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Hello, I am going to buy it today if you can answer my one question ASAP. I am not getting the list of scans in demo version. I tried to create a new scan, but that is not appearing on the list of scans. If it comes only in pro, then its fine. Thanks

Hi muksat, thanks for your message.

Demo version should list the scans, there is not a limitation in this sense.

Are you using a multisite install? Currently there is no support for global activation, the plugin needs to be activated locally for each single blog. Otherwise, it is recommended to run only one scan at the same time per each web server.

Kind regards, Pau

Is there any way to make it work for multi site ? I have 2 site for french and English and French. I installed it from network admin then “Network activate”.

Hi, sorry the plugin does not work well with network activation, you need to activate locally for each single blog.

Kind regards, Pau

Hi, quick question. Do you know if your pugin works fine with multilingual sites using WPML? I have tested your plugin in a single-language blog and it worked fine, but now I am trying to run a scan in a WPML blog and the scan status say “waiting” but it looks that it is not working…

Thanks in advance

I don’t think so… I will check later along the week. Thanks for your support.

hi again, the plugin does not work on eserpblog.com (wordfence deactivated). Is there any check or test I can do in order to try to understand why it is not working?

Hi, it seems a WordPress multisite, do you have activated the plugin via the network activation? Currently does not support global network activation and it nees to be activated for each blog invididually.

Please let me know if local activation resolves the issue.

Im getting a message :Warning: mysql_query(): Unable to save result set in /home/mikepwhitepants/public_html/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1870

Hi ColeBField1221, thanks for your message,

Just to be sure that the problem is related with this plugin, where do you get the error?

Kind regards, Pau

On the admin plugin page.

Warning: mysql_query(): Unable to save result set in other stuff here – wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1870

Sorry, I have not seen this error before, searching for general information it seems a major MySQL error problem like table corruption.

Maybe you need to do a check and repair MySQL tables, via phpMyAdmin or similar.

Sorry if I can not to help you more.

Kind regards, Pau

Hi I have a few questions, if we edit url’s through this pro plugin , and then later delete the plugin, are the changes gone ? Would deleting the plugin undue anything ?

Hi, thanks for your question,

when you edit an URL the changes are made from the post content, so there are permanent changes for the edited posts and this plugin links database.

Deleting this plugin only removes custom tables if you check the option “Data on uninstall” from the settings page (unchecked by default). More info here:


Please let me know if you have more doubts or something is not clear.

Kind regards, Pau

Out of curiosity, why would someone not want the check box checked ? and to clarify then, if the check box is checked and plugin is deleted , nothing will happen since the changes were made to the theme and the plugin just acted liked an “edit portal” so deleting the plugin does not change any of the work i would have done?

The checkbox checked means only that the plugin data will be removed (custom tables and this plugin only options).

It is unchecked by default to avoid data removed after testing the plugin with the demo version, for example. When the Pro version is installed the previous data can be reused (the scans from demo version, or lite version from wordpress.org installs).

The scope is only the plugin data, deleting the plugin does not affect to the WP data (post content, comment links, etc.). Any previous change editing links is permanent, in the same way if you edit a post with the WP editor.

Kind regards, Pau

It works with ACF fields? I mean: bulk deleting broken links inserted through ACF, for example. Thanks!

Hi lciantas, sorry for reply late,

Yes, it works with custom fields defined by ACF. You need to add the custom field name in the scan “Content Options” tab and select if it is a full URL or an HTML fragment containing links.

About what can you do with this custom fields in search results, you can remove the link only for custom fields with HTML content. For custom fields with full URLs you can just edit the URL, but not remove the entire custom field associated to the post.

Kind regards, Pau

Loving this plugin, an export function would increase the value so much more. Any chance you could add it? Thanks

Hi, thanks for your message, we are preparing a new version and this feature is included on the roadmap, but we don’t have a clear deadline yet, sorry.

Kind regards, Pau

Hi, how to edit and unlink the link in the comment field? It is the link that come with the author name, the website URL user enter is not correct. Not the link inside the comment content.

Hi, thanks for your message.

For the author comment link you can change only the target URL editing the link from the search results.

But it is not possible to unlink this kind of link, or changing attributes like nofollow, because it is a template-level job and the entire link is hardcoded in the comments template, so you need to modify the template to do this task.

Kind regards, Pau

Hi, I got the Link Status Pro last week. 043a7fbf-bf43-446f-ad15-d750d7776991 – 28 Jan 2017 REGULAR LICENSE

From WordFence, I can see I still get 404 broken links from the pages in my website which were eliminated monthly ago. For example : http://pokuhomes.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/title-area-pattern-2.png

How do I link this file to the main website pokuhomes.com?

Hi, thanks for your message.

Sorry I think I do not understand the question. This plugin checks the links and images only from the content of the posts. The conflict this plugin has with Wordfence is due it blocks the internal crawler module that makes the HTTP requests, so it is recommended to deactivate temporarily the Wordfence plugin (or their brute force module) during the scan is working.

The image you have linked shows a page with the text “Your access to this site has been limited”, it seems that you have an issue with Wordfence right now.

Please let me know if I can help or you have another question.

Kind regards, Pau Iglesias

Sorry I think there is a crossing of email messages. What I am trying to get rid of are the 404s detected by Google search. The following is a list of the missing pages which lead to 404 broken links. But these pages are either non-existent or have been deleted. And somehow your Link Status Pro does not detect them in the scan.

http://pokuhomes.com/product-category/hand-tools/?orderby=popularity http://pokuhomes.com/projects/loire-valley-chateau/feed/ http://pokuhomes.com/projects/mid-century-modern-iii/feed/ http://pokuhomes.com/projects/french-country-house/feed/ http://pokuhomes.com/projects/belgravia-mansion/feed/ http://pokuhomes.com/projects/stone-tudor-mansion/feed/ http://pokuhomes.com/our-services/design-and-build/

There are also a bunch of deleted png files that have been deleted but still being detected by Google search console.

Hi pokongku, yes, it is because Google Search works as an index and it remembers all URLs found in your site, even if you had removed these links and images from the content of the pages. Here you can found more information and how to solve it:


This plugin only shows detected links and images from the existing content of the posts and pages of the site (the editable content, not the entire page). If the links or images does not exists in the content, then this plugin will not detect these URLs.

Please let me know if you have any doubt.

Kind regards, Pau Iglesias

How can I schedule a scan to repeat periodically? I’d like to scan once a week but don’t want to have to manually start each scan. Can I do this? Maybe via a cron job?

Hi, thanks for your message. Sorry currently scheduling is not supported because it needs to be logged to create or start an scan.

Kind regards, Pau

Other plugins that are free can handle scheduling. This is rather a big deal as a multi-site setup would add a lot of admin tasks to scan for links on all sites. You could easily set up a cron job via Wordpress core functions. See http://www.wpbeginner.com/plugins/how-to-view-and-control-wordpress-cron-jobs/

This is a critical feature that is much needed I’m sure by most of the people that purchase. Your plugin’s inability to do this seriously diminishes its usefulness.

Yes, you are right. That feature is included in the road-map, but it involves other implications like re-run a finished scan or create one from other or a template scan, also looking for differences, etc.

I am planning to continue development soon to cover these missing features and others like download results as a csv report.

Thanks, Pau Iglesias


I would like to know if your plugin can check if my affiliate/redirect links are still alive.

Let’s say I have 300 links and they’re not used in any post – they are just used with ThirstyAffiliate WordPress plugin.

If the text is still there, the link should be reported as SUCCESSFUL if the text is not present it should be reported as FAILED.

The checker should do this once per week (or a specified time interval).

Can your plugin help me with this?

Let me know.


Hi, thanks for your message.

I have inspected the ThirstyAffiliates plugin to check how it works, and I see that the final affiliated link redirections are stored in custom fields in the form of serialized values (a data structure that contains other values together), so my plugin is unable to extract the links, because it only allows direct custom fields data values.

Sorry, I will investigate these cases for next versions.

Kind regards, Pau

Thanks for your reply. It would be amazing if you can make it work with ThirstyAffiliates.

What’s the difference between the free version of this plugin and the paid version?

I’ve played a little bit with the free version and I want to say that it’s very well built.

However at the “Content options” tab it would be nice if we could choose what category to scan for… and also to have an option to email the whole scan report not just a notification.

Can this be scheduled to run once a week/month?


So many questions… LOL…

Let me know.


Hi, Pro version provides extended search with a lot of options to filter scan results, and allows link edition directly from search results and no need to enter to the WP editor to change a link or image post.

Apart these Pro features, demo version (or lite version in wp.org) is fully functional.

Yes, good idea an option to restrict the scan by category or another taxonomy, I will consider it.

Scheduling is planned for version 2, currently only supports manual start of scans.

Kind regards, Pau

Hi, when I go to the settings of the WP Link Status Pro plugin I get the settings page but it doesn’t show the settings.

I just get the settings tab and then the save setting directly underneath.

The setting did used to be there as I looked at them before I ran my first scan. If I try and run a new scan the scans settings don’t show in a similar way.

Hi, it seems a conflict with another plugin that breaks the javascript execution of this plugin.

It is possible to get a temporary admin WP account of your site to check what happens?

You can contact me by the e-mail info (at) seedplugins.com or contact form:


Kind regards, Pau

Hmmm, I seem to have a problem. I go to the add user screen and there is no password fields but it won’t create one without a password.

My user is certainly admin I checked.


Ok, can you provide a list of active plugins and the current theme name? A copy-paste or screenshot will be enough. I can inspect any plugin or theme incompatibilty. You can send me this info via e-mail: info (at) seedplugins.com

Thanks, Pau

can you explain with screenshot or video how to:
1) manager direction?
2) fix brokend link ?
3) What is difference of nofollow and follow links please?
I checked documemtation, but still not clear. Thanks

Hi, thanks for your interest.

Manage redirections, fix broken links and set/unset nofollow links are actions that you can perform from the scan results.

You can see screenshots and explanations about these features from the plugin user guide:


The nofollow links is a mechanism introduced by Google that allows you to indicate what links you do not want the search engine crawler follows. By default all links are “follow” without do nothing, and you can change to “nollow” links adding the value “nofollow” to the “rel” attribute of specific links. This plugin allows to change easily this attribute from the search results without coding or HTML knowledge. You can read the Google official documentation here:


We recommend to install and test the demo version to ensure your hosting compatibility with this plugin:


Please let me know if still not clear or need more information.

Kind regards, Pau Iglesias

Thanks. shortly
1) follow: allow search avaiable on google or any search machine? right?
NONE-follow : user can not search on machine searching like google => But user still available open link (if i give them) or they click around on my website right?

2) Redirect of your plugin just simple job >
redirect abc.com to anything i want: 123.com for example
so there is no tracking history of user hits right?

3) How to fix broken link issue? Not clear? Is it “Edit” under like title? If broken like happen how do i know issue and fix it, not just edit link. Example: before i went to permarlink wrong ==> Then many page broken link, so i need developer help to find it, so in this , how your plugin help in this case?

Just confirm before purchase, tested on free plugin work fine
Best regards,

Hi Julia, I respond about your notes:

1) No, it is not related about search engine visibility or availability. Nofollow links is a concept from google to allow to do not give importance for centain links of your page. The link is still available for search engines (unless be declared noindex, but this is another situation). A nofollow link works only at the level of the Google pagerank algorithm. For example, if you do not want to transmit importance for a certain link to your competition, you can make the link nofollow. It is more related about SEO techniques to improve how you organize your link stategy.

2) This plugin does not do redirections. It only detects redirections and allows you to change links of your content to the final URL to avoid links with redirections. This is not an automatic system to configure or track redirections.

3) Edit a link works at two levels, you can edit the URL of the link, or you can change the link text (the text inside the link, it can be an image instead of text). For broken links (links with a 4xx response code, like 404 Not Found) it is very easy to change the URL to another correct pressing the Edit URL option in the search results. It works at content link level, the wrong physical destiny page is not supported by this plugin (you can link to non existing pages, but this plugin does not resolve the existence of the destiny pages, just the links to them).

Sorry I do not want you to have a misconception about what this plugin does, because at the end it is very simple. It detects the status of the URLs of the links and images of your site content (usually the editable content of your posts of pages) and allows techniques to modify links and images of your content without enter the WP editor, and that is it.

Please let me know if you need more information.

Kind regards, Pau Iglesias

Hey there, planning on purchasing the pro version but I have an issue with the free one.

I have a site and a staged version, the plugin works fine on the main site but on the staging version the crawler hangs on “waiting”. The two sites are on different URLs but the plugin was installed separately on both. I don’t believe there’s any HTTP password protection on anything, but the staging site is setup through a SiteGround process.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi, thanks for your interest.

I think it happens because the crawler module works at server level submitting HTTP requests through internal plugin scripts. So for an environmet server it needs to add the involved host names or domains into the hosts file. If not, the requests from the environment server will be send to the production server, where they will fail due security reasons and unexpected params (leaving the crawler of the stage server in waiting mode because it does not have any response).

Sorry, I don’t know how siteground staging site works, but I think it is a problem about how internal http requests are managed.

Kind regards, Pau Iglesias


I try to run the crawler but I have no results please help


Yes, I received your email and I am checking your site, I am going to answer you right now.

Regards, Pau

I don’t think I have your answer ?

I have sent you an e-mail 14 hours ago. I re-send now from other email, in any case please check your spam folder. Thanks.

Hi! I’ve been running the demo for over 3 hours. Nothing happening. Says 1/65 entries. I KNOW I have broken photo links. I want to change my pagination and concerned I will break internal links. I am using latest WP on good host.

My site has maybe 200 pages, but they are short. Maybe 100 photos. I moved it from another url (same server). That’s how/when the photos did not update after move.

Wanted to use your plugin as faster way to relink photos. And fix potential broken links IF I change pagination.

Any help greatly appreciated! I was using broken link checker. WP gave error msg it’s no longer supported and should remove it.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, thanks for your interest.

I need to know your website address to check if almost externally everything seems ok, can you contact me via this page:


Kind regards, Pau


dave_spm Purchased

Does this definitely work? I just tried Broken Link Checker plugin and it tells me I have no broken links when I know for a fact I have hundreds, I dont want to buy this and get the same result…


dave_spm Purchased

Thanks Pau, it worked fine and Ive purchased it. The problem is though I have thousands of links that point to 400/500 errors and I want to remove them all as fast as possible, is there a way I can do this without having to go through each page and tick everyone? I have almost 400 pages of results :(

Hi, I am glad it worked.

The fast method is the Bulk options, fist filtering by 4xx errors, next select all checkbox and from the Bulk options menu choose the Unlink option, that removes the selected links leaving the anchor text.

By default a results page shows 25 results. To accelerate this process you can setup this to 50, 75 or 100 results for example (from the top right Screen Options tab). Be careful because it is possible to get AJAX timeouts if case of bulk actions for a high number of results (it depends of the server capabilities).

You can do a test with 50 results per page and do the bulk unlink, it will reduce 400 pages to 200. Then check 75 results, etc.

For large operations of this type I recommend to do a database backup before.

Kind regards, Pau


dave_spm Purchased

ah the screen options, ok thanks, and god point about backing up the db!

Hi, I’ve moved my site installation to Kinsta and since then the plugin isn’t working. The scan isn’t working at all. What might be the problem and how can it be fixed? Thank you!

Hi, can you send me your website address? I need to check the plugin files and permissions. Please contact me by e-mail or via this page:


Thanks, Pau

I am trying to upload the plugin to my WordPress site and it keeps saying it can’t be installed. Please help!

Hi, have you unzipped the codecanyon zip file?

Once unzipped, you can found the zip file wp-link-status-pro.zip that you need to upload directly to WordPress via the Plugins / Add new menu , you can find more information here:


Please let me know if you still have any trouble.

Kind regards, Pau