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I am operating an niche-webpage for affiliates. User from Switzerland should see Swiss dealers and user from Germany should only see Amazon affiliate links. Does this plugin solve exactly that problem?

In some way. You could instead use which will do what you’re trying to achieve.

Thank you =D i buy this in next time :-)!!

Hi, I am currently try to make a site that redirects traffic based on IP to a subdomain of the main site inside of a multisite network. For example, visitors from us would be redirected to when visiting Can this be done via your plugin in a fast and simple way? i.e. not having to define a specific URL on each page? Thanks!!

okay then. Can everything be done via your plugin? Or will I need to configure some other settings as well in additional to your plugin?

You don’t seem to understand very well: all you have to do is create a wildcard redirect to the particular subdomain and it will take the page-xyz to subdomain/page-xyz.

Yes, and I have hundreds of these pages. So I need a plugin that automates this for me so that I don’t need to manually specify the rules and destination URL on every page.



I have 3 wordpress websites on the below urls


Whenever anyone from country1 tried to access, they need to be redirected to website.

Similarly for country2.

Also, in case anyone from any other country (say, country3) visits, they view the content from only.


- Can your plugin accomplish the above requirements?

- Would using a third-party CDN such as MaxCDN have any impact on how the redirects happen?

- What is the impact on SEO by doing this?

Would appreciate your response.


Are the 3 websites on a different install?

- If different install, yes. - If you use any sort of caching do not get WP GeoIP - There’s no impact on SEO, search engines do not see the redirect.



With your plugin can we block all countries?, And only allows Belgium and France and us for google Possible

Countries that are blocked redirect them to a page eg 403?

Thank you


I’m talking about the search engine not block it, as I will block all countries?

Can I have screenshots on my request before buying?

Your plugin, to the same functions of the plugin?

Thank you


Screenshot for what? If you don’t trust a 2k sales plugin don’t buy.

I already told you is very easy to achieve what you’re trying to do.

Okay, I’ll think I finish my work before

Thank you

Hello! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for to ensure my visitors are seeing the content I want them to (I use the WP GeoIP plugin to geotarget specific content).

My question is: Can this plugin redirect visitors to the same URL, just with a query appended? For example instead of I want it to redirect to so they don’t leave that particular post they are trying to view… does that make sense? Thank you!

Hello, no it won’t work that way.

Okay thank you for letting me know. Is this something you could see for a future update? Would I be able to pay for customization for it?

No sorry there will be no update containing this exact feature as it is very tied to your needs. Contact me via my profile pge form for a price for customisation.


Can i make the redirection happens for a specific page only when the visitor visits the website for the first time and then he can go back to the home page freely ?

Yes, by enabling Once Redirect feature


wexzone Purchased

1. Can I redirect all EU IPs to a specific page on my site? 2. What database do you use to determine location of IP?

1. if EU = European Union countries yes. 2. It’s written in the item description, quote “This product includes GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from"


wexzone Purchased

will we have to pay a fee to maxmind?

Only if you want the premium db. Otherwise the lite databases are included already

I am reading a lot about caching not possible with GeoIP plugins, and I am a bit confused by this to be honest. The best way to check and redirect would be with PHP. So why cant your plugin just be run before any other caching plugin? I could add some PHP into wp_config and that would run before any WP plugin and therefore cache. And so it would check the IP and redirect. This would also be good because it seems your redirect plugin waitd for the page to load, then redirects, and loads the other page again, so 2 page loads, double the traffic.

So I am a bit confused why its not possible? Can you explain, because caching is vital, especially on larger traffic sites (which often use some sort of GeoIP) so I dont believe disable caching is a solution.

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I’ll take note of your suggestions, meanwhile caching is still not possible with any of my geoip plugins

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