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I recently purchased the linkedin pluggin but its giving us the image error..


Please support what could be the best way to resolve that.. same I noticed now is coming on your live preview. Is there anything you got that to resolved?

Please, provide your email, so we could send you the new version

Please, check your email. Thank you

It will also fetch jobs listing or we will post manually ?

could you specify what settings do you need?

Auto Jobs listing from indeed or any other source

no we don’t have it just yet

Hi, I purchased your plugin and it is working great.

Only thing I am missing is the ability to request additional information, for instance a phone number as most people don’t include it in their Linkedin profile.

Is there a way to let the user fill in their phone number before or after the linkedin login, and sending it along in the email? I was able to add text/ a phone number to the emails, however I wasn’t able to redirect the user to the phone number form.


Hello, for receiving the additional info you can use this addon https://codecanyon.net/item/wp-job-manager-submit-application-form/17375305

Hi there, I just installed your plugin, see for example: http://brandpittest.iclardev.nl/digital-vacature/crm-marketeer-hospitality-amsterdam/

and it works, but I noticed a couple of things: 1. Email address is not saved with the application? 2. Not my full linkedin profile is saved in the PDF, for example education is missing?

Could you please reply?

Hello, 1. Linked in doesn’t allow to get email address. 2. We’ll check. Sorry for waiting

for receiving additional info like email address you can use this addon https://codecanyon.net/item/wp-job-manager-submit-application-form/17375305

I’ve configured and tested it and it works fine, however where do the applications go? i do not see them in my “Applications” page in my wp-admin back-end..? Please get back to me as soon as you can, thanks

Hello, sorry for waiting. All applications you can find in your wp-admin backend. Job Listings/Job Application. See the pic http://prntscr.com/d4ij8c

Need help – where do the applications go for linkedin and indeed so i can see and review them? thanks

Replied above. Thanks


The linked in button appears but I get this error when clicking on it. FPDF error: Not a JPEG file:


Here is my website

hello, I applied through linked in and there was no error. I think you can see my application (Tatiana Gaidamaka). Could you do a screenshot. But anyway we’ll check. Thank you

Thanks for email. We fixed it in a new update. Please, wait when it will be updated here. (1-2 days maximum)

How to change the OAuth 2.0 Redirect URLs?

There was no such ability, but we updated plugin. Please, wait when it will be updated here. (1-2 days maximum)

Hello, the backend is only visible for the Admin user role, can i change this? The Editor user role should also be able to use the plugin.

Hello, we added this function in new update. Please, wait when it will be updated here. (1-2 days maximum)

Hi there, I retried to get the new version of the plugin to work, and it seems to work, but I have noticed that it doesn’t save the LinkedIn data in the wp backend, see example: http://bptest.iclardev.nl/digital-vacature/performance-branding-creative/ Hope you can help me out :)

good day

As soon as I extract your plugin on my site it breaks the website. http://thecuttingedgegroup.co.za/progressive/



Could you provide the list of plugins that you have, maybe they are not compatible. And could you turn on debug in wp-config.php

Hi there, where can I send the credentials, I dont want to post access to my site on a forum

Hi there, I’ve completed install, And put the Key and Secret in.

When I click Apply with LinkedIn, it redirects to the LinkedIn Auth page. When I click Allow, it goes to the Redirect

1) Can’t this go back to the page the user was on when they clicked the Apply button?

and can see the Usage and Limits increasing in the LinkedIn developer console, however: 2) Can’t see the application being completed?

Hello, please check these settings

There are settings in admin panel for redirecting url: Job Listings -> Settings -> Apply with http://joxi.ru/krDDGzPfExLajr

All these settings should be compatible with the settings on LinkedIn Developer Tool: https://www.linkedin.com/secure/developer http://joxi.ru/KAx9NBZuMbq7Xr

I think we fixed that issue, but vakidating file with plugin will take time. You can give me your email and I’ll send it to you

Thanks. I’ve sent you an e-mail previously but didn’t receive a response. Resent it, please check your inbox. Not too happy about putting my email address on here. Thanks!

I have the same issue as yusuflimz – my applications are not being stored in the admin area. Is this fix going to be rolled out soon?

hello, it was rolled out yesterday in the evening. Please, update the plugin

I downloaded the latest version from codecanyon and it’s still 1.2.6 which was last updated a while ago. FYI if I choose to download only the installable wordpress files it actually gives me the WP Job Manager plugin and not your plugin. Yours does come if I download all files including licenses though.

thanks for your feed back. We’ll check what is wrong with update. At this time you could send me your email to tatiana.gaidamaka@lifeisgoodlabs.com and I’ll send you a new version

Good afternoon

I purchased this plugin today.

I would like to know how I can get an attachment instead of a URL for a client CV when they make an application via Indeed Apply in my notification email.

Kind regards Dee Purchase code: 19351619-e401-41ab-a88e-684c18b93239

Sorry, we don’t have this functionality yet, but we’ll put that in plan. Thanks

Hi lifeisgoodlabs,

I have installed your WordPress plugin on the theme. When I click on the website apply with LinkedIn. But i am not receiving any application. Nothing happen. Can you tell me whats the problem with your plugin? it’s my website.


Please check and let me know asap.


hello, have you updated the plugin recently? If so, please, check you are looking them in Job Application section http://joxi.ru/GrqgxjQIQ6BNw2. Let me know what version do you have. We’ve uploaded a new version, but it wasn’t updated, so I uploaded it once more yesterday. I think it will appear in a day. If you can’t wait, please, write me to my email tatiana.gaidamaka@lifeisgoodlabs.com

I am using this version. Please check.

WP Job Manager Version 1.25.3 WP Job Manager – ApplyWith LinkedIn or Indeed Version 1.2.6


We are waiting for your reply. Can you tell me asap? I have also sent an email to your email id. Please resolve my solution.


hi lifeisgoodlabs,

I am waiting for your reply from last 3 days. Can you help me or not?


Sorry for waiting, we are working on the solution or you could update your php version.


I have tried to add the plug in through the WP back end however i can’t seem to install it. I already have the job manager plug in installed how do i add this to the system?




ldoherty Purchased

when the plugin is activated the admin gives a 500 error. When deactivated I am able to access admin. Do you know if there is a reason for this?


ldoherty Purchased

Hi, Purchase Code a2252a76-b337-4dc2-b57c-499e7ef009c0

When I activate the ApplyWith LinkedIn or Indeed plugin I get a server error.


ldoherty Purchased

Hello, I have contacted you previously but I have not received a response from you. When I activate the plugin the website goes down.