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Pre-Purchase Question: Can your plugin pass meta data to Stripe with a code of “Web” so when I look in Stripe I can see which payment are from the website versus the mobile app we use too? If this meta data is there I can filter the Stripe data in Excel. Please let me know. Thanks.

Yes, that is just what I need. WHen I look at my Stripe transactions I can then filter on the metatag for the source of the transaction, website, mobile app or event different sites running on the same account.

Do you see rolling this out in the near term?

I would buy your plugin if you are.

Would you do for a fee?

Hello darrinstern,

I can give you the instruction on modifying the source code for free. Just drop us a line at .

I’m sorry but we don’t take on custom development or consulting.

We are in the process of rewriting the form engine to provide a customizable form editor, and it will have this feature. However, it will take us months to release that.

cheers, Csaba

I’ll purchase the plugin and email you for the support code. I’ll look forward to Future updates.

When I switch the API mode to live my page with the form on changes to “plan is undefined”, I have setup a plan…

Hello Allan,

In Stripe, test mode and live mode are two separate worlds, with different set of objects. So there are plans in test mode, and there are plans in live mode.

If you create the same plans with the same ids in live mode as well, the form will work as expected.

cheers, Csaba

Instead of the “oops” page when a member tries to view protected content, is there a way to present them with the payment form to actually get access?

Hello Allan,

When the visitor doesn’t have the permission to view a page, then WP Full Stripe Members sends a HTTP ERR 404 (page not found) error, this is the “oops” page in your case.

If you’d like to change this behavior then you have to modify a PHP function to redirect to a page, or send a different HTTP error code.

I can send you some pointers where the code needs to be modified. If you are interested, please send an email to .

Thanks, cheers: Csaba

Are multiple currencies supported? ie: Going to a payment form and amount dynamically changes of either 1 of 2 currencies based on location?

Ye – that is a good idea, so basically, the idea is to create two payment forms, one US dollar and one south african rand then using Geolocation, possible right?

Yes, exactly, creating two payment forms: one USD, and one South African Rand, embedding them to different pages, and using geolocation or other way to display the right form.

However, our plugin doesn’t have geolocation features, just to clarify it :-) .

cheers, Csaba

Ye, I’m sure I can acquire a geolocation plugin to subsequently redirect to different pages :) So i fully understand your plugin has no geolocation features :)

Sorry – another presales Question : In terms of payments, would it be possible to do something like:

$30 dollars once off, then reoccurring payments thereafter from the plugin to parse that info to stripe?

The plugin can handle one-time payments, and subscriptions as well.

Subscriptions can have a setup fee charged together with the first recurring payment, right after submitting the form. Subscriptions can be of “payment in installments”-type as well, being cancelled after certain number of charges.

If you have more questions, you are kindly asked to send them to , where we can answer you more efficiently, and conveniently.

Thanks, cheers: Csaba

Pre-sale question – do you need to have SSL on your website to accept the stripe payments?

Hello sstanley,

WP Full Stripe works fine without an SSL certificate.

However, you are strongly encouraged to install an SSL certificate on your website. It can ensure that the confidential data of your customers cannot be stolen while traveling from the browser to your website.

A Comodo PositiveSSL cert or similar costs only 9 USD / year.

cheers, Csaba


SpookyDae Purchased


Pre-sale question : is it possible to have custom amount and 3 fields (reference, firstname and lastname) in order to pay bills?


Hello SpookyDae,

Yes, you can have 3 custom fields and custom amount on both inline and popup one-time payment forms.

cheers, Csaba