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Hi There,

I would like to use this plugin to sell digital downloadable goods.

I want to use the default checkout form.

My questions…

1) Is it possible to ‘attach’ a file to the form so that this is automatically downloaded when the payment is made?


2) Is it possible to send the user to a specific URL once the payment has been made?

Thanks, Hayden

Hello Hayden,

1) No, it is not possible to attach a file to the form; BUT

2) The user can be redirected to a page/post, or any URL after payment.

Cheers, Csaba


Can the plugin automatically email monthly invoices each time payment is received?

Cheers Lee

Hello leeunderwood225,

The plugin doesn’t (yet) send monthly invoices each time a payment is received.

cheers, Csaba

should i stay in US to enable bitcoin payment method? My company is registered in singapore and bank account is also in singapore.

Hello webexpressions,

As stated in the following Stripe guide, Bitcoin is available only for US Stripe accounts:

WP Full Stripe uses the Stripe checkup form to make Bitcoin payments, and it works only for one-time payments.

Cheers, Csaba