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Good Morning: I need to control what information appears according to the country of origin, using PHP. Is there any API, cookie value, or PHP statements that I can use for that purpose? Thank you.

Good morning, yes you can use our specific plugin then in your php code (assuming it’s INSIDE WP) you’ll just use apply_shortcode(’’)

Hi, Can we use ip redirection with wp rocket cache plugins active?


So have any other solution with site speed and ip redirection functionality?

Yes, use a less bloated theme, less plugins, better servers, etc.

Hi, I’d love to use your plugin, but I just have 1 question:

I am creating 2 websites on 2 different domains.

I want a button at the top of each website, so the user can change between websites if they want to.

If the user is in country A, and visits website A – and they then click to visit website B, how do I stop website B redirecting them back to website A, if they navigate between pages, without having to add noredirect onto every link?

Thanks so much!

Hi there,

It is a conflict so basically there is no such solution.



I have a .com in spanish and a .com/it in italian. I’ve used your plugin to automatically redirect italian people to /it. It is working, but when they select ES on the top menu to go to spanish they are redirected again to italian, so no one from Italy can see the spanish version. Is there any way to solve it?



Yes, enable the feature called Once Redirect from plugin menu.


when user open india site redirect to US site some time ….any solution

Hi there – just a quick question. Will the plugin pass variables in the query string with the redirect from the original URL to the next?

Hi there – nope as also specified in the email.

Hello, can I redirect one single specific page/post to another based on a specific country? The website must be the same for all the countries except the page /about-us that, for example, Frech users must see /about-us-2. If its possible I will buy the plugin. Thank you


Yes you can: a very good example of a use case


Thank you for your reply. Is included the feature to add a body class based on country id?

No, that’s not something my plugin will do


walidkh Purchased

Hi, all works fine for the pages, but for the home page it is not working, may I know how to make home page redirection?


I strongly doubt. Contact me via my profile page with a screenshot of the rule you created + your URL.



walidkh Purchased

Hi, it was caused by the caching plugin, removed it, everything works fine, cheers


That was my guess too!


PRESALE QUESTION: Are we able to redirect users trying to access our homepage to a different page in the site based on the user’s location using this plugin? Thanks.

Accessing homepage to a different page: what you mean?

Hi, does this plugin work also with other post types like OntraPages or LeadPages (pages published through a plugin)? Or does it only work for pages created in Wordpress?

Hi, pages created through WP

Thank you, that is quite unfortunate. Can I test it if it works for me before the purchase? Just 1 day is all I need to see if it works or not. Thanks

There’s no such thing as testing. Your custom post types won’t appear in the dropdown to generate a rule. Thanks.

Needs altering to work with the precision service

redirect rule not work some time.. when user click on global site redirect rule redirect to US website ….

hello, Can I use it in html?

Hello, no this is for wordpress not for static html.

Hello, I have set and for clients from Italy. The redirection works, however, after being redirected to /it when using an Italian ip, I can easily switch to .bet only just by re-typing the domain, which I do not want as I want clients to be geo-restricted. How do I fix it?

Hello Before buying I would like to know if I can define that only people from country X access a certain page, and people and country Y access another page. And this plugin also applies to woocommerce. For example, I have the main url:, when someone from Mexico accesses my store, they should be redirected to , is this possible with this plugin?

Hello, yes 100% possible – please make sure no caching plugins are used .

Is it possible to do geolocation of Russian cities in MultiSite mode?

Example: Main site

No – this is country based not city based


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Hello, before buying I want to know if I can use it in a multisite wordpress and if I have to pay a third party service to make the IP queries? Or does the plugin just download the maxmind database and nothing else is needed? thanks.

Hi there, it does support multisite and nothing else is needed.

Why I am the only idiot who does not get a reply? Why you skipped my question? Should I open a dispute and ask for a refund?

I simply missed your question, nothing intentional, already stated that I am sorry. I understand you’re non-satisfied, hence why here you can request a refund and I’ll instantly approve it for you.

Again, apologies it was nothing intentional. These things happen

I understand that things happens, but instead of blaming a rant from a customer (which is understandable) you could at least just replied and solved a problem, I don’t need apologies, I don’t need a refund of $20, I would need you to reply to my previous question. And however I have not “yelled” anybody, there are no capital letters used. If you could please just tip me how to fix the issue I would save time to look into a new plugin, install it etc.

Sure thing, just use the contact form on my profile page to get in touch and I’ll ask some details (which I am sure you don’t want to share on public). on right side it says “Email Crivion”


Hello, I am thinking of getting this plugin. but I have a question I was wondering;

Let’s say we have an site. On this site, we want to share about USA (/ us) and Germany (/ de). However, we only want to share by location, not on, that is, we want to share on and

Let’s say a user is in germany and wrote in the search bar and hit enter. I want the site to appear instead of

Is it possible to do this with this plugin?


Yes it is – which setup are you using (single install, multi site?) Also, which plugin are you using for translation.

I use multi site setup. By the way, what do you mean by translation? If you are talking about redirect plugin no, I am not using any redirect plugin right now.

Ok, it is possible to achieve what you wanted then


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Hi, can i redirect by country to another web site (a clone of the web with the language and content), I mean if the go to the web It can be redirect to


Yes 100%