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I can’t get it to work. Have tried Safari, Chrome and Firefox. I have tried all users, 100 users, 1 user and always get the same result. Am told that X number of users were successfully exported but the export code textarea is blank. Really frustrating.

Hello, I need to importa 2000 users with some user-meta info. (http://img24.cz/images/47595851151024986880.jpg) can I import those users with that meta info with your plugin? Regards,

Default Wordpress usermeta fields will be exported by default. Other ones created by plugins will not be exported by default and would need customization.


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Doesn`t work! There will be no exportcode displayed. No field will be displayed, nothing. I choose the ID and click export and nothing happens!


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WP 4.3 and wp 4.4


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Please use our helpdesk for support.

I want to know if this plugins export/import the users avatars?

Your plugin doesn’t work, t’ve been waiting for 2 days for you to respond to my support request however it appears you are relying on other members to help me therefore could you please provide me with a full refund!

Beware about buying this plugin as it does NOT come with any support even though the author charges for it.


Hi, Please go back to the support forum and read the “How to create a support topic” sticky, highlighted topic on top of the forum. It should explain why we were not able to reply to you.

So how can you help me? i just want a refund now to be honest. I’ve had to move the users using an alternative method due to the plugin not working.

Hello, your plugin does not work in 4 different browsers. Safari just freezes when I try to export, with the pinwheel. Chrome at least says ‘x Users Exported’ with a field with code, but doesn’t allow me to access it (grayed out, and page still seems to be loading). I contacted Tunafish twice and never heard back. I know it’s only $12, but I can’t get it to work and want my money back. Also, makes me nervous that if a simple interface has problems, will the plugin wreak havoc on the database that import to??

Hi, as mentioned on the support page, support is currently slow because of the holiday period. It will be back to normal speed from april 10. In your case your server will most likely not allow you to transfer the amount of data you are exporting at once. Try exporting only one user just to see if that works. Thanks.

Hi there, I was able to finally get the export all users at about 200 at a time. The only major issue is that none of the names fields transferred. Any thought about how to get their names to transfer as well. Some of these users are paid members in our membership program and need to use the names on their accounts.

No longer working. Exporting from a sub-site to a new subsite install and users are only added to the network admin side of the site. Would be happy to update my support but not sure if you’re interested in bringing this plugin up-to-date. If you do I’ll not only update my support I’ll add a second license…

The plugin is working perfectly fine here. So the problem must be related to your server.

Of course, standard (I don’t want to put anymore energy into this plugin) response.

Please use our helpdesk if you need further support. Thanks.

Hi there, just purchased the plugin. There is something happening that I’n not sure what to do about.

I am importing users from a stand-alone site (with woocommerce customers as users in the mix), and importing into a multisite setup, and wanting to import into one of the sub-sites.

I am just testing using one user for now… I did this by isolating to the user ID when doing the export.

It does add the user… however, it does not add user to the subsite that I tried to add them to… it adds to the network level. So when I go to the Users area of the subsite, I don’t see the new user. But when I go to the Users area of the main network, I can find the user. Furthermore, in the user listings, it doesn’t show the sub-site the user is associated with (like I see happening for other existing users).

Do you know what’s going on here? Or what I can do to fix this?


On another note, I could go to the subsite and then individually add an existing user to that subsite, referenced from the network users… but the problem with that is that I would need to do it one at a time. Hoping to avoid this at all costs.

Please help!

Thanks Doug

The comments on this site are never used for support as our developers only work directly from the helpdesk. I should have sent you to the helpdesk immediately. Thanks.

I have submitted in your helpdesk. Thanks

Can’t tell, do they have the latest version you just did up yet?

Does this plugin keep the passwords for all users? So if I moved 2000 users should it keep all their info the same?

Yes, it does keep passwords.

Boy, I upgraded to 1.4 and I was really hoping this was working again so I could update my support. I have a fresh install of multisite with minimal plugins activated. Exported members from old site (sub-site) and tried to import them into the new multisite (sub-site) and all it does is add the users to the Network. So no user-roles and no meta-data converts over, nothing… This was a great plugin in it’s day!!! I hope you can figure out why it’s not working for multisite export and import…

Thats really strange. We just exported our entire multisite including all sub-site users without any problem using the latest update 1.4. Please use our helpdesk to contact the developers so they can have a look. Thanks.

Ok, so I read all these comments and almost didn’t buy this plugin because everyone is saying it doesn’t work. I just used it and it worked exactly as advertised. My group was small that I transferred, around 100, it took me 5 minutes from buying this plugin to having my membership users exported over.

Appreciate your feedback. thanks!

Im having trouble keeping user IDs intact between installations when trying to transfer users. Does your plugin support keeping the same user IDs for each user that’s transferred from the older installation?

You have the option to keep the user Id’s or to give them new id’s. It’s up to you.

last question concerning this, there’s one account I don’t want to transfer because it is super admin on the other site… can I deselect one or a couple of users to not transfer? And I’ve already attempted a transfer with another plugin where users were given new IDs.. will your plugin update existing users (minus the super admin) to the old user IDs from the old installation? This is important because my BBpress transfer will not work without the new site with imported users having the same ID numbers as the old site.

Yes, you can exclude specific users.

Transferring users and keeping the same ID’s is only recommended for fresh Wordpress installs. If you already have existing users the ID may be overwritten if it already exists.

Tunafish – I have a presale question. Sorry about this. I have a Wordpress site with 180 users. I need to migrate usernames AND passwords. The new wordpress site has just one user (user number 2). Can I use this plugin for this?


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I moved 190 users – without a hitch. Worked as advertised. I would have paid $30 for this. I can’t thank you enough!

happy to hear you liked it! Thanks.

We have no experience with this plugin.

Oushh! I

Looking to purchase. Can you tell me if all user data will be migrated? I’m using an online course plugin (learndash) that remembers each user’s progress through a course and I need to make sure that information is migrated along with the username/password so they don’t have to start over after the migration.

We cannot guarantee all custom meta fields created by 3rd party plugins will get moved along with the default WP user metadata. It tries to find all metadata but sometimes custom fields are missed.

Bought it, tried it, export worked fine, import worked, but it places users in spaces that they shouldn’t be in the user area – for instance, subscribers under administrators – and it said that I had near double the number of users over all. The plugin area of my site also would search for new plug-ins, this is on a completely fresh install. Tried using it twice, deleting all users except 1 admin. I need a refund. I created a support ticket but I’m concerned about the affect using this will have on my databases/site since it seemed to affect the plugin area as well, so I would like just a refund I will be finding an alternative to this.

would not search new plugins