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Great plugin. Is there a way to have the user also signup in the subscription form. So when they get a subscription they will also register an account?


Hello RebophoeS,

Yes, we have an add-on called WP Full Stripe Members that can do that.

It’s an add-on for creating membership websites with protected content based on membership level.

We’d need to clarify your requirements in order to recommend WP Full Stripe Members to you.

Could you please send an email to with the following information: - How many subscription plans do you have at the moment? - Do you need to assign a role to the WP user based on the subscription plan? - Do you want your users to change subscription plan, update credit card data, or cancel subscription?

Thanks, cheers: Csaba


envwb Purchased

Hello, I installed the plug-in but on subscription sign up the date fields allow user to enter any format – it is just 2 text fields for month and year – does not even specify month & year just card expiry date & then 2 text boxes – is there a way to validate these 2 fields so that use can choose month and year rather than entering text?


envwb Purchased

also the subscription form is not requiring card holder name as necessary field it is approving payment in test mode without a card holder name present and I have no way of making this field mandatory from settings


envwb Purchased

I’ve just noticed in demo that it allows you to subscribe without cardholders name – surely this is a big oversight & will lead to problems, no?

Hello envwb,

No, it’s on purpose.

There are certain applications where our customers don’t require the name field, they even remove it from the form template.

However, we are working on an interactive form builder, where you’d be able to set the field order, field label, mandatory flag per field, the cardholder’s name included.

We don’t plan to make the name field mandatory in the meantime, and the new editor will make this issue obsolete.

cheers, Csaba

Hello Sir,

I want to use WP Full Stripe Members – Add-on for WP Full Stripe plugin and I’m already using WP Full Stripe plugin.

My concern is that can subscriber able to cancel own subscription themselves? because admin doesn’t want to cancel the subscriptions manually.

Please let me know is this plugin do that, if yes then i will buy this Addon. Purchase Code of WP Full Stripe bfa47b16-be6e-46fd-a33c-a5da9ec06e31

Dear Ravinder, ​ Yes, WP Full Stripe Members can provide a self-service “My Account” page for subscribers, where they can cancel their subscriptions. ​ ​However, before buying the plugin, please read the details below because the add-on might or might not be the best fit for you:

- ​In order to user Full Stripe Members, you have to assign subscription plans to membership roles. ​Currently, Full Stripe Members has 4 built-in roles (Bronze, Silver, Gold, All Access) so if you have more than 4 subscriptions plans then it’s an issue.

- You don’t start using Full Stripe Members from scratch, ​so you already have data in Wordpress and in Stripe. ​You have to import the Stripe subscribers to Full Stripe Members.

- Full Stripe Members works only for customers who have a single subscription at a time. If a customer has more than one subscription running, then Full Stripe Members will not import them.

If none of the above ​causes issues in your case, then Full Stripe Members will work for your case. ​ ​ ​cheers, ​Csaba

How can I change the input field placeholder colour?

Hello splashdesigns,

Apologies, I’ve overlooked your question.

Could you please send the URL of your payment form to , and we’d send back the CSS selector.

Thanks, cheers, Csaba

this plugin is not updated in that least 5 months even though the Wordpress is updated to version 4.8. Also there might be some updates on Stripe side. How is your schedule for updating the plugin?

Dear afarahani,

WP Full Stipe Pro was last updated 2,5 months ago (April 23, 2017), please see in the info pane on the right.

WP Full Stripe Free is updated less frequently, usually when we add a feature, or the Stripe API needs to be upgraded, or Wordpress breaks compatibility in a new release.

We plan to release the latest version (v3.10.0) of WP Full Stripe Pro shortly. It is near to the end of the testing phase.

cheers, Csaba


envwb Purchased

is it possible to copy payment forms and subscription data from test to live? or is it necessary to set these up again from scratch when switching to live?


envwb Purchased

actually it was only subscription form that needed recreating – is this correct?

Dear envwb,

Subscription forms need not to be recreated when switching to live mode.

However, subscriptions plans are per mode, so you need to recreate subscription plans with the same id in live mode to function properly.

(test mode or live mode are two separate worlds, with different sets of Stripe objects. The subscription plan is a Stripe object, so it needs to be recreated in live mode)

cheers, Csaba


envwb Purchased

ok thanks great plugin looking forward to next update :)


We would like to buy your plugin right away for SUBSCRIPTIONS. Please urgently answer these questions right away.

1. In a subscription form , we do not want coupon. Can the coupon be deleted? 2. Can we redesign the form easily, drag and drop? 3 Can the short code for the form be linked to a button or a hyperlink? For example, the button says SUBSCRIBE. When someone clicks on the button a form appears. Can the form appear in the same page or in a pop up? 4.  Do you have detailed documentation? Can we see it? I have already seen the documentation on your site. 5. Can we see a demo  and play with it?


Hello eventrader,

1) The coupon field is optional, it can be turned off/on.

2) There is no interactive form editor at the moment. You can change the visuals by using CSS, and also by changing the form template file (if you’d like to change field order, for example)

3) Forms come in two flavors: inline and popup. We are about to release the new version of the plugin (v3.10.0), in which subscriptions forms can be popup as well. When your subscription form is a popup form then you have the plan selector and the “Subscribe button” embedded into the page, the rest is in the popup.

4) More detailed documentation is bundled with the plugin. If you have further pre-sales questions, then we’d kindly ask you to send them to .

5) Our demos are on the page.

cheers, Csaba

1. Can a customized email be sent to the subscriber when he subscrones? 2. Regarding stripe wbhooks, do we get an email if a payment fails? 3. Do we get an email when all tries to collect fail and subscription is cancelled by stripe? 4. When we cancel from your plugin, does it cancel from stripe? 5. Is there an automated way for a subscriber to cancel? 6. It appears that when a subscription is cancelled from your plugin, the subscriber data disappears. We want to keep a database of ex-subscribers, how?

Hello eventrader,

1) Yes, the plugin can send emails to subscribers. For the placeholders that can be used to customize the HTML email of your choice, please refer to this knowledge base article:

2) No, the plugin doesn’t send email when a payment fails.

3) No, the plugin doesn’t send email when all tries to collect fail and subscription is cancelled by Stripe.

4) Yes, cancelling a subscription in WP admin cancels the subscription in Stripe as well.

5) We have an add-on called WP Full Stripe Members, which creates Wordpress users for subscribers, and it provides a “My Account” shortcode that can be used to create a page for users where they can update credit card data, upgrade/downgrade plan, cancel subscription.

WP Full Stripe Members might or might not be the right solution for cancelling subscriptions, because some restrictions apply. We’d need to know about your business case to recommend the add-on for you.

6) Cancelling the subscription preserves the data in both the Wordpress database and in Stripe. In the database, the subscriber row is still there with a different status. In Stripe, even though the subscription object is deleted, the customer object is still there.

cheers, Csaba


ojbravo Purchased

Hey Csaba,

I’m getting a 404 error everytime I click on a button for the Stripe Popup form… The buttons can be found here under the “One-Time Donations” ($25, 50, 100, 250, 500):

Have you ever seen this issue before? I couldn’t find anything about it in the FAQs or the Knowledge Base. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


ojbravo Purchased

I figured it out… It was my fault. jQuery wasn’t loading properly in my wordpress theme.

Hello ojbravo,

Thanks for letting us know!

cheers, Csaba

How can we add an automatic 4% processing fee to a form? If the custom amount entered is $40 then it should add a 4% charge to that for total.

Hello webierweb,

You cannot add an automatic 4% processing fee to the form at the moment.

If you need this functionality then you need to modify the plugin code.

cheers, Csaba

I found the answer.

Hello darrinstern,

Custom fields are added as metadata.

In case of a one-time payment, they are added to the charge object. In case of a subscription, they are added to the customer object.

cheers, Csaba

Presale question, does this support ACH payment via Stripe?

Hello T2theHo,

ACH payments via Stripe are not supported yet.

cheers, Csaba

Pre Sale Question – Does this plugin support customize recurring payment? Like customer can enter amount to make it recurring. Let me know if this feature is available. If not, can you guys assure to make this feature is next version? Then i can purchase.


Dear prabhjot2991,

It’s not possible to make recurring payments with a custom amount at the moment.

The next version of the plugin (v3.10.0) won’t have this feature.

This feature is on our roadmap, we’ll release it later this year (most probably in the fall).

cheers, Csaba

Presale: Would you have a development plan for the added feature of ACH payments? Possible timeframe if at all? Thanks.

Hello darrinstern,

ACH payments are coming – most probably in the fall -, but we cannot commit to a release date yet.

cheers, Csaba


is there any progress on Stripe Connect integration?

Thank you

Hello WAmadeus,

It’s still on the roadmap, but it was “voted down” a bit by some feature requests coming from our customers.

cheers, Csaba

How to create thanks yo page ?? Where is the documentation for the thank you page?? In the Plugin backed I do not found any option like “Redirect to success page or specific page”. Please help me to set up thanks you page. thanks.

Dear Majorgame,

You can choose a page or post to redirect to on the “Actions after payment” tab of the form being edited in WP admin.

Set the “Redirect on success?” option to “Yes”, and check the “Allow placeholder tokens on Thank you pages” option as well on the same tab.

For the shortcodes that you need to use on the Thank you page, please refer to the “Full Stripe -> Help” page in WP admin for more information.

If you need further assistance, then please contact us at .

Thanks, cheers: Csaba

Hi, Today I purchased the WP Full Stripe Wordpress plugin.

But after installation I am getting following error. parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-full-stripe/wp-full-stripe.php on line 51

My current version of wordpress is – Version 4.8.1 Please look into this as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance


WordPress 4.8.1 Running PHP version: 5.2.17

Hello Abhishek,

Thanks for your reply.

This issue has to do something with your Wordpress environment.

Can we continue this support issue in email? Could you please write to ?

It’d be more convenient for you and us as well, with access to our ticketing system and our knowledge base at our fingertips.

Thanks: Csaba

Hello Abhishek,

The minimum supported PHP version for WP Full Stripe Pro is PHP v5.3.0, please take a look at our knowledge base article:

Could you please upgrade your PHP to a newer version?

Thanks: Csaba