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This is really nice. Is there a way for me to add previews to links that I’ve added manually using html links in php pages?

Yes. Please send us a private message. We can help you.

Hi Quick Question. I’ve noticed on sometimes on my site the preview doesn’t popup the first time. In other words you see it as a straight line, and then when you go back and hover over it again it pops up. This only seems to happen in chrome. FF, and IE work fine. Any thoughts on this? Here is my site if that helps.

Free Woodworking Project Plans

Hi darisrob,

The images are loaded by server. It could be a temporary server lag. We checked the issue here in Chrome and it seems to be working fine.

Cube3x Team

Hi I want to hide the icon in the editor for anyone who is not an admin. Is there an easy to do that?

Hi darisrob

We will do it for you. Please send us a private message. We will send modified plugin meeting your requirement.

Cube3x Team

Modified plugin for you is ready. Please send us a private message so that we can send it to you.
Cube3x Team

Hi , i want to know that can the preview be applied on every link posted earlier than the install of this plugin after i install the plugin.

if not then can you please let me know if this can be done so that buy this plugin !

this is a pre sales question and i will buy if this requirment of mine is meant !

can i get a persnalied plugin for this ?

Previous links will work if they are wrapped inside [wplink] shortcode as mentioned in the documentation.

Hi Guys…have 2 pre-sale questions. 1. is this responsive? 2. demo side preview links not working.


any update on my above mentioned issue Sir? Thanks

No. I am sorry.

I have seen your script on demo and some website and i did fiind an bug, it is that page were you add on preview does a preview image but if you change the content of page the preview image will not update to be changed as the new page .

Is it this right ?

Hi, Thanks for your query. We use wordpress service to generate the preview image. How it generates and refreshes the content is unknown to public. Most probably, it seems they are caching a generated screenshot for few days. This will reduce their server load.

Is it possible to add the thumb just in the page, without necessary hover the link? I wanna create a site directory so visitors can scan the site’s.

Sorry it is not possible through the plugin.

Does this still work ? it seems not to work & the image is not generating alternatively it gives out an image 404 error image could you please shed some light on this for me please

why i ask is that this simply doesnt generate it used to – please refer to

Sorry for the issue. The image is generated by a wordpress service. As a developer I do not have control on screenshot generation.


i want to use this plugin on my site. Is it still working? Do you have a live demo-website?


Hi there too,

Do you have a live demo?

Thanks, Igor

Hello, Is this plugin working with the latest WordPress version? is there a live demo?

how replace url in a tag with shortcode in php?

<!- List Anchor -> <?php echo (isset($list[‘qcopd_item_nofollow’]) && $list[‘qcopd_item_nofollow’] == 1) ? ‘rel=”nofollow”’ : ’’; ?> href=”<?php echo $masked_url; ?>” <?php echo (isset($list[‘qcopd_item_newtab’]) && $list[‘qcopd_item_newtab’] 1) ? 'target="_blank"' : ''; ?> <?php echo (isset($outbound_conf) && $outbound_conf 1) ? ‘onclick=”trackOutboundLink(\’’.$item_url.’\’, this); return false;”’ : ’’; ?> > <!- Link Text -> <?php echo $list[‘qcopd_item_title’]; ?>

code from plugin:
resolved im place this code __ data-wp-link-preview=”true” data-wp-link-width=”300” data-wp-link-theme=”.tooltipster-light” data-wp-link-effect=”fade”

href=”<?php echo $masked_url; ?>” replace with href=”<?php echo $masked_url; ?>” data-wp-link-preview=”true” data-wp-link-width=”300” data-wp-link-theme=”.tooltipster-light” data-wp-link-effect=”fade” after href=”nanana”