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Is there any way to extend the session? When I go to Visual Chat and turn it ON it works fine, but after less than an hour (don’t really know for how long) I will be offline on front end even though I am still ON in the visual chat in the backend. I guess it has something to do with the session or something? I hope this can be solved as of right now I have to turn my self off an on at least every hour to actually stay online.

Please contact us form the support page sending a temporary access to the backend, we will check it .

Does this plugin have internal or Intranet chat provisions?

No, sorry, there is no such option currently.

Hello support, I’m looking to possibly pick up two more licenses for this plugin to use on separate sites. One of the sites is a multisite but the primary domain-name never changes. e.g. (site1.mysite.com site2.mysite.com site3.mysite.com)

My main question is: Can this be ‘Network’ activated or (insert process here) so we can take users from the main site and over to the subsite that pertains to their interests? e.g. from mysite.com to training.mysite.com to store.mysite.com etc… Is this possible???


It can be activated on each website of the multisite installation, but it will work separately for each site.

I just came across a three significant limitations that I’m hoping you might have suggestions or solutions for and as I indicated above I’m looking to possibly purchase two more licenses but…

1. I just started using the Chat System on a site that I have been using the Site Tracker system on and I found out the hard way that when a user is engaged in using this chat system, Tracker can’t record what is happening so it looks like the visitor is just sitting there doing nothing…

2. If the visitor moves to another page they don’t get or hear any notification that someone has responded to them.

3. When using the chat system on a smart phone the Admin does not get a notification or sound chime that a new user has sent a message either.

I will address a couple more limitations about the Tracker in the Tracker plugin’s thread…

Thank you

Please can you use the “Reply” button (instead on new comment for each message)? For support requests, please contact us from the support page, we will help you : https://codecanyon.net/item/wp-flat-visual-chat-live-chat-remote-view-for-wordpress/8329900/support

I will create a ticket but first: can this be inserted into a widget or embedded into a page so that your tracker system can record actions within the chat window?

No, there is no such option currently .

can this do random agent and can i chat with client on my iphone or any decives?

Sorry random call agent

When a user starts a chat, all operators see the new chat request, and the first who accept it takes the discussion (and he can transfer it to another operator if needed) .

Is this chat compatible with WP 4.8 i just install it an i have several errors:

A) I cant upload icons for agent and user (this is a bug) / http://prntscr.com/fslnju ... B) The front-end style is a mess / http://prntscr.com/fslnt1 ... C) icons dont get save / http://prntscr.com/fslo5j ...

Yes, it was simply the weekend. I replied to your email 4 hours ago, please can you check your inbox ?

Thanks for you answer however still some error like this screenshots:

http://prntscr.com/ftwmio http://prntscr.com/ftwmdd http://prntscr.com/ftwnn6

Thanks for you time and help

I’m going to check it and reply directly to your email.

Hello Pre sale question. Thanks for helping me.

1. Is it working with google firebase?

2. Is it ok with Really simple SSL plugin which i am using?

3. Can i use this with WP fastest cache plugin?

Thanks for helping

Hello Pre sale question. Thanks for helping me.

1. Is it working with google firebase?

2. Is it ok with Really simple SSL plugin which i am using?

3. Can i use this with WP fastest cache plugin?

Thanks for helping

Yes, i did it. at the first time i made a mistake and used tags. but after removing tags, i gets done. i want to change the send message icon too. i would be appriciate if you help me with this too.


Here is the code to use :
var newIconUpload = 'glyphicon-gift';
var newIconMsg = 'glyphicon-ok';

    jQuery('#vcht_uploadFileBtn > span').removeClass('glyphicon-cloud-upload');
    jQuery('#vcht_uploadFileBtn > span').addClass(newIconUpload);
    jQuery('#chatWrite .fui-chat').addClass('glyphicon').addClass(newIconMsg).removeClass('fui-chat');

thanks :)

i changed them.


I have little issue on mobile after updating to the latest version. is it possible to prevent chat window to open automatically after reloading website? it is happening on mobile only.

Strange, the chat panel shouldn’t be opened if there is no discussion in progress. Please can you contact us from the support page sending the url where we can see it ?

Hi there,

Love your plugin! Could you please let me know how to change the ‘hover’ colour of the ‘start a chat’ and the hover colour of the buttons. The grey is very weary. If you could please hook me up with the CSS I need to paste into it or however it works that would be very much appreciated! :) Thanks so much in advance!

Hello there,

You can change the color through Admin > WP Visual Chat > Settings > Colors > Here you can change the color of buttons easily.

Hi there,

I see that, however there is no option to change the hover colour. My pre-chat icon at the bottom is black, as is one of the buttons; and when you hover over it to open up the chat, it goes gray. I would like this to go green instead please, how would this be done? Thanks a lot in advance for your help

You can paste this css rule in the “Custom CSS” option of your theme to do change the color of the chat panel header on over :
#vcht_chatframe #chatHeader:hover { background-color: #2ecc71 !important; }
Or to apply it to the start button :
#vcht_chatframe #chatIntro .btn:hover { background-color: #2ecc71 !important; }

do you have demo?

Yes, you can see the online demo by clicking the button “Live Preview” on the main page, and a video preview of the backend by clicking the button “Video Preview” .

Hello First of all thank you for this great plugin. We love it and thanks for your support and helping me on changing the icons. I have a question, Why operator can’t get a notification sound on tablet? I get sound notification when a visitor sends message on desktop, But on tablet not. Is there any way to fix this?

Hi there, I would request to contact through the support page https://codecanyon.net/item/wp-flat-visual-chat-live-chat-remote-view-for-wordpress/8329900/support of plugin with temporary access of backend.

Hi. Thanks for helping. I sent you the credentials though the support page.

Best Regards

Doesn’t work in Chrome anymore. Also In Chrome It also blocks other plugins to function. When deactivating, then everything in Chrome is fine..

There is probably a conflict somewhere. Please contact us from the support page, we will debug it .

Demo dasnt work

Thanks for reporting, but the demo page works normally on my side. Maybe you should try to close the envato frame .


avrcata Purchased

Hello! I bought this plugin some months ago but didn’t had time to install and it until now. Before I download and install it, I tried the demo once more on my phone (iPhone 7) and it seems the plugin is not responsive. When I try to type, the screen is messed up and can’t figure anything. It flickers and the field where I type goes away. :( What is this?! I tried on several other phones and the same bug occurred. In this way, my visitors who use mobile phones to visit my website won’t be able to use the chat, and WORST, they will leave my website just because of this annoying bug.

When is the next update scheduled? You have to fix this ASAP because I just can’t use what I payed for. Also, you have to make the typing field of the visitor full screen. Right now, when opened from mobile phone, the field remains small, not displayed on the total width of the phone’s screen. Please fix this! I need a chat system for my visitors.

I replied to your support request, feel free to reply directly to my email.
As you can see on the demo pages, it uses a scripted demo based on the first version of the chat, and not the normal (and current) version of it . I note the suggestion, thank you.
Feel free to contact us when you set the page online (even on a temporary server), and we will check the mentioned css conflict, no problem .


avrcata Purchased

I don’t understand. Why don’t you update the script on CodeCanyon?

Last Update 3 July 17

If there is indeed an updated version with more features, bugs fixed, better design, more settings for the admin, there should be available in the demo on CodeCanyon. I like you products and I intend to buy another product soon but I have to see the latest versions of them. Also I use latest WordPress 4.8.1 and I need to be sure that your products will work flowless without messing my websites (I run wp multisite network and currently I’m developing 10 sub-websites under the main website) Been working on this project for 1 year and I don’t want any problems or bugs with any plugin I buy form CodeCanyon.

I was simply talking about the demo page, not about the last codecanyon update. The last version available on codecanyon is fully responsive. As mentioned, there is probably a css conflict on your page. Please simply reply to my email sending me a url where I can see the problem, I will fix it .