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I’m getting a blank screen on the watch, just says ‘news’ ios 9.3 beta 2, watch os 2.1

OK, so then which one are right? ios 9.2 and watch os 2.2? – I get a blank screen ‘News’ with no feed on the watch. Phone works all ok

xcode 7.3 builds all ok on my phone, but watch doesn’t pull the feed by the looks of it

can we chat on skype?

Hi there, i love your project, how about the android version?? thanks and all the best. if there any android versionn we buy both version !

image is not displayed and the menu does not work , buy other Discussion on WP News for iPhone & iPad and does not work like this version

i need my money

Support disservice want my money back

i need my money

if you download this to get a swift app, then don’t ..

I’m getting the below error message :

The “Swift Language Version” (SWIFT_VERSION) build setting must be set to a supported value for targets which use Swift. This setting can be set in the build settings editor.

Please help :)

Build settings -> search swift, choice use swift 2.2 language version Toggled no to yes -> build. You will get more error. Back toggled yes to no. build -> success!

I could not manage, would you please send me screenshot to my email to change the mentioned and send me the project to my email ? abdonet87@gmail.com

Looking forward to hear from you soon

Hi Again,

If you won’t answer within 24 hours I will ask for refund and I will attached the screenshot from the comments and your response :)


Hi there :) I hope you’re well. Does this work with iOS 11?

Just purchased, and WOW – seriously!!! this is AMAZING! just what I was looking for, and so easy to make it work with my site. Anyone looking for code like this, GET IT! its quite remarkable really – love it :). My 1 question is, currently its displaying just todays posts from Wordpress, can you let me know how to change this so it shows, say, the latest 20 posts? again, fantastic code :)

Ah, I’ve got it – all done and I have to say again… AMAZING code :)

Any Android Release Soon ?

Looks nice! can all news items be read in offline mode?

App Runs fine in xcode simulator for both iphone and apple watch, but on rwal device the app fails to load any data on the apple watch. Loads fine on iphone but fails on apple watch real device. Fix this please