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I have implemented a one-time payment form. However, when I try to use a test credit card to run a test transaction, I get the following error: “Invalid form name or form nonce or form not found”

Hello br1dge,

Have you sent an email to to our support as well?

We’ve got an inquiry which was answered, and it looked like yours.

Thanks: Csaba

How can I integrate this plugin with a custom post type?

Or the other way around, how can I log an ID along with a transaction of a custom post type so then I could map them together?

Any way to get the ID of the payment? Is it a custom post type?


Hello obalau,

Our plugin fires Wordpress actions before and after payment. This is a way to hook into the payment, and do your own thing as well.

Please take a look at this knowledge base article for more details:

cheers, Csaba

Hi, I’m want to buy your plugin, right now I’m using a free version of your plugin. but before that, Could you please help me to know, is your plugin handle “Stripe product”? the products we created on Stripe account.

Hello mahmudsg,

I’m sorry, but WP Full Stripe doesn’t work with Stripe products.

cheers, Csaba

Hi, I have a few pre sales questions:

I need to have a drop down select menu with 2 options – one time payment and monthly payment. If you choose one time payment from the dropdown, 4 price options appear in either radio buttons, or another drop down menu: $10, $25, $50 and $100. If you choose monthly payment, then radio buttons, or another drop down menu: $5, $10, $20 and $50 – these are subscription plans setup in Stripe.

So, only one group of costs are visible at a time – this would be done with conditional logic in something like Gravity Forms.

So basically there are 8 possible payment choices, 4 are one time payment and 4 are subscription plans.

And depending on what the choose the amount appears in a TOTAL: field somewhere on the form.

And I need to have another dropdown with that shows about 10 different countries and the user has to choose one of those options and that needs to be sent as meta data to Stripe. I will also need 4 other metadata fields.

And can I completely customize the layout with CSS? And can I use my own classes on form fields or field wrappers to create the layout I want using my existing grid?


Hello apertureboy,

WP Full Stripe doesn’t support recurring and one-time payments on the same form. Also, custom fields are of text type, no option to create a dropdown list.

These improvements are on our shortlist, but they are not present in the plugin at the moment.

cheers, Csaba


Can i create a subscription plan with custom amount (a monthly donation for non-profits organization) ?


Hello BITNW,

No, WP Full Stripe doesn’t support custom amount subscriptions yet.

cheers, Csaba


Kuzz Purchased

Hi Csaba,

Do you have any plans to allow tax/VAT anytime soon on one-off payments forms like you have added to Subscription payment forms?

Regards, Kuzz

Hello Kuzz,

Plans to allow tax/VAT on one-off payments is on our roadmap, but the release date/version is not yet decided.

cheers, Csaba

Hello, how can one of my subscribers quit the subscription? Should he call his bank or what? Thank you.

Hello domenicolatosa,

If you use only WP Full Stripe (WP Full Stripe Members is not installed) then you can cancel subscriptions from WP admin, on the “Full Stripe -> Subscriptions -> Subscribers” page.

cheers, Csaba

Does stripe wp plugin have “Update Your Card Form” feature mentioned at ?

Hello awdesign12,

Apologies for not replying earlier, somehow we overlooked your question.

Our plugin implements updating the card in a different manner.

We have an add-on called WP Full Stripe Members, which provides a “My Account” shortcode for creating a page where the subscriber can update credit card data, upgrade/downgrade subscription plan, or cancel subscription.

cheers, Csaba

Presale questions:

Do coupons work?

Can guests make a purchase (they don’t need an account to buy)?

For recurring payments, when a card/stripe account is charged and there isnt enough funds, what happens? (does it try again? Is it canceled forever?)

If a client misses a recurring payment and asks me to charge their account, how can I do this with this plugin?

Can I alter the date it charges clients? (If a client signs up on the 13th, I want to set it to charge them the first over every month after the first month.)

Can I set it to default charge all clients on a certain day (charge all clients on the first of the month)

Thank you for reviewing my questions! Looking forward to your answer

Hello NPetrus,

Answering your questions:

1) WP Full Stripe supports coupons for subscriptions.

2) You can put a subscription form on a public page of your website, there is no need for a Wordpress user account.

3) For retrying failed payments, our plugin relies on the built-in retry mechanism of Stripe. For more information, please refer to the “Subscription settings and payment failures” section of this Stripe KB document:

4) You can charge the customer from the Stripe Dashboard, our plugin doesn’t provide functionality for that.

5), 6) It’s not possible to modify the charge date for clients at the moment.

cheers, Csaba

Pre-Sales Question:

Are you able to give each of your custom fields a custom Class or ID so it can be styled differently. I have been trying in CSS and JQuery (in the free version) to change one of my field labels (the custom one) to RED with zero success. If this is easy to do in the paid version I will buy it.


Will changes in these PHP template files be overwritten on a plugin update? If so that makes it pretty redundant.

Yes, those changes would be overwritten with a plugin update.

cheers, Csaba

Thank you. We have decided to go with a different plugin that suits our needs. Cheers.

hi there, is it possible to create multiple buy buttons and have multiple thank you pages for multiple products?

Hello craigriley7,

You can create any number of buy buttons, and any number of thank you pages.

The only limitation is that one button can redirect to only one thank you page.

cheers, Csaba

Hi Mammothology,

How can I use multiple accounts. My client has a rental company that has multiple accounts and has different deposits. How can I set this up

Hello mikerichx711,

WP Full Stripe doesn’t support multiple Stripe accounts at the moment.

cheers, Csaba