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Hello, I have a multilingual website, and its language URL are in this format /en-us/fr. Could you please implement this?



Replied to your mail.


Hey – just a quick question, I have tried a few free redirect plugins and they take a few seconds (which is too long) to redirect the user, just wanted to know how long it takes for your plugin to redirect a user?

Hi there,

It’s all up to your server speed and internet connection speed + your theme configuration ( depends on how bloated it is, etc. ).

My plugin doesn’t cause any delay, however as I said all the things above must be taken into account when considering redirect time.


I’m using multi-site and created a rules. It show “Rule successfully created!” but under current rules there is no rules created.

Please help.

Hello, Send or create a wp-admin account for me so I can reveiw your setup

Hi, I sent email to you through your profile for the access. Pls check. Thanks

Hi, i replied email and sent email to you through your profile but no reply again. Please check, I attached video to show you the issue. Your plugin not working


I just buy your plugin, add a new rule to redirect all the Australian traffic to another site and try to test it from this ip: This IP is from Australia, you can check here: But the plugin doesn’t redirect to target URL. I made another rule to redirect traffic from Russia and it works. But I need redirect traffic from Australia.

What can I do?

Please help. Have a nice day.


Contact me via my profile page with your URL

Hi, i have a question before purchase. I have a multilingual website, and its language URL are in this format /en/ or /fr/ I would like some IP, lets say from america, goes to /en/ and say belgium directs to /fr/. Can i achieve this with this plugin?



Yes, you need to enable a feature called “Once Redirect” from plugin administration menu to avoid getting a loop.

Thanks. Alex


We have an issue with your plugin. When some users from Norway enter our site, they are NOT redirected to the Norwegian website.

How can that be?

Sincerly, Mika

Hi Mika,

If you have caching / your host has caching it will never work.

We already talked regarding this in February 2016.

Hello !

Is it possible to redirect based on Province ? I need to redirect Canadian visitors from Quebec or New-Brunswick differently.

Thank you.


Hi Julien,

No sorry.

Will there be an update? I am having one small problem. I am using this plugin to redirect my customers to the checkout version of their language.

Problem is after they completed the transaction, instead of going to the order received page, they are being redirected back again to checkout, which makes it confusing and them paying twice.

Is there a way to fix this?

I fixed it. I just activated the WP GeoIP Once Redirect and it did exactly what I needed. 5 stars for this plugin like always

Awesome, thanks

Hi there, I am a customer and just recognized that for Italy the pricing will be displayed without tax/vat which is incorrect us. Can you please double check your adjustments and geo data. I am quite sure that there must be an error as all other countries are perfect in our system. Just for the story we are base din Germany and all European countries should be displayed with VAT. Thank you so much.

Hi there,

My plugin doesn’t really care about VAT so I am not quite sure what you’re referring to .

WP geoip redirect only aim is to REDIRECT people based on country. If you need assistance my side to review your setup I can assist after renewing support. Keep in mind that my plugin has nothing to do with showing prices with VAT or without.

Need help with this. Not working properly.

Replied to your email.

This is not written in product details, but This plugin Does not work, if you have caching on your website. Meaning you will have to sacrifice speed to georedirect.

It is written in product details and comments, and also everyone understands that. See image. Thanks & sorry but I am sure you’ll find it useful at some point.

Can this plugin work in an environment with a CDN (Cloudflare)?

As logn as CDN doesn’t merge or cache any files yes. If you have caching no.

Hi crivion.. My website is wordpress, i want to secondary domain redirect to specific country..Your plugin is compatible alright..?


With a few tweaks in database it can work with multisite as its not ready out of the box yet.