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I just purchased your WP Assistant but somehow received your WP Meeting Room download. I don’t know if it was my fault or yours. I cant use the Meeting room plugin and I have NOT downloaded it once I seen the problem. How can I get this corrected?

It appears that you bought WP Meeting Room. Maybe it is a bug from codecanyon, but I see it on invoice too.
Please contact Envato support to explain the situation and ask for a refund : https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new , they will help you.

Any plans for a non-wordpress version of this? Would buy it in a heartbeat!

There is no standalone version planned currently, but I note your request.

Could you add the option for users to move seats, i think it would add a lot more spark to the whole thing.


I note the request, thank you .

Hi, I would like to see Virtual Meeting Room on a page /reuniao. How to do this?

Excuse me. I had not seen the field “start url”. Thank you.

How are users invited and how do they access meeting? Link from web page? Or can we invite from back end and send message with link?

Yes, you can paste the link of the room on a page or in email.
Using the meeting calendar feature, you can directly send email notification to selected users in 1 click.
You can also send a realtime notification to any online user directly from the virtual room, clicking on the phone.

is this responsive for mobile?

Can you send me the mentioned url ?
You can contact me directly from the support tab .

loopus, did you get my direct support message? i didnt get a reply since yesterday

I correctly received your email and I replied yesterday (to info@ph*to.com) .
I’m going to send it again .

The meeting room url is : http://ph*****o.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=wtmt-meeting
You can paste this script on the mentioned page to create a redirection :

For the request on WP A.I Assistant, I sent you a customized version by email.

Hey, I bought this plugin for the following 2 things:

1. Create multiple rooms. 2. Users with a specific role can create room.

How do I set this up?

As written on the plugin page, it adds one virtual room to your website, not several.
It is technically impossible to create multiple rooms using ajax, the entire site would be slowed by lack of network resource.
This plugin adds one virtual room on your website, and can manage 9 CCU.

1. is it possible restrict chat member number?

I want chat only 5 member.

2. how many chat member number? 10? 100?

1. You can freely allow/prohibit any WP user to access the virtual room.
2. The virtual room can handle 9 users at same time .

I have set this plugin to my url://example/meeting However i noticed an issue. I seen this meeting plugin in all page on my website or need just to seen it to url link //example/meeting How can I fix

It seems really strange you see the virtual room on all pages, it should only be available to its specific url (.../page=wtmt-meeting) . I replied your email, please send me the url of the website, I will debug it .
If you only talk about the js file of the plugin loaded on all pages, it is required to be able to notify (and invite) users of the website from the meeting room (clicking the phone) .

Hi, I’m thinking about buying the plugin. I read all comments but I have some Qs and several suggestions too:

1. As I realised you can “choose” where chat room appears for example: http://mysite,com/virtual-chat-room, right? not the main page..

2. Does it really not slow down the website? I have a fairly heavy website, I don’t want to make it super slow. So does this chat room only activated for those who visit its specific page and enter the actual chat room or it affects everybody, even those you are not using the chat room or are not in the chat room page? (this is only real downside for me)

Now here’s my suggestions for maybe future updates:

1. I know you said showing video cam is impossible in Tv but if you can somehow manage doing it, that would be super cool, people would kill for it!

2. It would be very practical if we could have more than one chat room

3. It would be better if chat room has more clickable places. places for subscription, making a sound (for drawing everybody’s attention), custom links, donation button, etc.

4. If would be good if we can tag someone using @ like telegram messenger

5. I’m not sure if there is link preview in chat box or not. But it would be good if there is preview for links a user send to group

6. If admin text’s color is different or bolder it would be better (or to have an option to change css style of admin, moderators and normal users texts)

7. still 9 persons max is bothering, if you can add more people even as spectators not participants that would be awesome.

8. If you could make two different styles one for night, one for day which automatically changes, that would also be cool.

I also have other ideas, but I know you’re already bored.

so take care!!

1. No, you can’t display the room on a public page of the website. It still have the same url and only allowed users can enter it. Above the room, the website is displayed (you can choose the start page), allowing users of the room to show any page or element.
2. Only logged and allowed users use network resources (only online detection if the user isn’t in the room, allowing admin to call them from the phone of the room; and all chat exchanges in the room) .
But if your server is already “fairly heavy”, maybe you shouldn’t add a such chat/meeting room ajax plugin on your website, it will use more resources. If you want to buy it but your server can’t run it correctly, you can fully uninstall it then contact me for a refund, no problem.
Thanks for the suggestions and ideas !

ok, deal I bought it! just give me a week or so to test it under different conditions then I’ll tell you.

right now, I’m going to instal it (excited!)

My questions: 1. Can I have many rooms? 2. Can guests enter room? 3. Can I just write on the screen a topic of the conversation istead of uploading an image?

1. No, there is only one virtual room (the site could not support several rooms in ajax without slowdowns).
2. If they are allowed by admin (from settings) yes, except if the door is closed by an admin.
3. No, the screen allows you to share images only (text can be shared directly in chat) .

could i use this to embed say a live video ?

No, sorry, there is no such option currently .


I’m interested in this wordpress plugin along with other plugins from your portfolio but I’m worried about the way the plugins are written and the way they work. I’m afraid that these plugins will slow my server drastically. Also, I would like to know if you have any plans for an update really soon. Maybe introduce the possibility to share text / pdf on the virtual screen from the meeting room. Also, I don’t like the graphics, I find them kinda’ old and I would like to create my own graphics in photoshop to meet my overall website design. I need slicker wall, table, floor, door… pretty much I want to change everything from the aspects of graphics. Is it hard to achieve this or there is just the task of creating a png in Photoshop to show all the graphics? Also, I need to change the colors.

When is the next update planned (if you planned any)?

Thank you for this wonderful product! Looking forward for your reply and also for a long author-client relationship :D

Best regards,

1. The plugin should not slowdown your server. If for any reason your server can’t run it correctly, I will propose you a refund, no problem.
2. There is no update planned for now
3. Currently, you can change the graphics replacing the existing png files by yours. There is no option to change the colors, but it can be done modifying the main css file of the plugin .
4. Thank you for the ideas and suggestions !
If you need a specialized team to create a fully customized version containing the mentioned features, I recommend you this one : https://wpkraken.io/?ref=loopus , or this website : https://studio.envato.com/search?search%5Bquery%5D=wordpress+plugin+customization


Do you have any plans to make this plugin responsive? I saw that your other plugins like A.I and tutorial works good(-ish) on iPhone7. I would like to know if you intend to update this one as well and when is the update schedules (if any)

Thank you!

No, this one was created to be used on desktop and tablets only (to be able to see and show the same elements of the website to the other users) .

Hello ! J’adore votre travail et depuis des mois dès que je tombe sur ce plugin, je me dis “quel est le but de ce plugin ?”. ^^

J’ai acheté plusieurs de vos plugins et ils sont tous au top. Pourriez-vous m’en dire plus sur WP Meeting Virtual Room ? C’est pour organiser des réunions en ligne ? Des webinaires ? Est-ce que des utilisateurs du site peuvent se faire des réunions entre eux ?

En tout cas merci pour votre travail ! David.

Merci :)
Ce plugin créé une salle de réunion virtuelle pouvant permettre jusqu’à 9 utilisateurs (préalablement autorisés) de discuter, partager des liens, montrer des éléments du site web et des images en temps réel. Cela peut permettre une réunion de travail avec les différents admins du site ou autre.

does it appears only below footer ? or it can be inserted in a page where the article goes (instead of the article). and does people who wants to chat must register on wordpress ?

Yes, as mentioned, the users must be logged to wp and allowed by the admin to access to the virtual room.

that again, really appreciate the time you spend to reply (you inspire trust, whitch it’s hard to get over there ^^). if i can provide a feedback, maybe i could appreciate some virual chat less “serious”, like this one ( https://codecanyon.net/item/virtualspaces-socketio-virtual-chat-room/13678953 ) but still in wordpress version. and for allow everybody on website to get in there, probably increase the max amount of simultaneous connexions to 50 or 75 if you can. have a great day ! michael from www.housestationlive.com

Thank you for the suggestion. Yes, it could be done by using node.js, but it would require a dedicated server to run it, which is not the case for the majority of wordpress sites, that’s why this plugin use Ajax communications. Thanks !

Is it possible to script conversations and record them on video? It would be like presenting a plan of action.

No, sorry, there is no option to do that currently.

Thank you for the answer, maybe in the future.