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Thanks for this plugin!

My business model is a “pay as you go” solution. It means each week, I could ask 10$ or 23$ to a customer, depending on his use.

Is it possible with your plugin ? Not necessarily out of the box, because I’m a WP developer. But is it technically possible ?

Thanks !


Hello Stéphane,

Our plugin handles recurring payments using Stripe plans, which means that most of the hard stuff is done by Stripe for us. It means that we didn’t have to create infrastructure for recurring payments (think cron jobs and the like).

It also means that the way our plugin is designed is not ideal for you, and implementing a “pay as you go” service based on our plugin wouldn’t help you much.

Cheers, Csaba

Hey Csaba,

Okay thanks a lot for your reply!

I’ve found a solution by the way : Maybe it could help you in the future.

Have a great day,


Does this create customers on the stripe platform?

Hello Mark,

Yes, the plugin creates Stripe customer for both one-time payments and subscriptions.

Cheers, Csaba

Hi – Im looking to purchase this. I will be selling about 5 products each different priced. Would I be able to have different price forms on differnt pages and will it should product ID or page ID in Payments to show what was purchased?


Hello omkseo,

Yes, the form id and form type are also stored in the database record for each purchase.

Cheers, Csaba

Tried to click on your support link but get a 404 error.

I am trying to get the form to be responsive for mobile devices. Is this a setting built into the plugin?

We have a release already in the pipeline (v3.8.0) coming up in a few days, and the mobile-friendly v3.9.0 is expected a few weeks after that. So the mobile friendly version should be out in the second half of January.

Could you please send me the page where the broken forums link is to ?

Thanks in advance, Csaba

Thanks for the update! I am looking forward to the updated plugin. I have emailed the location of the 404 error.


Email received, support URL issue fixed.

Cheers, Csaba


I want to offer my clients the possibility to pay the amount in fractions (2 or 3 or 4). Does this plugin handle this? if yes, does it automatically handle the others fractions by taking them automatically from clients bank on due time (after 1 month for exemple)?

Hello belayachimarouane,

We have a feature called “payment in installments”, which is a subscription that terminates after certain number of charges.

This is the way it works:

1) You create a subscription plan where you specify the amount to be charged, the frequency of charges, and the number of charges.

2) When the customer subscribes to the plan, the first charge goes through immediately. Subsequent charges will be handled automatically when the payment is due.

3) After the specified number of charges, the subscription terminates automatically.

Cheers, Csaba

Hi there, Pre-purchase questions:

1) Does the plugin support both recurring and one-off payments in one purchase (e.g. customer buys a lotion which is a on-off payment, and with the same order the customer buys a subscription for 30 black socks that are billed every month)?

2) Can customers up- and downgrade their subscriptions themselves via “my account” in wordpress?



Hello kennethmundt,

1) You can create subscription forms with a setup fee. So the setup fee is a one-time payment, and a subscription is started at the same time. When turned on for a form, the setup fee is not optional.

2) The plugin doesn’t have a “My Account” page by default. However, there is an add-on called “WP Full Stripe Members” which has a “My Account” page.

WP Full Stripe Members is primarily for content websites but it can be used for other purposes as well.

What is your use case? How many subscription plans do you have?

Thanks, cheers: Csaba

Hi Csaba,

The use case is a web shop that sells shavers on a subscription basis and also sells skincare products. The skincare products are sold normally but can be purchased together with the razors, hence the solution must be able to accommodate this.

By “my account” I meant the one that Woocommerce creates for you. Customers can choose to have razors delivered every 1, 2 or 3 months and they should be able to change this subscription themselves if they so desire.

I don’t think this is the right plugin for our use case then. Wouldn’t you agree?

Thank you.

Hello kennethmundt,

Our plugin is not a good fit for you, for another reason: WP Full Stripe is a standalone plugin, it is not a WooCommerce add-on.

Cheers, Csaba

Hi, considering to purchase this plugin and it’s good to see it still being maintained since 2013. Just a quick question, will this plugin be possible to replicate the form/feature from this page?:

Where users get to enter the desired amount and still use Stripe’s Checkout form?

Cheers Eric

Hello Eric,

No, you won’t be able to replicate the “Convoy of hope” form, because our plugin doesn’t support recurring payments and custom amount for Stripe checkout forms at the moment (it is coming in the near future), only for standard HTML forms.

Cheers, Csaba


drupo Purchased

Hi, I just purchase this theme and they are some missing css file which has fontawesome which your plugin tries to use but cannot find it.

It it looking for it in this directory ”/vendor/components/font-awesome/css/font-awesome.min.css”

Hello drupo,

Could you please use Wordpress auto-update to upgrade to v3.7.2 which fixes this issue?

Thanks, cheers: Csaba


drupo Purchased

Wordpress v3.7.2 is a very old version of wordpress. v4.7.1 is the recent version.

Hello Drupo,

I was referring to the version of our plugin, not Wordpress.

Our plugin can be updated with the Wordpress auto-update facility.

Thanks: Csaba

Hi, I added the shortcode to my page for a subscription. It’s displaying as a form instead of a popup—how do I have it display as a popup?

Hello Michael,

Stripe checkout popups are available only for one-time payments at the moment.

We are working on making Stripe checkout popups work with both subscriptions and one-time payments.

Cheers, Csaba

How do i make the form responsive How do i remove country and Zip code only want uk and post code

Hello alfie20088,

The forms are in template files in the “pages/” directory, you can customize them to your liking: - pages/fullstripe_payment_form.php (standard payment form) - pages/forms/payment_form_compact.php (compact payment form) - pages/fullstripe_checkout_form.php (Stripe checkout form) - pages/fullstripe_subscription_form.php (subscription form)

Please note that these files will be overwritten if you upgrade the plugin to a newer version.

As for your other question, At the moment, only Stripe checkout forms are responsive out of the box.

We are working on making them responsive.

Cheers, Csaba