WP Form Builder - Drag & Drop

WP Form Builder - Drag & Drop

Introductory price, normally $30

Create your next form with ease using our new drag and drop form builder, with multiple field types, each with validation helping to capture the data you require, whether it’s a simple contact form or even a complex questionnaire we can build it.

Setup email notifications to alert administrators about new form submissions, or even just thank users for completing the form, or do nothing, the choice is yours with our configurable form notifications and confirmations.

Simply change colours of the form to match your website’s theme via our style editor and preview the form, when ready to display the form use our new WYSIWYG button to output and configure the form shortcode.

wordpress form builder plugin

Drag & drop form builder

Easily build forms by simply dragging fields into the correct position.

Customisable field settings

Multiple field types all with customisable options.

Form preview

Preview what the form will look like when building the form.

Theme colour picker

Make your forms stand out, using our form styler.

Email notifications

Setup multiple email notifications when a form has been submitted, personalise emails with form data.

Form Confirmation

Customise the thank you message on form success, or redirect them.

Form validation

Customise the display and text of form errors.

Reduce form spam

Easily setup and use the built in spam prevention with a reCAPTCHA field

Manage form submissions

Form submissions stored within the admin area.

Change Log

### 0.3.2
* FIX: Sanitize data when editing the form
* FIX: Move form settings from post_content to meta field
* FIX: Display status messages when editing and saving data
* ADD: Make field label required
* ADD: Click and add field to form

### 0.3.1
* ADD: Form Preview link
* ADD: Edit form general error, toggle display of field errors below message
* FIX: Increase security with file upload, randomly generate folder and file prefix

### 0.3
* Plugin Released