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Hi there, I just bought this plugin and installed , How I can integrate with woocommerce ? thank you !

Hello seabreezeh,

WP Full Stripe is a standalone plugin, it is not integrated with WooCommerce.

Cheers, Csaba


I would like to know if there any chance to create a customer account at the same time. This is a digital downloads site and we need to grant access to customers to their own account to download the files.

Hello kaneda49,

There are two options that might work:

1) The plugin fires Wordpress actions right before and after payment. You can hook into this action, and do the extra stuff that is needed.

2) We have an add-on plugin called WP Full Stripe Members, using which you can create Wordpress users with a membership level attached upon subscription. The users will be able to log in, you can restrict content accessible to them, and you can also create a “My Account” area where customers can change their credit card info, upgrade or downgrade the subscription plan, and cancel the subscription.

Cheers, Csaba

Can subscriptions be canceled by the customer with this plugin?

Hello vloryan,

Customers cannot cancel the subscription with the core plugin at the moment. (Admins can cancel the subscriptions in WP admin)

However, the plugin has an add-on called “WP Full Stripe Members” which does create WP users for subscribers and the subscribers can: - Upgrade or downgrade the subscription plan - Cancel the subscription - Update credit card data

WP Full Stripe Members is not always the right choice for business cases, so if you have more questions, please shoot.

Thanks, cheers: Csaba

Hello. i friend i mine use this pluging but allway the payment says declined.. i dont know what happen.. you can check if stripe have update

Hello Eyemorfic,

The only reasons for declining the payments I can think of is:

1) Using the plugin in test mode but trying to pay with real cards (will not work, use test cards, see the page)

2) Using the plugin in live mode but trying to pay with test cards (will not work, use real cards)

Hope it helps.

Cheers, Csaba

yea all is right. the keys is in live. but i dont know if when you register in stripe you need to pass a payment for the same page you put in register form. pls you can clear my question thsaks!

Hello Eyemorfic,

As a first step, make sure that your Stripe API keys are set in WP Full Stripe correctly:

1) Get your API keys from the Stripe Dashboard, on the “Your Account -> API keys” page.

2) Enter the keys, and save the plugin settings on the “Full Stripe -> Settings -> Stripe” page in WP admin.

As the next step, verify that you can make a payment in test mode:

3) Set WP Full Stripe to test mode on the “Full Stripe -> Settings -> Stripe” page in WP admin.

4) Make a payment with one of the accepted test cards:

If it works then activate your Stripe account, and switch WP Full Stripe into live mode.

5) Make a live payment.

If any of the above steps fail then send an email to , and: - Describe exactly what the problem is, include the error message, and also a screenshot if possible - Send us the URL of the payment page of the website - Send us login credentials of your WP admin so that we can take a look

Also, your friend (who has problems) should contact us directly because finding the problem with you in the middle will be much slower.

Thanks, cheers: Csaba