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Hi there. My site: uses WCFM and Stripe free plugin. I have a challenge that, only status option for new orders can be “On hold” or “Processing” and if I use “Processing” then credit card will be charged right away. I am not allowed to charge before order is shipped (by law).

Is it possible with your plugin to set new orders as “Processing” but wait to charge credit card until order is completed?

Also does your plugin work with WCFM Marketplace?

Cheers Michael

Hello Michael,

WP Full Stripe can offer you two solutions:

1) You can set the one-time payment form to “Authorize and capture”. It means that when the form is submitted then no charge is made (the payment is in authorized state), and you have 7 days to charge the amount (capture) or cancel (void) it.

2) You can create a “Save card” form. When the form is submitted, It creates a Stripe customer and also stores the credit card of the customer. At any time, you can go to the Stripe dashboard, and you can charge the customer.

WP Full Stripe doesn’t work with the WCFM Marketplace.

Oh, and our plugin is not a Woocommerce compatible plugin. It’s a standalone plugin, it doesn’t require Woocommerce.

cheers, Csaba

Is there a way to import subscriptions from Stripe that were made before the plugin was installed? My previous plans are loading but none of the subscriptions. Please advise.


adm1adm Purchased

Hello, I´m interested in your plugin, but at the moment it does not seems to be SCA compliant.

Do you have an ETA on when you plan on releasing an update that implements 3D secure 2?

Hello adm1adm,

We’ll release an SCA compatible version towards the end of the summer.

We don’t have the definitive release date yet, but we’d like to leave 2 weeks for our customers to test and install the new version. (SCA will be live from 14 September, 2019).

cheers, Csaba


adm1adm Purchased

Thank you for the speedy reply

Hi Mammothology – I’ve recently switched themes and your plugin seems to be failing.

a) The payment button and payment information link doesn’t work and simply refreshes the page.

b) The card details field is blank.

I was hoping you maybe able to help me figure out what the problem might be.



It’s all because of this issue:

There is a javascript error on the page, and it prevents WP Full Stripe from running properly.

Please add HTTPS to your website, it’s mandatory for Stripe.js v3 integrations.

You can get one free from Let’s Encrypt:

cheers, Csaba

ps: In the future, please send support request to . We can deal with them better, faster, more professionally. Thanks!

You are good – I did work this out but you beat me to deleting the post. Thanks

Hello, do you plan to add support for Apple Pay and Google Pay soon? Thanks for your work!


We plan to support payment methods other than credit card, including Apple Pay and Google Pay, and also European payment methods like Sepa, GiroPay, etc.

However, we are currently focusing on SCA support, and then will move on to other features.

So I wouldn’t say that they’ll come soon, but they are on our roadmap.

cheers, Csaba

Sounds good. Thank you.

Hello, I am using the button-only setup. I need to charge VAT to European businesses, but not to non-Euro businesses. There was a knowledgebase article about custom VAT handlers but the link you posted in response to another customer is broken and doesn’t lead anywhere. Please advise.

I have used the example filter code at the bottom of that page, and the add_filter element. They’re both in the functions.php file, but the rate always comes back at 20% as per the UK default. What am I doing wrong?

I’ll email you

Thanks, we received your inquiry, and replied to it.

cheers, Csaba

Hi there Presales Q I just tried your plugin And tested the payment After payment, it shows green box saying payment success But then nothing happens

As i sell digital products using s2member, is it possible to create membership acccount with customer s2memeber capabilities and membership level after payment pls?

Hello 100reviewcom,

WP Full Stripe does a couple things after payment which are not easy to demo on a demo page:

1) Can send an email receipt

2) Can redirect to a Payment confirmation page

3) Fires a Wordpress action that other apps can hook into.

In your case 3) is the interesting one, because one can write a script that takes a subscription data and creates a member in s2member if that plugin has the right filter/action capabilities (I don’t know, I’m just guessing).

cheers, Csaba

Thanks Any sandbox backend I can try before purchase for both plugins ?

Hi, just purchased this plugin from your site, also sent a support email regarding this.

I am wondering if it is possible to send an email to new subscribers that is different to the recurring receipt emails that they receive every month? For example, I want to send an email that says “welcome to the program, here is some info to get you started… etc”. But I do not want this to be send every month when they are billed. Seems like something that should be added if not already possible?


Hi, I am interested in the donations form on my clients website. Will the plugin generate a receipt sent to the donor (all donations over a certain amount are tax deductible in Australia but require a receipt).

Hello designperth,

Yes, the plugin can send receipt to donors.

You can choose if you’d like the plugin or Stripe (or both) to send the receipt.

cheers, Csaba

I am experiencing severe speed issues relating to this plugin.

This page for example

Google Pagespeed scores of 12 (mobile) and 44 (desktop)

When I deactivate WP Full Stripe, scores rise to 30 (mobile) and 69 (desktop). The page loads noticeably faster.

How to fix this issue please?

Hello rapidecommerce,

There is no quick fix for this.

You are using 9 payment forms on a single page.

Initializing these forms take time, and certain operations can be done only when the page is loaded.

cheers, Csaba

ps: For customer support, please contact us at . We have much better tools at our disposal at our helpdesk. This forum is very limited, we cannot even format an answer post properly. Thanks!

Hi, we are checking for “Action required to prepare for upcoming SCA regulation”.

All details are here:

We’re writing to let you know about required changes to your Stripe integration to prepare for new European regulation. Starting 14 September, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) regulation will require two-factor authentication on many payments in Europe. Payments without SCA may be declined. You’ll need to update your integration by 14 September in order to avoid an increase in declined charges.

If you charge your customers when they're not actively using your application (i.e., off-session, as with a subscription, a crowdfunding campaign, or a card saved for a travel reservation) your customers may need to authenticate when saving the payment method. We've released updates to our APIs to support this use case.
With this update, all businesses will find the set of APIs they need to update their integration to be SCA ready. We recommend starting your update soon to ensure that you have ample time to test your updated integration before September.
Visit the Dashboard to learn more about how your business is impacted by SCA and what changes you’ll need to make to get ready.

So, can you please let me know whether we need to update anything to meet this requirement.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Andy,

Yes, you’ll need to install a new version of WP Full Stripe to be SCA compliant.

The SCA-compatible plugin is in active development, and we plan to release it a few weeks before the SCA deadline of September 14.

cheers, Csaba

I have taken a look at your demo but cant see in the subscription tab where to set the tax, does this plugin and its subscription add-on allow you to set GST , how is this achieved?

Hello pixelbird,

You can set GST on the “Finance” tab of subscription forms: You can also log in to the admin area of our demo site and check it out:

cheers, Csaba

Hi do you accept cryptocurrencies?

Hello Splashdesign,

Stripe ended Bitcoin support in 2018:

Since Stripe hasn’t added new cryptocurrency options, our plugin doesn’t accept cryptocurrencies at the moment.

cheers, Csaba

Hi, Can I subscribe the users from the admin panel manually?

For example:

User 1: to be charged $50 from 1.08.2019 to 1.09.2019

User 2: to be charged $70 from 1.10.2019 to 1.11.2019

Different dates and amounts for each users.

I don’t have products so I need to do this from the admin panel.

Hello Yordan,

No, you cannot do this from the admin panel.

However, you can do this on the Stripe dashboard, no plugin needed.

cheers, Csaba

Hello. I bought plugs in yesterday. I have question.

I think want to sell a download item.

Can I do add a download link for each product? If can please let me know how to set.

Thank you.

Hello naoyuki1213,

Could you please send us a support email to ?

Your question requires a long-form answer, and this forum cannot handle it properly.

Thanks: Csaba


adm1adm Purchased

Hello, I’ve been checking out your plugin and there are a couple things that are hard to test in the demo admin area. Can you confirm a few things please?

- Email Receipts – Are these sent with a designed style of template or is it just plain? If it is plain, is it easy to implement a responsive designed template with company logo image etc? - Payment and Custom Fields – Is it possible to re-order the form fields e.g. Custom Fields for Business Name & Invoice Number as the first two fields, with the payment amount and card/payment fields following etc?

Many thanks

Hello adm1adm,

There are placeholder tokens that can be used to insert payment data and form data into emails.

In the current version of the plugin, there is no transaction id placeholder.

However, we are working on a new version which will have transaction id placeholder out of the box. You can get the beta version within days if you are interested.

cheers, Csaba


adm1adm Purchased

That’s great. How do I get access to the beta version?

Many thanks

Hello adm1adm,

Please send an email to (our helpdesk), and include your Envato purchase code, and let us know that you’d like to use the beta version.

We’ll send back the beta version (the transaction id placeholder feature is already working).

Thanks, cheers: Csaba

I have a few custom fields… Where can I view the submitted entries for the fields after submission?

there is no way to link it to the wordpress dash?

hello? Can you answer this ?

Hello vestudios,

WP Full Stripe doesn’t save the custom fields in the Wordpress database currently, it adds custom fields as metadata to Stripe objects.

It means that custom fields are not displayed in WP admin, you can view them on the Stripe dashboard.

The metadata can be queried and displayed by modifying the plugin code.

We are revamping the admin area of the plugin, and custom fields will be displayed in WP admin as well. (No definitive release date yet)

cheers, Csaba

Hi with the upcoming release for SCA support – will this work on subscriptions too?

Hello shazaanali,

Yes, the SCA-compatible release of the plugin will work with subscriptions as well.

Certain limitations apply, please consult the Stripe SCA guide for details:

cheers, Csaba What is the access to see what the website is like?

Hello Emiliano,

The “Login” menu item is for customers who bought the plugin on our website.

They can download the plugin, manage licenses, see purchase and activation history, etc.

If you take a look at our “Installing the plugin” knowledge base article, the first screenshots are about this Customer portal.

cheers, Csaba

Hi! Is it possible to import users of existing stripe subscriptions into it?

Hello bloggermint,

There is no interactive process for importing subscribers yet.

If you enter the API keys of your existing Stripe account in our plugin, your subscriptions will continue to work.

However, the following restrictions will apply for your “old” subscribers:

1) You cannot cancel their subscriptions from WP admin

2) They cannot use the “Manage subscriptions” page of our plugin for updating credit cards, and canceling subscriptions.

However, it’s possible to import the subscribers manually by exporting a CSV file from the Stripe dashboard, convert them into sql statements, and inserting them into the Wordpress database.

cheers, Csaba