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As per comment mail response below is the answer of your query,

Actually there is some misunderstanding, it is very simple and same as WordPress other plugin.

When you download your purchased item from CodeCanyon, it is in the form of Zip. It contains two things, Plugin manual and Plugin zip. So when you extract you will get two folder.

Plugin manual is for instructions how to use the plugin and in other folder you will get main plugin zip.

You can upload the plugin zip via WordPress plugin interface or you can upload the plugin folder via FTP also.

Once you upload the plugin you can see ‘iEcards’ plugin at plugin listing and activate it.

If you have still any query then you can mail me on

Thanks and Regards, InfornWeb

Presales Q: My client wants a poem attached to the picture or video. I checked your demo (specifically the valentines one) and while there is text with the image when they are selecting a graphic. that latin text does not show when the end users views the card. is it possible for me to put the poem as text and the receiver can view the card with the poem in it. I can code php so I can edit your plugin, Im just wondering if you have this available or could it be quite easy to do with a good grasp of php. Thanks

Each ecard has its own poem however it was very easy to accomplish: 2 lines of code in class-wp-iec-public.php and 3 lines of code in siteview.php

Your plugin is well written, alot of times plugins are not hence I like to ask questions presale, because I cant see the code



Glad to know :)

If you like my plugin and support then please rate it and provide your feedback as you know your feedback is very important to me.

You can check plugin documentation also if you need any help.

I think you can do this without modifying the plugin. So your plugin will be updatable.

You can mail me if you have any further query.

Thanks for your review :)

Hi there,

Pre-question: Is it possible to have a frontend uploader? So visitors can chose images from their own computers?


Thanks for taking interest in WP ieCard plugin.

Right now I am updating plugin and I have add this feature so user can upload it’s desired image or choose from predefined ecard.

I will update it soon.

Thanks and Regards, InfornWeb

Hi. Is there more detailed documentation about setting up paypal as the paywall to sell ecards?


Sorry, I can not get your point about “setting up paypal as the paywall”.

Can ​you please elaborate it a little more? so I can get your point and provide your better support.

Thanks and Regards, InfornWeb


I would like to sell the ecards.

So on the Payment Gateways setting, I put in my paypal address (Business paypal) and checked the box for Enable Paypal Standard.

I then logged out and went to the site as if I were a customer.

I then sent an ecard to a friend, but I was never asked to purchase the ecard.

It went for free.

What I want to happen is for someone to have to purchase the card before it gets sent.

I would prefer to use woocommerce and my merchant account for this but I don’t see that you have that as an option as a payment gateway so I was trying to use paypal.

Thank you.


Hi Brett,

I think you had mailed me about integration of PayPal and I had responded your query in mail.

Have you received it?

WP ieCard does not have WooCommerce integration. The plugin sends an ecard with or without Payment option.

When you enable Payment option and set the price of ecard then user will be asked to pay first before sending an ecard.

You can set ecard price from ecard post settings.

Please let me know if you have any query in this.

Thanks and Regards, InfornWeb

Hi. I would like to remove the “View in browser” option. How can i do it? Thank you.


Thanks for reaching out to us.

Yes, you can remove “View in Browser” from email.

WP ieCard plugin is created with WordPress template structure so you can override plugin template via your theme and modify as you want.

You can read plugin documentation also for template structure so you can get more idea about it.

You just need to copy email template form plugin to your theme. After overriding you can remove “View in Browser”

Please let me know if you have any query in this.

You can email me on for further assistance.

Thanks and Regards, InfornWeb

Presales Question…

Does the eCard page support ‘Pagination’?

So, if I have hundreds of images for let say Christmas… will the page actually have to display all the images or is there some kind of Pagination or some other method for the end user to scroll through all the images?

Thanks ~ragtech


Thanks for your response :)

You can check pagination demo over here

Thanks and Regards, InfornWeb

Nice! The only thing (and maybe not that big of a deal) is that the page reloads each time.

It would be much better it that was not the case.


Right now page will be reload on pagination.

I will try to add AJAX (Without Page Reload) in my future release or if you want then I can customize it for you.

Thanks and Regards, InfornWeb


I want to enable Google reCAPTCHA in this plugin.

I gett some code from Google and they say “Paste this snippet at the end of the <form> where you want the reCAPTCHA widget to appear.”

How can I do that?


Thanks for purchasing WP iecard plugin.

There no need to add any code. Please go to Plugin Settings > General Settings.

At there you can see Google reCaptcha settings. Please add captcha Public Key and Secret Key and update settings.

Now enable Google reCaptcha field via ecard post meta settings.

You can mail me on for more query.

Thanks and Regards, InfornWeb

I want to buy your plugin – please tell me is there a way to create a membership by month- monthly charge or yearly charge and they can send ‘X” no of cards or different charge for y no of cards and the customer can see the log and repeat again next month or next year. Also can they upload an email list to send ecards. One more thing can the cards be emailed with their email also. Thanks for your help.


Thanks for taking interest in WP iecard plugin.

For your query,

1) Is there a way to create a membership by month- monthly charge or yearly charge and they can send ‘X” no of cards.

Ans – No, right now there is no option for membership in plugin and can send X number of ecards.

Plugin is created with shortcode so you can use any membership plugin and restrict ecard with it.

Ecard plugin has also an option like particular user role can access it.

Ques 2) Can they upload an email list to send ecard?

Ans – There is an option for multiple recipients with name and email but no upload functionality.

Ques 3) Can the cards be emailed with their email?

Ans – I can not get your point exactly. Not sure but you are trying to say user can use it’s own HTML for ecard.

Please let me know if there is anything.

Thanks and Regards, InfornWeb