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I’m definitely interested in your plugin. So, does the plugin sell subscriptions through the mobile friendly Stripe Checkout form? I’m not interested in the standard forms.

Hello jrunfitpro,

Subscription through the Stripe checkout form is not yet supported by the plugin. We plan to add this functionality in one of the coming releases.

Cheers, Csaba

Great update! Support for Webhooks and the option to have multiple payment amounts. Truely awesome! Thanks.

Uh oh, I spoke too soon. I am getting errors when I create subscription forms. The forms save OK, but when I go to edit the forms, the “plans” area gives me this error: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in …/plugins/wp-full-stripe/pages/fullstripe_edit_form_page.php on line 452

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in …/plugins/wp-full-stripe/pages/fullstripe_edit_form_page.php on line 479

and this error at the top of the page:

Warning: stream_socket_client(): unable to connect to ssl:// (Connection timed out) in …/plugins/wp-full-stripe/stripe-php/lib/Stripe/ApiRequestor.php on line 37

Cancel this. Seems to be working now. Must have been something with my internet connection.

And I read in the Stripe documentation that it is best two have separate Stripe accounts per website. So all is good. I answered my own questions.

Looking forward to new features.

Hello aksteve,

Yes, you received the error message because the plugin couldn’t connect to Stripe.

It is better to keep the payments on the websites in separate Stripe accounts.

Cheers, Csaba

Hi Guys, Just purchased your plugin which I need for recurring subscriptions paid on a monthly basis so thought this would be great but I forgot to check if you could add a tax to the monthly cost like VAT which I have to charge at 23%, is this possible? Thanks John

Hello John,

The compact layout is for payment forms only at the moment, it is not available for subscriptions.

If you have PHP programming experience, you can transform the payment compact form into a subscription compact form but it is not so easy otherwise.

As for the tax issue, can you modify the source code, do you have programming experience? I can give you some pointers if you need. Could you please write to , it would be easier to handle this case in email.

Thanks, cheers: Csaba

That is definitely going to be an issue, I don’t have PHP experience so would not be able to edit the form myself. I think at this stage it is probably easier to get a refund as it does not work as needed for me at the moment. I would consider purchasing the updated versions once they come out. Sorry it did not work out. Regards, John

Thanks, I have received your email to our support email address, we will take it from there.

How soon can we expect the subscription form to be through the Stripe form itself?

Hello mjherich,

It will be in v4.0 . We are about to release v3.7.0 soon, and v3.8.0 is already in the making.

We’ve burnt ourselves by committing to unrealistic release dates a few times, and I don’t want to do that to you.

So this feature is 2 releases away, and a release takes 1-2 month on average (you can take a look at our release history on the WP Full Stripe page).

This is a highly anticipated feature, and we have to change the plugin in significant ways (thus the major version increase).

I hope it helps.

cheers, Csaba

Did you forget to update the version number in the file, cos it still says 3.5.0

also, your HELP link shows 3.5.0 as well – and i just redownloaded the file

and the about page

I’ve downloaded WP Full Stripe from a customer account on CodeCanyon, and it is the v3.6.0 version.

Also, I’ve checked which version can be downloaded with our account from CodeCanyon, and it is the v3.6.0 version.

Could you please take a video (with Jing, Camtasia, or similar software) of how you are downloading the plugin and sending the video URL to ?

Thanks, Csaba


K2ray Purchased

In the process of getting a Stripe license via Non-Profit eligibility and was wondering if this can also be applied with your Stripe plugin? Thanks.

Hello K2ray,

We don’t have special pricing for non-profits at the moment. Apologies for that.

Regards, Csaba

I was wondering if it were possible to use this plugin to charge users only one item at a time, at some undetermined days interval?

For instance, a user buys three items, it first charges the first item instantly after ordering, then every 7 days it charges one remaining item at a time.

I’m looking for something to do this… I really don’t want to start coding this from scratch. We have something “Working” this way, on Drupal (working is a BIG word here, it’s on its way to die), but we’re looking to go on WordPress (since all our websites are WordPress). Right now, it seems to be saving credit card info (through Stripe API) in the database and a cron job runs everyday, checks and processes every “due” orders then.

Thank you for your time answering me. English isn’t my first language.

Hello mechamyu,

Well, your need is quite unique.

The closest thing to what you need with our plugin is subscriptions with payment intervals and cancellation counts.

Let’s say you have 3 products you would like to charge, and there should be 2 weeks between the charges. You can set up a subscription plan that charges x. amount when the subscription starts, x. amount 2 weeks later, and x. amount 4 weeks later, and then the subscription ends.

Maybe it can be a possible solution for you.

Let me know if you have more questions.

Cheers, Csaba

Thank you for your quick reply.

Would it be possible, then, to generate subscriptions “on the fly?”

I could have subscriptions tailored by the user’s custom order and custom timetable. The subscriptions would have to be “invisible” for the end user then, but it’s also reasonable for me.

It sounds feasible for me, perhaps with hooks and whatnot. Do you agree?

Hello mechamyu,

Stripe subscriptions are based on plans, so this would mean creating custom plans for all customers.

Although it is definitely possible to do, our plugin would not be sufficient in itself, you would need to write a lot of custom code.

Cheers, Csaba

I have a client for whom I’m building a site, and they’ve bought WP Full Stripe (and also WP Full Stripe Members). I’m having trouble getting it set up on the live site.

I installed it on a localhost with a configured virtual host, and was able to configure it with the Stripe API keys (for test), and am able to make test transactions as needed, set up subscriptions, see users, etc.

But when I try to add it to the production site, every time I save the API keys it clears out the data I’ve entered, leaving the “YOUR_TEST_SECRET_KEY” etc placeholders.

I’ve tried only saving test keys, saving test and production keys, and have also tried turning on WP debug and clearing the site’s cache. I’ve also tried deactivating and reactivating this plugin. None of these things have resulted in any change, or any error message for this plugin being displayed.

Both the local site and the production site are using HTTPS (the local one is just a self-signed certificate).

Can you help with this?

Thanks, Jonathan Stegall

Hello Jonathan,

Please send us access to the WP admin of the live site to so that we can take a look at it.

Thanks, cheers: Csaba

Hello. After I posted this one, I also contacted my web host. We found that the permissions were off somehow. I had installed the plugin normally, but the permissions (at least on the JavaScript files) were 600 instead of 644. The server was not allowing the Ajax calls for configuring the plugin and running its actions. After I changed them to 644, everything was fine.


Hello Jonathan,

Thanks for the heads-up!

Cheers, Csaba

Thinking about purchasing but the item that is missing that would be really helpful is someway for a customer to be able to “submit” their debit card or back account information to me so that i can pay them. I see that i can enter it in the back end, but then customers would need to trust whoever they are giving their full debit card info or bank account info to. A way to submit their info and keep is hashed with md5 or something in the database so that you can initiate a transfer to them without ever actually seeing their payment info, would make this the best stripe plugin on the planet :)

Hello buckneri,

You are right, we don’t have a credit card capture form at the moment.

However, we are in the planning phase for this feature because it is on our roadmap for one of the coming releases.

If you have any idea about how this feature should work (type of fields on the form, email notification, redirect after submit, etc) then please share it with us! It could help us shape this feature.

You can send your suggestions to .

Thanks, cheers: Csaba


Nice plugin. I’ve tried to find the answer in comments but no luck so my apologies in advance if it has been already answered. Can customer pick the starting date, or is it possible from the backend to set the starting date for customers? Or it charges at the time of checkout?

Hello eskandari,

Our plugin charges at the time of checkout.

Cheers, Csaba

Is there functionality for Alipay?

Hello Criviere30,

WP Full Stripe will support Alipay for one-time payments in the next release, which will be out in 1-2 weeks. (we are already testing the new version and preparing the release)

Cheers, Csaba