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Your plugin does not work for my website, and I do not have login to wherever the plugin was purchased from to give you the purchase code. I have access to my wordpress site ( It is not working and I cannot submit a ticket because I do not have the purchase code.


We can’t give you support if you don’t have the purchased code. So when you will find the login for correct account get the purchased code and open a ticket and we can give you all support for to solve the issue with our plugin.

Kind Regards

wow so much help. I cant get login because a previous company did it for this website.

Authors can’t give support if the custumers haven’t purchased code.

Try to contact envato and write your situation and try if can get the purchased code for this product.

Kind regards

hello,I just installed your plugin and all I need to for it to show my logo and then fade out to the home page when a user visits the website and it should only Show once per session. All i can see is my homepage. Can you please assist! Best regards, Chris


you need to set a session in intro type, but the intropage works only if the user click on link skip intro or if you use a video background redirect to url when video is finished.

This automatically fade out it’s a good idea to add it in further version.

For more help please open a ticket here

Kind Regards

helo, Is it possible to set duration seconds on slide intro and auto redirect?

Hi Alex,

currently no. This function works only with video background.

But it’s a good idea to add it in next version of plugin.

Thanks for interested at our plugin.

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My question about the intro wordpress plugin is whether it is compatible with version 4.5.3



Yes is compatibile with latest version of wordpress.

Kind regards

is this plugin wp 4.6 ready?


yes works with wp 4.6

if you need more support open ticket here

Kind Regards

Dose this plugin supports WordPress version 4.6.1


Yes the plugin is compatible with wp 4.6.1

Kind regards

Worst support ever for any plugin I’ve ever purchased on this site.

I don’t think you know what you’re talking about. I have plenty of respect for people who’ve earned it. You haven’t EARNED respect. You’ve failed on all counts. Time for you to grow up. Maybe hire some help to teach you how to do business in the 21st century.


you haven’t any respect for other peoples and any respect for rules on envato.

You need to read well what your write before write this comment.


Now you’re just boring.

So i watched the video.It it possible to have the into page load for some specific time like 5 seconds and then redirect to the home page for view?


auto redirect after 5 seconds is not possible via options panel, but it’s a simple customitazion.

If you purchase the plugin, open a ticket here and we give you the code for make it.

Kind Regards

Does it support wordpress 7


yes works with WP 4.7.

Kind Regards

Ciao, vorrei sapere se con questo plugin posso creare diverse pagine di intro in cui sia possibile inserire un pulsante che manda a un’altra pagina specifica. Così l’utente che accede alla pagina X chiude l’intro e apre in una nuova finestra la pagina Y. Inoltre è possibile creare diversi intro su diverse pagine? E stabilire quante volte un utente vedrà l’intro prima che smetta di comparire? E per quanto tempo non dovrà più comparire? Io voglio poter mostrare, in determinati momenti e su determinate pagine, delle intro che evidenzino iniziative particolari guidando gli utenti (registrati e non) a visualizzare e approfondire ogni iniziativa. Si può con il vostro plugin? Grazie e Buon Natale :)

Buongiorno Giacomopapasidero,

purtroppo al momento non è possibile realizzare più intro page con questo plugin.

Le auguriamo buone feste. Grazie per l’interesse che ha mostrato per uno dei prodotti.

Cordiali saluti


I’m having horrible problems with the competitor’s Video Intro plugin. Can you tell me if your plugin does this?

- when the user types the address, he sees the video.

- user can click a “skip video” button or wait until video finishes to be automatically directed to home page.

- skip video button can have its text changed/translated

- there is a setup to show the video every time the user goes to the page.

Is it possible to allow the user to go directly to the home page via the menu (when he is already inside the website) without seeing the video?

You competitor’s plugin has an option to show the video every time the user returns to the website, but it doesnt work.



1) If you you select a video intro it will show at all users.

2) Yes.

3) You can write the text button in plugin options.

4) You can choose from 3 types of intro.

- Normal (it is ever visible) but you need to use a different home url to redirect. - Session: visible for only session. - Cookie: visible in bases a cookie value. So if you set 1 minute your cookie value each user will see the video after 1 minute.

Kind Regards

Let me explain my problem. Currently, your competitor’s plugin works only once each time the browser is started.

So, the user will see the video when he starts the browser. But if he types again the address he will not see it. Most people just leave their browsers open, go to other websites and later come back. These people won’t see the video, unless they close the browser completely and open it again.

This is specially a problem with Macs, because Macs don’t shut down apps automatically like Windows does. I must be sure I won’t have this kind of problem with your plugin.

What do you call a session? A period when the user is accessing the website or does it comprise also all the time the browser is open, even if visiting other websites? Thanks!


our plugin uses 3 types of intro page:

1) Normal: video is ever visible. Look here as you can see home page is the intro created by plugin.

2) Session: is a php session so is a correct solution if you want see the video only at first visit. Look here

3) Cookie: set a cookie value so when this the user goes into home page the cookie is setted (for example at 1 minute). After this minute the video show again in home page because the cookie value is finished. Look here

So try in our 3 demo pages if one of this case is correct for your case.

Kind Regards

Hi dear, I have Problems with the video settings. When i choose a youtube video there is just a grey background. With vimeo it works but it isnt by all devices fullscreen just fullwidth the high gona smaller by smaller devices. How can i fix it on Fullscreen?


please open ticket here

Kind Regards

Can I hide this on mobile?


currently via option panel is not possible. But is only a little code to change. So if you want after purchase open a ticket here and I can provide you the code.

Anyway we will add it in next version of plugin.

Kind Regards

I have a presales question. Can I use this to create an enter page with two buttons asking customers to choose either the Austin or Houston section of the site.


currently via options is possible only to add a single button.

For make it you need to change php code and add a php code inside one php file. This custom code is very easy. And if you want I can help you to add it.

Kind Regards


Comigoo Purchased

Hello, I have a problem with the general settings. When I enable the “enable for the home”, nothings happens. I arrive at my homepage without a video. But when I select “enable intro” in my homepage, I see the video. but I don’t want this because it replaces my homepage. I want to see the video when “enable for the home” is selected. (Wordpress 4.7.5)

Hi Comigoo,

please open a ticket here with url site and temporary administrator account.


Kind Regards


ZfK Purchased

Fantastic Plugin! But me a little bit sad that your masterpiece are not compatible with the Visual Composer. Would be great to use it at HTML-Setting…

Hi ZfK,

thanks to purchased our plugin. Unfortunately is not possible add visual composer in HTML settings.

There is just a version for visual composer

Kind regards


7seas Purchased

Hi, I buy yesterday your plugin and open a ticket today. Thank you for your fast reply …. An issue of redirection.


I just replied at your ticket.

Kind regards

consultation pre purchase, I have seen in action and I notice that the video shows the control of start, audio and download, in any of the three modes of video, either youtube, local or vimeo you can hide the control that only the video is executed without show any type of aggregate …?

Hi RhoG725,

via options no. To make it need to change css code.

Kind regards and thanks to interested at our plugin

To see, if I make the purchase you can provide the code to hide the controls in the videos intro? since unfortunately I do not have the knowledge to be able to do it for my part, if this is how I buy it already (i partner to RhoG725)

bad the string “controls=controls” not exist to remove into video.php ?


sorry you are right.

Search only string:


Kind regards

Yes new hide THANKS!!!!!

Hi, im interested in buying your Intro plugin.. i have a few queries before i purchase the plugin..

1. Is it possible that the introscreen comes whenever a user refreshes or reloads the home page..

2. If needed can we custom change the design..

3. Will the intro page affect url (eg : to

Thanks in advance

Hi robin_ui,

1) yes with normal setting look here but you need to make an url different from home page.

2) yes you can use custom HTML code like this

3) yes you can put this url without any problem.

Kind regards