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This is to test if you answer your coments. I can´t buy a product where noone answers for months…....

What is the shortcode for this? I cannot figure out how to place this on a page.

Hi! i have buy your popup plugin. I like to open the popup with a menu item, but i don´t know how. My panel control look like this:

bút my web don´t work

When i clic on “reserve” item menu the page go to another page, not open a popup.

sorry for my english!

Than you very much

Hi concern, Recently my client brought your WP Express Popup plugin & ask me to install & active this plugin. But his website is using WordPress older version (WordPress 3.1) & he don’t want to update his version. And I noticed you mentioned your plugin will compatible with WordPress 3.1 too, but when I going to add a popup, I’m getting problem, like, I don’t see the all options. It’s just showing only ‘Type’ part. So please, I need your help about this issue.

Waiting for a quick reply. Thank you.

[ Note: I will provide you the purchase code when you reply ]

Regards A. ROB

i don’t understand how to have it pop up on a specific page a certain number of times.

I have an important question. The plugin allows you to display the popup once per session? Thanks for your reply

I just purchased WP Express Popup. I need to have the popup open on a text link. It will be a publication name and the popup will open when the link in the text is clicked showing the anchor on a page in the iframe.

I can’t figure out how to trigger the popup to open when I need it to work from a link in the text.


Hello, I am writing from the website of HYUNDAI Electronics Argentina.

We are not able to pop up the button called “Comenzar” (start) found on the following page:


This button would have to pop up a poll, which is:

We appreciate your help.

Thank you very much.

Greetings. Christian.-

Good morning, a simple question. I can’t find anywhere after how much time, if I set the PopUp to run only once, it will run again. What I mean is if there is a limited time to live for the coockie it set. If a user come back after 2 days will the PopUp run again? My purchase code is adb29005-bef3-431d-80bc-34aee0e3d3b9

Best Regards, Sandro

Hi , i am using external booking system, they provide booking form code, which is in javascript formate. can i put those code in popup ? see example