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Nice Work, and I think if you add: some of email marketing solution regardless that one you add (mailchamp) , with capabilities for (sending process, analysis process) and either you add those features or create a new one, it will be a great project here in codec.

cause I worked with most of email marketing solution here, and I found them with not good interfaces elements. THANKS FOR YOUR ELEGANT PROJECTS

Thank you very much :)
I note the ideas .

Hi, it’s only a pop up?? can i put the form on a widget

Yes, the idea of this plugin is to show a beautiful panel in fullscreen to encourage customers to sign up for a newsletter.
The subscription panel can’t be used in a widget.

I think it will really good decision to add a widget, because on first time customer can not accepted to subscribe, but decide to subscribe 2, 5 mns later or next day

I note the idea for widget, thank you .
You can also use any button of your website to show the panel, simply adding the “mns_show” css class .

Is there a non WP version of this?

Not currently. I note the request, thank you .

Hello, can you add option where i can add own subscription form?

No, not currently. You can create name, email and phone field.

Hey, How to change delay after display (confirmaton text)?

To do that, you need to edit the line 309 of the file assets/js/fnr_frontend.js :
},2000);  // you can change this value by yours (in ms)
Then compress the full code using and paste it in fnr_frontend.min.js .
I note the idea for dedicated option.
We are talking about the same thing?

How to increase time of this information

Yes, we are talking about the same thing .
If you want, contact me from the support tab, I will do it .


Can you choose to only display display the form on a specific page? Which means it will only display when the user visit this page if not it will never be displayed.

Thanks! Matt

Of course, you simply need to uncheck the option “Show on all pages ?”, then use this panel to choose on which pages you want to show it : (you can see it in the right column) .

Thanks for the quick reply!

Hello! Send email of thanks?

Not from the plugin itself, but you can configure that directly on MailChimp, MailPoet or GetResponse .

Hi Loopus, I just bought your plug and trying to activate it it shows a fatal error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 141.

Can you help me out? Saludos!

Of course, please contact me from the support page, I will help you .


How can i add it to a new css class? I want to make it open only when clicking a button… sorry for the noob question!

To open it when the user click a button, you simply need to add the css class “mns_show” to the link.
You can do it using the “Text” tab of the WP page editor :
<a href="#" class="mns_show">Open the panel</a>

This plugin isn’t working under Flathost Theme. It’s installed and activated but it doesn’t let you click any of the content in the admin panel for it.

Please contact me from the support page, sending me a temporary access to the backend, I will debug it .

Wow… very not impressed.

I’m used to you creating some amazing apps, but you really phoned it in on this one.

Aside from the automatic scroll to top, if you try using the tab key to go between fields it screws up large with the autocomplete script and data-placeholder you’re using.

And the validation options basically make the phone number unusable — not everyone knows to use just numbers… and their are no messages to that effect or the option to turn it off.

And for what reason on earth is it necessary to move all the contents of the site into another DIV before showing your div?

Oh… and the custom CSS function pretty much doesn’t work at all unless you use !important for pretty much everything.

Epic fail dude. You’re better than this. I’d ask for my money back if I could.


Wow… that’s it?

You’re plugin is full of bugs and I give you some — admittedly blunt, but accurate feedback and criticism and all you can say is ‘thanks for sharing your opinion’?

Loopus, I mean no disrespect and no harm — but I do know that this plugin isn’t your best work buddy — and that it needs to be fixed up a bit. It’s not my intent to be rude or otherwise negative — my intent is to help fix the issues with what would otherwise be a great plugin.

You’re probably one of the best Wordpress plugin developers I’ve seen in the Envato network… I often check in to see what new treat you have created.

I’ve seen you create some pretty awesome stuff over the years… in fact… I’ve actually considered reaching out to you to see if you’d be interested working together a bit on the development and improvement and growth of some of your projects because I think I could help you take your awesomeness and make it even legendary.

What are your thoughts?


Yes I understood. I noted your suggestions and will study these points. As you are not satisfied with the plugin, you can uninstall it and ask for a refund here : . I will accept it, no problem .

I just sent an update to codecanyon :
  • tab key issue fixed
  • phone validation improved
The content of the page is wrapped in a div to allow the slide animation (the body element can’t slide like that, the content must be placed in a div). The plugin removes this div as soon as the panel is closed.
If you don’t want to use !important tag in your css rules, you can use this css prefix :
body > #fnr_bootstraped.fnr_registrationPanel

Instead of using the subscribe options, can I use my own custom content such as a video? Or a survey?

No, sorry, there is no such option currently .

Bad support, how do i know ? cause we are a week down the line and still no reply to a vital error in the plugin. Disappointed!

I didn’t receive any support request from you. If you need help, you simply need to contact me from the support page of from comments, I will help you.

I normally don’t take my words back, but after this minor issue I am 100% satisfied with the support and the plugin. Awesome response time and everything worked out just fine. A well deserved 5*

Thank you very much :)


I do have a question: Why is that the form doesn’t send email confirmation to users? I have the option for user to conform their subscriptions, using only mailchimp it works well, but when I use with your plugin it doesn’t.

Do you want to keep the panel open once the form submitted ? It can be done customizing the main js file. Feel free to contact me from the support page, I will send you a custom version doing that.

Yes, I want to keep it as a section of my landing page. So that it’s there visible at all times. not pop up. It’s like you embedded it into pages.

Sorry, but there is no such option currently, it works as a newsletter subscription panel. If you can’t use it as you need, you can fully uninstall it and ask for a refund, I will accept it, no problem.
Another possibility is to hire a freelance to add such specific customizations on your version :

I just purchased the plugin, wounding does it support shortcode and how many form can i create?

The plugin was created to manage one subscription form panel.
You can choose to show it on all pages, or activate it only on some pages (activating the corresponding checkbox on the wanted pages panel), there is no need for shortcode


do you have benchmark emails support?

Not currently. I note the suggestion, thank you .

Hey there! How can I change the form text size and remove the input field icons? Thanks

Here are the rules to paste in the “Custom CSS” option.
To change the font size of the titles :
#fnr_bootstraped .fnr_title {font-size: 20px !important;}
The texts :
#fnr_bootstraped .fnr_text{font-size: 16px !important;}
And to hide the icons :
#fnr_bootstraped .fnr_fieldIcon {display: none !important;} 
#fnr_bootstraped .fnr_field input {padding-left: 12px !important;} 

It looks nice, but I want to see what the admin panel looks like. thank you.

There is no live demo of the backend, but you can see it on the screenshots (button “Screenshots” on the plugin page) :


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Hi. When the screen slides to the left by clicking on the link, it first scrolls up. Because of this, there is no smooth page offset effect. Is there any way to fix this?

Please can you contact me from the support page, sending me the url of the website ? I will check it .


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Arbuzov Purchased

The problem, about which I neutralist, successfully solved!