RedhopIT does not currently provide support for this item.

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Hi! The case: i have wp network about 20 sites. 3 of them are for the one customer. Can your plugin separately backup some sites to ftp? Not all the sites, but only some of them.

does it handle “serialized data” like ftp_credentials stahed in the db?

whats the benefit of your tool compared to free alternatives?


work with wordpress Multisite ? thanks

i would like to know if golive is compatibile with my shared server (netsons) becouse i have had problems with serveral tools. so what the requirements?

Question: Before transferring from live wordpress site to another, Do I have to active the originally Theme that was used on the first site?

I love the idea of this plugin, but am having some issues. The server to server doesn’t like my new db connection (I am trying to get answer from service provider on if remote access is disabled).

So then I tried to use the option to create package install…it starts to create ZIP and looks like working, but then hangs. Not sure what is wrong.

Great plugin but… My hosting provider does not allow remote database connections, so as that is the case the plugin is useless for me. Any chance for a refund?

I get an error message when I try to upload the .zip file to my localhost site.

When I unzip file and upload the unzipped folder, it says it is partially uploaded.

So I put it into the “plugins” folder on my localhost site. The plugin does not appear at all.

Can you help me? If not, I need a refund cuz this plugin does not work at all. I note other people have had same problem.

Support could do a better job. No reply in 8 days and I’m stuck with an unusable plugin. Might be a good idea to highlight the fact that this doesn’t work if your hosting service does not allow remote database connections.


I just send the email below, but it bounced back. Hope you are still providing support. I paste the e-mail here now, as I have no other choice,


I just bought your plugin to migrate a local site running on a Mac with Mamp Pro to a dedicated Rackspace server. All connections are working well, but soon after I click on the Migrate button, I get this error message: An Error Occured while transfering the files, please try later.

Both the FTP connection and the remote database access are working well. I shutdown the firewall of my Mac, but that did not solve the problem. On Rackspace server, I’m sure that all is configured perfectly.

Hope you can help me out quickly as I want to bring the website live tonight.



No support at all ??? So you let me spend $29 for your fun? Your plugin simply does not work anymore. I could forgive you, but that you even do not try to help, that is unforgivable.

Are you still maintaining this? Looks like you’ve been away for ages. The description images are all broken.

When trying to export zip file, it just never finishes processing. Is there an easy fix for this?

Hello RedhopIT, I have bought the plugin yesterday and tried to use the two features to first migrate from server to server but the process always get stuck in the first step. I also tried to export as zip but it never generate the zip file at the end. Could you please help to analyze what could be wrong? Tks

Hi, I just bought this plugin. The FTP test and DB test went well, but stuck in the first step “Exporting Database to SQL file” forever. Please help me !

I see AFTER PURCHASE that he offers no support. I only buy items that offer support.

But when I request a refund all of a sudden I get a wee bit of support that really does not help at all. No potential for follow-up?

If direct support was a given I would use the plugin. But apparently the only way to get support action is through this refund mechanism. Unacceptable!

How about he provides direct support on his item and then we all won’t need the refund. No direct support and I require a refund.

Envato, as an aside, maybe you could make the words “no support” a little more obvious and noticeable when making a purchase with an item that offers no support.

It seems “RedhopIT has chosen not to support this item” isn’t all that noticeable and maybe should be in a blazing RED FONT that is flashing for all to see. Or even a second pop up screen at purchase CONFIRMING that this purchase HAS NO SUPPORT.

RedHOP has one product and is available for freelance consultation, but apparently he doesn’t support his stuff. Oh, but he is available for the consult at a cash price but not available support HIS PRODUCT at my already paid cash price.

I smell a turd.