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El plugin no funciona en mi entorno WP. ¿Alguna solución?


Hola, gracias por contactar conmigo.

En ocasiones debido a diferentes conflictos el plugin puede dejar de funcionar. Por ejemplo, hay incompatibilidades con el plugin Wordfence y otros plugins de seguridad.

Tampoco soporta activación en WordPress Multisitio, por lo que la activación debe ser local en el propio blog.

Por otra parte, la base de datos donde está instalado WordPress debe permitir la creación de nuevas tablas, ya que el plugin hace uso de tablas personalizadas.

Otro problema común son las restricciones del hosting (firewalls, proxies, etc.) que pueden interferir en el comportamiento del módulo de rastreo.

Por todo ello proveemos de una versión de prueba del plugin para comprobar la compatibilidad del hosting. Esta versión es casi idéntica a la versión Pro de pago, por lo que si no ha funcionado en la versión de prueba, tampoco funcionará en la versión Pro.

Puedes encontrar más detalles sobre las incidencias encontradas en la página principal del plugin (en inglés):


¿Podrías darme información sobre la dirección web donde se está ejecutando el plugin? Al menos para comprobar que externamente todo funciona bien. Puedes utilizar esta página de contacto para enviarme los detalles del sitio:


Si después de estas comprobaciones no es posible encontrar el problema que impide la correcta ejecución del plugin, siempre puedes pedir un reembolso desde tu cuenta de usuario de codecanyon.

Un saludo, Pau Iglesias


This plug-in seems to find no errors with my site. I did a site audit through a third party who found 1400 errors. I’m running a crawl for errors and it’s found 2 in three days and those were for URL’s that have since changed to https. Can you help me figure out if I have it installed right. Before with your free plug in, it was finding errors. But to fix the errors I realized I needed the pro version. Now the pro-version sees nothing.

Hi, thanks for your message.

The free plugin and the pro version shares the crawler module, so the problem must come from other issue or change.

Can you send me your site address, to check if almost externally everything seems ok?

If you prefer you can use this contact form:


Kind regards, Pau Iglesias

Hi seed! Yes here’s my URL: http://heartfullyheather.com The guy I paid to audit my site, says its very sick riddled with broken links…yet none are coming up in scans.

Hi, sorry for the delay, I did not see your message.

I have checked externally the involved URLs needed from the web crawler module and everything seems Ok.

The plugin works using only the URLs found directly into the post editable content, so it will not check links outside of the post content, like links generated by the theme or generated content from other plugins.

Another possiblity could be that another plugin conflicting the crawler module (like wordfence or other security plugins), causing the scans will not finish. If the plugin stopped working, here is a troubleshooting guide:


But if none of this worked, please request a refund.

Kind regards, Pau Iglesias

Hello, I’m using WP Link Status to add nofollow and other changes on some links. Now I would like to clean up the database and remove the plugin for some time. My question is what happen to the links were I added nofollow and other changes, will they remain as I wish? Thanks Kind regards,

Hi, thanks for your message.

The changes made to the content using the plugin are permanent, there is nothing dynamic or plugin-dependant.

So if, per example, you changed a link URL, this modification that was made on the content will exist with or without the plugin.

If you are going to remove the plugin, and you do not want to preserve the scans data, there is an option “Data on uninstall” in the settings plugin menu (advanced tab) where you can force to remove all plugin tables.

Kind regards, Pau Iglesias


I need a plugin to be able to set multiple links on some elements on my website, dont know if this plugin does that. specifically I want to open a modal box and send an email with just one click on one element.

Hi, no sorry, this plugin is just to check if the content links are working well, it does not open forms or send emails.

Kind regards, Pau Iglesias


BMT Purchased

Hi, Is it compatible with the latest version of WordPress 4.9.4

Hi, yes, it is compatible with WP 4.9.4

In any case, please try the demo version before to test your hosting compatibility.

Kind regards, Pau Iglesias