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does it support images/video? option to close other levels when opening a new one?

Yes, please view the demo

I fixed the issue close node when opening a new the same level one. Please check the demo. Thanks

If front-end editing were added to this plugin I would by it instantly!

Can you explain clearly?

Sorry. This would probably change the purpose of the FAQ plugin, but I really needed a hierarchical tree like this where the content could be edited directly on the front-end instead of the admin area.

If you ever develop such a feature or plugin I would buy it in a heartbeat.

Something like this:

Anyway good job on this one! Best FAQ plugin around.

Hey, brilliant plugin. All works great except I can’t trigger the AddMedia button from within the question interface. When debugging I got the following error: [14:55:18.057] Use of getAttributeNode() is deprecated. Use getAttribute() instead. @ – Not sure if this is the theme or the plugin that’s in fault here? Would be grateful for your help. Cheers:)

It’s my fault. I had updated my item. Envato will send a notification to buyers when this update is approved. Sorry for any inconvenience.

No worries, thanks for looking into it, just inserted images manually for now, everything else works like a charm :)

So I understand that I can create more than one FAQ on the same page. I guess that means I can use them inside columns correct? put one FAQ on the left and one on the right?

The other question I have in mind. Can you specify a URL link for a question? if I need to send someone a link to a question can I send him a URL that will point the user to that specific question?


As the demo, this plugin can create nested faqs. It can not specify a URL link for a question. But you can create many faqs and put them to many pages, so you can share the url. Hope that help.

Do you still support this plugin?

Hi, can i add pictures to the answers and add some
code. I’ve used the plugin on:

I like to add some washingmachine pictures in the answers. And make a list (bullets)

Can you help em with this?

Further i like to use a smaller font type? is this possible?


- The answer support rich text editor, so you can add images or bullet easily.

- You can view my demo page, click the first question, I added a picture in the answer.

- If you want to change font size. Open plugins/wp_nested_faq/assets/css/nested_accordion.css, go to line 51, so you can change the font style in here

Looks great!

How deep can you nest questions?

For example, I would like to have a question inside a question inside a question. In the demo I can see it can go at least three levels deep, is that the maximum?

Also, the username/password for the backend demo is incorrect.

OK one of my plugins broke that, I disabled it and now I can create nested questions perfectly! Unfortunately there is one more problem, the questions are all expanded when I go to view it on the published page. Any idea why? I have disabled all my other plugins and it doesn’t make any difference.

It seems to be caused by my theme. I wish I could use this plugin but unfortunately it seems I won’t be able to :( ... unless you can help me to get it working somehow, I hope you can refund me.

Can you send me your url where you put the FAQ? Please go to my profile page and send me an pm. I will help you fix it.

If you want to get refund, please contact Codecanyon.


Awesome plugin. Does it support shortcodes from other plugins? : )


Thanks. Where are the settings to control size and color please

Does this work with WP 4.2.2?

I neglected to select the EMAIL ME box, so again, Does this work with WP 4.2.2?

Hi I have purchased this plugin. But when i integrate it, i am not able to use any special chars in the question. If i use any(like ”” or ” or ? ) and hit save, the child of dropdown becomes blank. Can you please tell me the solution to fix this. Thanks!

Hi, we’re interested in purchasing this plugin. Wanted to check if the groups and questions in the FAQ can be styled differently, and if the groups can have an associated image or icon beside them. Links to the demo pages in previous comments are all returning a 404.

Here are my answers:

a) This functionality is not support. It was ordered by created time.

b) “Child of” field is a required field, you must select one in it.

It is not sorted in order even by time created. After adding 4-5 questions, the order has got jumbled and there is no option except to delete and create a new one each time. “Child of” field has been selected when adding a question. However, when editing that question/answer, it does not appear in the dropdown at all so the changes cannot be saved.

I don’t find any issues like you said. You can check on my demo site, both back-end and front-end. My demo site is using the latest version of Wordpress.

Username: wp_quiz Password: demo

Can you send me your URL?