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ronziv Purchased

Hello! Thank you for a great plugin. one issue though, How do I redirect Woocommerce category pages to their respective second language pages? The options only cover WP categories/pages/posts

Thanks, Ron

Hi Ron, at the moment woo commerce categories aren’t supported. I will add this feature as I consider it a good suggestion, if you’re in rush contact me with wp-admin login and I’ll do it straight away for you then release an update for everyone else as well.

Does this plugin support the country “El Salvador” from Central America so I can redirect users from this country to a specific site and if not, redirect to another one?

Yes indeed. Thanks.

not working, are there any help

after i do everything and rule successfully i test from vpn the there is no any change and not redirect to the page i need

Any caching active?

Hello Crivion,

Redirection rules set but stopped working after some hours. I removed all rules and set them again, still did not work. Please help asap.


Redirect rules can’t stop just like that, there must be something causing it like a new conflicting plugin installed, caching, etc.

Contact me via my profile page form with your URL first.



Should this do a sitewide redirect for all users from Norway?

If yes, it doesn’t work. Can you tell me why not? :-)

Sincerely, Mika


Indeed that should. Please renew your support and we’ll do a further debugging. Before anything, make sure you aren’t hosted with WpEngine or have any caching active.


Hi, a pre-sale question: I have a wp multilingual site using wpml and I want a visitor from a specific country being redirected on website with corresponding language (from France to /fr, from Netherlands to /nl, etc)

Will this plugin work like a charm or I have to pick your “WPML Redirect based on IP Country” plugin?

Actually, what’s the difference between these two plugins, beside the fact that the “WPML Redirect based on IP Country” is much more simple?

Oh really? And if someone from France clicks on a link like www.mysite/fr/sample-post, will they see the french post or the homepage /fr?

Sorry for too many questions, but I really need a plugin like that and I want to know what I should expect..

There is a plugin called “Country Caching Extension for WPSC” that claims it solves any incompatibility between GeoIP location and caching.. I will try it as soon as I purchase your plugin. Thanks again

Is there anyway to target states and cities ?

Only countries, cities/states aren’t accurate enough to detect correctly and there would be lots of erroneous redirects

Hi, I’m considering to use this for a website for China/US, China has alot of things blocked so does your plugin work properly?

Hi, this plugin works 100% perfectly..


After reading the comments, I noticed that the plugin is/was not yet compatible with WP Multisite.

Is it compatible now? If not, what changes are necessary?

I need to auto redirect a few pages on the main website of my multisite installation.

Best regards, Samuel

Hi Sam,

With the last update it is compatible no changes needed.


Hi, how are you?

I buy that plugin, he work very good in desktop, but dont on mobile. Im brazilian, and when i try acess the home page in my cel, he go to USA page. You can help me? USA page:

I dont use cache.

The website:

I wait, and thanks!

Hello, sorry mobile IP’s aren’t as accurate as I would like to. If you’re not happy with the item you can request a refund and I’ll approve. Thanks.

Hi man, how are you?

You see that? This helps you, for one upgrade in your plugin?

Here he talks what to do. Thanks.

Hi, this is a presale question :D Does this plugin has a popup to tell the user that they can see the web in their language?

Something like, Hey! you are in Spain, do you want to see our page in spanish? and then a button to go to spanish version.


Hi there,

If you’re on WPML this is exactly what you need


Wow! thats perfect! do you have a demo page for that?

I don’t have a demo due to bad users behaviour of abusing the wp-admin power.


Rocapress will be writing on our behalf.

All right thanks.


I have made a correct “SITEWIDE REDIRECT” setup, which redirects all customers from Norway to our /no website. However, it doesn’t seems to be working.

Could you please help us? I’m going to send you a private message in just a moment with our WP Login credentials.

Sincerely, Mika

Hi Mika,

Talked by email. Thanks


Excellent plugin – thank you.

I cannot get ‘South Africa’ to redirect, all others work fine (have setup global redirects for all countries), have accessed South Africa via VPN (and locally) and it doesn’t redirect. Any ideas?

Hey, if you’re able to get back to me soon that would be great. Many thanks

Hi there,

Get to me via my profile contact form with URL info.

Sorry for the late reply.

Thanks, Alex

Email sent, many thanks.


Do you have the instructions/syntax for using the wildcard option? If I choose Wildcard, do I just enter the URL of the target domain in target url? For example: if the GeoIP is installed on and my url is I want to redirect to, do I just enter in the target url and the plugin will figure out the rest so that I don’t have to map every URL?


Hi there,

Yes exactly. Just put upt the url and the plugin will figure out everything else for you