Discussion on WP Geo IP Action Plugin

Discussion on WP Geo IP Action Plugin

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Pre sale….is it supported?

Have you got a dabatase that includes cities? Can you please send it to me? Thank you very much.

Does this work for hiding Woocommerce products? Is there another demo link so I can check it out before purchase? Trying to hide 3 products to be viewed by 1 city only. Everything else is available to everyone. Is this the best plugin for this?

hi there the support document is not working link dead

Is there any demo out there? envato demo is not working

Hey, does this work with WP Rocket plugin?? Also is it possible to hide certain products/categories (woocommerce) based on person’s location?


Is it still supported? Demo is off


Yes it is still supported

Hello, I need plugin that show different content on one page for our IP address and different content for other people. Is it possible with this plugin? We are internet providers and we want to offer special deal just for our current clients (based on our IP range). Thank you for answer.

Hi, is it possible to have a redirect by zone? I mean that if the user is in the “Pub da Marco”, in specific road, he has access to a specific page. Thank you


It works on IP address data and works on country, state and city. Not for specific zone. Thanks for your query.


I have this project and want to know if your plugin fit with my needs, then i will buy it.

The project is basically two/or more cities (Let’s say City X, city Y, City Z, etc.) So every user will join to and then if you come from City X it will redirect you to the same for City Z (, etc.. Your plugin can do that?

1-What happen in the case the Geo-IP is wrong and says that you came from City X and you came from City Z? can I add a select so you can choose on the top bar to go to another city and stay there without another redirection? because the system thinks you came from City X.

2-There’s a possibility to save those users on the Cookies? So never again the user need to change again?

3-There’s a way to do something similar with your plugin?

I know that cities is not accurate but it’s the only way for me I think to do it.

Thanks so much, Have nice day.

I have a problem with the plugin, I have an online store but it is only for people over 18, and I cannot make the pop up only appear on the home page and in the others I do not want it to appear, when I redirect to the home page pops up again …. I just want it on the main page. can you help me :D ??


Please share your purchase code via email using profile page as it’s not visible here. Thanks

hi, I replied with the site logins/access last week. Just confirming if you get it.


We have just checked it again and no, we have not received it. We have checked the spam also. Please share your email, we will forward you email to start the communication.


The email I use to send the logins is


We have replied to your email. Please check. Thanks

Hi, we bought and install the plugin and we want visitors to automatically redirect when they visit the site. We have the following setup but they are not redirecting We tried IP-API and Geo Plugin – No luck.

Hi whats the email so I can send the access?


You can send email using profile page or send us directly to thanks

Did you receive the logins?

Will this plugin work when using phones and tablets?

Presale question, will the redirect work if the visitor is using his mobile phone to go to the site?

Hello, it does not hide the content country-wise, please help.


In setting page, which api you are using ? We have given 3 different options, please try each one once. Also, make sure to do entry in the post/page or any other action to make it work. If it is still not working, you can send us details via email using profile page. Thanks

I sent you an email 3 days ago with login data to my website and no reply yet, please help. Thanks.

Hi, There is a delay before redirection, it loads and shows the original page content first before it redirects to a different page. How can we fix this.

Also what is the correct alias for states, e.g Nevada, United states, is it Nevada or NV?

Really need support here fast.

Kind Regards


You can set the meta redirection to lesser value if you want faster redirection. Regarding alias, it depends on the api you are using. You can find the alias required to be present on their website. Thanks

I see no settings for meta redirect on your plugin. Also, the hide function is not working, how do we fix that?

Also, the redirect here is already set to zero controller/WPGeoIP_Controller_Frontend.php And the redirect by categories is not working.


I can only see posts not pages to select from when trying to “Add Action Rules – Post/page wise”.

The plugin is updated to the latest Version 2.0.1.

I looked through other comments for an answer, and see other people with the same issue, and see that you “fixed” this issue in the update, but it is still an issue and I see you only provide the fix to this issue through private email. :(

Please help. Thanks. :)


Updated to the newest plugin version Version 2.2.1

The same issue is still there, when trying to “Add Action Rules – Post/page wise”, I can only select from posts still not pages. :(

Please fix, I’m sure I am not the only person with this issue.

Thank you.


We have tested it with 2-3 wordpress installations and it worked fine. Have you tried the with fresh installation? If that also not worked then can you send us details via email using the profile page. We will check it. Thanks


Sending you an email.


Hello, First, I would like to thank you for writing such a great plugin!

I just purchased your plugin after trying the demo, and I have a few questions:

1- I did not upload any IP list, and I found that IP-API is working for me. However, I wonder how can I update the IP database? Is IP-API gets automatically updated? What should I do?

2- I am not saying this as a negative, but just as a question for my current need. At the moment this is how the plugin works both on the demo and on my end. It first loads the actual page, and then it redirects to the URL according to the rule.

My question: is there a way that make the redirect faster, and not allowing the page to load? Meaning very quickly sending the visitor to the redirect URL?

3- Is there a way to add IP ranges or IP blocks in CIDR format?

Thank you in advance!


1. No you don’t need to update the database of IP api. we are using api to get the data so it will be automatically working.

2. You can change the duration of redirection in settings page.

3. You can write 192.168.. for range of the IP address

Hello, I could not find anything like “duration of redirection” in settings page. Where is it located?

I actually looked into the code and found this echo ’<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0;url=’ . $url . ’”/>’;.

It is already “0” second. However, that is the refresh. What I really need is directly going to the URL. No refresh. Just go to the url. I don’t want the page to load. Is there way to do this?

Hi, how can I know and add Region/State & City correctly for each country? Do you have document for those?



In the backend, you can define the city/state/country wise data and action against them. We are using geoip and ip api to get the data as per the ip address. The accuracy of data depends on these api. Basically, this api gets the city, region based data based on ip address. I hope it’s clear to you.



I wonder why it can’t redirect on mobile browser? How can I fix it?


It works same for mobile and the web as it takes the ip address and based on that, it applies the condition. If its not working for mobile then please send us url, we will check it.



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