Discussion on WP Full Pay - Stripe payments plugin for WordPress

Discussion on WP Full Pay - Stripe payments plugin for WordPress

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Pre sale question: I would like to setup recurring payments for SaaS product. I have potentally millions of different product codes and a user should be able to buy 1,3,6 and 12 month access to one or more of them. I dinamically generate a list of products (any product will have a specific code). Can I use this software so that user can subscribe and the dynamic code of the bought product is associated with that user? So that I can make a list of products and differentiate between products he bought and products he did not bought?

I make a maybe better example. I give out software to users. They can download it for free but they need to buy a license to use it full features. So I display a list of downloads and each line has a dinamic generated license number. If the user bought the license I want to display the license number. If he haven’t bought it, or subsciprion has expired, I want to display a buy button. Is this possible or how hard customization is to achieve that?

Thank you!


Does the plugin offer a solution for payment in 3 installments free of charge?


The plugin offers payment-in-installments functionality via subscription plans with cancellation counts.

Could you please explain what you mean by ‘free of charge’?

cheers, Csaba

Sorry that was a bad translation…

Does the plugin allow pay later and pay over time ?


Pay later: - You can use auth & capture for one-time payments. You have 7 days to charge or void the payment.

- You can also use save card forms. The form creates a Stripe customer, and attaches the card to the customer. You can charge the customer at any time later on the Stripe dashboard.

Pay over time: - You can create payment in installment subscription plans, which are automatically canceled after certain number of charges.

cheers, Csaba

Hi Please write a link to the online documentation or video demonstration of the plug-in for creating a forms, with the ability to select payment for the service from the list.

I need, create -the example your demo – inline form: . Sell one-off products

thank you


The following step-by-step tutorial describes in great detail with screenshots how to create an inline one-time one-time payment form:

cheers, Csaba

Hi, according to the instructions, we set up a test mode, I’m trying to add products to the form, but the products that have been added to STRIPE , but are not fetched from the site’s admin panel to select…(


Please contact our support helpdesk at where we can serve you much more efficiently than here.

Please send us your Envato purchase code, and describe what you’ve done, with screenshots, if possible.

We’ll sort the issue out.

Thanks, cheers: Csaba

When a coupon code is redeemed on an inline form, the price doesn’t automatically update to reflect the discount.

I’ve created the coupon in Stripe and let Stripe assign an ID, but it says in your documentation that you should enter the name of the coupon in this field. Is that correct?

Definitely an issue with the dynamic price change.

I’ve excluded the checkout page from caching, redeemed the code and when I click on the small “Payment details” link next to the Subscribe button I can see that the 20% discount has been applied. But the price in the dropdown field hasn’t changed to reflect that.

Hello CyberdyneSystems,

When a coupon is applied, the price is not supposed to change in the selector dropdown . In that sense, it’s not a bug.

However, we appreciate your feedback that you expect the price to change in the dropdown as well. I’ve added this to our feature backlog, we’ll examine your request.

cheers, Csaba

Ok thanks.

I do think instant visual feedback when a coupon is redeemed would help increase conversions. It’s a bit confusing when a coupon is applied and nothing visually changes.

In addition, the full payment amount being hidden behind a “Payment details” link isn’t a good idea. Customers need to know how much they’re paying without having to hover over a link.

The product works really well, but the form UX definitely needs some work.

Do you have a standalone PHP version fo this that I can use with a non-wordpress site?

Hello divisionalmedia,

There is no standalone version, the code relies heavily on Wordpress.

cheers, Csaba

Any news about Bancontact, iDeal? Waiting for more than 6 months, please give us a date..

Hi Csaba, any news? I read the iDeal blog in your website. Any news?


No news to share yet. We’ll notify you when you can use iDeal.

cheers, Csaba

Hi, I’m really interested in purchasing the plugin, but I want to know if it has multi-currency feature on the frontend. so the user can switch to the currency they want to donate in. ? Thanks

Hello Oliveo,

In the current version of the plugin, its’t not possible to switch the currency of the donation form. You can implement multi-currency support by creating a donation form for each supported currency, and letting the donor switch the currency using a tab selector of your page builder.

Multi-currency support for donation forms is on our roadmap.

cheers, Csaba

thanks for the response. How about adding other field types apart from text field?

I am having issues with card testing with your plugin. Can you tell me what I can do to stop this? Thanks.

Please contact us at , send us your Envato purchase code, and we’ll try to help.

cheers, Csaba

Great, thanks, I’ve just emailed you.


Before purchasing your products we would like to have more knowledge about the following topics: - Can the customers pay with the available payment methods in Stripe (Bancontact, Apple Pay, etc.)? - Can customers select multiple subscriptions and subscribe to them at once? - Can customers select one product/subscription and set a quantity (e.g. 3 licences for X)? - Are customers, invoices, subscriptions, etc. being synced with Stripe? How are customers recognized – we assume by mail address?

Many thanks in advance for the help and information!

Kind regards,

Ahmed Mert MINIMA Solutions

Hello Ahmed,

Currently, only card payments are supported. Apple/Google Pay, Bancontact, iDeal, etc is in the works.

Only one type of subscription can be purchased at once.

Transaction data is visible in Wordpress for payments where the plugin was already installed. However, the customer portal works for any Stripe customer.

Customers are identified by email address.

cheers, Csaba


beleo Purchased

Please is it possible to integrate this into Woocommerce, it will make this plugin perfect.

Hello Beleo,

WP Full Pay is a standalone Stripe payments plugin, it’s not integrated with Woocommerce. We don’t have short-term plans to integrate with Woocommerce.

cheers, Csaba

This might be a very stupid question.. I have this plugin on a website of mine, and basically I can’t figure out the following..

For example if it’s 6 monthly payments, would it be set up like so: or would it be initial payment + 5 occurrences?

hello mandmsheffield,

“6 occurrences” means an initial payment + 5 recurring payments, thus 6 charges in total.

Please make sure that webhooks are set up properly, otherwise the plugin won’t be able to count charges, and terminate the subscription when needed:

cheers, Csaba

When I buy, how do I get klarna and afterpay to display/work?

Hello ycenteno,

The current version of the plugin supports only card payments. Other payment methods are in the works.

It’s possible to add support for other payment methods by changing the code of checkout forms but it’d be a mid-sophisticated undertaking.

cheers, Csaba

Is it possible to add an image or so to the package you want to sell?

Hello Hesselvanderveen,

You can add an image to every product on the Stripe dashboard:

When using checkout forms, the image will be displayed next to the product line item on the checkout page.

cheers, Csaba

The instructions for passing the wpfsPlan parameter appear to be out of date on this page: There is no Subscriptions / Subscriptions Plan page, and Stripe product IDs tend to be like prod_R93T76d. I tried passing the plan id of my products, but the first one in the dropdown is selected all the time.

Worked it out. Looks like you have to pass the price_xxxxxxxxxxxx API ID in the wpfsPlan parameter. You definitely need to update your documentation on that.

Thank you for your feedback!

We’ve updated the article. The example in the article (selecting the Silver plan on the demo page) works as well:

(A hard reload on the article page might be needed due to browser caching)

cheers, Csaba

Hello, the custom email notification Receipt is not being sent, although it is set to send (enabled) and Stripe default is disabled, yet still getting stripe only. when i try to send the sample email from the template it is being sent and delivered without any problem. any help?

Hello trellalb,

Could you please send an email with your question to our helpdesk at , along with your

- Envato purchase code

- A screenshot of the “Email notifications” tab of your form

- A screenshot of the “Full Stripe / Settings / Email notifications / Options” page in WP admin?

Thanks: Csaba

I did that yesterday, waiting for your reply, Thank you

Hello trellalb,

We’ve replied to your inquiry.

cheers, Csaba

No BFCM discount ?

Hello Stankiroffo,

Look for the BF banner at the top:

cheers, Csaba

Hello, The plugin looks great and could be exactly what I need. This is a pre-sales question… what reporting features are available. For example, can a report be generated / exported showing users / customers payment to date within a subscription plan? Thank you.

Hello Jools200,

The plugin doesn’t have built-in reporting features.

However, Stripe has some reports under the “Reports” menu item on the Stripe dashboard, and you can also export payment data in CSV, so you can analyze it in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.

cheers, Csaba

Hi Csaba, Many thanks for that fast and detailed response :-)

Hello, I am playing around with the demo page and it’s supporting the change subscription which is amazing. However, I am wondering if the plugin is able to bill the customer based on the difference in price (change from basic to premium subscription) of the current billing period.

Hello vuleanhvn,

The invoices are generated by Stripe automatically, and Stripe adjusts/prorates the subscription and the invoice as needed.

cheers, Csaba

Thanks, It’s pretty nice and I decided to buy this plugin. However, I am now facing a problem that the plugin always creates a new customer in Stripe even though there is an existing Stripe account associated with the customer’s email. Do you have any idea or documentation to fix this?

Hello vuleanhvn,

Inline subscription forms recognize existing Stripe customers based on email address. Checkout subscription forms (all checkout form types) create a new Stripe customer on every purchase.

The customer portal of the plugin can handle several Stripe customers with one email address – it can display an account selector to the customer.

Our support helpdesk is at , please contact us there for support inquiries. When contacting us, please send us your Envato purchase code.

Thanks, cheers: Csaba

Does this product support adding quantities at the product level? I want to have 2 standalone products at checkout where the user can enter a quantity and have it multiplied by the product price and show a total.

Hello Westside,

In WP Full Pay, only one product can be purchased at once.

cheers, Csaba

I understand that, I mean can the user choose or enter a quantity for that product?

Also can the use see other products at checkout? I realize they can only purchase one.


Just testing the plugin but the manage subscriptions function doesnt seem to work? I never get a field to enter the code?


Hello Csaba,

This is a presales question, I haven’t purchased the plugin yet. I wanted to test it first.


Hello J2O,

Our customer portal demo is available at .

If I enter the address. then I’m prompted to enter one-time login code:

Are you testing on this page?

Thanks: Csaba


Yes I was using that. I never got to the field with the code, that’s really weird. I just tried it again and its working now. Looks good, thanks for your help.



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