Discussion on WP GeoIP Country Redirect

Discussion on WP GeoIP Country Redirect

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Hi, how would I test if this works? My goal is to redirect all visitors from the US o our dedicated US site.


Hi, that’s a good goal, just get a licence and make sure you’re NOT using caching – thx

I mean how would I test that it i working, in oher words pretend I am a visitor from he US (testing here wihin the UK)

any have discount for this plugin?

None – it’s already a great price

I need to redirect only one page it’s pricing plan page so the pricing show based on the country so every country have separate pricing plan page so this case the customer where to match the page need redirect so my question this case which page I need to stop the catching all the page or only the from source page only The plan page is the primary when visitor click plan link automatically detect where the visitor then redirect to appropriate page so explain only the plan uncatched or all using wp rocket

you can try removing caching only on page that you’re applying the redirect on but generally no caching is better.

yes, don’t mention that kind of thing here please

sorry , i just explained the result , anyway thanks, i will buy the plugin once website work done

Pre Sales Question: Can I redirect users based on zipcode, cities or provinces? Id like to divide countries into specific territories and setup proper redirection. Can this plugin do this?

No, only country as a whole. No zipcodes, cities or provinces.

6spins Purchased

Hi, I want to show a pop-up based on location. The popup will be created in Elementor. Does this plugin work with Elementor?

Hi, I don’t know what Elementor is sorry nor I can help with any 3rd party plugins/themes.

Great Plugin, just had few questions.

Does this plugin support with other plugins like Yeost or WP Rokect, I mean it’ll not conflict with each other, right??

on the other hand i have 3 different website, which is the best option buy for this plugin for all those sites??

Looking forward for your urgent reply.

Thank you


Other plugins does not conflict excepting CACHE ones (wp rocket, w3 cache, etc.)

Each site needs it’s own licence key.


So do I need to remove the wp rocket plugin???

and can I purchase an extended license for my 3 websites?? so that I can use it on each site?? Please reply urgently

Yes , strictly no caching.

No, you. will still need a licence for each of your sites, extended will not let you activate on all sites (it’s for web agencies working for a client that licence)

Hello, I installed the script in a test domain that is but I was only testing the operation. To see if you can help me please to be able to install it in the domain that is going to remain, so that you deactivate hello dreams and I can already enable the code in which it is.

Thank you very much

Hello, license reset you may activate on your main domain. Thanks

We bought this before but suddenly the previous version is not on Envato looks like it was removed by Envato itself.

how can I still get access to what we have purchased already? i can send you the purchase code.!

It’s on the market since 2013- you bought something else not this


vinay16 Purchased

Hi! I have a question before buying. I want to apply redirect only on my homepage. Will it work if I disable caching on home page ? I am using the caching plugin and I need to use it on other pages of my site for better speed.


yes if you disable caching to the homepage and only apply rule to home it will work.

Pre-purchase question. Is this plugin still being updated?

twice a year

How do i avoid a constant loop? Seems to be looping endlessly everytime i want to visit the homepage.

I have enabled the once redirect feature. It still doesnt seem to work.

When i visit my site, all i see is a blank page with many redirects, so i cant get it to work. I use nordvpn to check, have sent you an email on this matter. Would be great if we could fix it, as it ist a little bit frustrating. I have set a rule for my country ( and this results in endless looping.

Thanks for your help and support.

I am using antispam Bee and Polylang

Replied via email.

Hi! I have a question before buying: I use Wordfence plug-in on my site. But I only have to redirect for a few pages of the site and i think tht your plug-in it’s OK. Does your plug-in work with on site together with Wordfence? Doesn’t he have conflict? Have nice day!


It works but in some cases it needs adjustments as they’re messing with visitor IP. Contact if that’s the case for you too (after purchase). Thanks (ps: NO caching plugins please)

Hello, the activation code, not validating in my wp, i sent you email, please check it


We replied – the login for wp admin is wrong. Talk there or here, not in both places.

Hello, I have installed the plugin on my web page. But now I see that it is not working. My request is this: my web page is redirected to another domain when logged in from one country. Sample: When is visited from the USA, I want it to be directed to a site that only sells products in the USA.

Hello, get in touch with support with your site url to start with – thanks


Some pre-sales questions…

1) I am making a website I run in multiple languages using WP multi-site… So I have and if your in France I want it to redirect to which is the site in French..

Seems like a this is the plugin to do that? Am I wrong?

2) I see you said no caching… But the plugin is just doing redirecting so if I do caching on the nginx level or with Cloudflare wouldn’t that not matter and it would redirect to the correct sub domain?



1) one of the best examples yes.

2) no caching plugins or wpengine caching which is agressive, cloudflare is fine, nginx is fine too.



I installed it but it doesn’t redirect.

The plugin is not working. :(

I want to redirect all visitors from outside Turkey to a different site. I made the settings, but it does not perform redirection.

Can you help ?

Answered on mail.

In your listing description you said “This product includes GeoLite data created by Max…..”

Pre-purchase question

QUESTION : Is that database included in the wordpress plugin code (will that not make the plugin slow)

Please help with response

No it doesn’t make the plugin slow. It’s instant and no delays are applied. The speed of the redirect only depeneds on how bloated your site is with plugins and how many resources your theme enqueues.

My QUESTION was : Is that database included in the wordpress plugin code


After installation of the plugin the website takes 7-9 sec to load. Please let me know what should I do?

Regards Sambeet

Hi, host issue – team replied to email, no need to post here, it’s for presales only.

Hello, I have a pre-purchase question. I will have 3 website domains (3 different domain extensions) that will need to be redirected depending on what country the person accesses the website from. Will I need to purchase 3 licences to do this?

Hello, that’s corect yes. Thanks

Ok thanks so much for getting back to me.

No prob! thanks

can it show diff page based on country? Like diff hoem page based on users country?

if you have a main entry page and apply redirects depending on country to their specific page called as “homepage” yes. note: strictly no caching plugins.


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