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I have had problems with the operation of the plugin and the technical assistance has been slow and ineffective.

nothing? No response or technical help? I will have to buy another solution, who is responsible for my money?

if you go to my profile it will clearly say I am away and will be back in a few days. meanwhile please email me with the issue you are encountering. sorry for the delays, we all need holidays


pelsar Purchased

I’m looking for a method so that on a specific button there can will be a link to the english site (corporate) and the redirects will be ignored. Is this possible?

Enable once redirect feature.


pelsar Purchased

that I feature I read about, but then if they want to see their “page”during the same day, (it will be a single page), I’m assuming I going to have to put a link somewhere on the English site where they can go back?

yes that’s also a solution


dmsbro Purchased

i want to buy this plugin and i am not sure if Redirect indian visitor to my indian website from my main website then can i visited my main website bcz i am admin also from india may i able to visit my main webiste or i will also Redirected to indian website or lost the my main website

you have IP whitelisting or Once Redirect feature for that.


dmsbro Purchased

i have 2 website one is for india and one is for US. i want to Redirect my indian visitor to my indian website from US website. now the question i am also from india if i visit US website to edit or check orders. is it is also Redirect me to Indian website and i lose my US website ??

already gave you solution.

It is possible to add this functionality:

Redirect only if a cookie exists.

Options: Choose the page that will create the cookie. The cookie will be created based on the country or countries. Choose the duration of the cookie. Choose which pages will be redirected if the cookie exists. Choose the URL where to redirect.

Coments Only users with this “unique” cookie will be rerigiridos.

Also another option to display content or conditional code (JS, PHP, HTML) using shortcode if the cookie exists …

I need these options and I would buy without doubting the plugin

No sorry

I purchased & can’t redirect traffic to the site from South Africa to another domain – please help with the correct settings.

Contact via author profile form

Does this plugin have an option to ignore all redirect rules for certain IP addresses? For example the people who work on the websites need to access them but they are located in redirect countries.

I suppose that might be the IP white listing you were speaking of higher up?

Yes that’s correct.


pelsar Purchased

same wpml problem as many others here: I appear to be in a loop: I have set up the rule to take the user from israel to “site name/he” only we never get there as it appears to be looping

admin info sent via form

that’s exactly what you need. once redirect feature


pelsar Purchased

now i see how to use it…you have a “seconds” not just days for the redirect to “restart” So for all of the others will be wondering, if i put it on a 60 seconds it allows for the user to decide where they are going.

works fine now- thanks for the support

yup great

Hi Support,

We have been using your plugin for some time now and we have set it up to redirect Japanese traffic away from to The issue is, everyone who uses the site in the UK has been redirected to the Japanese website on more than 2-3 occasions despite being no where near a japanese IP address.

Is there anything I can do to stop this happening as if it is happening to us at the office, it is happening to our customers all over the world.

Thanks very much


Hi Ryan

Sounds like you’re using caching and it caches location and it assumes you’re from the location where the cache was generated from

you would think so but i turned off page cache and has worked great for about a year if not more. The issue is SOMETIMES it does the wrong thing and sends non Japanese IPs to the Japan website. I could live with the other way round happening every now and then but I am not comfortable with normal visitors being redirected to Japans website.

Lets do some debugging together. Contact me via my profile page with at least 5 IP examples that are wrongly sent.

hi there, interested in your plugin but just had one question which maybe you know the answer too – if I have a different version of a page for each country with the same content – how does google look att his from a SEO point of view – would one not be penalised for duplicate content?

hi there, my plugin doesn’t apply redirects for google, only real visitors. about seo effect of having a different page for each country I don’t think it will affect you

Hi there, Based on the comments here, I see that this does work with WPML with some modifications, so that is good news. However, i need to maintain and allow the cache layer to be on, is there a way to use js (client-side) detection of IP somehow through ajax and then forward the user. I realize this does create a slight slow down on page load, but i am willing to accept that in order to maintain a cached site. Let me know if this is possible, thanks!

hi there, sorry no caching with GeoIP. if you want, check my WPML Plugin and after purchase I can send you something JS bassed to keep cache.

Thanks, i’ll purchase this soon to try it out. Would be a good new feature to add to allow that js feature so people can keep caching on :). Im sure other people will find it useful for this added value feature

Hi, interested in your plugin but just had one question, can it save the UTM tags from the source page (for Google utm_term, utm_campaign …). I need to save it on the redirection URL. Thanks

Hi, can you share an example of redirect you’d like to create ?

It is UTM parameters for Google Analytics ( For example my main site URL is – (if I advertise my site in Google Adwords I use macros{campaignid}&utm_content={creative}&utm_term={keyword}, in place of {campaignid} {creative} and {keyword} Google Adwords automatically put parameters, which visitors of my site enter on Google Search). After redirection this parameters should be saved (for example first URL redirection URL

You can any destination URL

“If you have any CACHING plugins ACTIVE this plugin will not work properly simply because it will also cache the 1st visitor location and assume everyone else is from the same country. Ignore this message if it’s not the case.!”

Is there a workaround, since using a Cache Plugin is standard today?

Hi there,

You’ll never find a solution that does static caching with GeoIP. I already mentioned that hundreds times. It’s up to you whichever you pick. GeoIP or Caching. No workaround.

Hi, do you support IP2Location Lite geolocation database?

Hi there, no but I can help you alter it for ip2location. Contact me after purchase.

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I’ve done multiple upgrades and one is pending :) I don’t know who allows you to talk to me like that , you didn’t even purchase

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kindaro Purchased

It doesn’t redirect at all. T.T

Can you contact me via my profile page and be more specific? (ie your URL, rule created, etc.) Thanks