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does it work with Stripe Connect?

Hello shrini,

No, the plugin does not work with Stripe Connect yet.

Cheers, Csaba

Couple of questions: 1. Does the plugin allow you to specify the specific role that should be assigned after payment is processed? 2. Does the plugin send out an automated confirmation email with login details? 3. If not (2), how easy is it to customize the plugin to do so?

Hello mparas,

Answering your questions in order:

1) Yes, you can assign roles to subscription plans and the plugin will add the role to the user created for the subscriber.

2) Yes, it does send out a confirmation email with the login details.

3) The email template is in the code in the current version (v1.2.0) but will be fully configurable via UI in the coming v1.3.0 release. Also, it is easy to modify the email template in the code.

Cheers, Csaba


I need this for registering a username and password where people can register on my website can you do this for me

Hello wwwguydonohuecouk,

WP Full Stripe Members does register users when customers subscribe to a plan.

However, it is a membership plugin so it does so if member roles and subscription plans are set up properly.

Cheers, Csaba

How can I create additional roles to tie to subscriptions? I have 10 subscription types but only 5 available default roles to tie them to.

Hello servsupport,

Currently, you can extend the number of roles only by modifying the source code. You need some PHP and javascript experience to do it.

If you would like to go ahead with it, then please write an email to support@mammothology.com and I will give you some pointers.

Cheers, Csaba

Ok. Also, If a user with one email address subscribes to a package that has a 2 day free trail – and the subscription ends. But the user purchases the subscription again, will it prevent that user with that same email from getting another free trial?

Hello servsupport,

No, the plugin does not have protection against fraudulent use of trials.

Cheers, Csaba

Hi ! Your plugin is very interesting. Do you think it’s possible somehow (extra coding work) to auto sync / import customers from Stripe to WP Full Stripe Members ?

I have customers that will not be created within WP Full Stripe Members but I would like to manage them and give them access right away on my platform.

Thank you !

Hello supasupasupa,

You can import Stripe subscribers to WP Full Stripe Members.

If you are interested, we can send you the import-related help sections of the plugin so that you can take a look.

Send us an email to support@mammothology.com and we will send it in the reply.

Cheers, Csaba

Hello, I sent you couple of emails asking for some information. Can you get back at me as soon as possible ?

Kind regards


Thanks, we received your questions and answered them.

Cheers, Csaba

You can erase this comments. Error.

quick question: will the members add-on work correctly, if full-stripe is on one domain i.e. mydomain.com and my members site is on a subdomain i.e. subdomain.mydomain.com? Thanks!

Hello Troy007,

I cannot confidently say it would work because we’ve never tested it. My default answer would be “no”.

Cheers, Csaba

Thanks for response!

I love your full stripe plugin. However, this addon is terrable. I would like a full refund

Hello mslill,

You have to request the refund through Envato, you can find the refund policy here: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821460-Can-I-Get-A-Refund-

We are committed to improving Full Stripe Members as well. Could you please tell us about your experiences with it (what worked, what didn’t, what you were missing, feature suggestions, etc) at support@mammothology.com?

Thanks, cheer: Csaba

Two questions. I want to create a nice simple page for clients to “Cancel” a subscription, or, update the credit card they have in STRIPE. Is that possible? Your page says “fully” tested, but mobile responsive is the most basic requirements nowadays, it doesn’t appear to be properly mobile responsive? See link http://www.screencast.com/t/f4NORkkZvC


I tried to post this on the support forum, but it appears to be broken, I just get an error “


I had a look through related posts about roles but couldn’t see this mentioned anywhere, apologies if I missed something.

I’m on wordpress 4.6.1 with full stripe and membership plugins.

The issue is that when a membership is paid for the user is created correctly and the stripe member role automatically assigned (in this example ‘silver’), but it seems like the default wordpress user role is also assigned to the user (‘subscriber’).

So in the user list i see the signed up user then under roles “Subscriber, Silver” , this in itself is no issue but when i try to set up login redirects based on the user role it seems to always pick Subscriber rather than Silver.

Any ideas on how to work around this ? For now I can set the default user role in wordpress as silver as a workaround, but should I need to allow other types of user to register this would likely cause an issue.

Thanks, Stu

Hello Stu,

We’ve moved the support forum to its final location, and there was an issue with file permissions – fixed. You can find the forums here: https://paymentsplugin.com/forums/

As for your question: the ‘subscriber’ role is assigned to the user by Wordpress automatically.

What is the plugin you are using for the redirects? (We also use a plugin for redirects and it works great)

Thanks, cheers Csaba

Hi Csaba, thanks for the response, i’ve moved this query over to your support forum instead.

Cheers, Stu

Hi there, I’ve installed this plugin in addition to the full stripe plugin but I’m getting an error that I can’t figure out. I’ve added the [wpfs_members_account] shortcode to a draft post to check the functionality of the Members Account Area, but the following error is all I get: “There was an error retrieving your account details. Please try again later.” What is causing this? This feature and the ability for customers to cancel subscriptions was the main reason for purchasing this add on plugin. Any help is appreciated.

Hello maplebaygg,

We’ve received a support email on this topic, I believe it was from you. I answered your questions there.

cheers, Csaba

Is there a way for a member to update their password?

Hello asandage,

Members can use the standard Wordpress facilities to change password:

1) In the top-right corner, they can select the “Edit My Profile” menu item, and change the password there.

2) They can reset the password on the Wordpress login screen.

cheers, Csaba

Thank you for the quick reply Csaba :) I figured it out – I had another plugin where the settings were preventing the user from accessing the profile page. It is working now.


openb Purchased


im getting an error when i try to edit members. Skip to main contentSkip to toolbar

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I have deleted the members from stripe, and would like to delete them as well.

Yes, it’s due to inconsistent data.

There is no “Delete Member” button at the moment (there will be in the next release), so the only way is to delete them from the database.

You have to delete the bogus members from the wp_fullstripe_members table like this:

delete from wp_fullstripe_members where memberID = member_id_here

Replace member_id_here with the id of the member which is visible on the “Full Stripe -> Members -> Members” page in WP admin.

cheers, Csaba


openb Purchased

when stripe members are imported, can you also create subscriptions for them?

Hello openb,

Actually, it’s the other way around.

When you have running subscriptions in Stripe, and you’d like to turn them into members then you’d use the import function.

Please refer to the “WP Full Stripe -> Members -> Help” page for more information where the import process is described in details.

cheers, Csaba

Hi, I have been using this add-on for a while now with the dashboard so that my clients can update their account information and it has been working great, but today I had a client email me about how to update their credit card information, and I noticed that the section of the account page that allows updating payment information is no longer showing up. Do you know how I can fix this? Thanks!

never mind – I fixed the problem :)

Hello asandage,

That’s great!

Could you please tell us what the issue was and how you resolved it?

Thanks: Csaba

It has to do with another plugin that also uses roles. I needed to set it so that user profile uses both roles at the same time.

Hello Sir,

I want to use WP Full Stripe Members – Add-on for WP Full Stripe plugin and I’m already using WP Full Stripe plugin.

My concern is that can subscriber able to cancel own subscription themselves? because admin doesn’t want to cancel the subscriptions manually.

Please let me know is this plugin do that, if yes then i will buy this Addon. Purchase Code of WP Full Stripe bfa47b16-be6e-46fd-a33c-a5da9ec06e31

hello sir, you haven’t replied to this query. IT’S URGENT!!! Please reply

Dear Ravinder, ​ Yes, WP Full Stripe Members can provide a self-service “My Account” page for subscribers, where they can cancel their subscriptions. ​ ​However, before buying the plugin, please read the details below because the add-on might or might not be the best fit for you.

- ​In order to user Full Stripe Members, you have to assign subscription plans to membership roles. ​Currently, Full Stripe Members has 4 built-in roles (Bronze, Silver, Gold, All Access) so if you have more than 4 subscriptions plans then it’s an issue.

- You don’t start using Full Stripe Members from scratch, ​so you already have data in Wordpress and in Stripe. ​You have to import the Stripe subscribers to Full Stripe Members.

- Full Stripe Members works only for customers who have a single subscription at a time. If a customer has more than one subscription running, then Full Stripe Members will not import them.

If none of the above ​causes issues in your case, then Full Stripe Members will work for your case. ​ ​ ​cheers, ​Csaba

Dear juzzy187,

Our support response time is within 24 hours.

In most cases, we respond within hours, but factors like time zone differences, day of the week, workload because of new releases can push it back close to 24 hours.

We have received your inquiry (also on our support email address), and we’ll respond in a timely manner.

Thanks for your understanding, cheers: Csaba

1. Can the subscription form be on one site and the content to be protected on a seperate site on a subdomain? 2. How would you handle monthly and yearly subscriptions?

Hello eventrader,

1) We haven’t tested this scenario, but I suspect we’d run into issues because of the security/domain policies of web browsers.

2) I’m afraid I don’t understand your question. WP Full Stripe Members is an add-on to WP Full Stripe, which uses Stripe subscription plans. So a monthly or an annual plan are handled automatically by Stripe, and our plugin uses the API and hooks to get information about the running subscriptions.

Let me know if you’d get more info re. point 2).

cheers, Csaba

can it be setup where a user can select a payment frequency? for example, either pay a one time fee for one type of access OR subscribe for another type of access?

Hello dynamicproducer,

The workflow is that the customer selects a subscription plan on a subscription form, and upon payment, the customer becomes a member of the website.

Our plugin can handle subscription plans that are terminated after certain number of charges. So you can create a one-time payment by creating a subscription plan that is terminated after a one charge.

cheers, Csaba


neilf7 Purchased


I want to use this add-on just to allow the current members to “update card information” I’m protecting the pages with another plugin, you think it will work for the only feature I mentioned.

btw I use (Memberium to protect the pages).


Hello neilf7,

Updating card information using WP Full Stripe Members will work only if members sign up via a subscription form of WP Full Stripe.

Other restrictions may also apply, and I’m writing it this vaguely because I don’t know your business case.

cheers, Csaba


neilf7 Purchased

Yes, the plan is create the subscriptions with WP full stripe and integrate through zapier with “memberium plugin” and WP full stripe member to add the “update card info” feature.

Hello neilf7,

How many Stripe subscription plans do you use? Do customer can have only one subscription plan at a time?

WP Full Stripe Members have certain rules/limitations, that’s why I am asking.

Could you please send your answer to support@paymentsplugin.com , so that we can use our ticketing system for serving you, that would be more efficient.

Thanks, cheers: Csaba

Is it possible to let the user define a custom amount for a recurring monthly subscription? We’d like to provide a way for our members to contribute monthly donations.

Hello bitesizemunchy,

Custom amount for recurring donations is not supported currently.

WP Full Stripe will support it later this year.

cheers, Csaba