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Hi guys,

Thanks for your hard work. I’m trying to set up a subscription plan with sales tax. I can’t find a way to add this, as explained from Stripe here.

Hi, never mind, I’d found the solution in the subscription forms.

Thank you anyways!

> You can save customers’ credit card securely, and charge them later! It seems that this function is available from v3.14.0 and I want to test it but current demo site’s version is v3.13.0.

Could you update the plugin on demo site?

Best regards

Hello firstclassinc,

We cannot update the demo right away, but I can send you screenshots about the feature.

Please send an email to, and I’ll send you screenshots in the reply.

Thanks: Csaba

Thanks for sending me screen captures!

I could see the list of saved cards but I cannot see what flow I can go through to charge to the customer using the info.

So I want to ask following thing to confirm whether I can do what I want to do using this plugin.


What I want to do is the process of tour company.

User subscries to the tour course. If the subscription occurs before 10 days ago, no charging happens at the momemnt. When it becomes within 10 days, we will charge the price of the tour course to which user subscribed.

Can I do it? If I can, can I do it automatticaly based on the user subscription or do I have to do it by manual?

Best regards

Hello firstclassinc,

You have a few options:

1) You can set up a subscription plan with a 10 day trial. When the customer subscribes to the plan, the plan will be free for 10 days, and then the recurring fee will be charged.

2) You can create a “Save card” form, let the customer submit credit card data, and 10 days later you can add a subscription plan manually to the customer on the Stripe dashboard.

cheers, Csaba

Hi, is Alipay supported in the latest release?

Hello metaGenes,

No, AliPay support hasn’t been added back to WP Full Stripe yet.

cheers, Csaba

Thanks for the reply. Any expected time frame when it will be added back?

Hello, I’m trying to add first and last name fields for the form. I have sent a direct email as well. Please assist. Thank you.

Hello HamiltonsSM,

We received your email at our helpdesk. Let’s take it from there, we’ve already answered to your email.

cheers, Csaba


I am looking to create a custom script to fire: 1. After subscription starts 2. After user cancels subscription via Stripe

Is there an action hook I can connect my script to in each case or how might I go about doing this?


Hello Andrew,

1) The plugin fires Wordpress actions before and after payment, please take a look at this knowledge base article: 2) There is no Wordpress action for cancellations at the moment (we’ll add it in a future version), but you can catch the “customer.subscription.deleted” webhook event:

cheers, Csaba

Brilliant. Thanks Csaba!

Also, is it possible for a user to cancel or change their subscription through the interface somehow? If not do you have plans for this?

Hello Andrew,

The plugin provides a shortcode for a self-service “Manage subscription” page for customers, where they can update the credit card used for subscriptions, and cancel subscription plans.

Please refer to the plugin help for more information, on the “Full Stripe -> Help” page in WP admin.

cheers, Csaba

Hey Csaba, Thanks very much for this. Good to know! Is there a list of these shortcodes available somewhere?

Hello, great plugin ! 3 questions : – Do you plan to update it regulary? – Is there a way to display somewhere the list of the users who has a running plan? (Like the list of the people who has a recurring payment running) – Is there a way to connect your plugin with the user database? Because I want to be able to see if the specific user (registered to my website) has a plan running or not. Also, your demo is not loading at that time. thx

1) Ok, when you update the plugin, is it easy to update? I mean, do we need to recreate the forms and plans? 2) Ok. 3) Regarding the add-on, does it allow to connect the wp database to existing users ? Is it possible to let the user know that he has a recurring payment running in their profile? (with shortcode for example) 4) Yes it’s working from a different IP. I think you “blocked” my IP when i tried to connect to your platform. I tried to put with user/password thinking that demo/demo was for admin and user/password was for users. :)

Hello BOXEdition,

1) The plugin has auto-update, when a new version is out, you just click a button, and the plugin upgrades itself. Minor version upgrades (v3.16 -> v3.17) are compatible, no need to do anything manually. Major version upgrades (v3.x -> 4.0) are not necessary compatible, so you might need to verify your forms.

3) Yes, it works with existing Wordpress users, if the subscriber’s email address matches the user name of email address of an existing user, then the existing user will be used, and the membership role will be added to that user.

WP Full Stripe Members provides a shortcode for logged in members where they can see their subscription plan, update credit card used for subscriptions, and cancel the plan.

There is no ip restriction on the website, interesting…

cheers, Csaba

Ok, thank you for the information. That’s an amazing plugin (light and easy to use). Seriously, when you see yearly prices of similar plugins… thank you for developing this ! For the demo pb, I don’t know, I think the pb is on my side but whatever the plugin is working great in my website.

Hello, pre order question, we need to add a test period for 14 days (so that after the order the amount is not immediately taken from the client, but only after 14 days), also we need that the amount is automatically was taken from client every month. Can your module do this ? Thank you.

Hello herecomes13,

Yes, you can set up a subscription plan with a trial period of 14 days.

The subscriber will not be charged for the first 14 days, then she will be charged automatically every month.

cheers, Csaba

Hi, I just got the WP Full Stripe, tested with the test mode and it seems to be working.

But when I switch to live mode and logged out of Wordpress, it no longer works.

Here’s a video of my issue:

The first part of the video shows the button working when I am still logged into Wordpress. The second part shows when I am logged out and after clicking on the button, it just jumps to the top of the page.

Anyone facing this issue and appreciate any prompt assistance. I have also contacted the support team and wait for their reply.

Many thanks in advance.

Hello internm,

Before using live mode, you have to activate Stripe on the Stripe dashboard.

The lack of activation might be the cause of the issue. If you can take a look at the web console in Developer Tools of the browser, there should be a javascript error message there.

If you contacted us at then we already replied to you.

If you’d need further assistance, then please contact us at our support email address.

cheers, Csaba

Stripe is already activated. It does not make sense for the plugin to work only when I am logged in to wordpress dashboard. Or there some configuration which I did wrongly?

I think I found out the error. It seems that another plugin was conflicting with it. Seems to work now.

Thank you.

are tiered plans supported? I am hard pressed to find a plugin that supports this

Hello bluedition,

Tiered plans are not yet supported by the plugin.

cheers, Csaba

Hello, I’m interesting in buying a good plugin for Stripe checkout, and it seems that your product is a good choice :) However, the demo website doesn’t work. It show a ”Database error” message. Could you please check it out? Thank you!

Hi again Csaba, Thanks a lot for the quick respond!

One more pre-purchase question: Does this plugin work well with WooCommerce? If yes will it become integrated automatically in some way or it should be done manually by changing a WP theme (Salient in my case)? Thanks again!

Hello Nekto,

This is a standalone plugin, it’s not integrated with WooCommerce.

The point is having a lightweight payment solution, without a multi-step checkout process, or a shopping cart.

cheers, Csaba

Oh, I see. That’s even better, especially for digital products :)

Thank you for great assistance!

Pre purchase Question: We sell ads and we want customers to register an account on our Wordpress website and save their card details with us. Every month we will charge them an amount that will be equal to the cost per click on the ad x number of clicks. So the amount that we will charge per month will be variable. Just like Google/Facebook ads. Is this variable amount per month supported by the use of this plugin – I am a developer and I can write the CRON jobs to create the monthly charges. But want to know if this is allowed by Stripe at all?

Hello swatiag1101,

Metered subscription plans are now supported by Stripe.

However, our plugin doesn’t support it yet. We plan to add support later this year.

cheers, Csaba

Hi there

Right now I´m using Easy Digital Downloads with default paypal payment gateway. Does this plugin can integrate with Easy Digital Downloads?



Hello Luis,

It’s a standalone plugin, it’s not integrated with Easy Digital Downloads.

cheers, Csaba

I invoice my customer repeatedly on a regular basis for my services and would like to charge their “saved card” myself, without them having to manually go to enter their card details each time to pay the invoice. The invoice would be manually created by me whenever I want, and the amount to charge is variable. Is it possible for me to do this with your plugin? Is it possible to do at all with Stripe?

Hello rchin,

Yes, you can use our plugin to save credit cards of customers without charging them on the spot, and only charging them later from the Stripe dashboard.

You can create inline and popup forms for saving cards, depending on your needs.

cheers, Csaba


Pre purchase question…

Is it possible to give users a quantity discount?

Example: One package costs 10$, 2 costs 9$ each, 3 costs 8.5$ each and so on… or doesn’t stripe support this?

Hello Mavermeulen,

Volume based discounts for one-time payments are not supported by Stripe natively, and they are not supported by our plugin as well.

cheers, Csaba

Hey Csaba, If a user pays for an item with this plugin are their payment details automatically saved to the database? Also is it possible to pay users who have saved their card details through this plugin or is it only to request payments?

Thanks Csaba, Ah I see. So any further payment through the saved card needs to be done directly through Stripe and not the plugin?

Hello Andrew,

WP Full Stripe doesn’t support manual charging from WP admin.

It means two things:

- If you’d like to charge a customer manually for whom the credit card was saved by using a Save card form, then you have to do it from the Stripe dashboard.

- The very same customer can pay on any payment or subscription form of the plugin, and these payments will be added to the same Stripe customer.

cheers, Csaba

Good to know, thanks Csaba!

hi, with your plugin I can receive payments on my iban, without being registered on any merchenat?

Hello db151mod,

This is a Stripe payments plugin, so you’d need a Stripe account.

Card payments would go to your Stripe account, and Stripe would remit the money to your IBAN periodically.

cheers, Csaba

stripe unfortunately does not want to process my payments, when I sell material no for sale

Hi, when will the google Captcha be incorporated, we just got hit with 1500 fraudulent payment attempts out of which 150 went through fine and we had to refund them. We have lost out on the Stripe payment fee as each transaction was for €50.

Hello splashdesigns,

Other customers reported similar issues (hackers testing credit cards using payment forms and donation forms), and we are trying to come up with a solution as soon as we can. We are in the middle of a major version transition for the plugin, so this is the worst possible timing as our resources are locked up in final-stage development.

We are working on incorporating captcha. No definitive release date yet.

cheers, Csaba

Shouldn’t Captcha and minimising fraudulent activity be a priority? only this month it refunding fraudulent transactions cost us over €300 in Stripe fees.

Hello splashdesigns,

We are already working on adding Google Recaptcha – it’s a priority. The feature will be available in the first half of next week.

In the meantime, please contact us at for the following reasons:

- We’d like to ask you a few questions about the fraudulent payments.

- We’d like to find a temporary solution for you, if possible.

- With your email address at our support desk, we can immediately send you the new plugin version when it’s available, way before it appears on CodeCanyon or on auto-update.

thanks, cheers: Csaba

I reallly need recaptcha added to my plugin asap. Our stripe account is getting hit with lots of bots trying to check credit cards. I also need to exclude two countries from trying to make donations. How can I exclude them?

Hello mindseyestudios,

We’ll release the new plugin version with Recaptcha support for inline forms within days. If you’d like to have the beta version, please contact our support helpdesk (see below).

Stripe claims that popup forms has built-in fraud protection, you can switch to popup forms as a temporary measure.

About excluding two countries, could you please contact our support helpdesk at describing what’s exactly you’d like to achieve?

If two countries are removed from the country dropdown, I think it won’t stop fraudulent donations sent as a donor from another country.

Thanks, cheers: Csaba