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Hello – since you said you were open to new suggestions, here we go:

i’d like to have nice breadcrumbs like home/category/article with the extra that it changes dynamically on the mouse position while hovering over one of the mentioned above.

for example: hovering above home shows a list of all categories on the page, hovering over a category shows a list (one above/under each other) of all articles in that category (and so on – depending on the depth of the tree). it shouldn’t be too hard for the plugin to read in the structure of the menu and its categories and articles, right? then it would be a very handy tool to use for orientation and navigation of a site to see the breadcrumbs open up like a menu…


Sorry but this goes way beyond breadcrumbs. Its not something a lot of users will use. So i am sorry but this will not be a feature in my plugin.

Plugin working nicely, but i just tried to access the setting page (first time for months and several WP updates and it is blank. I’m musing the latest WP 4.0.1.

Any idea what is up? Thanks

Hmmm no idea at the moment. Will have to check. Will report tomorrow

Thanks. Have upgraded WP to 4.1 – still the same

Hello Pete,

I just updated mine too to 4.1. but no errors here. Can you try to disable other plugins you updated 1 by 1 to see if that’s the problem?


has it capabilities to define color set per Product category or at least tag?

Hello Pmisun,

It is a breadcrumb plugin, what would have colors have to do with this?

Kind regards R3dRidl3

because we are using different color theme per product categories at www.nakupujeme.eu and I am looking for breadcrumb which is capable to have this feature without coding effort.

You would have to use body (category) classes in combination with colors for the breadcrumbs (CSS).

That would be no problem.

Hi, i’ve a problem with the plug. Not work. Please navigate in the site http://www.lasit.it/

i solved!

Ok so, than I would like to know what was wrong in your setup?

After installing WPML flags, the plugins not work http://www.lasit.it/dime-di-posaggio/

I’ve a problem

After installing WPML flags, the plugins not work http://www.lasit.it/dime-di-posaggio/

Hey lasitspa,

I investigated your problem and found it. It is the way you implemented the flags. An HTML element is overlaying the links of the breadcrumbs.

It’s a theme issue, not a plugin issue. You can solve this the easy way by adding the following CSS:

#wpnavmenu_breadcrumbs_holder { position: relative; z-index: 2; }

ok solved thanks

Ok good to hear.

Hi ,

I have some presale questions.

I have a site where there are two categories: collection and jewelry types. each product is both classified in one of the collections AND one of the jewelry type. For example, the freshwater necklace is both in collection classic and jewelry type necklace.

Also each product on site is made in a single portfolio. The parent page of those portfolios in the same category is a page.

ideally it should be

JASVIV PEARLS >CLASSIC> Japanese Akoya Cultured Pearl Necklace or JASVIV PEARLS >Necklace> Japanese Akoya Cultured Pearl Necklace

depends on from which category the user enters in that single portfolio.

Could you advise if it can be done? because i have tried some other plugin and they don’t seem to work.

And also your plugin is only supportive to Woocommerce or not necessary ?

thanks a lot for your help. Best regards Jasmine

I am sorry but you can not have 2 different structures on the same end location.

Woocommerce is not necessary.

Does it support RTL?

Hello joub,

I am afraid it doesn’t sorry.

Is this plugin updated? And supported still?

Yes it still is.

I have a question.

========================= Title of page: “The Great Wood” Name of custom menu: Wood

The breadcrumb default WP show me so: Home > The Great Wood

I need it look: Home > Wood

Your plugin can do this?

(The name of the custom menu instead of the title page)

now I have this structure:

Title of page: “The Great Wood”

Name of custom menu: “Wood”

Yes you can do this with my plugin :)


I am looking for a bread crumb plugin quiet special, because for this website the structure is as follow: Home > Category (but static page and we insert a short code to display the listings) > Post

Is your plugin able to make ite ? Thank you .


Yes that will be possible. You will have to create wp nav menu for tthe structure.

Hi it works very fine. I just should manage the last link for the “Post” (listing) at the hand, but it neverminds that is working, thank :)

Ok good to hear :D

Hi , just to know if its works with custom taxonomies Thanks

Yes it does actually :)

I have the Karma wordpress theme. It has a built in breadcrumb feature but it doesn’t work properly because all my pages are directly off the domain and not off the parent. If I use a plugin in, any plugin for breadcrumbs, it goes off the hierarchy just as the built in breadcrumb feature does. I don’t want to buy your WP NAV MENU plugin only to find out it does the same as the others. Please advise.

It appears this plugin has effected both of my websites with a strange character. Also, when I edit a page and click on updater, it goes to a completely blank page. You can see the pages here: http://thevirtualrealtygroup.com/join-us-now/park-your-license or here: http://thevrgal.com/park-your-license/. The symbol is a capital A with a line above it. When on those pages you cannot see the character in either visual or editor mode, but when you view the actual page, it is there. This is the charter that became infected with your plugin: Â. Please help.

I had to reload my theme on these 2 sites to get rid of the  infection. I am afraid to activate your plugin again. Can I just get a refund?

For a refund you need to talk to Envato.

Can I try to help and activate it? It should have some weird behaviour. Can you somehow set up a copy somewhere so I can test for you?

I warmly welcome,

I bought this plugin, but it does not work. I pasted the code

(<? Php if (function_exists ('get_menu_structure')) {get_menu_structure ();}?> )

to “single-portfolio_page” but it does not work.

See http://mrstudio1.naszastrona.eu/portfolio_page/armatura/

- should appear between header and body.

Please help.



Hi, first of all: it’s an awesome plugin! But now I have a problem with posts which are defined for two categories. There I get the breadcrumb for the two Navigations. Is there a possibility to fix this, maybe to use the primary category for the breadcrumb trail.

Thank you in advance for your help!

I think it should be possible, but it would require some custom code. Can you send FTP and WP login so i can check?

Allso send me the URL with the problem.