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fantastic work ! all the best for your sales ;)

Thank you :)

Nice work GLWS :)

Thank you :)

By activating the plugin my site throws this message “Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_add_inline_script () in/home/cintalapanecos/public_html/wp-content/plugins/cdz-wp-facebook-comments/includes/classes/cdz-wpfc-front.php on line 83 “

In what concerns and how do I fix?

As I do so that by default the option is enabled Also post on Facebook

And how to change this text Spanish Add comment .. in the box write

Hi, send me your website credentials with a support request ;)

Thank you.

Hi I’m interested with this plugin, but I want to make sure is this compatible with woocommerce? How it looks like in woocommerce product page? Thanks

Sure, you can activate Facebook comments in shop page:

and in single product page:

Hello Coderzjungle! How are you? Im thinking about buying the plugin! Mostly because of the built-in moderation tool, that seens perfect for me. Im, by now, using the Facebook Comments by Alex Moss, and I was suppose to see notifications in all blog posts and pages, but somehow I just receive notifications on Pages, and they dont offer much support as it is a free plugin. The plugin by Alex Moss uses the Facebook App Moderation Tool for receiving the notifications.

How do the plugin notify when It has comments? Does it work for blog posts or pages only? Do you support in case the plugin doesnt work? Also, will I loose the comments I already have on posts? It would be nice if you put a print of the moderation tool on envato :)

Thanks a lot, Anah

Hi Anah,

I will try to reply all your questions :)

Q: How do the plugin notify when It has comments?
A: Just add yourself as moderator under Facebook Comments Moderation Tool. You’ll start getting notifications of any comments on any of your blog posts.

[Screenshot] Comments Moderation Tool:
[Screenshot] Notification Settings:

Q: Does it work for blog posts or pages only?
A: No, I’ve configured it also for WooCommerce shop pages and single products, but if you or other customers ask the compatibility with other WordPress custom types I can do it without problems ;)

Q: Do you support in case the plugin doesnt work?
A: Sure, you can read item support policy here:

Q: Also, will I loose the comments I already have on posts?
A: No, but they will be hidden to show Facebook comments and input form.

Thank you :)

CPT? will it work? thank

I simply need to check your CPT and add it if not compatible ;)

Does this plugin create a separate comment thread for each place I activate it, on my site?

Hi, the plugin creates a different comments thread for different urls, for example:


Hi is it possible to change the position of facebook comments on woocommerce? the default position is below the Related Products, I want to move it somewhere.

Yes, the plugin uses WooCommerce hooks to print comments, then we can move them everywhere in shop and products templates ;)

Cool Plugin – how hard is it to setup – is it install – activate – settings – live? or is it Install – activate – settings – go to Facebook developer, and try to figure all that out, get an API – plug it in – doesn’t work, frustrated – punch Computer – wasted another $17?

Look forward to your answer and if I purchase. thanks!


the installation/configuration is very simple, you need only follow these steps:

If you have problems, you can use the support form to contact me ;)


Thank you.

its amazing work mate

Thank you :)


Presale questions:

Q1.can i add your plugin to this CPT Q2. Can i add it with some shortcode? ( Paste it inside Vistual Composer Element)?

Tnx a lot.



Q1. Sure, we can configure the comment template for all CPT, probably, if possible, I will add the possibility to add them in settings panel.

Q2. There are no shortcodes at the moment, but I will add it in the next update (thanks for the feedback). Unfortunately I have not been operating in these days, I hope to publish by the end of the week.

Thank you :)

Problem… Hello, I read your questions here before purchasing because I was having a problem with other FaceBook comments plugins. You stated that comments are nested and created per url.

This is not true. I have just installed yours and it too creates the same thread on each and every single post. I created a new comment to test it and that comment shows up on every post.


Probably there is a configuration problem, can you send me temporary wp-admin and FTP credentials with the “support” form?

Your Live Preview not working….are you still supporting this?


We will release the new demo with the plugin update in this week.

Any updates on this? Thank you,

Hello, this plugin is not working for my website

Hi there! Is it possible to add Facebook comments only to specific pages?

I bought the plugin without cheking it first (my fault) and it hides the comments on all the pages i already have.

Let me know if it’s possible please ;)


Sure, you can enable disable like normal WordPress comments

Is the width to 100%? how its seen in woocommerce? grettings.


Yes, the width fits the container and it’s 100% :)

Here a screenshot of the plugin enabled in shop and single product page:


BDElsa Purchased

Hi I tried to install the plugin but it said no program inside it


BDElsa Purchased

can add the facebook comment to product tabs?

Use the support form to send me your website data, so I can check it and let you know if it’s possible ;)

Support form ->

Hello I am interested in buying but wanted to see the plugin to work. Where can I see a DEMO and test?