Wordpress interactive voice response (IVR) plugin integrated twilio sms, Plivo & Nexmo

Wordpress interactive voice response (IVR) plugin integrated twilio sms, Plivo & Nexmo

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WP Multi Level IVR Plugin V1.1.0


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Wordpress Multi Level Interactive Voice Response IVR Plugin System

The WordPress Multi Level IVR Plugin comes with complete IVR solution to fulfill all your personal or commercial needs. Multi Level IVR is a fully integrated Plugin that allows its user to enhance customer support and product marketing to its best. The Plugin is compatible with all leading Internet browsers and allows the user to have complete benefit of the amazing features like IVR Assistance, Call Navigation and Menu Set Up, Call Forwarding, Call Recording and many other useful features. No matter if you are running a business big or small, the Plugin helps enhance your work-ability through its vast features and versatile multilingual as well as multi-accent text narration ability, regardless of your regional location. User can set up the IVR greetings in any language they want as Multi Level Plugin is completely customize-able and adaptable. Plugin allows the user to handle a large number of calls at the same time without being confused between any of them. Now you can provide every caller the individual attention they need and never miss out at any call through the amazing call forwarding and call recording setup, and keep a complete record about all the activities through detailed history reports.

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First time ever with two in one (Inbound And Outbound) functionality

That’s not the end. It’s only the beginning…... Have a look at some more exciting features:

  1. Evident User Interface
  2. Fast and Reliable
  3. Compatible with All Browsers
  4. Easy Installation Method
  5. Easy to Set Up
  6. Multilingual Greetings Options
  7. Multi-Accent Greeting Options
  8. Multimedia Audio Greeting Options
  9. Compatible with MP3 Formatted Files
  10. Voice Recoding
  11. Call Recording
  12. Number Buying Setup
  13. Area Code Specific Number Buying Option
  14. Dynamic IVR Listing
  15. Drag and Drop Widget Addition
  16. Live Greetings Recording Option
  17. Sends SMS During the IVR Call
  18. Forwards E-Mail During the IVR Call
  19. Call Forwarding with Whisper Message
  20. Evident Menu Setup
  21. Automated Questioning and Poll Setup
  22. Call Hang Up Option
  23. One Click Audio Listing and Playing
  24. One Click Audio Recording and List generation
  25. Detailed History and Activities Reports.
  26. Twilio Gateway
  27. WooCommerce Order Information widget
  28. Outbound IVR
  29. Outbound IVR Scheduling

Change Log

V1 - Stable With SMS Support And fixed IVR 
V1.1.1 - WooCommerce Order Information Widget 
V1.1.2 - Pagination, Date Filter and Search on report page
V1.1.4 (09-02-2016) - Mac Browsers issue is fixed. Complete Call History. 2 way SMS Chat and Call with Caller
V1.1.6 (12-02-2016) - Group feature is added, user can add edit and delete group, Now user can import and export users in selected groups.
V1.1.7 (17-02-2016) - Outbound IVR feature is added.
V1.5.0 (01-06-2016) - Now user can add lengthy titles for IVR.
V 1.1.2(17-02-2017) - Call queue guide added -  For example press 1 for sales queue, 2 support queue - System is now able to send messages to group users as well.
V 1.14.0(28-02-2017) - Delete button has been added on call history page, now user can delete unnecessary calls.
V 1.15.0 (05-07-2017) - Now caller can subscribe in multiple campaigns of SMS Marketing Plugin By Calling On IVR Number.
V 1.1.3  (28-03-2018)  -  Wordfence security issue is fixed
V 1.1.5  (11-04-2018)  -  Dashboard graph is now loading from locally
V 1.1.7  (26-December-2018)  -  Twilio client SDK is updated to the latest version - New update is been also launched   
V 1.1.8  (23-February-2020)    -  100% stable version with everything as advertised on my listings. It's a sanitized version with some minor rectifications. 


  • Wordpress platforms with woocommerce is a complicated system, and every set up is unique so there are possibilities that errors or conflicts with other modules may appear. One of the most common conflicts / errors are of Javascript. To examine issues you must start the browsers console and properly test / look up for errors. If you found any error or issue and you don’t know how to fix it then without wasting any time please contact our engineers who are standby at our customers support and help portal.

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How to use document is included in the plugin files also.


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IVR Flow Example

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All existing users are requested to upload the plugin files of each version manually using FTP and then Deactivate and Re-Activate the plugin to get the latest changes.

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