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hi, I’m using a theme that uses 180×180px featured images. is there a way to import bigger images from imdb? thanks.

Done,this version has the possibility to crop and resize the image(thumbnail)

thanks, downloaded latest version and playing with it. ;)

Done the new version has been posted

Hi just test the plugin the thumbnail is not being imported. Is there something special I should do?

Thanks very much :) but please rate it

4 out of 5 “[bobtest]MPAA-Rating” [bobtest] in latest version check it out please.

Edit options.php find [bobtest] and delete it… forgot this idiot code… will be deteled in v 1.6 which will be on air in 2 days with automator options and anti duplicate posts

sorry to bother you again, but I noticed that plugin just imports the small poster, also when a bigger poster is available. click poster image on the left:

cached poster images should be renamed, because when displayed in some lightbox, images name are displayed as title like: adfa98ad8adf983890andfua08.jpg. this is ugly and not properly seo… :)

I noticed that sometimes trailer video is wrong.

when there is no trailer video found for movie, I think it’s not necessary to display “no video found”

thanks for paying attention.

Thanks, the plugin imports the movie’s poster not all images (already working at this aspect for the new version to get all the images or some of them) . And about the player,this is a problem about the youtube search because there are many videos with same name… to be automated the procent to get a wrong trailer is about 20% from my tests. But thanks for feedback,it helps me a lot for new versions.

Hi. I’m interested in your plugin but I want to ask you a few questions. In order to use the plugin is it necessary to get writen permission from IMDB? Also can you inform me if the WP website using this plugin is automatically populated with new movies and information or is it something that has to be done manually for each movie. If not is it possible to add movies bulk by genre or release year?

Good to know! I want to purchase your plugin once the automation tool or bulk import of movies is available. I hope it will be soon.

Ok in 2 weeks i think it will be up,because I will take a little hollyday for the next week

Just purchased and working fine :) but the images are not showing up in the post, what do i do?

use in template the option of thumbnail and select from the plugin the option with use default thumbnail

How do i install this

i installed and activated it but nothing changes

after activating it from plugins just click on WIP_Settings on Settings menu

demo doesnt load. check it plz. tnx

Done,thanks for help

The demo seems to be down again… I’m really interested in this plug in!

is it getting info even in different languages out of english…and trailer too in a specific language you chose previously?

it gets only in english at the moment,i will update it in one week,still working at other project and almost done

great if you manage to grab info,cover and trailer in a specific language..would be awsome

Demo isn’t working

this script has the possibility to import in spanish language?

no, only in english

demo site is down

i will come with an demo today,please stay tunned and sorry for this disconfort

doesn’t work anymore to me..i takes ages to get the movie i asked..most of the time fails.then i find em into artcicle..(aftere many minutes) did u make any code modes or something?

it’s from your host , i tested it yesterday when i start working at updates and it works allright – – here is my demo

works fine – biggest hassle i have is that there does not seen to be any way to format the post at all… no template so it all looks kinda “not good”, custom post type would have been better too

Echoing the issue from the above user, it would be good to have this support custom post types. I don’t really want my movie database going into standard posts.

Even if its just a snippet to add to the php file would be something, even if you don’t have an admin interface for it. I want to be able to direct it to a custom type as well as pushing that data into custom taxonomies.

Here’s a plugin that uses TMDB, but ports it into custom post types and taxonomies (it has its own issues). Maybe something from there can help move you toward an update supporting this.

This plugin is giving me a hard time. Please see Where is the automated tool? Where are the thumbnails? Why are they so small when I use default size? Why are they on top of each other? How to automatically create categories?

I got some of it figured out, but when I think of “automatic” I don’t expect to have to type in the movie title. Did I understand correctly that this is available in the extended version?

demo doesnt load. check it plz. tnx

1. live preview not working, can you show any live site, using this 2. importing IMDB info to our site is legal? any ip rights issues ?

Hello I want to purchase the plugin but first need to be sure that it has the features that I’m looking for. 1. I want the auto post to post a different post title than the movie name. for example add “my review” to the beginning of tittle of each post. 2. I need some custom fields in it. for ex I add “my rating” and place it above or below any other field, Or sometimes I add external link to the fields

Hi there. Does your plugin support TV Series? Or is it movies only?