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Hi, because of different payment gateways, currencies and languages I need to split this site to a few countries: . So, lets say someone in SPAIN goes to, can I redirect this visitor to (just an example, the same should apply for other countries)

Also, if someone is redirected to a wrong country can he still select manually the correct country or he will be redirected back over and over again ?

Hi there,

You can achieve that for sure! And to let them go the whatever country they want after initial/1st redirect you just enable the feature called “Once Redirect”.


Hello, interesting plugin. I have 2 Websites, my question, do i need 2 licenses or one time to buy and use on all my websites?

Thank you

Hi there,

You need a license for each website.

Thank you.

[pre-sale question] How can I redirect on a per-continent basis? Thanks

Hi there, unfortunately you can only do that bu adding a rule manually for each country of that continent

Hi, I’m developing a website with WPML plugin installed, I would like to understand if it’s possible to redirect users based on countries if I’m using directories for the other languages. For example, redirect an Irish user from to and the same for the other WPML pages. Is it also possible to redirect a different domains link these ones:,, to a single domain like

replied on WPML version.

Awesome plugin is will this plugin support custom post types

Hello, this will not support CPT out of the box but contact me after purchase and I’ll assist (you need to share wp-admin or create an account for me )

Pre-Sale questions:


Nordiccreative highlighted an issue with South African redirects 5 months ago.

Is everything fine now or should I also expect some issues trying to achieve the same?

Also, you somewhere commented that Mobile IPs redirect weren’t very accurate. Since there are now more mobile users than desktop users how big of an issue is it? Can you maybe provide an approximate accuracy rate?


Hi there, Accuracy rate is 98% and we indeed added an update for ipv6 format (as that’s most mobile using). Keep in mind NO CACHING please.


Hi, got this plugin a few days back and working perfectly. Question about wildcard redirects though. I have the same post urls on both my UK and USA website, is it possible to set up a redirect which would automatically redirect UK people for all posts without having do it manually? Something like* (where the * would match the page address. Thanks

Hi there, use wildcard redirect option and that’s exactly what it does. Let me know if you need further assistance . Thanks

Thanks, perfect. Sorry, managed to miss option.

PRIORITY : Pre Buy Questions :

you mentioned this This product includes GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from on your page, i understand this we dont need to signup additional for this service. However the maxmind site states that the legacy db will be depreciated on 1apr 2018, and u need to upgrade to their lite 2 db, and if you see on this page below that there is a payment of 252$/year for the country DB.

Can you please clear this out. I need to buy this plugin asap if the above wont be an issue

Hi there,

You don’t need to buy anything else than my plugin.

hello Crivion

i currently have an account with maxmind to use thier API, can i utilize the maxmind api with this script to get accurate results?


Hi there,

No, their api is different than what we’re using here.

If you want a customisation quote to integrate with the api contact me via my profile page form.


Hello crivion

will this script work if im using a CDN?


Cdn is fine, no page:post:etc caching please. it won’t work with caching