WP IMDB Automator

WP IMDB Automator

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Update in v7.0.1:

  • Scrapes users from IMDB automatically places them on your post reviews
  • All issued tested and working
  • Fixed no image issues
  • Automatic Featured poster on all posts
  • added NO POSTER image for movies without poster on IMDB

Update in v7.0:

  • Fixed no image issues
  • Automatic Featured poster on all posts
  • added NO POSTER image for movies without poster on IMDB

Update in v6.0:

  • Updated to work with latest wordpress version
  • redirected to
  • Completely automated no need of directory creation or SQL installation
Fully Automated One step use plugin

WP IMDB Automator v5.0 : Supports English, French, Italian, Spanish & Now German. Vote for this plugin and Rate Us 5 Stars if you use the plugin and find it good.

The licensing process has been resolved, you can use the plugin with 1 Click install now.

Demo Site: Please have a look on the website designed by our staff and using our plugin: http://

Updates in v5.0:

You can now select or deselect the fields which you want to post, so you can now deselect the Runtime / Reviews or anything which you don’t want to post and select the only fields you want to import.

WP IMDB Movie Automator: Works for Movies, Short Movies, TV Shows. WP IMDB Games Automator: Specific for Games website.

I would like to offer a discount to people who want to purchase both plugin packaged, if you want to do the same, please email me at:

Updates in v3:

IMDB Germany added –

Another Modification added to the plugin to add: Prefix and Suffix to the plugin, please order it via Emailing us:

Prefix & Suffix: This option is available for premium modification purchase available for a purchase of 15$, you can email me at: to order this modification.

You can add PREFIX & Suffixes to title posted and your titles will look like: • Download Titanic Online
• Direct Download Titanic Online
• Direct Download Titanic
• Or anything, Quick and Easy CPA money.

Updates in v2:

• Scrape from English, French, Spanish, Italian IMDB Websites –,,,
• Individual URL Scraping Functionality Added to the script.
• Automatic Scheduling of posts at regular time.
• Use both Title & Year or Just titles in the post.

Check out our Youtube Video for more details and screens:

WP IMDB automator is a WordPress plugin designed for the WordPress platform which 100% automates the process of running a media specific blog. If you ever wanted a movie blog which features content for latest movies, short films, TV Shows this is your chance to have it.

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More Features:

• Import more than 1 million movies from IMDB.
• Blog Posting Schedule
• Import Movie Poster
• Import Movie Plot
• Import Director Name
• Import Release Data
• Import Run Time
• Import Country
• Import Genre
• Import Tagline
• Import Trivia
• Import Goofs
• Save title as Title or Title (Year) for SEO as your choice
• Youtube HD Trailers Automatically Posted
• Import reviews
• Post reviews on every post using IMDB comments
• Automatically post reviews using Multiple Users
• Automatically Schedule or Post immediately
• Save titles as Tags for SEO of website
• Automatically locally saved Posters
• Many Many more features to come.

This plugin automatically does IMDB Search, Scrape, Import & Posting on the blogs and can scrape MOVIES, Short Movies, TV Shows or Any Genre & Any Year. Only real WORKING WordPress Movie Plugin that is available to automate and monetize your movie website. You will quickly realize that our Wordpress IMDB Movie Plugin is your ONLY chance to make your own MOVIE website within 10 minutes truly monetize your website and customize the entire plugin to your liking!

As the name suggests, this is an automator for your own media blog. What this means? It means you do not have to write by your own a single line of text or lookout for any Youtube Trailers to embed or do any research on IMDB, look for reviewers. You just upload the plugin, do your search and it’s done.

You can import as many Movies, TV Shows, Short Movies you want . How many? Well, there are more than a million movies available into IMDB , you can import them all if you want to. You do not have to do any prior research for ratings or anything. The plugin does it all for you.

You can have them all posted on your blog at once, or you can schedule them to appear on your blog one per minute, every 5 or 10 minutes or more. It’s all up to you. Just see your blog building in minutes.