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Hi, I want to buy wp news android source code, but please give me answer of my questions => 1. – will you remove live tv option for me ?

2.- is it possible to place banner ad. on every article will publish. i want banner ad on every page. will you edit for me ?

3. – interstitial ads – every 1 minute. And remove from starting.

4. – how related post feature work, i want to add random post feature is it possible. and how ?

5.- some people have been face app rejection problem, are you sure your app follow google play policy. if my app will reject what will i do.

6.- And finally very important question – I know API will get data form website and show on app but, will API use my hosting server to serve data on app. will heavy app usage effect on my website hosting server. For example my website hosting server capacity is only to handle 10000 visitors per day, but 25000 people use my app so will my website crash or not ? So how will i manage wordpress website hosting and app users.


1. Yes.

2. Yes.

3. Yes.

4. It’s showing same category’s post as related post. but we can customise as per your need.

5. Some people customise app according to their and sometime they done some violent customisation that’s why play store can reject. but in your case we will take care about policy.

6. No worry, App or website will no crash if heavy usage.

Yes. We’ll provide solution as per your above custom request. Please contact me at

Thank you Bhawin

Hi, I am facing a issue, actual icon not displaying after installed in my mobile. it’s displaying icon of android.

Please recheck all things and follow this tutorial. :

Even though it’s showing another icon.

Hi, app crashing once i enter information in contact us

Good. Please register ticket for better support.

I already open support ticket but i did not get reply.

Generally, support team reply back within 24 hours.

Can I use it for blogspot ??

Nope!. You can use only on WordPress website.


- Can we customize home page (new’s page), like add just news in list by latest (remove slider and news category’s) ? Whitout add exstra code (am not a developer).

- Can i remove category menu from home page ?

- Can we change a app colour ?

- Can i create IOS version of this app on windows (i don’t use Mac) and upload it to apple store ?

- Can we add more ads in text ?

- Can we put comments under post (whitout extra code) ? Whit out button “view comments”

- This app and push notification’s will work offline ?

- Can we approve comment’s before publishing ?

- How live TV will work ? We need to add new youtube link in app source code everytime when we going live or ?

- How easy is to customize home page ? Am not developer, I like how Koran app look’s: But its only for andorid.

- Can we create home page as mobile version of our website home page:

Thank You soo much !!

iOS app look like same as Android app.

Multi layout is in pipeline and it’s this app special for news website. so, we have not design home screen line business website.

Thank You,

I found that some IOS app not fit screen for new apple devices, i belive that this one work ok.

Also, i frogot to ask, can i easy translate app to my language ?

This app is supported with all devices.

Yes. you can easily translate app to your language.

Nice App, do you offer customization ?

Yes. Please send me requirement at

How to change About us page URL and Remove : Live URL from hamburger menu ?

Hai, first up all thanks for the awesome app template and reply.

1. on the documentation page there is no mention about the page url. 2. I just dont want Live TV URL in the menu, when i tried to remove the entry from string.xml it is giving error.

Please help through.

Please register support ticket at :

I am very much interested to buy the app. Only one problem is there in this app, that anyone can copy any article by long-pressing on the screen. Is it possible to disable the long-press to prevent copy the text from the articles? if possible pls guide me how?

Yes. It’s possible.

Please buy it and then let me know our developer will do it for you.

i want to buy this app template but, i know nothing about making android app using this template or any other. can you please share a tutorial video on youtube or if you guys have services to install

Hello, Thanks for show interest in app. Basic android development knowledge is required for setup app.

If you have want to use or installation and setup app service then you can contact us at

Thank you Bhawin

friends … I already sent you an email asking for support but they have not answered me so far … please respond to me ( -webmark

Please register support ticket at : Our team will respond you within 24 hours on working hour.

Hi, I’m interested in buying this plugin but I have a question, is it possible to send automatic notifications to the user when a new post is published, showing the post title?

No, This feature is in our pipeline. If you want to quick then we can customize in your app.

Please contact me at for customization.

can authors publish posts using app??

No, User can only explore app.


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Does the template support Youtube channel? Will it display a list of videos from a Youtube Channel?

Yes. It’s support.


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this app dead?

Hello, App is working fine. Android development knowledge is required for customize app.



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I have 45 applications in the digital market. Created and modified by me. What do you think about my knowledge?

Please, understand error and upgrade your system. Issue isn’t from code side. We have sold 100+ apps till date and no one has facing this type of issue before.

I’m interested in buying this plugin but I have a question, in the mobile app, how does the theme work? Can I choose a different theme or can I only change some things like color, fonts, etc? Also, can i build a homepage for app?

Hello, You can choose any theme as you like. This app fetch data using API.

If you have android development knowledge then you can customise fonts, colours and homepage as you need.

We also provide customisation service. you can contact me at

Thank you Bhawin

Does this support fb audience network ads?

No, It’s not support but we you can add.