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Nice plugin shame support questions not answered :( Wanted to know if I could change the button as its too small ?

Hello foot2017,

Apologies, but we haven’t received any other support inquiry from you. Sure, you can change the button size, a custom css rule can be used to do it.

If you send the URL of your payment page to , then we’ll send back a CSS rule that you can use as a starting point, and tweak it further.

cheers, Csaba

Are you Sheli from Footsteppers?

We’ve just found your email in the spam folder of our ticketing system.

Apologies, sometimes incoming customer emails are classified as spam. We get hundreds of spam messages a week.

Your next email should arrive in our ticketing system.

cheers, Csaba

Hi, We have the plugin set up in live mode, but it accepts payments without the correct expiry date and CVC number. How is it possible and how can we fix it?

I have done it this morning. Looking forward to your reply and fixing the issue as the plugin i unusable at the moment.

Hi Csaba,

I hope you are keeping well. Please send me the modified plugin.

thank you,


Hello Paula,

We sent an email to you with the plugin download link.

cheers, Csaba

Hello, I will be selling a physical good (e.g. book) and so need to capture address information + receive a notification of my customer’s form entry (so I know where to ship the product).

Would this plugin be adapted to this? I like the idea of bypassing woocommerce and whatnot – I find their multiple page interface unnecessary.

I also saw you have an add on for memberships/subscription: is that for allowing access to “subscription-only” content for example?


Hello racoon33,

Yes, you can handle physical goods with our plugin:

- You can collect billing and shipping address

- You can send purchase receipt to the customer, and it can be cc’d to you (so that you are notified about new purchases)

- You can even use authorize and capture, so that payment is authorized right after the form is submitted, but you capture the payment only when the goods are shipping (you have to authorize the payment within a well defined time frame)

Yes, WP Full Stripe Members add-on is for allowing access to “subscription-only” content.

cheers, Csaba

Awesome, totally ready to purchase then! :)

Hi, good job!

About Inline Forms…

・Can I hide “Card Holder’s Name”?

・How can I add shipping address? I have found billing address. Perhaps, Custom Input Label 1?


・Can I translate to japanese? “Email Address,Card Number, Card Expiry Date, Card CVV”

Hello saneyoshi,

The inline form doesn’t support shipping address at the moment. (We are already working on adding shipping address support to inline forms)

What about using a popup form? It doesn’t have a card holder name field, it supports both billing and shipping address, and its labels are available in Japanese (see the “Popup form language” option on the “Appearance” tab).

For the rest of the labels on the page, please refer to our knowledge base article about translating the labels:

cheers, Csaba

thank you!

Hi, Csaba

Nice job!

How can user cancel them subscription? I think we need the button which works cancel subscription.

cheers, saneyoshi

Hello saneyoshi,

Regarding managing subscriptions by subscribers:

Please refer to the “Subscription update page” section of the “Full Stripe -> Help” page in WP Admin.

cheers, Csaba

Thank you!

Hi, Csaba

I have done set your plugin, but not working well.

Could you check my site? it is test mode.

Hello saneyoshi,

I see what the problem is.

Could you please send an email to our support helpdesk: ?

This forum is not good enough to handle support cases.

Thanks: Csaba

Hi, Does this plugin support quantity field? If not what the piece of we change to do.

Hello bhola8898,

Yes, we can give you some pointers, but we cannot write the code for you.

Also, please note that we don’t support customized versions of the plugin.

cheers, Csaba

Hi, Yes, you can give me some pointer. You just give instruction or logic so how i can add quantity in one time payment checkout. i don’t want quantity payment on subscription.

Hello bhola8898,

Sure, we are happy to help.

Please send an email to our support helpdesk at .

Also, Envato indicates that you haven’t purchased WP Full Stripe. Please send also your purchase code for the item.

Thanks, cheers: Csaba

Is there a way to add a input for a tip amount?

Hello Tristex,

It looks like your support period is over.

Please renew your support with us, and then we are happy to help:

cheers, Csaba

Does it support Apple Pay? If not, will this feature be added in the near future? Thanks.

Hello bobosayhello,

Apple Pay is not yet supported.

We’ll add support for Apple Pay, but there is no definitive release date yet.

cheers, Csaba

Possibly in a few months or in a year?

It’ll be added sometime around the 4-6 month mark.

cheers, Csaba


Just wanna know if I can make a simple form with :

- FullName - Amount - a checkbox for “recurrent”

I have to do this for Church donations.

Thanks :-)

Hello steph2bordeaux,

Recurring donations are not yet supported. This feature is under development.

cheers, Csaba

Ok, when do you think it will be delivered ?

Hello steph2bordeaux,

In a few months.

There is no definitive release date yet, because we will deliver some other, big changes first, which are further down the development pipeline.

cheers, Csaba

please let me know how to add phone in popup under one time payment


I wonder if this full-version supports Japanese. My customers are Japanese. Also did you close your website ( I wanted to try demo but I keep getting a server error. Thank you.

Hello ToharaBro,

Our website should be up and running, could you please try again?: If you are serving Japanese customers, you can localize the plugin:

Also, labels of popup forms are already available in Japanese as well.

cheers, Csaba

Ops so sorry I found my work wifi blocks your website (dunno why). Thank you so much!


I sen you the message about the translation and purchase code a few days ago via email, but I’ve gotten no answer for now.

I’m looking forward to your reply.

Thank you


Thanks for the heads-up!

We went searching for your answer, and we found it in the spam folder of our ticketing system. Apologies for not answering earlier.

We go and check out your issue with translating the plugin into Japanese, and we’ll get back to you asap.

cheers, Csaba


We resolved your translation issue, and sent an answer with the solution from our ticketing system.

cheers, Csaba

It’s ok now. Thank you for your great support!

Can we upgrade the Stripe API t the newest November 2018 version without impacting function of the plugin?

Hello RockstarChamp,

WP Full Stripe sets the API version used explicitly, so even if the latest Stripe API is used it should remain functional.

Please be warned that since we haven’t tested it, it’s not guaranteed that it will work.

cheers, Csaba


dt12789 Purchased

how long before you update to stripe elements? And latest api?

Hello dt12789,

Stripe Elements support is coming in the next release together with a form design revamp. We are already testing it.

The PHP API client will be upgraded to the latest as well, although the plugin won’t use the latest API version.

cheers, Csaba


dt12789 Purchased

Great News! Thanks for your hard work

Can I embed the custom field data into my own WordPress page? I want my customers to input their name, and display it on the premium page.

Hello kinomori1982,

We’ve received your question also in our support system at , we’ll answer your question there.

cheers, Csaba

Hi, I ask how can i generate a page close to this? Can you suggest a plug-in compatible with your Stripe or you have other suggestion ? Thanks Eamon