Discussion on WP Light Tours Builder

Discussion on WP Light Tours Builder

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Hi, does it work well with Elementor?

Yes, it works with any page builder.

Thanks for letting me know.

Can’t get anything to work

1. Create a tour – but how do you turn the item you want to click to start the tour (what should it link too)

2. Can setup a Tour – But if I click on view I get critical error

Can’t get anything to work

1. Simply set the option “Start method” to “On click on an element” then click the button “Selection” to visually select the button that must start the tour.
2. Please can you contact me from the support page of the plugin ? I will debug it :

1. Yes done that, put a piece of text saying “Tour” and selected this as an element, but it doesn’t do anything, it’s just remains as text

2. Ok

I relied to your email .

hello does it works with lumise productdesigner

No, sorry, since this tool is fully JS powered, the plugin will not be able to show its different elements.

Hello there! I have a pre-sale question, please.

I would like to buy this plugin to make a back-end tour for my customer, i’m webdesigner and always design an instruction manual in .PDF to teach my clients how to make some changes to their website, always on the back-end of WordPress, but of course, if the tutorial were be like a guided tour everything will be easier to learn and memorize. So… will this plugin do that job for me? Will it work in every page i need, even if it is over another plugin, not just pages, posts and media library?

And the other question is, if i buy a regular licence, will the plugin work only over 1 website? Would i need to buy another licence for each of my costumers?

Extra question, is it possible to export the entire tour that i have done on 1 website to another website?


Yes, you can make such tours on the backend side by using this plugin. It works with any page and plugin (the highlighted elements simply need to be visible on the target pages).
Yes, 1 website = 1 regular license. You can freely export & import the tours from a website to another one .

Hello plugin does not work with UX Builder Page Editing Plugin of Flatsome Woocommerce Theme Using your plugin, it selects and saves the element on the site, but when I want to see the tour steps on the site, it cannot show me the element I recorded. Will there be an update soon?

Maybe that the used page builder changes the IDs of css classes of the pages elements on each load. In this case you need to assign a unique CSS class to the target element then fill this class directly in the “Dom Element” option of the step . Ex :
Feel free to open a support request from the support page by using your codecanyon buyer account if you need help .

Will you be updating this plugin anytime soon to add more features or fix any bugs? I only ask because my clients will not let me purchase Items if they haven’t been updated within the past 6 months. I know it sounds stupid, but it is because of the many abandoned items on CodeCanyon that have cost them a lot of money in the past.

I was looking to buy a few more licenses, but I have to wait for the next update.

Do you know when the next update will be?


There is no specific update planned currently. All my plugins are updated, they work with the last WP version and are actively supported .


can i create visual tour in other pages, not only in home page?


Yes, the tours can target any page of the website .

Hi , does it support flatsome theme , and other plugin component ? please

It should work with any Wordpress theme and plugins that respect the Wordpresss development rules . Feel free to contact me from the support page if you need help .

Hi, Pre-sales questions: 1. Does your software automatically scroll the page down to element below the fold? I notice that the page does not scroll in your demo> 2. Can you guide the user to jump between pages or posts and continue the tour on the new page or post? 3. Can you target first time users of a website and once they complete the tour, they will not be prompted again Thanks John

1. Yes, the tour automatically scrolls the page to the target element. Thank you for reporting the demo issue, I will update it .
2. Yes
3. Yes, it can be done by using the “Run once” option. The plugin uses the localstorage of the browser to detect if the tour has already been played or not .

pre-sell question: I want to offer my website visitors a visual tour through the website but do not want to use a popup (might be annoying) nor a link/button (might be overlooked), so my question is if your plugin offers an option to embed a widget which stays on top of the website (like a chat widget)? I think this is not too pushy but still visible. if you do not provide such an option, are you planning to implement it? :)

greetings Diana

You can choose to start a tour when the user click on a specific element of the website.
You can add this html code on your page to create the wanted fixed button :
<div id="myTourButton">?</div>
And this rule in the “Additional CSS” option of the theme to stylize it :
#myTourButton {
    width: 48px;
    height: 48px;
    border-radius: 50%;
    line-height: 48px;
    font-size: 28px;
    position: fixed;
    bottom: 18px;
    right: 18px;
   cursor: pointer;
    background-color: #1abc9c;
    color: #34495e;
Then simply set the “Start method” option of the tour to “On click on an element” and select this button in the “Target DOM element” option (or directly fill ”#myTourButton” in this option) .

I got an email that there is a new plugin version. Sadly i can not find the Changelog what is new. Can you maybe post, what is new or what is fixed or added new? That could be nice!

There is no no new feature, only code improvements to meet the new Envato technical standards.