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moe_ie Purchased

p12 and PEM are not permitted. Could you please fix this? I cannot upload my Certificates…

“Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons.”

PLease contact me over my email address. iam not notified if there is a comment. You can find the contact informations in the supprt tab. Please check if you have any security plugins. file p12 and pem file uploads are allowed by the plugin. contact me over my mail address please. Thanks


moe_ie Purchased

I solved this by using Chrome. Now I’m using my own p12 / PEM but it’s not working for some odd reason. I emailed you, let me know what you think. Thanks!

Are you realized specified PushNotification? And now its possible send pushes into mobile apps?

This is a WEB push notification plugin. Not a APP push notification. There is a difference between WEB push notification and APP push notification. You can send with this plugin to android mobile devices like a native mobile APP because android support web push notifications but ios do not support web push notifications

any plans to realize it?

I have confuse in the video key watts go here wats key

so wats key ?


api key


? thanks

and how to change this for spanish To allow us send you last minute notifications, click ALLOW in the pluguin thanks my trafick its spanis

i have send you 2 emails.

ok thanks!!

can i tell the plugin to send a webpush for incomplete WOO checkouts with a special coupon code? after X amount of days

Yes you can send to registered users only or by user group or only to specified users but NOT to users who are registered and have products in their shopping card. If you buy the plugin i can implement this filter option in 2 days (working days not weekends :) )

thanks ! just ordered !

Great thanks. Please contact me via email: ill start beginning to write the filter function.

This plugin is great and the support is great!

Thanks I installed it on my website and the developer was very friendly and helped me much.

Very very recommended :)

Thanks you are always welcome


zbnhb Purchased

Is there any settings for Translate? Can i use it other language?


zbnhb Purchased

There is some questions before purchase

When i click ALLOW button, Push Notifications Ask window never show me again?

After click Allow button, i don’t want to redirect Notification Settings page. Is there options to disable it? or do not redirect any pages?

1- Yes if you are subscribed you will never see the ask window again 2- Yes you can disable the redirect

But if you dont want to make usage of the benefits of the subsciribe to categories and subscription settings. you dont need such a powerfull plugin. You should use free services.


I’m getting this

You have blocked us from sending you Push Notifications. If you change your mind, go to Safari -> Prefences, select the Notifications tab and click ALLOW

Plus could you please “This item purchase code is already registred with another domain. Please contact support to delete the domain.”

I haven’t blocked anything. I didn’t get the request to begin with

i have send you an email


the plugin was working flawlessly and all of a sudden today it stopped delivering notifications to both Chrome and Android devices (Firefox still works fine). There’s nothing in the logs directory, I’ve tried everything I could think of and it’s still not delivering. When I push notifications, it says successful to 13 (instead of 32) and failed to 0… Please advise!

Btw, I moved the site to a different server earlier in the day, but the notifications were working fine after the move, it broke a few hours later…

So I guess this thing has no support anymore?

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Embed options still not working. I wrote my problem your email, but did not get reply over 10 days.

You will receive a mail from codecanyon in the next days for the official update. But i send you the updated zip file link10-15 days ago via email thats the same file


zbnhb Purchased

Yes i replaced your updated zip file 10-15 days ago, but it’s still not working. I gave you admin access of my site and you saw it why it’s not working, and you didn’t reply me after that day. I was tested your demo site’s embed code to my site, that was worked. But my site’s embed code is not working!


zbnhb Purchased

Updated official update, embeding is still not working. I just want to use embeding feature of you plugin. But it’s never worked when i purchased.

pre-sales question. Is the plugin designed to just puss woocommerce notifications or can I use it to push timed page content. For example I want to send a push notification Monday to Friday at 9pm linking to a particular page or link.

hi how you get the ip ? you are shore it’s not 2rd or 3rd party ? what service send the push notifications ? if i buy i can install on all my web sites ?

We purchased this item WP Mega Push Notifications (product key can be provided by private message). Two questions: 1. Push notifications working in Firefox, but not working in Chrome – this is the browser’s own push notification. How can this be resolved? 2. There are two types of push notification asking window. The browser’s own, and our website’s own. We tested both options, but now want to use the browser’s own, but can’t seem to be able to remove our website’s own – despite unticking the box at “popover settings” tab marked: “Yes use standart build in popover asking box.” Is this a known bug? how do we fix?

Problem solved. Thanks

Interested to buy. What is the limit of subscribers?

you have to add a style in the themes section is a css box there you can add your style like you want

Why subscriber needs to click twice. First yes in drop down and than in the popup window. I want single click subscription. How to enable that?

You can disable the popup in the popup template settings. But i do not recomment this. Everbody want to do it this way but keep in mind if the user clicked DO NOT ALLOW in the native chrome app then you will never never have a chance to subscribe the user infact if the user changed his mine he have to go to chrome setiings and allow your site and nobody will do this


ales85 Purchased

Hi, If I have included your plugin WooCommerce 3.0.4 is not working properly (versions of the product)


Cool plugin! Just to be sure before I buy:

1. Is this working on the following platforms: macOS, Windows, Safari, Chrome, FireFox, macbook, iPhone, Android smart phone?

/!\ For some reason I can’t test the notification on my iPhone 7, running latest iOS. On macbook, running latest macOS and Safari 10.1 I think it’s working.

2. Do I have to pay for anything else beside this plugin in order to have push notifications on my website?

3. I have a wordpress MultiSites network. Can I use this plugin for every website of my network?

4. Is this compatible with wordpress 4.7.4 and woocommerce 3.0.4?

5. When is the next update scheduled?

Waiting for a reply asap as I intend to pay for my shopping cart on envato in an hour from now.

Thank you!

Kind regards, Cata