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Hello! Pre-purchase question – can you integrate the woo commerce cart to display cart info with this plugin?

Also, is there an option to make an icon/image sticky with this plugin – like how you have the video icon in the live preview?

Thank you!

you can add any widget you like in every panel so as long as you have a widget for the cart you can display it!

Yes you can buttons are sticky by default :-)

hello! how can i adjust the top padding of the button/icon when placed at the top right?

You could use the style editor and change the top position with css :)

Great plugin—I think it is exactly what I’m looking for. I would like to replicate the “scroll triggered bottom panel” that is used on the Canva design website. Here’s the link: http://bit.ly/1i17obg Two features that I like is that the panel remains open and has a close button.

Does your plugin have options to achieve the same functionality and features? Also, am I correct in assuming that your plugin works with WP 4.3.1?


Unfortunately the plugin does not have the option to show a panel on scroll, you could show panels when you are near with the mouse or by a button/link trigger. There is an option to keep the panel open though!

I did not test the file with WP 4.3.1 yet but i think it is compatible if not you could always send me an email :-)

Thank you for the reply. One other question, does the plugin have the option to limit the appearance of the panel to a specific page? I ask because I would like the panel to appear on just the home page; if you can add this feature I will definitely purchase a copy.

Recommend you add an option for triggering the panel on either percent scroll (see http://bit.ly/1RcJUfj or http://bit.ly/1RcJDsM ) or when a specified element enters the viewport (http://bit.ly/1RcKb1Z). This would make your plugin more mobile friendly, which is important since 60 to 70% of users view websites on mobile devices.

Also, your plugin demo on codecanyon is broken – it gives the error message “Error establishing a database connection”

No sorry at the moment it is a side wide panel (visible on every page) you could hide it using css on all pages and show it using css one a specific page but performance wise this isn’t the best option.

Thats a good idea! i will keep it in mind, i am having some issues with my server at this moment but i am working on it to get it back online :)

demo is down? is this still supported?


It is still supported, i had some issues with my server but for the moment i replaced the demo with a temporary page

Is it possible to add some margin to the top-right placement? I’d like it to move down roughly 25px. Any help would be appreciated! Amazing plugin. :)

I am sorry, i missed the first notification! Do you want to add margin to the whole panel of only to the content?

It’s actually just the toggle button when closed. I am using the right panel and it appears as though my only options are Top Right, Center, Bottom Right.

What if I wanted Top Right with 15% margin so that it didn’t interfere with our sticky nav? Is there a fairly simple way to do this?

Thanks @michelsteege! :)

Yes there is, you can use the style editor for this and add some margin and/or padding. If you want you can send me the login details to your admin panel by mail and i can change it for you.

No problem!

Hi I have activated this plugin but the panel tabs are not displaying on my website so I have been unable to use the panels my theme is ‘divina’ on wordpress am I missing something?