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Hi there, this looks useful but is the demo broke? When trying to view any posts/pages it throws errors – Not Found

The requested URL /wpgeopnew/index.php was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

I will try for demo tomorrow. Yes, it’s possible with this plugin to redirect on different pages based on city. Thanks

Cool, one last one if I may, does this need any external files to work? For example in demo it asks for a file upload of IP address?

We have given 3 options to get IP based data (IP address to country, city, state mapping) . ip-api and geoip doesn’t require any data as they have api but maxamind requires csv uploading. Thanks

Tell me. Your plugin is possible to realize that when the first time you come redirected, but if re-entry is not redirect?


It’s not possible to detect reentry using this plugin. Thanks


I have upgraded wordpress 4.7 version

after that post wise actoion is not working..

how am i supposed to do?


I have checked with version 4.7 also and it is also working with this version. What is the exact issue you are having. Please let me know. Thanks


I could not make it work on your demo! I tried to hide a post (or a category) and it is still visible!

Redirect works, but not hide!


For hide, you need to put the id or classname to hide.

like #elementname

or .classname


So this plugin will not serve my needs (Hide some posts), I appreciate the attention

Ok, Thanks


I tried uploading IP data to the plugin using Maxmind’s GeoLite2 database, but I keep getting 500 errors on admin.ajax.php and now our development site is down, showing a 500 error.

Do you have any suggestions for this? When mapping fields from the csv, do we need to match all of them?

Yes, you need to map all fields. You can use other option like geoip also. Thanks

Hi, I bought a Geo IP plugin Actions, because it supports the Maxmind database. During testing it turned out that redirection is done only when IP Api database. Maxmind and Geo Plugin not working. How do I configure to work with Maxmind?

I sent

Ok..I will check and let you know. Thanks

Hello, is there any news on working with maksmind?

Hi, when i select GEO plugin from settings it’s not working but when i select IP-API then it works. Please check

Also it takes time to redirect first it loads the main website and after loading it redirects how to prevent this from happening. Please tell me , It’s Urgent Thanks


It redirects using the meta header. You can change the time to redirect faster.


can this plugin redirect visitors from a single IP address not country and city just simple one ip address redirect

Yes, you can redirect using IP address also.


Hi, I installed your plugin and something doesn’t work very well. I need redirect from the domain 30all.club to 30all.net for Romanian IP. Redirection works, but with a delay. Before redirecting to new domain, the old domain appears for 1-2 seconds and I don’t wand my Romanian visitors see it. Please, help me to solve this error. Thanks, Clumi

Hi, I have replied to your other message. Thanks

does this support WPML?

pre purchased question:

i want to filter specific content for specific location ex. if someone goes to the website and they are located in sydney they will see only the content from sydney

if someone goes to the website and they are located in melbourne they will see only the content from melbourne

if someone goes to the website and they are located in Brisbane they will see only the content from Brisbane

and so on.

is it possible on this plugin?


Tutbase Purchased

Hello, recently purchased your plug-in. So far it works but I was wondering if it is possible to add an ‘IP range’ instead of specific IP’s in the ‘IP wise actions’. I need to redirect various IP ranges. Is it possible with an ’/’ in between? For example: if I put ‘’ in the IP wise actions would it work? If not, is there a workaround for this?

Secondly, is it possible to speed up the redirection process? Currently I have the site-wide redirection activated, with an exception of various cities (and IP ranges if it works). But it shows the site first before redirecting. Is it possible to redirect directly instead of showing the website first?

Looking forward to your reply.

Kind regards.


Sorry, IP range feature is not available for some api. You can try with 104.132.. for different api but it will depend on api.

2. You can set meta time to less second for redirection but it will require code changes.



Tutbase Purchased

Thanks for your reply. I’m using the IP-API. Do you know how achieve this? Can I also ‘no-redirect’ a range of IP’s using .htaccess or something else if it’s too difficult via your plugin?

Alright, could you let me know where to change the code for meta time redirection?

Thanks again.


You can find meta redirection code in

wp-geoip-actions\includes\controller file

function wpgeoip_action_redirect()