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Hello Brickr,

will this also work on mobile devices?

Thanks in advance!

Hello Geobec,

No, It will not work on mobile devices because mobile devices already have some sort of their custom scroll bar which cannot be forced to hide. :(


Thank You for the information!

its not working i installed everything


Sorry to hear that… please contact me via and I will see what’s the problem with your WP installation or my plugin.


Please Check your email

Any reason why this doesn’t work with bootstrap 3.0?

Hello Andrew,

Please send your support questions via and it will be handled ASAP. Thanks

Hello, how do I implement the option to always display the scrollbar, whether or not there is content that scrolls off the screen?


You can’t force to display a scroll bar because scroll bar is window height depended… so if there is no default browser scroll bar then the plugin has nothing to customize.

Thanks for your support!

Thanks for your super quick response. My problem is that I have a page that has an infinite scroll gallery, and the scrollbar doesn’t display unlessI resize the window. I was wondering if there’s a way to force the scrollbar to display somehow.

You could do that maybe by some CSS tricks.. maybe something like this:

I didn’t test it so I don’t know if it will work for you…

Hi Brickr

Love it, just a question

Will this work on a horizontal scroll bar as well?

Would like to replace the scroll bar here with yours

Hi, ok well then will you please be able to customize it to work on the horizontal scrollbar? Should I PM you to take this offline?

Hi Brickr, have sent you a PM please could you get back to me when you have a moment. Many thanks

Replied via mail :)

How do I change the plugin to load in the header instead of the footer?

It takes way too long for the scrollbar to load.


It’s not the correct way to load scripts in header… you will not have a standard valid web site. But if you insist.

All support is done via

Hi, 1. On my Portfolio page (infinite scroll) – – the Ninja scrollbar is not showing at all, neither the default scrollbar, moreover mouse scroll button is not working (regardless browser); 2. If click on one portfolio item or other regular page, Ninja SB is working correctly but showing with small delay after default scrollbar is loaded initially (maybe problem with script loading time); I am not sure but I suppose it could be that the theme is already using a custom css scrollbar for Portfolio page showing only in Chrome? If needed I can send you theme files to have a look. PS: If you look at my site now, you cannot see this behavior because I deactivated the plugin to enable visitors to scroll. Hope we will solve it soon. Thank you and best regards, Gabriel.

Hello Gabriel,

All support is done via so please send us an email and we will check it out ASAP.


Any plans to make this work with Internet Explorer 11 ? I can scroll only with keyboard :) I personally don’t care about IE but 25 % of my visitors do :)


We have tested in IE11 and it’s working normally for us. Please contact us on and send us your site link so we can test it.

hi im interested in buying, is this javascript?


Yes.. it’s pure javascript :) just color options are made in php (wp-admin).


I can not update my scroll bar. Why?? Please let me know as soon as possible.

Support is done via e-mail

can i work with one post or it works with all site ? thank you

compatible wp 4.8 ?