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Greetings! Your plug-in appears to be what I need. Does it have a sandbox/test mode so that I can try it with my Stripe account before going live?

Just checked out the live preview, and I think I answered my own question. Thanks.

Hello Shotster,

Yes, the plugin has test mode before going live.

cheers, Csaba

Hi! I can use this script already with the Stripe payments: bancontact, ideal, sofort, sepa and giropay?

Hello SDUS,

The plugin doesn’t support these region-specific payments method – yet. We will get there later this year.

cheers, Csaba

Does this plug-in use stripe.js? I find it strange that this question isn’t in the FAQ. I assume it uses stripe.js so that I can feel comfortable knowing my customer information is secure.

Hello randomguy999,

Yes, this plugin uses stripe.js.

You’re the first one to ask this question, that’s why it is not in the FAQ ;-).

cheers, Csaba


I’ve added your question to the FAQ:

cheers, Csaba

Any chance to provide reCaptcha support with this plugin anytime soon? We are getting hammered with spam.

Hello bobbycox,

I’m sorry to hear that. How can they spam you? Do the spammers make real payments?

reCaptcha support is on the roadmap, but it will take some time to get there because there are a lot features being or about to be developed.

cheers, Csaba

Thank you for your answer. Yes, the spammers are making small “donations” to our org ($0.68, $1.10, $0.72) to test stolen credit cards. We refund each donation so that we do not incur a fraudulent fee from Stripe if the customer contests it. We get about 20 attempts a day with about 5 passing Stripes tests. I can hide the donation from behind a login page, but that makes it harder for a real donor and I don’t want to do that. Thought reCaptcha would be a good solutions. Thanks for your feedback.

Hello bobbycox,

I understand.

We’ve started working on a flexible form editor, and captcha will be one of the custom field types that can be added to forms.

Until we get there, I would suggest modifying the plugin code with the help of a PHP programmer. It doesn’t take a lot of work to add the captcha, and I can give you some pointers.

cheers, Csaba

does this plugin works for sites selling products, or for membership sites? thank you!

Hello dinaizida,

WP Full Stripe – the core plugin – is for making one-time payments and subscriptions. It can be anything: a service (like consulting, or SEO work), donation, digital products, physical products – you name it.

The plugin has an add-on called WP Full Stripe Members, which is for creating membership websites.

cheers, Csaba

Hi, is this plugins secure in terms of customer information? Does it use STRIPE’s security infrastructure or will it be vulnerable based on the security of my website?

Hello aakashsins,

The plugin doesn’t store highly sensitive information (such as credit card data) in Wordpress, it is stored at Stripe.

The plugin creates Stripe subscriptions. The plugin comes with a Help page, you can find additional information on our support page:

Creating a subscription is as easy as: 1) Setting Stripe API keys in the plugin 2) Creating one or more subscription plans 3) Creating a subscription form and assigning some plans to the form 4) Embedding the subscription form to a page or post

cheers, Csaba

Thanks for the reply. Before I purchase, is everything fully responsive?

In the current version (v3.7.4), only the Stripe checkout forms are fully responsive.

In the next version (v3.8.0) which we plan to release soon (5-10 days) all forms are fully responsive.

cheers, Csaba

Hi, when I bought this plugin it came with lifetime support. Has something changed with CodeCanyon?

I’m trying to use the checkout pop up form using the shortcode [fullstripe_checkout form=”myformname”] but keep getting the error below…

This payment form is invalid. Please check the settings and shortcode attributes!

Do I need to buy this again to get help or is this a common / easy issue where I might be missing something? I’ll buy again if it’s complex and you need to access the site etc..

thanks alot

Hello tommytank,

There have been some changes to Envato policies since last year, including support.

Could you please send an email to our support address with the following:

1) A screenshot of the “Full Stripe -> Payments -> Payment Forms” page in WP admin

2) The exact shortcode you are trying to use.

Thanks, cheers: Csaba

All fixed, thanks very much for the great support. Buying 2 more licenses this week.

Thanks for letting us know!

Thanks! One last question, can I use the STRIPE “pay with card” button for a subscription instead of a one time payment? Basically, not use the subscription form but use the checkout button to process a subscription.

Hello aakashsins,

You can use Stripe checkout-style forms only for one-time payments at the moment.

We are working on bringing subscriptions to Stripe checkout forms.

cheers, Csaba

Hi, I ve some presale question.

Does your plugin work with stripe connect. I would like to use it to make crowfunding paiments: Take credit card but don t charge them util the end of the campaign.

May i do this with your plugin ?


Hello Fabri-k,

WP Full Stripe doesn’t work with Stripe Connect yet.

We will add Stripe Connect integration later this year.

cheers, Csaba

I will also turn back when your plugin accepts Sofort. Credit cards arent so common in Germany / Sofort and SEPA is.

Kind regards Peter

Hello Peter,

Thanks, we will get to supporting these alternative payment methods in a few months.


Pre-sales question: Can I trial WP-Full-Stripe before I buy? Used a paid for plugin before this and it didn’t work when installed. Thanks for your time

Hello EngineFran,

We don’t have trials, but we will refund you in full if the plugin doesn’t work in your environment.

cheers, Csaba

Thankyou that’s great :)


5parky Purchased

Is there v3.8.2 available? When I download from CC here, the version is 3.8.1 but I get update notification in WP Admin to update to 3.8.2? Also, can I disable update notification in WP admin? Thanks

Dear 5parky,

V3.8.2 is available only via auto-update at the moment, it’s not yet available on CodeCanyon.

It’s not possible to disable Wordpress update notifications of a single plugin by default, but there are plugins which can do that.

cheers, Csaba


5parky Purchased

Thanks, so when is 3.8.2 going to be available here as we don’t use auto update? Almost all premium plugins either do not notify of an update or have an option to turn this off. We don’t need our clients to start updating and break the site if there is an issue nor we want to use au-update for the same reason. Please let me know how to remove update notice without adding any other plugins to achieve this. Thanks

Hello 5parky,

We’ve already submitted v3.8.2 to Envato.

If you’d like to get it asap then please send an email to with your license code, and we’ll send the plugin back in the reply.

I understand your case with the auto-update feature now. We’ll add a config option for switching off auto-update in one of the coming releases. In the reply email, we will also describe how to turn off auto-update by modifying the plugin code.

cheers, Csaba

Is it possible to have a $1 trial for 30 days then $30 a month after the 30 days?

Hello Kevin,

What can be done is free trial for 30 days, and $30 / month after the trial.

cheers, Csaba

I have tried the demo version of this plugin and the demo version in the Envato website, but both of the test payments are not sending an e-mail receipt. Does the e-mail receipt part of the payment form work in the demo/free version of this plugin or do you have to buy the plugin in order for a receipt to be e-mailed when a customer completes a transaction?


Yes, the plugin demos don’t send email receipt. The reason is that spammers used our demo forms to send spam, we had to stop them.

This is how email receipts work:

1) WP Full Stripe Free can send Stripe email receipts. Stripe emails receipts have fixed layout and content, only the colors can be changed. Stripe email receipts are sent only in live mode.

2) WP Full Stripe (paid version) can send plugin email receipts and Stripe email receipts as well. Plugin email receipts are more flexible: a) they can be sent also in test mode b) you can add arbitrary HTML, and you can use placeholder tokens.

cheers, Csaba

Plugin works well as far as tested, however, the forms are not accessible. I emailed the developer with updated forms adding accessible labels and never had a reply. The plugin was updated recently and is still not accessible. Not exactly great support. A reply would have been nice even if they told me to bog off.

Dear Deafinitive,

We take support seriously, and we reply to every inquiry. Did you write to our support email ( ?

We are happy to help, please contact us.

cheers, Csaba

Hi Casba

Thank you for your response.  I did send my enquiry to the email you specified in your email. I will resend and look forward to hearing from you once you receive it. 

Regards  Laurence.


URGENT Purchased

This plugin is incompatible with a lot of speed boosting plugins like Autoptimize, even when all the full stripe js scripts are excluded from optimization. The payment form displays the subscribe and coupon button loader.gif spinner continuously as soon as the page loads.


URGENT Purchased

I managed to fix this by disabling lazy loading.