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Pre-purchase question

I tested on your demo. Basic looks good, but after sending an eCard didn’t get a confirmation of a succesful sending after clicking the “send” button on the sending page.

Got the Email but I want to integrate an advertising message for my website if I will offer this for free visitors as a free service. So can I edit the template in an easy way?

Is a .po file (with .pot template file) for translation included?

Thanks for answering my questions.

Best to you!

Hi, received your Email and will discuss it there. Upvoted you to three stars now because one star seems a bit unfair.


Upvoted my rating now to 5 stars and left a comment why. You did a great customer support. From 1 star to 5 stars, impressive!

Thanks :)

Pre-purchase question

How much can you customize the email they receive? Like the sample had the ‘wordpress’ symbol at the top of the email. Is this always there or can you remove it? Can you change the background color, etc.

Hi, Thanks for interest in eCard plugin.

You can change the recipient email header, footer, subject line etc from the plugin settings easily.

Please take a look at the below screenshot.

The plugin is created with the template structure so you can override from the theme folder and customize color and etc easily. For any kind of plugin support you can contact me. You can read the review of the plugin also.

thanks infornweb for your help, I have everything looking exactly how I want it now.

thanks infornweb for your help, I have everything looking exactly how I want it now.

You are welcome :)


iHuman Purchased

custom field
First off – congratulations on your great plugin! I love it.

I’ve added a custom field to the form that is a required. How would I call your validation class to verify that it is not empty and return the error? Also – do you have plans to add the option for custom fields in the future?


Glad to know that you liked plugin :)

Yes, you can add the custom fields, validate it and display it in ecard log page. Right now there is no interface for this but you can do with little code.

Right now I am also working on plugin for video ecard and other updation. I will send you code snippet so you can handle custom fields.

Please mail me on

In future I will plan to make an addon of custom fields :)


artcre Purchased

Is it possble to write e-card massage using Scandinavian alphabets or just foe.ex. a and o? Lookining for that kind of solution.


Actually I am not familiar with Scandinavian alphabets but you should try plugin demo by sending ecard with Scandinavian alphabets so you will get idea.

The other ecard messages like success message or error messages are stored into WordPress standard table like WordPress post so they will be supported also.

If you have some queries then you can mail me also on


artcre Purchased

Can you please offer url to demo site?


You can check demo from here

Great Plugin.

Is there a limit we can use in the ‘Recipients Limit’ field. We were thinking of 250. Also can this have the ability to upload a csv file with the emails?

And we have just checked, we get an Internal Server Error inf we try and add more than 10 or so receiptions.


Actually, 250 extra recipients is a quite big number. It means 250 eCard mail will be sent at a time.

Our website server does not allow us to send bulk emailing at time. It has some email limit in a day. If we send bulk email then it’s limit will be exceeded, bulk email may be considered as spam and may be blacklist your server.

For 10 recipient at a time, I will check and update you soon.

No there is no upload a csv file with the emails for recipient.

Let’s discuss over mail for this.

You can mail me on for your query.


iHuman Purchased

status: pending
What does it mean when the status is pending? It hasn’t been received? Payment hasn’t gone through? Or???


Status Pending comes in below cases 1) If you have enabled Payment Gateway and recipient send ecard then user will be redirected for payment.

Now user will abort the process or any technical issue occurred while payment then status will remain pending and ecard will not be sent.

Now if user had paid successfully then he will be redirected to site again. In this meanwhile process payment gateway (i.g Paypal) will check amount is received or not. After verifying PayPal IPN (Instant Payment Notification) will be called to our site. In that PayPal sends us payment status. If payment successfully done then status will be updated to ‘Completed’ and ecard will be sent. If payment is not verified then status will remain as it is and no ecard will be sent.

Sometime IPN will take some time to verify the Payment.

If you have installed any security plugin or your site is password protected or .htaccess is blocking the IPN call then in this case status will Pending.

2) If Payment gateway is not enabled then due to some error while processing email cause the status Pending.

You can mail me on for better support.


render Purchased

Hi, i received the mail with strange characters, i see the source code of html. MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8 Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit

<!DOCTYPE html> . . . How can i solve this? Thx

    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />
    <meta content="width=device-width" name="viewport" />

render Purchased

Thanks a lot. It works.

Hi Render,

If you like my plugin and service then please rate it as you know your rating is very valuable for me.


Thanks for your review :)


iHuman Purchased

paypal donation
is it possible to let the eCard sender set their own price for an eCard? How much they are willing to donate? thanks!


Glad to see you again :)

Right now ‘Pay Your Price’ functionality is not available within this plugin.

I am thinking to make an add-on for ‘Pay Your Price’ in future.


iHuman Purchased

I’ll watch for it! thanks ;)


artcre Purchased

Do you have statistic to follow how many each ecard has been sent ?


Thanks for taking interest in WP iEcard plugin.

Yes, plugin display the statistics of sent ecard. Please refer below screenshots

1) Number of send ecard statistics 2) Sent ecard image statistics 3) Logged in user, sent ecard statistics

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any other query.


iHuman Purchased

pop up with 0
An alert window appears in some browsers after submitting the form to send a card. It says “ says and below it, the number 0. Any idea why this is happening?


Can you please confirm that you are using latest version 1.0.3 or not?

I have checked from my side but I can not get any alert liked you said. It would be good if you can provide the step to generate it.

Sometimes other plugin conflicts with each other so it would be good if you can privide the site page link on which the issue is coming so I can check and try to understand the issue.

You can provide the information on my support email. I will check and respond you as soon as possible.

How to translate the sentence: A Greeting Card For You? I also would like to create customized header and footer. Is that possible?


You can easily translate the plugin string with Loco Translate ( or po edit plugin.

The plugin creates .mo and .po language file, put that files in to plugin /languages/ folder.

You can easily customize the HTML of plugin. WP iEcard is created with WordPress template structure so you can copy the plugin template to your theme and customize it as you want.

For example: To override the ecard browser view file siteview.php file then simply copy /wp-iecards/templates/ecards-view/siteview.php to Your-theme/wp-iecards/ecards-view/siteview.php

For more details you can read plugin documentation ( ‘Template Structure’ part.

Please let me know if have any query or if you are facing any problem within this.


wbsg Purchased

Presales qestion : I have tried your demo but I don’t receive any mail. Email adresses are ok and I have no spam box. I would like to see the email design. Is there an issue in the demo ? Thanks for your reply.


I have checked my demo and it is working properly. I am receiving ecard mail.

I have checked my sent ecard log and found that you are using email address like and

Not sure these are the real email address or not?

Not an issue, Plugin is working properly. There are three types of email templates in the plugin

1) Simple email (No Design) – Only ecard image and text with no design like text email

2) Design email template. Please refer below screenshot

3) Email template with only ecard view link, So user has to come to your site to view ecard. You can increase your user engagement by this.

You can add your site logo to email and add your custom message to email footer also.

WP iecard is created with WordPress template structure so you can change/modify plugin HTML and email HTML as you want by coping plugin files to your theme.

Please let me know if you want any further query in this.

Nice work, I like it

I as administrator I receive the mail; But the receivers do not receive their cards, help me please

Need help, the plugin designer does not respond.

1. I bought this plugin and I tested it, it worked well, sent the mails to the users. 2. Once my design is ternimé, I send emails to test; But only the administrator who receives its sending report but not the sender. 3. I translated the plugin into French, can this cause problems?

Help me please, my site:


Thanks for your patience.

No translating the plugin does not cause any issue.

There are various parameters which can affect the email. It also depends on the server from which email is routing.

Sometime it causes late email delivery, some times delivery failure and email spamming issue due to the same email content.

When we send email then ‘From Email’ is passed in that and if it is not from trusted client then this type of email delivery failure issue occurs. This is email common issue.

To overcome this issue we have to send mail using SMTP. You can use ‘Easy WP SMTP’ ( plugin for this.

You can read more about SMTP on net so you will get more clear idea about that.

Please configure SMTP plugin and test with it.

Please let me know if you have any query in this.

Looks good – sent you an email with questions about template design on front end. I also see that you can track how many times the ecard has been sent, but can you display this statistic on frontend by the ecard?

Would be great to have this statistic available so people can see what is the most popular ecard. And it would be even better to have a shortcode that posts a certain number of the most popular ecards on the homepage of the website.


I have replied your email by answering your queries.

WP iEcard is created with WordPress template structure so you can customize the plugin HTML by coping files to your theme.

Yes, Plugin stores the various statistic. Right now I have not displayed it on front but I can display it as you want.

Right now popular ecards shortcode is not available but I can do customization job for you.

Please let me know your thoughts or if you have any query in this.

I have a few questions before I purchase

1. Can there be more fields created other than the “message” field. I want to be able to use 4-5 more text fields that I create.

2. I do not see any screenshots of the logs. Does the logs collect all of the names and email addresses that users send the ecards to? What information is collected in the logs?

3. Can the fields “Your friend name” and other fields be modified?

4. What is the max number of recipients that can be entered?


The screenshot which I had sent you is a detail log. in backend there is a list of log like WordPress post listing.

You can see every details in log.

Right now there is no export functionality but I will customize the plugin if you want.

Thanks and Regards, InfornWeb

Thanks for your reply. I want to be able to export the logs into a csv so I can import into my marketing system.


Thanks for your response.

Yes, I do customization. If task is small then I update the plugin without any cost but if the task is long then you can help me to improve the plugin by donation.

My one or two client had also asked the same but due to lack of time I can not manage it.

You can drop me mail on for details.

Hail is also possible to integrate it with striped?


Right now plugin has only PayPal payment gateway. I will add the other payment gateway later.

Thanks and Regards, InfornWeb