WP Mega Push Notifications

WP Mega Push Notifications

Key Features:

  • 100% Woocommerce compatible
  • Send web push notifications to abandoned carts. Even if visitors have never registered in your shop.
  • Woocommerce Filters: filter subscribers by conditions like: purchased specific products, Cart contains specific products or does not contain… (you can add many filter conditions)
  • Send eye catching notification with Poster image (Latest chrome features)
  • Build action buttons for your notifications (Latest chrome features)
  • Need interaciton feature setable (Notification will stay on subscribers display until its clicked)
  • Let subscribers select which categories they want to subscribe. (Cann be disabled in the settings)
  • Comment notifications: Subscirbers receive notifications on comments or answers. (Many settings available)
  • Embed to any platform with one line of javascript code. (usefull for non WP platforms)
  • Build on templating system: Template your asking box and register popup.
  • ...and much much more…

Current Version: 2.5

Documantation is in development. please contact author via live chat if you have any questions (livechat is available: )


Do not overwrite the old files with the new files. Just delete the old version from wordpress. First deactivate it and then delete it. Upload your new version and go to plugin settings and save as it is. Your old settings will be there. And chackout the new template section in the plugin settings. You can delete your old templates in the pages section because there no more needed.(dont forget to copy the contents from your old templates into the new templates)

This is a plugin for wordpress. With this plugin you can send Web Push Notifications to Chrome Web Browsers , Safari OSX Browsers, Firefox Browsers and Android devices. Even if their browser is closed or the android moble device is in standby mode.

Informs your subscribers easily of new posts on your website even if their browser is closed they will receive the notification after their PC or Android device is online.

Info: Apple mobile devices do NOT support web push notifications. Mac OSX Safari browsers support web push notifications. Feel free to contact me over skype (fatiharaz1980) if there are any problems with the plugin.

More key Features

  • Send notification via external api (simply POST your notification data to your website from any application)
  • Settingspage for subscribers (user choice his notification option)
  • Full custom designable (from live customizer or directly in settings)
  • WPML compatible.
  • Send notifications in different languages.
  • Send personalised notifications!!!
  • Many different options to select from.
  • Send yourself test messages before you send Notifications to all your subscribers.
  • Set alternative text, image and header for the notification
  • If you don’t have SSL certificate the plugin uses his build in ( service.
  • You can select between 3 options (If you have a Google api or not or you have your own SSL certificate)
  • Your subscriber ids are all stored in your database.
  • Design your asking page and notification subscription page easily from the build in template.
  • Woocommerce ready (Send order status notifications to your customers)
  • Test before buy (The demo site will reset every hour) ( ) (user: demoadmin pwd: demo)
  • Completely Stand alone option available



Demo video: