WP Giveaway

WP Giveaway

WP Giveaway helps to increase your email subscribers and hence your traffic. Create a giveaway and go live in minutes.

Step 1: Setup your giveaway on any WordPress site in few minutes.

Step 2: Promote it to your visitors.

Step 3: Visitors share your contest like crazy and you get a ton of new email subscribers.

Main Features:

- Giveaway form with custom Title, description
- Optional promotional image or video in the giveaway form
- Youtube embed support
- Logo and 3 promo images on giveaway page
- Custom background image

- Embed giveaway into a post - Separate giveaway page
- Unique referral link for each user
- Referral point system for users
- Restrict only one entry per user in browser
- Spam protection usinf security questions
- Spam protection using google reCAPTCHA
- Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pintrest, Google plus sharing
- Like facebook page and Follow on twitter after form submission
- Short URL for referral links using google URL shortner

- Mailchimp Integration
- Aweber integration
- Getresponse integration
- Campaign monitor integration
- By default save to wordpress database
- Export CSV option for subscribers to import in your favorite email service
- Multiple winner support
- Random draw winners
- Manual choose winners


Video Demo:
WP Giveaway Video Demos

Front End Demo:
Live giveaway

Embed post Demo:
Live giveaway

Admin Panel Demo:
Admin link
username: demo / password: demo