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Very nice. How flexible is the UI?

Hey PluginPunch What do you mean by flexible UI?

Can you give an example?

Can we customize the hover spot UI easily?

Yes. You can create own classes in CSS and set that to your spot. So its full cudtomizable

how easy is it to customize if you dont know much about css

Well you have alot of options. This way you can make it your own without CSS at all

An update is comming in the next few days to fix a few bugs in the plugin.

Have you tested this plugin to see if it works withing tabs. I need to build maps within tabs. Can you confirm that you can have several maps within a set of tabs on the same page?thanks

Hello thank you for your interest.

Yes it has a content editor like WordPress. Within tabs is no problem. Allso multiple on one page is no problem.

Kind regards R3dRidl3

thanks I will purchase

Nice to hear

Live preview is broken.

Sorry. Its back online

Can you set the hotspots to show the tooltip on click instead of on hover? Thanks!

Hmmm with some ajustments yet it’s possible.

Fristrating!! This is not working on my site! I am in a time crunch to get some interactive maps produced. I had asked a question in the comments but did not receive a response so I just bought it and now it is crashing my site. Please advise….ASAP!!


Sorry for the late reply, computer crashed last few days.

Can i check tomorrownight? Please send me FTP / WP login to my email.

For testpurposes, can you reactivate the plugin and settings you had?

I ended up having to purchase another plugin to do the job – the hotspots tooltips just didn’t work and the tags were way off to the side of the image when it would load. Can I possibly get a refund?

for a refund you need to ask envato. they handle that. too bad you didn’t give me time to help you.

My “spots” keep jumping, when I press update and the colorcustomizations dosnt take place. Is there any assistance what so ever?

And besides that, it dosnt save my points.. Is there a guide? This makes no sense at all. – I add a spot, change it values, saves, comes back, pressing edit to the spot, and nothing is saved. I set values first, places the spot, saves. Returns, nothing either.

Hello octo,

First of all did you read the documentation?

  1. Click on “Add hotspot” and select an image.
  2. Click anywhere on your image to create your first hotspot.
  3. When you hover the white circle, you can click the pen to start editing the content and settings for this spot.
  4. After you are done, click the blue button in the WYSIWYG editor that says: “Save hotspot content”.
  5. Repeat this proces for all your spots
  6. Publish your WP Hotspot image
  7. When you are done and want to add the image with the hotspots to any page / post, just copy the shortcode on the side and place it where you want it to be. It’s that easy.

Besides that I see your support has expired.


HIWD Purchased

Do you have a manual that explains step by step on how to use Hotsposts plugin? Screenshots that are on your site are not helpful.

If you send me FTP + WP login I will be able to look for you. I don’t have any problems with the plugin.


HIWD Purchased

I have emailed you login and FTP access

Thank you


HIWD Purchased

Hi, In addition to my previous question. We are able to load a Hotspot image, but cannot see how to make the page live. The website is: http://homelifeforpals.org/wp

Purchase code: b2cd31d0-9ceb-4f6f-be88-5e462497eb27 – 20 Oct 2016

The documentation is in the downloaded plugin. There is a directory called “documentation”.

You can download it locally or visit the link on your website: http://homelifeforpals.org/wp/wp-content/plugins/wp-hotspots/documentation/

HIWD Purchased

Hi, I have emailed you user name/password and FTP access. How will you reply? On comments or will I receive an email with your results?

Hey, I will look at it tonight.

I will reply via email.

I purchased your plugin WP Hotspot, but none of the hotspots are active. Here is a test URL: http://cmc.trdigital.com.au/wp7733/index.php/our-campers/walk-in/options/

The icons don’t match the position I placed them wither.

Can you please have a look and see what the problem is.

Thanks Tony

Hi R3dRidl3, I’ve removed the password. Thanks

Hi R3dRidl3, don’t worry checking out the page. I’ve used a different plugin and it worked first time. Thanks

Ok sorry for the inconvineance

I just purchased the plugin, but I only see the Title field when clicking on “Add Hotspot”. I read the documentation and there’s step C) Usage 1. Click on “Add Hotspot” and select an image. I cannot select an image, as there’s no editor field at all. I have logged the Console and there are two JavaScript errors, where the files have not been able to be loaded:

1. edit.php?post_type=wp_hotspot:76 GET http://code.jquery.com/ui/1.11.4/themes/smoothness/jquery-ui.css?ver=1.11.4

2. wp-hotspots-admin.js?ver=1.0.0:22 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘replace’ of undefined at http://blackforest-precision.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-hotspots/assets/admin/js/wp-hotspots-admin.js?ver=1.0.0:22:25 at dispatch (http://blackforest-precision.com/wp-admin/load-scripts.php?c=0&load%5B%5D=j…n,jquery-ui-dialog,jquery-ui-menu,jquery-ui-autocomplete&ver=4.5.4:3:12444) at r.handle (http://blackforest-precision.com/wp-admin/load-scripts.php?c=0&load%5B%5D=j…on,jquery-ui-dialog,jquery-ui-menu,jquery-ui-autocomplete&ver=4.5.4:3:9173)

Is there a possibility that you could provide me a fix for this? Thanks and Best Regards!

Can you send me WP login and FTP login via email?

I can’t help you if I don’t have that.

Sure, I have just sent you an email. Thanks so much in advance for taking a look!

Great Support, you helped me very fast and with a very decent answer, which solved my problem right away. The plugin works like a charm!

Hi there, I purchased the plugin but am unable to add image points because the preview is so tiny. Please help, thanks.

No problem, could you try and resize your screen? Sometimes this is a known bug. Can’t find a solution just yet.

*meant to check email me button

Great One, welcome to Envato Family