config.php on line 488

Here is the link to the file in question –

Is this compatible with Enfold?


Oh, I am so sorry. That’s my bad. I forgot turn the debug off. So, to fix that issue, please open the following file `/wp-content/plugins/wp-offline-first/wp-offline-first.php`. Then go to line 11 and comment the following command:

ini_set(‘display_errors’,1); //=>> comment it



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Thanks, I guess this will fix it.

Does this plug-in function by a multisite?

2/Does this plug-in function in PHP7.1?

I think it still work with PHP7

Not pretty sure what this plugin do…! Could you explain more?

It keep your site up, even when user lost internet connection. Access my demo page . Then turn your wifi connection and refresh my page.

Ho! What a great idea! As English is not my native language, it happens sometimes that I let the best part pass!( Like that pretty woman the other day who spoke to me in English. I did not understand a word, but this is another story :D) ...! Added to favorites … !!

Sorry, does a plugin work only with Wi-Fi connection, if a cable connection used would it work? Thanks

P.S. It will be great if you screencast few short videos with a demos, how different businesses can benefit from a plugin

In the first time you visit my page, no matter what your mobile connection is, the browser will automatically save the assets files behind the scene. The problem now is the Safari browser still not support, it will be soon. Thanks.

Got it, thanks!