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is it possible to have two separate Stripe accounts associated with one website. We would need to take payments in Sterling and Euro and payments in different currencies would have to go to different accounts.

Hello splashdesigns,

WP Full Stripe doesn’t support multiple Stripe accounts at the moment.

cheers, Csaba

Hello, Is it possible to use this plugin for church donation ? For that, I need members to be able to enter the amount of their choice as well as to choose if they want a recurring payment or not. Can I do that with this plugin ?

Hello steph2bordeaux,

I’m afraid I don’t understand your question fully.

I feel confident that we’ll find a way to implement recurring custom amount donation, if that is your question. However, it’s a feature that needs work on our part, it’s not just a simple tweak.

cheers, Csaba

Ok, this is an example. Imagine, I’m on my local church website. I decide to make a 300$ donation, and as I don’t want to do this every month, I want to check a button like “recurring paiement”. Better ?

Hello steph2bordeaux,

Thanks for the explanation. As I first answered: “for recurring donations, custom donation amount is not yet supported.”

To put it differently, there is no “Make it a recurring donation” checkbox in the plugin at the moment.

cheers, Csaba

Is it possible to duplicate products so I don’t have to keep entering the same information over and over again? For example, most of my products are very similar with the exception of the price. It will just be easier to not have to keep entering the same information over and over again.

Hello rdkcreative,

Are your products subscription plans, or product items for a one-time payment form?

How many products do you have?

It’s not possible to clone or copy the items at the moment, but I’d like to understand your business case better for future plugin updates.

Thanks: Csaba

Hello. We have about 22 different products for one of our sites and some are one-time payments and others are subscription plans. Our products are yoga related for different workshops and training so they’re basically the same with the exception of the name and price.

But they’ll usually all use the same extra fields and options.

Thanks for your feedback!

I can relate to the issue you’ve just raised.

Even though we haven’t got this feedback before, we add it to our roadmap, because we are redesigning the forms and also the admin site, and we can add cloning to make things easier.

Thanks again, cheers: Csaba

Hi there. The plugin is incompatible with the WP Mandrill plugin. Upon activation, I get the following warning:

“Mandrill: wp_mail has been declared by another process or plugin, so you won’t be able to use Mandrill until the problem is solved.”

(consequently the mailing functionality no longer works)

Would you have a solution or could indicate to me how I can fix this?

Cool, thank you!

Hello jpogorman,

In the next version of WP Full Stripe (v3.15.0), you won’t experience this issue.

We’ve used some functions of pluggable.php for generating unique tokens, and we already fixed this earlier today so the plugin wouldn’t use pluggable.php anymore.

The unique token is generated for webhook authentication. I think you have a token saved in your options already, but if you reinstalled the plugin from scratch, you’d run into issues.

cheers, Csaba

Hi Csaba – fantastic, thank you for looking into this so quickly! Yes, that makes sense – I already had it installed before I made the modifications.

Hi, just bought plugin, everything went fine but when creating suscription plans and product (at stripe or WPplugin panel), the dropdown shows products but not plans, we need 3,6,9 monthly pay plans at the same dropdown, and named as we need, not with prooduct name:

This is the error at plugin wp admin, when trying to change plan name to 3 Month pay>

There was an error updating the subscription plan: Product fields for this plan may not be changed because the product for this plan has more than one plan associated with it. This is likely due to mixing API versions.

please write asap,thanks

Hello germanali,

There is a great mess in Stripe, because it’s transitioning from plans to products.

Please create plans in WP Full Stripe, and those plans should work fine in our plugin, and everywhere else.

Let us know how it goes.

Thanks: Csaba

Hi, any news on adding SEPA direct debit? Really need it – already bought the plugin and found out too late that SEPA DD is not supported ;)

Hello bluemonkeys,

SEPA direct debit is not yet supported.

We are in the preparatory phase of adding new payment methods to WP Full Stripe, but I cannot tell you the definitive release date yet.

cheers, Csaba

Pre-purchase question, can this be used with woocommerce as a check out option when customer is going to pay for all their items?

Hello iamyeko,

WP Full Stripe is not a Woocommerce add-on, it’s a standalone payment solution.

cheers, Csaba

Is it possible to add coupon for the ‘Setup Fee’ field and not the price field brought in via Stripe?

Hello VittyCreatives,

No, coupons can be used only for the recurring fee.

cheers, Csaba

Hello, I think that your plugin does not support the GDPR – the new European privacy law. Basically, it would need a mandatory checkbox before every subscription / payment button where it says “By clicking this, I agree to [WEBSITE] privacy policy” and it should be possible to put a link to the privacy policy. Can you make an update for the European market with this option? Thank you very much.


The GDPR-compatibilty update will be released in the first half of next week.

cheers, Csaba