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HI, I want to install your pug in for second site. Do I need to purchase another license code via repurchasing? Please let me know how ASAP!

If it is your own blog no need to buy :)

Hello, i purchased the plugin and it works great but i have an issue! I want to disable it on mobile and i did click the disable on mobile and iPad option but nothing works can you check please : www.roundicons.com

We checked the link above but unable to see header bar active, can you please provide us the correct link so that our team can look for the issue.


Pre Sales Question

Is the software compat with wordpress 4.2x

100% it is compat with wordpress 4.2x


Hi guys! I was wondering: will this display or can this be rigged to display under a navbar/header? Or does this become the navbar/header? I can’t find any examples where it displays under, but I still need the logo and links of the site’s current header… Thanks in advance!

Sorry header bar is not design to display under nav bar.



Can you display newsletter bar on the top as fixed (always showig) , and call to action bar on the bottom as fixed, at the same time?

can it collect emails inside the plugin (not using mailchimp, etc.) , can the emails be exported to CSV ?

Yes you can display newsletter bar on the top as fixed but you need “Wp Header Bar – WordPress Notification Bar” & “Ad Plus List Building Popup” both.

YES, “Ad Plus List Building Popup” has feature to exported collected email to CSV


can I put a contact form 7 in the top bar? (via a shortcode) (I’ll create a thin one) and have the response appear in the bar

YES, contact form 7 shortcode is supported by wp header bar.


Does this have the option to NOT reload when you navigate away from a page? I’m looking for something to persistently play audio as a user browses a website.

Sorry, wp header bar does not have option not to reload again when someone navigate away.


Pre-sales question: will your plugin work on a wordpress site built on Cherry Framework 3.x Thanks

100% it will work on cherry Framework.


Are you going to update this plugin soon? I bought the royal footer plugin which is giving a message about being deprecated due to the recent WP update and I would like to buy the header bar.

Yes we are updating WP Header Bar and Royal Footer Bar, The update will be available within few days.


ok, thanks.

Hello! We’re wanting to do a carousel function in our notification bar that is scrolling with a couple of different testimonials. Is this possible with your plugin? Thanks!

The function is not available on the header bar


Hello, I would like you to help me a question, to analyze the performance of my site in GTmetrix, they ask me to specify the size of the images, and the arrow pointing down in wp bar header is not being specified size, how and where you can specify the size of this image?

we are using image of size 17X19 pixel i.e height == 19px;


Do you know when the plugin will be updated? After that occurs I will purchase. I received a warning in my dashboard for the royal footer before you updated so I don’t want to purchase the header bar and install until the update has happened because I am sure the same error will occur. Thanks.

I am getting error notices. I will submit a ticket.

We will check ticket immediately Thanks for posting on our ticket.

Have send .zip (Wp Header Bar – WordPress Notification Bar) file which has fix of your issue can you please use it and let us know the status of your problem.


Pre-sales question … does it work with WP4.5?

Looks like you have already start using plugin. Please let us know if you need help.


PreSales Question – Can you rotate text with links so that every so many seconds a new text and link appears

Sorry text does not rotate with link

Ok thank you for your quick response. Would be great to add :)

Where do I change the arrow color? My bar is black and the arrow is hard to see. Thanks

“Wp Header Bar” uses image up arrow so its not possible to change color dynamically. Instead it is possible to change arrow image. If needed i walk with you on where or how to change the arrow.


Okay. Sounds good. Where do I change the arrow?

Image located inside folder “wp-content/plugins/wp-header-bar/lib/user-tmp/headerBarDomination-up-arrow.png”

OR you can also change it using CSS.

a.wpsmartappsHeaderDomination-close-notify, a.wpsmartappsHeaderDomination-close-notify:link, a.wpsmartappsHeaderDomination-close-notify:visited {
    background-image: url("YOUR_HOSTED_IMAGE_COMPLETE_PATH")!important;

Image size: 17X19px


Hi, Can you apply a header bar to posts with a certain tag only? Thanks.

You can target header bar to display only on post / selected pages or on the category pages and more.

Little bit confused about term tag you using, can i know more about it.


Hello, I have a pre sale question. Is your plugin compatible with porto theme? Thank you.

We have not tested ourself but have found few clients using it on the poto.


Hello, pre-sale question – can the bar be shown only on selected product categories or single product pages in Woocommerce?

Using single product page ID you can display bar only on selected Woocommerce product.


hi – does this work in current wp? I have v. 3.25 and it doesn’t show

Its 100% working with the new WP version.