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I did it :D

o.O ….


Hi, i selected the cloud theme…but its possible to change the background? i was changed bg-body.png,but nothing happen..

Hi kswarulez, can you send me via PM a link ?

Thank you

I sended the css with your modifications to your email address :) Let me know.


Yes,but not work! a tried to delete the plugin,or change the theme but shows previous items

Whatching the code of your login page seems that you have harcoded the css into your wp-login.php or something similar, it is true ? If so, this is not the correct way to use the plugin. Try to restore all changes and when its done, re-install the plugin.

Once the plugin is installed again, replace the CSS properties that i sended to you by mail to have your custom background working.

Let me know.

Hey ninjascript, awesome plugin, but can you please adjust the CSS of the Clean theme so it’s compatible with every browser? What I mean:

border-radius: 3px;


-webkit-border-radius: 3px; -moz-border-radius: 3px; border-radius: 3px;

Also, transitions, gradients and shadows should be adjusted, because some of them do not work in google chrome at the moment.

Ok, just released version 2.1.1, try to download it and let me know if the themes now look good in chrome too.

Thank you, Nicolas

Works great now, thanks.

from the screen shots i love it , but i have one question here , am using a theme sofa qanda for wordpress is there in themeforest ,

only thing i realllllyy want is , can i add a custom Password to the registration page, if i can That would be AWESOME and am sold , ( kinda know its not included but i figured couple lines of coding for you its easy you know )

awesome found one nvm thank you

Your plugin is Great so far Simple and easy to manage 5 out 5 awesome job dude

Thank you soo much!!! Enjoy the plugin!

Is it possible to: - remove password reminder - add images (like grass image on bottom on page) - customize login themes

Thanks ;)

Hi, great plugin…. only requirement I have if any is add multisite for global login screen that will be great

Hi Acastro, didnt understand your question, sorry

I would like to use this plugin in a WordPress multisite so I can configure it from the network administration settings instead of site by site so I have a global very nice login screen for all sub sites

Uhmm.. honestly i didnt tried it. I think that i have to change something to make it work as global plugin. It’s a nice suggestion.

Love it! Works great…looks great! Good job!

Jeffrey Summers

Yeahhh!!! Thank you very much Jeffrey!

Any plans to make this multisite capable? Been using it for a while now and I was wondering wether you had any plans to allow multisite deployment…

Hi! Is this plugin supported for WP 3.5.+? Thanks for ask to my question.

Hello :) Yes, the plugin supports 3.5+.

Have a nice day, ninjascript


Can you please tell me how I can change the background on the login page? I would like to use my own image.

Also is it possible to make the login screen responsive?

Thank you

Hi Alex, to change the background you need to know a little bit of CSS: what theme do you want to modify?

Can you change the default wp login url /wp-admin ,with this plugin ?

Nope, sorry :(

Hi there :-)

I LOVE your plugin, but can’t figure out the CSS to change everything that’s the default “Wordpress blue” to green, to add a background picture, and to center the copyright info. I use Chrome and know how to right click and use the developer tools, but they don’t seem to work for this plugin.