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sonnyt supports this item


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Yes, its very good :)

Thank you :)

Very nice and clean but certainly needs video background option like other popular WP landing pages.

Actually yes you can, you can set both header and content background.

Not the theme I bought. The theme supplied is actually Countie, which is also supplied by sonnyt. Do not buy this theme unless they fix this issue. I either want my money back, or the theme that I bought. Thanks.

Wooooww, sorry about that. Releasing a fix right now. If you can provide me with your email, I will send you a copy of the MOONLander.

Message in your inbox.

This is fixed!

Apologies if I or someone else has asked this before…

Is it possible to allow additional user roles or accounts to access the site? For example, I want to have a few friends – as normal users – to help me beta test the site. I don’t want them to be admins because I want them to give me feedback on how the site works as a normal end-user.

That is a very cool idea, we will look into how to implement this, but currently it is impossible :(


Bug: Breaks bbForums

When active, this plugin breaks bbForums in two ways:

1. New topics cannot be posted when testing site with admin login 2. bbForums links in WP admin area disappear

Can this be used as a landing page and does it come with close option if someone has already signed up?

The regular license would mean a domain and subdomains, right?

Pre Sale question: Is it possible to have a graphic in the gray area of the landing page.

Not working on a fresh install of wordpress.

What is the error you’re getting? Can you please create a support at

how do we delete the twitter feed?

This is very buggy – the Name doesn’t submit. Are you supporting this product anymore – I see many posts and most have been ignored.

Hey Netfinity,

I apologize for the delayed response. Can you please create a ticket on our support form? We will take care of it immediately.


Pre-Sale Can we change the header grey to a custom picture back ground?

Yes you can :)