WP Job Manager - ApplyWith LinkedIn or Indeed

WP Job Manager - ApplyWith LinkedIn or Indeed

ApplyWith LinkedIn or Indeed plugin is all-in-one add-on for WP Job Manager plugin for Wordpress which allows to apply to jobs using both Indeed and LinkedIn accounts.

You receive next benefits by installing this plugin:

  • Users can apply for jobs by single click from font-end using their accounts!
  • List of applications in admin, with links to LinkedIn or Indeed profile in PDF files
  • Ability to review applications, filter by jobs

All you need is WP Job manager plugin installed and LinkedIn & Indeed API keys.


version 1.3.2 2018/07/30
  • WP Job Manager – Application Notifications plugin compatibility
  • Removed job applications from public search
  • Removed job applications from public archive view
version 1.3.1 2018/05/31
  • WP Job Manager – Custom Applications plugin compatibility
  • move emails module to separate plugin
version 1.3 2018/05/09
  • add editable emails function
version 1.2.13 2018/04/26
  • fixed linkedin default profile url link
version 1.2.12 2018/04/16
  • fixed linkedin redirect url after cancel
  • deleted tooltip from linkedin button
version 1.2.11 2018/03/30
  • fixed resume broken link
  • add linkedin btn text filter
version 1.2.10 2018/03/21
  • added hooks to send email to employer function
version 1.2.9 2018/02/05
  • Email notifications
  • Bugfix
version 1.2.8 2017/08/11
  • Fixed issue with job application and moved success message to apply button
version 1.2.7 2017/08/02
  • new LinkedIn OAuth 2.0 API
  • security fixes
  • WordPress compatibility fixes
  • PHP compatibility fixes
  • compatibility with WP Job Manager Custom Applications by lifeisgoodlabs
version 1.2.6 2016/08/09
  • fixed issues with the employee avatar
version 1.2.5 2016/03/23
  • fixed oauth with linkedin
version 1.2 – 2015/02/04
  • fixed proper generation of the post_url for linkedin and indeed
  • added post url parameter and instructions at the options page
version 1.1 – 2015/01/22
  • fixed post type columns view
  • added style for Apply with LinkedIn button