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Hi, You replied to me that in Sept 19 your team will be back. Today is Sept 30 and the issue is not fixed, matter of fact you even closed my ticket.

The other problem about the loop being too fast, still exist and adding comas just slows the phrase pronunciation but I needed the loop speed to slow down, they go way too fast

There is only female voice, the male voice doesn’t work. Bad deal

Dear user mxwealth !

We didn’t closed your ticket : 5CB-66E-F86D8 we did replied to you in an appropriate and convenient manner also briefed you about the working and further functionalities of our plugin. Please calm down. Panic isn’t an appropriate and feasible option for this issue. We are here to facilitate our clients and customers till best possible solutions.

We will make that male voice work for you.

Please don’t worry.

We will resolve your issue within the most least possible time.


We did tried many times with your forwarded credentials but they doesn’t work. Please send us 100% working credentials so that we can proceed and resolve your issues.

Looking forward for your positive response.


Does this plugin support voicemail for people to leave a message if no one is available?


ranksol Author Team

Hi philip fx !

Yes off course wordpress interactive voice response ivr plugin is one of the most exclusive plugins ever at envato market.

This versatile plugin supports male and female voices for voice mail and leaves a message if there’s no one available. We strongly recommend you to purchase this outstanding plugin so that you can enjoy much more benefits.

Also this plugin has 2 amazing features of inbound and outbound calling.

Pre-order today. In case you need help while installation, please let us know. We are here to help you out with best possible solutions.

Thanks and best regards Team

Last question, is there an interface to view voicemail left?


tgg1061 Purchased

Hello, We were one of the first people to support this product over 8 months ago and have yet to be able to use it. We have been patient with all bug fixes and cooperated to identify others. We DID NOT leave any bad review for the product at all and have been waiting patiently for updates that we were told would release months back like:

1, single and 3 digit (Single extension for departments and 3 digit extensions for individual team members). 2. music on hold

It is now busy holiday season in the US and we need this plugin and features to be operating well without bugs and the listed features. Please let us know when is the soonest you can implement these in your upcoming update?


You are most welcome….. And we really appreciate your response and suggestions… Our programming team is working on it & we will add these features in our next upcoming updates, still we can not promise any date of release.

In case you are facing any issues please let us know. But we can confirm that our plugin is bugs free. It’s been quality checked by our beta testers, Q & A team… Also it’s been approved by Envato after a quality check.

So please don’t worry… We are here to facilitate you with best possible solutions…

Thank you for your patience.

Best Regards Team


tgg1061 Purchased

Can you please give us an by deadline so we can get our operation ready for it?? This is busy holiday season here in USA and we have not been able to use this without the features. We have been promised this for over 8 months as you see. This is a good plugin and should have better reviews but, you have to deliver to the customers better. Thanks

Our programming team is working really hard on it’s new and exciting features… But still we can not promise any date of release…But it will be soon

please try and understand…. We really appreciate your patience.

You are most welcome..

Is it possible for a user to call in >> listen to msg >> choose a depatrment >> then choose a team member >> then record voice mail >>> then voice mail can be automatically linked into a post on the front end side of WP in a list on the post?


We can customize it for you at a good price. Please generate a support ticket at:

Looking forward for your positive response


Thanks, I’ll draw out a road map and then contact you.

You are most welcome…

We are waiting for your response



Hi Sr. When we could expect a new version?

Our prorgramming team is working on it… we can not promise for latest updated version… but it will be available soon.

Thank you for your time… In the meantime please check out our other exclusive products:

Thanks and best regards


I purchased WP Conference Call Plugin | WordPress and WP SMS Contact Form | WordPress but you moved them to a new profile. How do I get updates?

We have update system available in the plugin. When ever new update launched you will get it exactly like any other wordpress plugin works. You will get notification in your wordpress plugin section about its update. you hit the update button and latest files will be installed automatically.