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renee01 Purchased

Hi – I had a few presales questions

1) Can the tour be set to show only once 2) Is there an option for the user to say don’t show me this anymore 3) Can this be shown only on the homepage 4) Can it different tours be shown on multiple pages 5) Info says this is IE10+ compatible. Is there any fallback for older versions of IE (8 and 9) If not have you tested on older browsers – will it break my site 6) Is the plugin compatible with WPML 7) Is there an option to hide this tour on mobile? 8) Is this responsive so i.e. if you are viewing on mobile the elements will be in different place so will the tooltips still go to the right place


1. Yes, there is this option. It uses a localstorage session in the browser to detect if the tour has already been played
2. Not currently
3. Yes
4. Yes
5. It also works on IE8 and 9
6. The backend texts can be translated using WPML, but not directly the texts of the tours.
7. Yes
8. Yes


renee01 Purchased

That’s great, thanks for all this info!

Just one last clarification on point 1.

Can I set it in the backend to say don’t show this tour if the user had already viewed it. But then provide a link on the front end (something like click here to view tour again) for the user to click if they want to view the tour again?

Yes, it can be done using this js function :
<a href="javascript:" onclick="fhpc_startHelper({id:1});">Start the tour</a>

Hello, Could you tell how can I add tinyMCE editor to “tooltip”? I use html code, in tooltip, and it works well, but “dialog” have editor tooltip has just only a simple textarea. Pls help me, thank you.

Currently, there is a rich text editor for dialog content, but not for tooltips content (because it is a short text).
To do this customization on your version, you need to edit the file includes/Fhpc_admin_menu.php and replace the line (~759) :
<textarea id="content_tooltip" type="content_tooltip" name="content_tooltip" ..... </textarea>
By this one :
   $content = "";
   if ($datas) {
      $content = $datas->content_tooltip;
   wp_editor($content, 'content_tooltip', array(
      'tinymce' => array(
      'height' => 80
If you need a freelancer to add such specific options to your version, maybe you should have a look here : https://studio.envato.com/search?search%5Bquery%5D=wordpress+plugin+customization

Thank you :), it works fine!!

Hi purchased the plugin today but steps don’t save…reinstalled everything but same problem…quick help would be highly appreciated, Tom

Please contact me from the support page sending me a temporary access to the backend, I will debug it .

Hey! Is this multisite ready?

You can use it on each website of a multisite installation (activating it from the wp plugins page of each website), but a same tour can’t navigate between the different sites.

Very good support! The developer made every effort to solve the problem in my special case (template), and resolved the problem. Definitely five stars! Thanks.

Thank you very much !

- When next update will release and what’s new ?

- I add a fixed button on footer but as i understand the plugin not working with fixed classes or absolute right ? why this ? i need solution for this please, try and you will find the tooltip will be in a difference place not on fixed button that i choose.

- Please tell how make it working in right or left like Facebook please add new option with bottom and top.

- The important thing and i can’t wait for it please i choose the type tolltip for all steps without dialogs and i choose Action to continue (click), what i need to make it working like Facebook when tooltip appear when click on the tooltip then closed.

- It is working with w3 total cache ?

- Please contact me from the support page sending me the url where I can see the tour, I will check it
- There is no left/right position for tooltips currently
- If you activate the option “Click to continue”, the user must click the target element to continue, not the tooltip itself.
- Yes, feel free to contact me from the support page if you need help

i am sorry but i am on localhost try in your site make any fixed element any you will get the problem.

Yes, it works, but there is maybe another problem. If you can’t use it normally on your website, you can simply uninstall it and ask for a refund, I will accept it, no problem. Otherwise, you can contact me from the support page when the website is online, I will debug it .


jsnmrk Purchased

Hi There, I have a pre-purchase question. I have trawled the comments to find my answer but can’t. So its the last item on my checklist before I purchase.

I want to know if there is a way I can show a tour ONLY to a logged in user. So in effect, a user signs up to my membership site and ONLY once signed in the tour begins, which will show them specific members only accessible pages. How will / can this work?

Like some of the URL’s are specific to the user so not hadcoded i.e www.MySite.com/[MemberNAME]/dashboard or like www.MySite.com/[MemberNAME]/account

because these URL’s are specific to the member once signed in they cant be “hardcoded” but is there a way to make it work or does this only work for direct URL’s?

Thanks. :)


jsnmrk Purchased

WOW!! Firstly I am impressed by the speed at which you replied to my comment… Thank you for that!

Secondly the fact that I can use this plugin exactly like I need to is AMAZING!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

Going to purchase it right now. :)

Thank you very much :)
Feel free to contact me from the support page if you need help on a specific point .


jsnmrk Purchased

Thank you!

The idea is super cool, I’ve been actually searching for this kind of scripts, thanks a lot. I read the comments and figured out it’s missing ‘view only for once’ and also availability of choosing the tour next time again or not for a ‘logged in’ user, not depending on the browser cookies but on the user activities, these 2 major features. If you please add these in future, it’d be so much great for all us.

There is already an option “Show only once” for the tours. It uses the local storage of the browser. Thank you for the suggestion about the second point,I note it and will think about it.

That’d be much better to add, thanks!

Hello! I would like to make it so that the user can see the tour once again, when he presses on a button. But the function only allows a tour to be shown either automatically or via a button. But I can neither copy the tour, nor the steps …! Would you add in the foreseeable future that the user get a “don`t show again” button?

Yes, thank you, I received your mail! I post your answer nevertheless again here, so that perhaps other users profit from it :-) Thank you!

You can show the tour again using this js function on your button :


Example :

< a href=”javascript:” onclick=”localStorage.setItem(‘once1,’0’);fhpc_startHelper(1);”>Open the tour

Hello, I would like to apologize. I just tried to implement your recommendation … unfortunately I failed. Where exactly should I use the code? What do I need to customize in the code so my tour is selected? Sorry for my awkwardness!

This code is for the button that must reopen the tour if if it is closed and set to “Run only once”. Please can you reply my email, sending me the url where I can see the problem ?


I am unable to hit save when editing the plugin colors and ssl options. I have also noticed on different SSL pages the define target button does not work.

1. Probably a js conflict . Please contact me from the support page sending me a temporary access to the backend, I will debug it .
2. If you want to select an element on a https:// page, the backend must use SSL too (https page can’t be loaded by an iframe from a http page) .

Thanks for responding. I will get you credentials shortly. In the meantime since I can not make these setting changes in the gui on the back end, could I make the changes in the database? which values would I use. I want to change both Main Color, Dialog color, and enable HTTPS

The problem with settings probably comes from a js conflict. Please send me a temporary access, I will debug it .


raonisn Purchased

Hi, when I make a step by click and not delay, it doesn’t work, the page doesn’t change. Can you help me? And is there a way to change the page and continue the tour without the user clicking at a link? Thanks!

Please can you contact me from the support page sending me the url where I can see the tour ? I will check it .


raonisn Purchased

Sent it. Thanks!

work in front-end and back-end? or just front?

Yes, you can create tours for frontend and for backend.

hi, i created the steps for my backend following your documentation but when i go to the selected dom element (Add product – here the tour should start) nothing is happening ….

can you explain me what i am doing wrong, thanks

Please can you contact me from the support page, sending me the url where I can see the problem ?
I will check it .

Pre-Sale Question:

Hi, I was wondering if it’s possible

1. to show e-commerce walk through where tour is created by admin user and other users are able to see the values of Cart and checkout etc. 2. to get user to do certain steps as part of Tour like selecting a checkbox, enter a number, other actions like drop down, press buttons like add to cart.

1. No, it isn’t possible, sorry.
2. Currently, you can ask the user to click a specific element to continue the tour, but not fill a field etc …
Thanks for the ideas .

Couple of more ideas! From the video I see a sequence number is required for steps. Would be nice to have drag and move functionality where seq is dynamically calc.. Cloning an existing step would be another nice enhancement. Moving steps amongst the tours would be another wish

I noted your suggestions, thank you !

Pre Sales question:

I found that the WPML support it’s only for backend text. Do you have plans to add support for tour texts? That would be awesome since it’s the only reason to prevent me from purchasing it right now.


It isn’t planned currently, but I note the request, thank you.
Currently you can duplicate a full tour, translate its texts and choose to call the good tour depending on the url (ex : www.mywebsite/fr/ or www.mywebsite/es/ ) .
Thank you for the suggestion .

You are absolutely right, all translated pages use a different URL, so this is the solution.

One more question…

Which type of DOM elements can be targeted for a step? can a dropdown list be a target?

thanks again for your assistance!

You can target any visible element. Yes, you can select a specific dropdown list (but not one of its option, because it is hidden by default) .

Allo! Bonjour! Ready for WP 4.7X ? Thanks! Merci :)

Hello, bonjour,
Yes :)

Thanks! :D

I like it – really useful. But please add an option to stop it somehow for the user. If a user logs in the account and sees this tour a 2nd or 3rd time, he will get crazy and I lose the customer. You can probably add a floating element offering it a second time after first view or …

There is an option to show a tour only once (it uses a localstorage variable to detect if the user has already seen it)


avrcata Purchased


Is there a PHP version planned or scheduled to be release? I would like to build a tutorial tour for employees and teach them how to use our CRM. Our software is written on CodeIgniter so plain PHP.

If there is such a version planned I’m interested to buy that also.

Thank you!

It isn’t planned currently, but I note your request, thank you !

I am interested in purchasing the plugin but reading the comments I noticed there may be problems with url. For example, I have url in the front end where users can upload posts


Change only idpost
Does the plugin work for this type of url? How do i pass idpost? thks

Currently there is a such option to recover the username of the visitor and replace “USERNAME” in the used url (for steps and items) by the detected username.
If you want, I can send you a custom version doing that with the get variable “listing_edit”. If the plugin detects this variable in the url of the page, it will replace all “[POSTID]” occurrences in the next used urls in the tour by the detected id . It will allow you to show steps, items, and create redirections independently of the current id simply by using this variable in the urls used :
You can contact me from the support page to get this custom version .