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Hi, how can I translate the plugin in French? Please I need your help. I’m using WPML plugin

Please contact us through email. Our email support email ID is support@ommune.com

I sent you an email


Hi, I am trying to login for support but system shows email is not registered. Please help

Please contact us through email. Our email support email ID is support@ommune.com

Hi , is the customization of the plugin possible by a wordpress developer and does the documentation contain a help regarding the relations between tables etc

Yes. Code is well written.


gsugarol Purchased

Do you accept debit card? When i buy it is this gonna be on wordpress plugin?

Payments are processed by Envato so it should accept debit card too. Yes. It’s a WordPress Plugin and will work on all the WordPress websites.


gsugarol Purchased

why cant i extract in excel when generating an attendance report?

Share the error which you get with our support team by dropping an email to support@ommune.com

Dear author we need to delete Attendance report option from Dashboard because it’s takes more time to load,

1. Hide it using CSS display:none; property or 2. Remove the code from plugin files (This will create issues when you update next update) 3. You just ignore it and don’t use it.

Just to let you know, it takes time depending upon the records you have and the server speed. Hope this helps.

hmm we have in this time 1000+ Record, we need to suggest you in next Update, In next update Document Section if wee add more document then it’s also confirm fields at spot,

Thanks for best regard


Hi, I have a problem in the hr system. When someone create leave application then it still loading forever and the user can not click (Apply leave).

You can try that by yourself, here is the link and login data: http://hr.mat-soft.net AalaaAlmatni mcseccna

Please consider, I have the latest version of the system.

Thanks in advance

Don’t share your login credentials in public. Drop an email to support@ommune.com with the login credentials and the problem which you have and our team will check. Thanks

Tried to log in to the demo as an employee (both with Evans:Evans and amelia:amelia) and neither work. I really need to see the employee side before making any decisions to purchase.

Please check now. Thanks.


jfacts Purchased

What’s with the mobile demo? It’s not mobile optimized, the menu doesn’t work, and you can’t log out. Will this be fixed? It’s unusable now.

Will check and fix it right away. Don’t worry.

Fixed. Just uploaded and waiting for approval from CodeCanyon team. Please download the latest version from your dashboard in an hour or so. Thanks for pointing this bug!

Very nice plugin nice design, but attendance, button to start work day not found very bad!

Feature of attendance by employee login and logout is in progress and will be launched in a few days. You can buy with confidence!

I don’t see where to add an employees schedule, or adjust what days are “work days”. Where to adjust leave of absence days as I don’t want “being a little bitch” to be one, like in the demo. The attendance as others have pointed out is very lacking. There should be a way to record hours worked and not just if they’re present or absent. I can’t mark an employee absent if they’re not scheduled that day. Then the hours worked could be automatically added for the work week so that generating pay stubs would pull that information automatically. Also it would be nice for the pay stubs to have not just the total dollar amount earned, but the number of hours that correspond to that dollar amount… for example “10 hours @ $20/hr = $200”. I’m certainly very interested in this plugin, just don’t want to have to do a whole lot of coding myself to bring it to where I need it to be

This is a standard version of an HRM system. You need a customized one. Get this plugin and hire someone to modify it as per your needs.


Yamess Purchased

Hi, is there anyway you can precise, when you update the plugin, what has changed and what has been added or fixed? there is no information about the update you have released.

Most of the updates are bug fixes. Will start changeog going forward. Thanks for the suggestion.

Hi. I have mistakenly purchase 2 items instead of just one. Can you refund my other purchase thanks.

Sure. Refunded.

Also do you support editing? I mean can I hire you to do some modification instead of hiring 3rd party.

Sure. Drop an email to support@ommune.com with all the needed customizations and will revert with the quote.