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Hi, I have just installed your plugin and after activation, on front-end, shows me this fatal error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_plugin_active() in /usr/home/mitjanacomunicacio.com/web/maddrivers/wp-content/plugins/WP_Tour_Builder/includes/Fhpc_Core.php on line 353

I tried the page in a server with php 5.6, and I also migrated the whole website to a wordpress installation in a server with php 7.0. I also have installed the latest version of Wordpress.

For support requests, pleas contact me from the support page using your buyer account, I will help you .

Hi, I have downloaded the plugin from my account of Envato Elements, I don’t have buyer account.

Ah ok. There is no support on Envato element, sorry (support is only for the customers who bought a license of the plugin). But I found and fixed the mentioned possible issue in the last update. You should be able to get it by downloading the plugin again .

I recently bought your plugin. Everything works fine until i found a unwanted white space in my upper left corner of the site and it display the username and after a couple of seconds it disappear. The unwanted white space is visible only in the profile of a user (I used buddypress). see my screenshot link https://prnt.sc/hnwxp3

is there a way to fix this or hide this username?

Please can you contact me from the support page sending me the url where I can see the problem ? I will debug it : https://codecanyon.net/item/wp-flat-tour-builder/7981938/support

Hi. Awesome work !!! How what about the authors ? We can use this module after purchase extended license for only one item or you have any other suggestions ? Thanks

Sorry, I thought you were looking for information. I have no opinion on this point, it is envato who manage licenses on codecanyon, not the authors themselves. Currently, one license = one product, even with the extended license, as you can see on the mentioned page .

Then it would not be of interest to the authors at the time when you provide this plugin for unlimited use in commercial rights on envato elements . Thanks

Ok, thank you for sharing your opinion. Have a nice day !

I was just going thru my downloads and saw your insane plugin again! I bought but never used and now remembered how amazing it is when seeing demo again! Curious, so you have any kind of tutorial video how to build with?

Yes, simply click the “Video preview” button on the plugin page to see a video that shows how to use it . There is also a documentation in the main zip file .

can i show the tour just the first visit for each user only? each user sea each tour once

Yes, there is an option “Run once” to do that. It uses a localstorage variable in the browser to detect if the user has already seen the tour or not .

I watched the demo video and read the description. Question on the addition of functions: 1. Add to the step HTML format like function of the tooltip. 2. Trigger for the next step pressing the button “Next”. Now there is duration and click. Add the button “Next”. The Next button must wait until it is pressed to go further, but the backlight element must be present. I’m not your client yet, but I’m interested in your module. Thanks!

There is no such options currently, thank you for the suggestions !

how long will the popup dialog will run when i choose the option “Show only once”?

If you enable the option “Show only once” on a tour, the plugin will use a local session variable in the visitors browsers to verify if the tour has already be played or not .

OK. one more thing. is there anyway the user can force to run again the popup dialog?

It can be done by using this js code :
<a href="javascript:" onclick="localStorage.setItem('once1','0');var helper = fhpc_getHelperByID(1);fhpc_startHelper(helper);" > Open the tour </a>
Simply replace “1” by the real tour id. Example for the tour #2 :
<a href="javascript:" onclick="localStorage.setItem('once2','0');var helper = fhpc_getHelperByID(2);fhpc_startHelper(helper);" > Open the tour </a>

Hi there,

I can’t find your change logs. I haven’t used your plugin for a while and need to see which improvements you have added.

Thank you.

There is no change logs on this plugin currently, sorry.

Is there anyway i can delay the tooltip before displaying in the page?

Please contact me from the support page sending me the url of the tour, I will check it .

it worked now when i clear the cache from cloudflare. however i noticed it only delay the dialog. I want to delay the whole thing including the overlay. how can i do that?

Please can you try to replace the mentioned code by this one ?
setTimeout(function () {
}, item.delayStart * 1000);
      top: '50%',
      opacity: 1
   }, 500);
}, 8*1000);

Hi. I have sent you an email about this. But I am using the plugin on a woocommerce site. I want to add the tour on each product pages. But I cannot use the “example.com/product” URL since it won’T be applied to products based on that template (for example example.com/product/macbook-pro). I need to apply the tour to every products inside that “example.com/product” URL.

Is that possible to do? Thanks

No, sorry, there is no option to do that currently . I didn’t receive the mentioned support request. To contact me, please use directly this contact form : https://codecanyon.net/item/wp-flat-tour-builder/7981938/support

php versión?

It works with any php version superior to 5.3 .

Hi, does your plugin allow to “click” activate a link during the tour ? I wanna guid people a bit on the website and it should trigger a popup.

You can choose to ask the user to click a specific item to continue the tour (using tooltip), but the default action of this link will not be launched (the tour will simply continue to the next step) .

hi. is it possible to trigger a tour from an especifig button or menu option? i’d like to have a help option and then open this kind of tour. thanks.

Yes, you can choose to start a tour when a specific element of your website is clicked .


I have a pre-sale question:

  • I am using a JS Print-On-Demand toll on a Wordpress site
  • That tool has it’s own installation, it’s hosted on the same server as the WP installation, but not a part of WP, like a plugin
  • After clicking on a product, the customers will see the singe product page with an iframe showing the tool. There, the customers are able to customize the product
  • In other words, the iframe shows the external tool, but the iframe is on woocommerce’s default single-product page.
  • Would I be able to use your plugin in order to teach customers how to use the tool?

Thanks in advance!

No, sorry, the tour can’t show an element contained in an iframe .

The plugin doesn’t have a field to enter purchase code???

For support requests, please contact me from the support page using your buyer account : https://codecanyon.net/item/wp-flat-tour-builder/7981938/support . I will help you .


Nice plugin I like! How can the plugin store the info per user if a tour already has been played. In a community (accessed by login) the users don´t want to see the tour over and over again. So there has to be a way to display it only once.

It would be cool having a tour on more than one page so the user can click from one page to the other.

Best regards, Jan

Is there a solution for BuddyPress profiles?

The urls contain the usernames there, so a tour on e.x. https://domain.com/community/search/here-is-the-user-name/activity/ works only for one user. When building a tour ”/here-is-the-user-name/” will be the admins name. So there has to be some kind of wildcard like https://domain.com/community/search/[user]/activity/

Is this possible?

Best regards, Jan

1. There is an option “Run once” to do that . It uses a localstorage variable in the customer’s browser to detect if the tour has already been seen or not.
2. You simply need to use “USERNAME” (in caps) in your urls to do that, the plugin will replace it by the detected username : https://domain.com/community/search/USERNAME/activity/
Feel free to contact me from the support page if you need help on a specific point .

Hi there, I have purchased so many plugins that dont work, because conflict etc. So, i dont want to purchase if I a) i am not offered refund if it does not work or b) I can test on my site before purchase

I would like to add a form inside the assistant by shortcode and/or html - possible?

It can be used on a multisite installation, but each website will have its own tours. If the websites are relative to the same product/service, a regular license is enough ( https://codecanyon.net/licenses/standard ) .

great – I have developed a theme and clients come to me site and they create their own subdomain which the plugin is used to set the tour for the template site and will be same on all newly created subdomain sites used by clients – would i need to purchase extended license then… Does that make sense… Being that it is a multisite and they are in a sense using it on my site but “renting space” as a subdomain?

I don’t know in this case if a regular license per domain is required or only one. I suggest you to contact the envato support, they will help you on this point : https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821620-Contact-Us