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I was installed the plugin and uploaded api folder to Wordpress folder Then i checked below link for API SITE_URL/wp-json/wp/v2/posts it’s work ok but i dont found (WP News App) in the wordpress control panel

Can you please register support ticket at ?

Does it support Audiance network Ads ?

My application stoped working after WordPress latest version Auto update . Please Give fix

Please check API data.

API structure maybe change from your side that’s why app maybe not working.


The application have integration with Wordpress Rss ?


How to add custom ads through the wordpress panel? adsense or png banner

Currently only Google AdMob ads support only.

I can use my own wordpress installation or just the one you provide. Thank You!

Yes, you can use your any wp installation for this wp news app.

hi i have install the plugin on my wordpess site can you try and test the app if is going to work before i buy it?

Don’t need to try cause app will work 100% on your website.

Our app is working with all WP website.


Does this app require the use of android studio?

Apologies for all the questions but apps are beyond my pay grade! Or creating them are I spent several hours yesterday trying to get android studio to load without any errors, In the end I gave up. So. $29 for the app “software” and $50 to take this to a “apk” that can be placed on my site then cust can download use on their android phone. Also I would be able to submit it to google play ? for inclusion? Can the app be created that if you made it today it would display the site and if I made changes in a couple of weeks on the wordpress side to do with presentation and content not function. The app would still function ok? Finally lets say I had three more sites to link to apps would you still be ok with the $50 charge?

PS I just saw a think about the one signal ? do we have to subscribe to that for the app to work? They have a free entry point I see but the paid is $99 PER MONTH!


Yes, 29$ is just for App source code.

If you want to setup app using our service then it will cost you and it will depend on your requirement.

Yes, Once is app setup is ready then you can submit app in Play Store so everyone can download from it.

Do you want to link 3 websites in one app or it’s separate?

Please contact me at

Onesignal: If app users are increase free plan then you can pay 99 per month if you want.

Thank you Bhawin

App looks nice.

Question: How does the live tv feature work? Do you have plan to allow users to login?

You can use any youtube url for live tv.

If you want to customize app then we can do it for you with reasonable cost. Please contact me at

Is it compatible with any Wordpress theme?

What about psots that have video as they appear in the app? I do not use Youtube video, and yes, a specific plugin for videos.

Hello, Yes, This app is support all themes.

We have used WP REST API for fetch wordpress categories and post.

Thank you

My app is deleted. “Issue: Violation of Usage of Android Advertising ID policy and section 4.8 of the Developer Distribution Agreement”. Maybe problem is in private privacy. You use onesignal in app. Can you tell us more informations?

Onesignal isn’t creating any issue.

If you are display inertial ads on home screen then please turn off. Maybe this reason is for violation.

Hello What if I want a specific category posts only to be displayed in the app , not all my posts, just one category

Yes, You can do it this thing on app. You need to just set one category id in API url.

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I would like to convert the theme via the link below to a mobile app.

I would like to know, if all the functions on the theme will still be available on the app.

Thank you

This app only show categories, post and comment from any website.

If there are any extra features then app will not display it.

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Does it mean that it cannot be customized to integrate with theme?

If it can, how much will it cost?

Thank you

Yes, Please send fill this contact form :

In purchase mode. Can you confirm if i users can publish or submit post through the app?

User can only explore categories, post and make public comment through the app.

User can’t publish post by app. If you want this feature then we can develop for you.

Hi friend, awesome product. Can I accesss to backend demo ?. I wondering if can I post a notice and see how it looks, also check push notifications,