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Hi there, I’m having trouble with LinkedIn not redirecting back to the website if someone cancels the application. Any idea what I could be doing wrong?

Hi @brettworth! does the plugin work in a normal way? We have fixed it

Did you receive my email? I have not received a reply.

Please, download new updated version of the plugin

I can’t get my linked in api oauth 2.0 url updated to the correct url in the admin job manager settings apply with tab. Can you help please? I’ve reset the api twice now with no luck. Shouldn’t the oauth url be https://www.jsfg.com/jobs/

It’s only set to https://www.jsfg.com/ and I can’t change it in the settings. then I get this error when I test: invalid redirect_uri. This value must match a URL registered with the API Key.

here’s the wordpress login: https://www.jsfg.com/wp-admin user: sitekeeper pass: iDgPI#FC3hyp

update: I added https://www.jsfg.com to the Oauth fields in linkedin app manager and now it’s working. I thought the url had to be https://www.jsfg.com/jobs/

It is working but can you make sure all is working ok?

Hi! We checked everything. It works fine


I purchased your plugin today and I am having issues with the information it sends as a resume from LinkedIn. The plugin does not copy the information in all of the fields. It leaves out education, skills, certifications and more.

Can you help me fix this? I will provide screenshots.

Thanks, Dusty

Thank you for the comment! For now linkedin restricted this information if you are not their partner. In next release we will create and option to check in settings of the page if you are partner or not.

To become a LinkedIn Partner you need submit this form https://developer.linkedin.com/partner-programs/apply.

And if you will be partner and turn on this option in our plugin, you will have this info in resumes PDF.


nurenu Purchased

For the Linkedin settings in your plugin, the OAuth 2.0 Redirect URLs is requested. Currently we are in development mode with the site. So the site is not on the final URL, just on a staging site. Do we enter the development URL here? Your example has a subdomain. Not sure what we place in this section. It looks like the same URL must be on the plugin side and the linkedin app side. How easy will this be to change once we go live with a new URL? Do we have to create a new app in Linkedin? Thanks

Hi! You need to add staging and live domain in linkedin app side. You don’t need to create new app


nurenu Purchased

Hey I have the plugin installed and APIs set. To clarify what your plugin does, we are under the impression that on the jobs page, it will show all the jobs we have posted in Linkedin and Indeed? Is this what its supposed to do? Or do we post jobs in WP > Jobs Manager and it will appear in Linkedin and Indeed?