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Is there any option to check broken backlink using this plugin? I am not getting so. This is my desired thing for which I bought this plugin. If there is no such option, this plugin will of no use to me. In that regard, I like to return this plugin and want my money back.

Hi rummankhan, thanks for your message.

This plugin works crawling the content of your site, extracting links and images, looking for broken links, redirections, nofollow links, etc.

As the plugin description explains, and also show the plugin guides, this plugin works only with the editable content of your posts, pages or post types (the content you usually edit via the WP Editor for posts and pages).

There is not a feature to check broken backlinks from external websites, and there is not any description of this plugin indicating this feature. So if you bought this plugin looking for this kind of features, then I think you made a mistake, please request a refund if this is the case.

Kind regards, Pau Iglesias

Yes, by mistake I bought this. Pls accept my apology to purchase it directly without trial version to check first. Would you pls tell me how can Irequest for refund?

No problem, I will accept the refund request. I don’t know how to start the process from the customer perspective, please contact the customer support or check the help center for more information.

Kind regards, Pau


i had two issues with your awesome plugin.

The first, some url in comment is not scanned.

The second, not working with the fields ACF repeater


No sorry, for comments it needs the URL into a link, it does not work with single URLs

About the custom fieds it only supports direct values (configured as HTML or URL). It does not support external structures (like the repeater you have mentioned).

Kind regards, Pau

Ok, thanks for the answer.

Do you think you will add this feature in the future (single url)


Ops, I did not notice this comment, sorry.

I have no plans for this feature, but I will consider it, because check single URLs not enclosed in “a” tags I think is an interesting feature.

Kind regards, Pau

Can one change with the plug in also urls from the http to https? If so how and why I can not test with the demo version. Without successful test no purchase.

Hi, thanks for your interest.

You can change URLs individually or via bulk mode. But, if you are going to change all URLs for one specific domain, I think the best solution for you is to use a search and replace content plugin. This plugin is intended mainly to detect broken links.

Demo version shows the Pro capabilities without executing the Pro features, because in this case this is not a trial version with an expiration date, it is just a demo to see the features and check your hosting compatibility with this plugin.

Kind regards, Pau

The plugin is great that it found and help us replaced the links hosted over multiple (now dead) servers. Is this plugin supposed to detect images on pages that are 404 as well? It detected only a few images but not the 404 ones we’re hoping to find.

Hi, thanks for your message.

This plugin only works with the content of posts, custom post types, and pages. So to detect broken links in a 404 page, it needs to be associated to an existing page, because this plugin does not check links directly from theme templates.

Please let me know if something is not clear or need more information.

Kind regards, Pau Iglesias

Hi Pau,

Ah, sorry for the confusion, I’m actually referring to image content inside of a page. We have images embedded on pages in this site that refers to a now defunct server.


From wpengine (account closed)

https://i2.wp.com/absolutedent.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/bigstock-Portrait-Of-Family-Enjoying-Pi-6890475.jpg Back to local http://kellyjordandentist.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/bigstock-Portrait-Of-Family-Enjoying-Pi-6890475.jpg

We know that there are images embedded in other pages on the site that are refering to the wpengine still, and want to scan and replace them with the proper link. I hope the plugin can help.


Ah, ok, I understand now.

You can detect 404 images through this plugin, but to replace the old URL’s for the new ones you need to use a Search & replace plugin, because this is a matter of string replacement more than broken link detection.

So from your example, to replace in the post content of your posts:


For this:


It is advisable to do a full database backup before to do that.

This plugin do bulk URL replacement in case of URL redirections because it knows the destination, but in this case although it detects the broken links, does not know what is the target URL.

Kind regards, Pau


kimliw Purchased

I’m getting an error when I try to create a new scan – all it says is “something went wrong, try again”. I was getting this in the free version, and still getting it when I upgraded to pro. Any ideas?

Hi, thanks for your message.

It happens when the plugin is unable to add the scan record to its database table. The common reason is because the table does not exists. The cause could be the lack of permissions to create the tables, or network plugin activation (this plugin does not have multisite support and it does not create the custom tables from this type of activation).

Please let me know if something is not clear or you need more information.

Kind regards, Pau Iglesias

Hi, I want to export scan result in to excel. Is it possible?

Hi, sorry, it is not possible, there is no export module yet.

Regards, Pau

Hi, Good Morning

I’ve purchased this item two days back, But realized that its not the one I was looking for. Is there any way I can get the refund.

I’m sorry to bother you.


Ragothaman S

Hi, of course, you can request a refund if you purchased this plugin by mistake. Please check the help center section or contact support to get information about how to request the refund.

Regards, Pau

Hi, my crawler doesn’t run at all.

I created a new scan. The status of the scan is saying Running. But it’s been there for 15 minutes or so and still no results, nothing.

RUNNING All Link Scan 50/5,614 entries 0/10,540 comments Today from 13:09 — Running time 15 mins

It ran the first time. I had to make some changes, so deleted that scan and created a new one. This one is stuck in running status with no change.

Prompt help would be appreciated.

Not happy at all with your plugin. I somehow made it work by selecting sub-set of post types. After running for 2 hours, it stopped. It did about 408/1500 posts and just stopped working. What a mess. Would love to see a resolution for this. Does this plugin have any restriction on how much it can crawl or how continuous it can crawl? I have my multi thread to be 50. I have a large 32 GB box so wanted to fasten this. Would this have been an issue?

Hi, thanks to contact me.

It seems that something is blocking the crawler. Do you have any firewall or security plugin installed? Plugins like Wordfence or similar drops the crawler activity and disallow the requests. Please check the troubleshooting section in the plugin description.

Another question. Do you tried before the demo version? This demo version ensures that your hosting is compatible with this plugin and gives you an idea of how it works.

Threre are no limits for number of pages, links or images to check. It depends obviously of the capabilites of the server that host this plugin. For example, enough storage for the database tables, available memory or how fast are the processors to manage high volume of data.

About multithreading, 50 threads is a too big number and possibly the cause of this malfunction. We recommend start with just 1 thread, and if it is two slow, increase to 2, 3 or even 5 threads, checking at the same time that server resources (CPU, memory, etc.) do not increase too much.

If this is not enough speed, or the crawler get stuck due server overload, then this plugin is not for you and maybe you need an external service to do this kind of tasks. If this is the case, please request a refund.

Regards, Pau


TimKaye Purchased

Just bought this, and it’s an excellent tool! But is there any way to search posts by category rather than by time of publication?

Hi, thanks for your message.

I am sorry, there is not a filter to search links by category. You can filter by multiple parameters (status code, post type, scope, etc.) but this plugin does not implement a filter by categories.

Kind regards, Pau


TimKaye Purchased

Yes, I can see that it doesn’t currently do that. But I do suggest that you think of implementing it.

Your current configuration is really geared towards those who use WordPress as a blogging platform. That’s probably a small minority of those who would find a plugin like this useful.

Far more potential users are like me and use WordPress as a CMS. Searching by post type isn’t much use if we have thousands of one type! So we need a way to do smaller, manageable searches, in much the same way that searching by date makes things manageable for bloggers.

Anyway, I’ll leave that with you. I still think your plugin is a great tool. It’s just that I think you could make it even better (and generate more sales) by taking up my suggestion!


Hey there,

This plugin hasn’t been working for my site properly, and we have since found a better plugin to do the job. Please can I have a full refund.

All the best,


Hi Dan, I don’t know why but I do not received your message. I am very sorry, please go ahead and request a refund.

Kind regards, Pau


I’m just testing your free version and it seems a nice plugin. Pre-purchase questions, please:

1. Is it possible to increase the number of results on each page of the scan results, please?

2. Some of the results state some urls are “301 Moved Permanently – 200 OK”, but when I look at the original url and the redirect, they are exactly the same. Why does that happen, please?

3. In the scan results, under the link to a web page there is View which you can click to see that page – is it possible for this to go to the actual link on the page and not merely to the page where you have to look for the link, please (I have many, many links every page)?

Thanks, Steve

Hi Pau,

Thanks for the info.

I was impressed with your plugin but now I’ve a major problem – it won’t work with Tablepress and most of my links are in tables created using that plugin. Do you have any plans to make your plugin compatible with Tablepress, please? (I’ve run eight or nine tests, using different pages and different settings in your plugin, but the plugin just will not recognize there are any links in any table. Sorry.)

Thanks, Steve

Hi Steve, thanks for your time testing the plugin. Currently working in another version but I have no plans for third party plugins support. I am considering to adopt an addon model for these special cases, but it is not clear right now, sorry.

Regards, Pau

Hi Pau,

Oh, that’s such a pity your plugin won’t recognize URLs in Tablepress tables – I’d have snapped it right up, if it did!

Please let me know if you either create an addon or achieve this compatibility through the plugin itself.

Thanks, Steve

Hi, I have installed the plugin . i was under the impression that I could test all of the features.

However, it doesn’t appear to allow me to delete any broken inks.

Also, after running the script/plugin for more than 16+ hours it didn’t retrieve a fraction of the amount of broken links found using the free plugin ‘Broken Link Checker’ found 6418 broken links.

Here are screenshots of my results: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzloE7ZS-jn_N3ExanVuZkktZUk https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzloE7ZS-jn_V2lpRG1tUzdVV3c

Am I doing something wrong?


Hello again, I know you’re busy, but it’s been 6 days now since I initially posted. Did you get a chance to check it out yet?

I’d really like to purchase the plugin, but can’t even test it properly.

Thanks again!

Sorry, but I received your emai 3 days ago, not 6. Today finally I have been checking your server and I did not find any conflict with other plugins, and I have informed you via email that the cause is a possible hosting incompatibility.

Apologies for the inconveniences.

Kind regards, Pau

Hi found your email deep in spam just now. Sent you a reply. Thanks for checking


anand48 Purchased

Hi, great plugin. Can i know how to bulk delete post under 404 status. Thanks

Sure, please send me your Skype Id through this contact form:


Thanks, Pau


anand48 Purchased

Hi, i solved the problem, no need to modification. Thanks

All right, good luck!

My pro plugin is not working after 10-15 links crawling it´s stop working.Very disappointing.

Hi, thanks for your message.

Normally if the crawler stops its activity, it is because something is blocking it. Have you tried to deactivate any firewall or security plugin?

There are several issues with plugins like Wordfence, described in the Troubleshooting section of the plugin page:


Besides that, there is a demo version to test your hosting compatibility before purchasing the product and avoid these types of issues. It has the same crawler module that the Pro version, so if the demo version has worked, the pro version should do as well.

Anyway, please send me you website URL here, to take a look at your site and check if externally everything is correct:


Thanks, Pau Iglesias

Hello I would like a refund please, I thought the plugin managed backlinks.

Sure, I approved the refund request., you will receive a confirmation.

Effectively, no backlinks support, this plugin just checks the existing links of your content, as the plugin description says.

Kind regards, Pau Iglesias


NcyFil Purchased

Hello, how are you? Nice plugin! I’m in the process of buying it but I wanted to ask you if there is the possibility to export a list of url and import again later. I saw with your plugin is possible to edit the links, but I’m wondering if there is also this possibility. I have to change in bulk many external links but I would like to export them edit on excel and re-import them. Is something that I can do with your plugin? Or there is another way to do it with the plugin? Do you have any advices?

Thank you very much

Hi, thanks for your message.

Sorry there is no way to import/export a list of URL’s, this plugin only focuses on content links and images.

However, the plugin has a tool (“URL Tools” in the menu) that allows you to do some operations based on a list of URLs as long as they match in the posts content. Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but you can get more information here:


Kind regards, Pau Iglesias


NcyFil Purchased

Hello, how are you? Just a quick question to ask if your plugin detect woocommerce external link (product url). I mean the url that you can see on the button a the top of a woocommerce product page.

I’ve done some scans but I’m not sure if the plugin sees only the links on the content of the woocommerce product page. Is there any other way to detect that links? Thank you very much Hope you can answer me as soon as you can. Kind regards,

Hi, tranks for your message.

To check other links outside of post content, you have the possibility to configure custom fields.

In this case WooCommerce saves the affiliate link information in the custom field “_product_url”, so you need to add the name of the custom field (using the URL type) in the scan configuration.

You can find more information in the configuration section of the advanced guide:


Kind regards, Pau Iglesias


abelvi59 Purchased

what this MALFORMED ? thanks

Hi, thanks for your question.

A malformed link is a bad formatted URL in your content which cannot be checked for HTTP status. URLs containing not supported text (not UTF8 characters) o unknown protocol are examples of malformed URLs.

You can skip this type of URLs when configuring the crawler:


Or filter by malformed URLs from the search results:


Kind regards, Pau Iglesias


abelvi59 Purchased

wy don’t check the broken link ? because I have over off 500 link broken and the plugin don’t test this thanks

Sorry, not sure if I understand your question.

If you created a scan configuration but you can not start it, or the crawler do not work, please check the Troubleshooting section on the plugin description:


This plugin detects the URLs from the links and images of the post content and made an HTTP request to analyze the returned status code.

If this is not enough clear or you need more information, you can contact us through this page:


Kind regards, Pau Iglesias