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I want to set up a subscription that bills the user $0.99 every Wednesday.

I also want to be able to add items to an invoice and have the invoice amount be added before the wednesday subscription/recurring billing.

Can this plugin do this? Can it be modified? Can you do do the modifications for $$?

Or do you have a standalone stripe script to do this?


I have asked strip and they are suggesting the following:

You can either do this through API calls, which will allow you to authorize a charge without capturing it, and then capture it within seven days. How you would go about doing this is documented here:


If you wish to use Stripe’s recurring billing feature, but need to have the ability to charge different amounts each month, you could make use of invoice items. You could set up a subscription, for, say, £1.00 per month,. and then add the appropriate amount to the invoice before monthly billing.


I would recommend that you read this article, as it has a lot of information, all of which is pretty valuable if you intend to use subscriptions. The article on invoice items is here:


Hello hewittbrown,

Our plugin can make a recurring payment every 7 days but you cannot specify it to be on Wednesday specifically, it would 7 days from the purchase.

The plugin doesn’t support adding items to the invoice on the fly.

Apologies, we are not doing custom development. We are focused on improving the plugin.

cheers, Csaba

Thanks for your help. The mods i asked about, is it something a developer could easily add?

Hello hewittbrown,

I’m sure it can be done, but I cannot guess how much work it would be, because it wasn’t architected with this feature in mind.

cheers, Csaba


sely Purchased

I have a subscription form and I wanted to know if it’s possible to adjust it’s layout. The form displays “Subscription Plan” then a dropdown to the right of it. That looks messy on my site, though. I notice there is a CSS setting on the form and I was wondering if you could send me the CSS to accomplish the following:

1- Can the dropdown be on it’s own line below the “Subscription Plan” text” 2- Or it it possible to just remove the “Subscription Plan” text altogether? 3- Can the submit button (actually, the whole form) be centered in my page 4- Can the submit be styled to fit my theme? (looks like a stripe button as is)


Hello sely,

Please send the URL of your payment form to support@paymentsplugin.com , and let’s take it from there.

This forum is very limited, it’s not ideal for long-form discussions.

Thanks: Csaba


Is it possible to integrate the billing address function with PostCode lookup plugins ?

Hello zaffarn,

We haven’t integrated WP Full Stripe with postcode lookup plugins yet.

I’m sure it can be done but it requires programming work (our plugin already sends ajax request to Wordpress for validation).

Could you please mention the most widely used postcode lookup plugins? We’d look into this, even though the integration could take place only in the mid term?

Thanks: Csaba

Hello Team,

thank you for the amazing plug in, it works perfectly. I got just one question, do you have any clue about adding 3D Secure step?

Thanks Matt

Hello Matt,

We are investigating the possibility of adding 3D secure verification to the plugin. We have no definitive release date yet.

cheers, Csaba

Hello Csaba,

ok, I hope you’ll take care of that, there’s a lot people looking for a Wordpress Stripe solution that includes 3D secure options and there nothing available at the moment.

Thanks for you answer Matteo

Hello… very good plugin.

Can you create a feature that lets us select if we want the currency symbol to display in front or behind the currency field?

I have to go into the plugin code and change that manually, which isn’t desired as now I cannot update the plugin without having to redo my customization.

Thanks in advance for considering this…

Hello shoutcloudstudios,

Yes, we are aware of this issue, and the plugin will get the treatment in one of the coming releases: the option to display the currency symbol in front or behind the input field will be added.

Until then, unfortunately, you’ll have to redo your changes after plugin updates.

cheers, Csaba

Thank you!

If I buy this will it use the existing plans I have in the stripe dashboard and does it use webhook?

Hello semfreak,

Yes, the plugin can use the plans already created on the Stripe Dashboard.

cheers, Csaba

We have an existing payments page created using GPL source code, but it is designed to use an older version of Stripe. However, the formatting of the form is what we want to see. Can your plugin mimic the look and feel of our current stripe payment page found at https://payment.bridgeviewbrokers.com/payment ? Also, you indicate up to 10 custom fields. What are the STANDARD fields?

I haven’t checked, so please forgive me for asking a non-related question in the same thread. I have another client using OpenCart (with Paypal). I think she could benefit from a switch to Stripe. Do you offer an OpenCart solution?

Hello JEfromCanada,

Our plugin is a standalone solution, it’s not integrated with OpenCart.

The point of our plugin is offering a very simple payment flow with just a few clicks.

cheers, Csaba

Your 1-time popup options demo has a popup which asks for the payee’s email address and physical billing address (including Country). Does the Country control which currency is used, or is the currency pre-set for the popup form at the time it is defined?

NEVER MIND. I realize it must NOT be related to currency – otherwise you would get questions about exchange rates. No answer required.

I can not update this plugin. It says it is unauthorised. Why would this happen and how do I fix it?

Dear YourVetOnline,

You get this error message because our licensing server cannot find your plugin in its registry. It can happen for reasons like:

1) Some plugin conflict prevented your WP Full Stripe instance from activating properly

2) The URL of your website has changed, and the old URL is registered in the license registry

Please let us know your URL (the one when you are logged in to WP admin), and will try to sort this out. If you don’t want to do this in public, you can send it to support@paymentsplugin.com , which is our primary support desk.

Thanks, cheers: Csaba

I have now purchased your product and am trying to customize the CSS (and possibly the template). However, I have a couple of other more pressing questions.

1) The Help information suggests I access my Stripe Dashboard to set up the webhook URLs. I can see there is a webhook for the LIVE mode, but I don’t see any way to set a webhook for TEST mode.

2) Is there somewhere I can find the default CSS for all the various classes? I need to customize some CSS, and trying to identify classes (and id’s) through a source code search is very tedious.

3) My custom fields need to be validated. Can you tell me where to find the modules that would need to be modified to do field-level validation on custom fields?

4) In TEST mode, if I select the option to get receipts from Stripe (rather than the plugin), should I actually get receipts, or is this reserved only for LIVE MODE transactions?

Hello JEfromCanada,

I’ll answer your questions here, but if you need more assistance then I’d kindly ask you to send emails to support@paymentsplugin.com where our primary support center is.

This message board has very limited functionality, we can help you much easily there.

1) Adding webhooks: It looks like Stripe has changed the webhook interface recently. If you are in test mode on the Stripe dashboard, then you can add a test webhook URL. In a similar fashion, you can add a live webhook URL if you are in live mode.

We’ll also update our knowledge base article.

2) There are many classes, so I’d suggest creating a form, and inserting it into a page, then loading the page, and looking at the HTTML source code for the structure of the form markup. If you have a specific question, like what is the css selector for styling the button, then send us the URL of the page, and we can help.

3) All charge functions are in the “include/wp-full-stripe-customer.php” file. Depending on the type of the form, they are called fullstripe_payment_charge(), fullstripe_checkout_charge(), fullstripe_subscription_charge(), and fullstripe_checkout_subscription_charge().

You’ll see validation code in there, and this is where you have to add your custom validation code.

4) Stripe doesn’t send email receipts in test mode.

cheers, Csaba

After a successful charge, your software displays the SUCCESS message, and then can optionally be sent to another URL. In the case of a failure, I’m assuming a FAILURE message is displayed. At this point, is there any redirection to another URL? Will the FAILURE message indicate the cause of the failure?

This is turning out to be an awesome plugin, and you will be receiving the appropriate rating when I’m done with this client. I’m looking forward to the items from your road map that we discussed via email.

One last question. I noticed that the log messages from Stripe indicate the interface as being v1. Is this because of your plugin, or because we have not updated Stripe from the dashboard (due to our prior PHP solution being 3 years old). Specifically, does your plugin work with v2 and v3 of Stripe?

Hello JEfromCanada,

Our plugin uses v2 of stripe.js, and whichever version of checkout.js is the latest provided by Stripe.

When we release our inline forms with Stripe elements support, we’ll upgrade stripe.js to v3.

cheers, Csaba


btaq Purchased

Hi, i’ve purchased today WP full stripe and install it in my web site. But after trying test mode without success i’ve made a test in live with 1$ and after i’ve receive the green check.. i do not go to the thanks page i’ve made but return to the page where i select the info and got this message….

Stripe no longer supports API requests made with TLS 1.0. Please initiate HTTPS connections with TLS 1.2 or later. You can learn more about this at https://stripe.com/blog/upgrading-tls.

I’ve check my web with TLS 1.2 plugin and there’s the result…

TLS 1.2 Enabled Your site should work fine when making calls to gateways and APIs that require TLS 1.2. You may still want to consider the actions below to secure your site as much as possible.

Setting Value Action/Notes Endpoint https://tlstest.paypal.com/ (PayPal) PayPal_Connection_OK PHP Version 5.6.30 PHP version 5.5.19 or higher detected. cURL Version 7.29.0 Upgrade to cURL version 7.34.0 or higher. cURL SSL Version OpenSSL/0.9.8b Make sure you are running OpenSSL/1.0.1 or higher, NSS/3.15.1 or higher, or the latest version of other cryptographic libraries.

Do not what to do, please help

Hello btaq,

Our plugin – like all Stripe plugins – uses the Stripe PHP client library (provided by Stripe) to make API calls to Stripe.

The error message you got originated from the Stripe PHP client library which couldn’t call home because the default TLS mode for OpenSSL was not TLS 1.2 on your server.

Please visit https://stripe.com/blog/upgrading-tls to learn more about this, and you’ll find links on the page to some advice on how to upgrade OpenSSL on certain Linux servers.

The green check in the Stripe popup means that Stripe was able to send credit card data from your browser directly to Stripe. It succeeded because card data never touched your server. However, charging is done on the server side, and that’s where the TLS issue prevented the Stripe PHP client from contacting Stripe’s server.

Hope this clarifies the situation.

cheers, Csaba

Hi, How does this plugin do Stripe recurring?

Does it create Stripe subscriptions via Stripe APIs or does it call webhook to charge cards after every x days?

Hello Adityadc,

WP Full Stripe uses Stripe subscription plans for recurring payments.

It means that the plugin uses the Stripe API to initiate a subscription and from that on the subscription is on autopilot.

cheers, Csaba

I am unable to change my fullstripe form button – not sure what I am doing wrong. I added .fullstripe-button-color {background-color: #03c4eb;color: #ffffff;} to the custom form css then added class=”fullstripe-button-color” to the shortcode on the page, but it’s still not working. Please help.

Just sent it! Thank you.

Hello Brent,

We received your inquiry, and answered it.

cheers, Csaba

Thank you! worked like a charm.

Hello I test demo for Simple inline form, how to know which field is month or year in expire date, second, how payment successfully without Card CVV ??!!

Hello bakulutu,

Stripe accepts an empty CVC code in test mode.

Yes, the date and year of the expiry date are not labelled. It’s possible to change the label to make the order clear.

We’ll replace the card input fields with a Stripe Elements input field in one of the coming releases: https://stripe.com/elements

cheers, Csaba

Thank you sir for fast response, see you in $$

Hello. Is there any possibility of getting more than 10 custom fields? With custom coding?

Hello DarraghKerriganCreative,

The plugin could handle any number of custom fields.

We had to limit the number of custom fields to 10, because:

1) All custom fields are added as metadata to the Stripe object.

2) Stripe can handle only 20 custom fields, and WP Full Stripe adds the customer name, customer email, form name, billing name, billing address, shipping name, shipping address as metadata as well.

It means that you can have 13 custom fields at maximum, or if you don’t use billing and/or shipping address then it can go up to 15.

If you’d like to use more custom fields, then you have to change the source code in only one place. If you’d like to do so, then please write an email to our support center at support@paymentsplugin.com , and we’ll give you some pointers.

cheers, Csaba

Hi there,

Quick question. Is there a way to integrate affiliate program into this form. For example to pass a value after someone clicks a link to send metadata to Stripe ith affiliate info?

Hello masterok,

You cannot do that at the moment.

We are redesigning how fields work (including an interactive form editor), and it will have this functionality: the ability to set the value of some fields with URL parameters.

cheers, Csaba

It’s possible to add extra fee to a subscription? for example someone subscribe by paying 10$ per month, and then after a few month, I add extra fee of 2$, then become 12$ per month. this feature is available in woocommerce, and after you add extra fee to active subscription, user don’t need to approve this.

Hello damirg,

It’s not possible to add a recurring extra fee to the subscriptions of our plugin at the moment. You can have an initial setup fee though.

cheers, Csaba

Hi Mammothology. Does this plugin support quantity * Amount Multiplier… Cause am trying to implement such scenario where.. there is a fixed amount for all products but the final amount changes according to the quantity user entered

Hello mihir2895,

The “Quantity * amount” feature is not released yet, but it’s still on our plate.

There are some ongoing reworking in the code that must be finished before we can release the “Quantity * amount” feature.

If you have some programming experience, we can give you some pointers where the code needs to be modified to make it work. It wouldn’t be generic solution, but it could be good enough for you.

cheers, Csaba

Hi Csaba,

It would be great if you could give me the pointers or the code.. I’ll try to implement it… If it doesnt work we’ll wait for the release.. Still i would request you to release it in the next update..

Cheers, Mihir Joshi

Hello Mihir,

Please send an email to our support help desk at support@paymentsplugin.com , and we’ll send it back in the reply. (The reason is that we cannot apply formatting here, which makes writing messages longer than 1-2 sentences a real pain).

Thanks: Csaba

Does this plugin support popup from link or trigger? I would like to use my own fancy buttons to trigger the payment popup.

Hello protechs1,

Although it’s not officially supported yet, it works.

You can hide the payment button, and you can call the form submit from javascript, and it will work.

There will be two visual side effects:

1) The spinning wheel will appear next to the hidden button while the transaction is being processed.

2) The success/error message will scroll into view, and appear above the hidden button after the transaction is completed.

If you put the button close to your fancy button then it can work OK.

cheers, Csaba

Thanks for the info. Will this be officially supported by your plugin? and is there a guide on how to do this with your plugin? Thanks for your help! :)

Hello protechs1,

Yes, we plan to add this functionality to the plugin in the near future.

There is no guide about doing this at the moment (as this is not officially supported).

We can help you with this:

- We can give you the CSS rule to hide the button

- We can send the javascript snippet which opens the popup

cheers, Csaba

Does the subscriptions support end dates as well?

Hello wireframe74,

The plugin supports subscription plans that end after a specified number of charges.

cheers, Csaba