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I have following modules only in my installation

dashboard my profile holidays attendance leave management salary management notices notification

setting module and other admin modules are disabled on the dashboard.

when i check on the plugin area it says “settings is disabled for your access”.

Updated documentation will be available soon.

do i need to use same purchase email for my wp admin panel also? am afraid its shows only employee module to me. not admin module

No. You can use different email.

Pre-Sales Question: When I’m downloading the pdfs for salary and finance, the file is not opening as it is corrupted. Only an excel file is opening for finance. Is there some workaround for this?

there is one more problem I’m facing. The employee is unable to download the salary slip. I’m getting a page with text – “Access Denied”

Both of these working at our end. Please clear your caches and try again.

Do you offer frontend access for employees so that they don’t have to access the dashboard? Also, do you plan to offer a login and logout clock for attendance?

Front end module will be released in 1-2 weeks time. It’s under development. for “Employees to check in and out” module might not be in this WPHRM because it’s for generic companies, not just IT. And most of the non-IT companies don’t need their employees sign-in and sign-out from PCs. Hope you understand this.

I do not understand. Will it integrate with WPHRM so that the time shows under the logged in staff’s profile? Do you have a cost yet? I had hoped that this would be a part of this plugin and not a whole separate project. Maybe something that can be enabled/disabled for this who have no use for it.

Do you have a newsletter subscription for updates on new features. I do not want to make the purchase until the frontend module is added, otherwise I can’t use it.

I will update you when it’s ready. Thanks.

Can I customize the fields?I like the app but the fields are completely different from what I want

If you’re a developer, you can do it by yourself or if you want us to do it, raise a ticket here : https://indigothemes.com/support and share your customization requirements to get our quote.

I cannot install the downloaded version. I deactivated the LITE version and deleted it, but the downloaded purchased version gives me the message:

“Are you sure you want to do this?

Please try again.”

Hi David. Please share your login credentials of wp-admin and cPanel by raising a ticket here: https://indigothemes.com/support/ and then will check. Thanks.


A quick pre-sale question.

Is it possible to link the salaries of the employees according to the department that they are working in?

So that everytime that an employee changes departments, it reflects automatically in their salary?

You can send us your all the customization requests here: https://indigothemes.com/support/ and will share our quote. Thanks.

Could you give me your email address or an address for a registration form, because it keeps on asking me for a username/password.

support @ indigothemes.com

I have a pre-sales question. Is there a way to assign leave types per department or employee? In the demo it looks like adding a new leave type applies to all employees.

Yes. It’s for per employee.

Still waiting for support from the plugin team for importing xml files.

We don’t provide support for import/export. I request you to ask for refund rather than spreading negativity all around.

i believe this is the comment section and i should be sharing my experience with the plugin in function. import is a function within the plugin. are you saying you dont provide support for the plugin? what is the process for the refund?

Yes. You’re free to share your experience. WP HRM has import function but It doesn’t mean that we’ll do export and import for you..Check the documentation carefully. And for refund, please check Envato forums about the process. Thanks.

i have purchased this plugin its working nice ..after upgrade ..now there is a minor thing that i need to put in salary slip details is ESI & PF number can i do that? please guide me..

as i belong from india i need to put ESI & PF number in salary slip is there any way to do that? please guide me…

great ..n thanks so much

Thanks for the update.but the Custom field for salary slip not working, when i try to add the field its simply not responding.help me

hell admin plz reply its still not working. is there any setting to use it?

after the update to 1.7 there is a custom salary field its not working. when i try to add field the button is not functioning.help me.

Raise a ticket here: https://indigothemes.com/support/ and will check on Monday. Please don’t post comments here. For any support/suggestion, please raise a ticket. Thanks.

Please share your wp-admin URL and login credentials through the ticket and will check tomorrow.

sounds interesting

unable to test as employee.. please give access…

Please check now with the same credentials as mentioned on the sales page. We just fixed it. Thanks!

can this script be integrated to fingerprint scanner?

You can get it customized. Currently it doesn’t support fingerprint scanner.


jfacts Purchased

Is this mobile responsive? When I view the demo on my mobile device it is not mobile optimized and the menu doesn’t work.

In my experience with purchasing plugins from codecanyon, that usually means the code is poorly written or copied from another source. I’m not saying that’s the issue here and I hope it’s not, but there is cause for concern.

Please share the details here: https://wphrm.com/codecanyon-support/ and our team will check.

Hello, I would like to know if is possible to attach a file to the leave request and if is possible to have a “super-user” that manage the leaves of a group of coworkers (human resource manager, he should set the number of people absent that day). I would like to have just 2/3 user like that, I don’t want to make an user for all my employees. Tnx

1. Attaching file functionality is not there. 2. You can create users and set their permissions as you want. Hope this clarifies.


tochiama Purchased

A nice plugin you have. Great job!

Please help with the following issues

1. The Date input field in the employee info form is not working and the date can’t be typed in. Please help its urgent.

2. In the Employee info form field, under personal details, the order of the form goes as First name, Last Name and Father Name, can the “Last Name” and “Father Name” be swapped out to be “Middle Name” and “Last Name” respectively.

Thank you for your quick help. Regards.


tochiama Purchased

One more thing, I tried using your support URL, https://wphrm.com/codecanyon-support/, but its usually unsuccessful submitting queries, because I get an invalid purchase code response.

Please look into it.

Thank you.

Please share your wp-admin URL and login credentials to support [at] ommune.com and our team will check. Today is weekend so will check this on first priority tomorrow. Thanks.

Hi folks,

does the HRM System support other languages?



Ommune Author

Hi There. Yes. It’s language ready WP Plugin!