WP Hierarchy Page Plugin

WP Hierarchy Page Plugin

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Have you a COMPLEX Wordpress Site with many NESTED PAGES?
Want to Manage your HIERARCHY STRUCTURE?
Need an EASY WAY to SEARCH for Page Feature?

THIS PLUGIN is for you!

It may happen that your website tree is really complex (many pages, many nesting points). It makes really difficult parent page selection from the parent dropdown, in the page edit screen. This plugin adds a button just above the parent dropdown that show the website’s tree in a hierarchy structure. You may browse easily your website structure, picking the page you need to assign. Moreover it offers a very useful page search feature.


On every page, inside Page Attributes section, a button will appear to show (and manage) your page tree.


Your Page Tree is displayed in a practical way like OSX Finder.


Not sure where is your nested page? Find it with Quick Search! Made a typo? You are covered by the fuzy search with configurable sensitivity!


ver 1.0.2 (10.10.2016)
- fixed a bug where search results had duplicates results;
- tweaked color schemes;
- added option to set the fuzzy search sensitivity;
- added option to set either the popup will close when you select a search item
ver. 1.0.1 (15.05.2016)
- fixed a bug where an extra html was displayed on unwanted pages
ver. 1.0.0 (13.05.2016)
- initial release


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